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Game of Death (traditional Chinese: 死亡遊戲; simplified Chinese: 死亡游戏; Jyutping: Sei5 Mong4 Jau4 Hei3; pinyin: Sǐwáng Yóuxì) is a 1978 Hong Kong action film co-written (under the pseudonym Jan Spears along with Raymond Chow) and directed by Robert Clouse.

Billy Lo[edit]

  • Let it go. What must be done is being done.

Quotes about Game of Death[edit]

In 1972 Bruce Lee began preliminary filming for a philosophical/martial arts film called The Game of Death However, his involvement in the production was interrupted to permit him to begin filming his next picture - Warner Brother's Enter the Dragon. Lee had intended to presume work on The Game of Death in November 1973, but sadly did not live to return to the production. In fall 1978, Golden Harvest completely rewrote the film. Ignoring Lee's original intentions, it was completed with a stand-in, at times, a cardboard, cutout of Bruce Lee. It cannot be considered in any way a Bruce Lee film due to the almost complete lack of Lee's presence in the production and, indeed, in the film itself. (Lee only appears on screening for a total of twelve minutes.)[1]

Quotes about The Game of Death[2][edit]

Bruce Lee, The Game Of Death.svg

  • " I am currently working on a script for my next film . I have not really decided the title yet, but what I want to show is the need to adapt one - self to changing circumstances . The inhability to adapt brings destruction . I already have the first scene in my mind . As the film opens , the audience sees a wide expanse of snow . Then the camera closes a group of trees while the sound of a strong wind fill the screen . There is a huge tree in the center of the screen and that's all covered with thick snow . Suddenly you hear a loud pop and a huge branch of the tree falls to the ground . you can not give in to the force of snow so it breaks . Then the camera moves to a willow tree that bends with the wind . Why adapts to the environment , the willow survives . " (Bruce Lee)
  • "I'm in the midst of preparing my next movie, Enter the Dragon a coproduction between Concord and Warner Bros., plus another Concord production, The Game of Death, which is only halfway done"(Bruce Lee)[3]

Hai Tien[edit]


  • Hai Tien: [prepares to fight with his bamboo whip] You know baby, this bamboo is longer, more flexible and very much alive, and if your flashy routine cannot keep up with the speed and elusiveness of this thing here, all I can say is you will be in deep trouble.
3rd Floor Guardian: That we will have to find out.
Hai Tien: [fight proceeds] I am telling you it is difficult to have a rehearsed routine to fit in with broken rhythm … see, rehearsed routines, lack the flexibility to adapt. (Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey)
  • Mantis (5rd Floor Guardian): His big advantage is that he gives no thought to life or death. And with no distracting thoughts, he is therefore free to concentrate on fighting against the attack from outside. [(from the English subtitles)][5]
  • Mantis: With his great size, he is going to find it difficult to keep getting up each time I knock him down. [(from the English subtitles)][6]
  • Mantis: Look at him. Give him the fatigue bombing! [(from the English subtitles)][7]
  • Mantis: I'm so tired. No, no! Hai Tien, he must be much more tired than you. Calm down your soul. [(from the English subtitles)][8]


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  5. [Dialogue cantonese]: 螳螂嘅最高優點,就係佢能將生死置諸度外,心無一念,全心全意去對付外來嘅侵犯。
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    點解香港烏煙瘴氣 好多死屍點樣處理
    好好的點解放棄 咁樣攪想點呀 等緊邊位出馬
    得一雙手 點樣樣去戰鬥
    即刻出手 唔夠砌玩奔走
    齊曬架生 郁佢令堂 仲有鐵通 打爆鼻梁 
    唔理咁多 攪我就要打打打
    我哋系天地雙龍 有你有我兩個就會標童
    天地雙龍 有理冇理就會全線出動
    你劈 我插 殺殺殺殺 等我殿後 打打打
    人蠢系有得醫 喪屍就一定冇得醫
    一望西面 咦全部都系喪屍
    見人就咬就撕 我要你死無全屍
    點解屋企烏煙瘴氣 一街死屍點樣處理
    呢一鋪點樣斷尾 洗乜驚洗乜怕 郁得手啦巴打
    遇上喪屍 郁佢令堂 仲有血滴子鋸爆頭 
    唔理咁多 攪我就要打 打打 打打打
    我哋系天地雙龍 有你有我兩個就會標童
    天地雙龍 有理冇理就會全線出動
    你劈 我插 殺殺殺殺 等我殿後 打打打
    哼 我哋系邊個
    我哋系天地雙龍 (x4)
    巴打絲打好打 乜都打
    打打下原來 發現乜都假

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