Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey

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Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey (Chinese: 李小龍:勇士的旅程) is a 2000 documentary directed by John Little

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Throughout the eighties and nineties there have also been many fan-based attempts to piece together the footage, with VHS tapes available through the martial art magazines' small ads sections. The most well-known of these attempts are the Staicool Internet edits which pooled all the available material to form what would have been the climax of Game of Death. It was in 1972 that Bruce Lee donned his yellow cat suit and began work on what would surely have been a better film than any that he did complete. But only now do we have the opportunity to see the little footage that was shot, edited into a coherent form. Using a twelve-page breakdown written by Bruce. Author and Bruce Lee fan John Little has put together the best edit of the available footage. The nearest we may ever get to seeing The Game of Death what Bruce Lee intended for Game of Death, in terms of accurate editing, is the thirty-five minutes of footage that is the subject of John Little's documentary Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey. Having successfully assembled the footage into its intended form, Little then set about adding a score and dubbing the dialogue. Chi Hon Joi and Kareem Abdul Jabar bridged the thirty-year gap band provided the dialogue for their respective Temple of Gold and Temple of the Unknown sequences. Little himself dubbed Bruce Lee's voice, and some sound effects. Considering that Little claims (quite accurately, I'm sure) to have seen Enter the Dragon over five hundred times, he is probably capable and entitled to have a stab at imitating the master. Dan Inosanto on the other hand, chose instead to offer the same service to the Japanese company Artport, who made a generally less successful, though occasionally superior, attempt at piecing together the same material. A Warrior's Journey runs for around one hour and forty minutes-consisting of an hour's well-structured documentary and interviews (with the usual suspects) leading up to the mentioned footage. Additional material is also taken from come movies released by Linda Lee, including Bruce presenting a trophy to Joe Lewis, along with clips from Longstreet, and a selection of out-takes and bloopers. The documentary was premiered on Irish TV in 1999 and was seen again at a fan convention in Bradford in 2000. By this time, before the official release, it had been widely bootlegged and was available to buy or trade. Brad Kaup who edited A Warrior's Journey, says that they used all the scenes that they had access to-discounting any alternative out-takes that is. He himself does not believe that there is Any "missing" footage, yet adds strangely that people should continue to search. It is speculated that the Lee estate my be holding on to genuine unseen footage from Game of Death. But unless it's their intention to maximize revenue by releasing the material piecemeal, it's hardly likely that they would continue to sit on any such material for reasons of privacy. Especially given their readiness to sanction the upcoming computer-generated movie, the X-box game, or Rob Cohen's movie, Dragon: A Life of Bruce Lee.[1]


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