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Bruce Lee's Nunchaku in Game of Death

Game of Death Redux (《死亡遊戲 Redux》 / 《死亡游戏 Redux》); is a 2019 special features distributed with the film Game of Death (1978 film) by Alan Canvan.
Prequel and sequel: The Story (2001 short film)

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Opening credits[edit]

  • In 1972, Bruce Lee began working on his second directorial project, Game of Death. The Plot involved Lee playing the role of Hai Tien, a retired martial arts champion who is confronted by a Korean crime syndicate that Kidnaps his sister and younger brother and force him to partecipate in a raid on a five-story pagoda located in South Korea.
  • Guns are prohibited on the grounds, and the pagoda, known as the Temple of the leopard, is guarded by highly skilled martial artists who are protecting an unidentified object of value held on the top level of the tower. Hai Tien, along with four companions, must fight his way up the temple, facing a guardian of a different martial art style on each floor. Two of his companions are killed prior to the group reaching the third floor.
  • Complete scenes were filmed for the final three floors of the pagoda: the Hall of the tiger, featuring Dan Inosanto as the Escrima master; the Hall of the Dragon, featuring Ji Han-Jae as the Hapkido expert; and the Hall of the Unknown - the final level, featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the practitioner of an unorthodox and formiess style of combat.
  • The footage begins in the Hall of the tiger, where a battle is already in progress with the remaining members of Hai Tien's team... The Game of Death 死亡的遊戲 Redux


  • American Fighter: Legend has that man's greatest beard dwells and temple. The Game of Death is as old as time itself ... many attempt to challenge you survived. [Some assumed that it was a trailer narrator, but it’s really the American mercenary who befriends Bruce’s character prior to the mission. This role was going to be played by Bob Baker. The V.O. is Kincaid speaking to Hai Tien the night before they leave for the temple. Exclusively for the trailer. (Trailer for the second version of Game of Death Redux in 2022 on]

The Game of Death[edit]

  • 4rd Floor Guardian: As you gentleman know red means danger. Therefore, I advise to you people not to step into this warning arena. If you want to go an living, stop here. Go back downstairs. Life Is precious.


(Only dialogue of The Game of Death in 1972)

Hai Tien: Do you speak any Enlgish?
3rd Floor Guardian: Of course I speak English.
Hai Tien: I hope you don't mind if we move our man so we could have more room to groove.
3rd Floor Guardian: But... Have your men stay as far away from the stairway as possible
Hai Tien: [as Tien moves an unconscious Cheh out of the way Hai Tien prepares to fight with his bamboo whip] You know baby, this bamboo is longer, more flexible and very much alive, and if your flashy routine cannot keep up with the speed and elusiveness of this thing here, all I can say is you will be in deep trouble.
3rd Floor Guardian: That we will have to find out.
Hai Tien: [during the fight Hai Tien gains the upper hand] I am telling you it is difficult to have a rehearsed routine to fit in with broken rhythm [they fight and Hai Tien hits yhe guardian again]
Hai Tien: see, rehearsed routines, lack the flexibility to adapt


  • A masterpiece of action and emotion.
    • Slate magazine
  • Game of Death Redux is a lovely tribute that essentially functions as a Bruce Lee-direted short film.
    • Sf Chronicle
  • Watching Game of Death Redux, is like inhaling the pure essence of Bruce Lee. Alan Canvan has completed Lee's vision and the three levels of the pagoda now feel like a cinematic novella.
    • Matthew polly, author, Bruce Lee: A Life.

Quote about Game of Death Redux[edit]

  • Prequel: While we may never know how The Game of Death would have turned out had Bruce Lee lived we do know, with unimpeachable certainty, the vision Lee had for the film during the time that he was filming its finale [...]
Sequel: At the end of the film an exhausted Hai Tien Staggers down the steps from the pagoda and departs the village. Although Bruce Lee never finalized the details for the ending of the film it is evident from his scene breakdowns that the boss would be arrested. Hai Tien, his sister and brother would be reunited after returning of the Korean airport. The storyline perfectly justified the action that would be required in the film while the choreography of the fight sequences served to related Lee's message of personal liberation in the art of combat.
  • Game of Death Redux showcased 23 minutes of the 1972-era Game of Death footage that was presented closely the way Bruce intended, while at the same time, keeping in-tact some of the stronger as aspects of the universally panned, pieced together 1978 film, such as John Barry’s acclaimed score, as well some of the film’s strong audio design.


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