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Game of Thrones (2011-19) is an American medieval fantasy television series, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and aired for HBO. It is based on George R. R. Martin's best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

[The rangers shout and argue amongst each other]
Alliser Thorne: [pounds table] You all know why you're here. Jon Snow is dead.
Ranger: Who killed him?
Alliser Thorne: I did. And Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck, and the other officers in this castle.
Ranger: Murderers!
Ranger: Traitors!
[The rangers shout and argue amongst each other again]
Alliser Thorne: [pounds table again] Alright! We've committed treason, all of us! Jon Snow was my Lord Commander. I had no love for him, that was no secret. But I never once disobeyed an order. Loyalty is the foundation on which the Night's Watch is built and the Watch means everything to me. I have given my life - we've all given our lives - to the Night's Watch. Jon Snow was going to destroy the Night's Watch. He led the wildlings through our gates as no Lord Commander has ever done before. He gave them the very lands on which they reaved and raped and murdered. Lord Commander Snow did what he thought was right, I've no doubt about that. And what he thought was right would have been the end of us. He thrust a terrible choice upon us...and we made it.

[Ramsay views the dead body of his love, Myranda]
Maester Wolken: Shall I have a grave dug for her, my lord? Or would you rather the men build a pyre?
Ramsay Bolton: Buried, burned. She's good meat. Feed her to the hounds.

[Sansa and Theon survived an ambush in their escape from Winterfell, thanks to Brienne and Podrick]
Brienne of Tarth: [Kneels and places her sword on the snow in front of Sansa] Lady Sansa, I offer my services once again. I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours, if need be. I swear it by the old gods and the new.
[Sansa, shaken, looks to Theon who nods in approval]
Sansa Stark: [Looks to Brienne] And I vow...that you shall always have a place by my h-hearth, and...
Podrick Payne: [Chimes in] Meat and mead at my table.
Sansa Stark: ...Meat and mead at my table. And I ask no service of you that might bring you dishonor. I swear it by the old gods and the new. Arise.

Trystane Martell: I told you I'm not hungry.
Obara Sand: We're not here to feed you. We're here to kill you.
Nymeria Sand: You want her to do it? Or me?
Trystane Martell: We are family. I don't want to hurt you.
Nymeria Sand: Her or me?
[Trystane grabs his sword]
Trystane Maetell: You.
Nymeria Sand: Good.
Obara Sand: Smart boy.
[Trystane and Nymeria circle each other. Obara spears Trystane in the back of the head, killing him]
Nymeria Sand: You're a greedy bitch, you know that?

Home [6.02]

Jaime Lannister: You're a bold man.
High Sparrow: On the contrary. I fear a great deal. The Father, the Mother, the Warrior. Do you know why we use these stones? To remind us not to fear death. We close our eyes on this world and open them in the next.
Jaime Lannister: You must long for the next life.
High Sparrow: [chuckles] In truth, I fear that too.
Jaime Lannister: You imprisoned and humiliated my sister!
High Sparrow: Your sister sought the gods' mercy and atoned for her sin.
Jaime Lannister: What about my sins? I broke a sacred oath and stabbed my king in the back. I killed my own cousin. When the gods judged my brother guilty, I helped him escape that justice. What atonement do I deserve.
[He puts his hand on his sword]
High Sparrow: You would spill blood in this holy place?
Jaime Lannister: The gods won't mind. They've spilled more blood than the rest of us combined.
High Sparrow: Go on then. I deserve it. We all do. We are weak, vain creatures. We live only by the mother's mercy.
[Numerous Sparrows enter the room and surround them]
Jaime Lannister: They should be closer if you mean for them to save you.
High Sparrow: I don't. They'd never reach me before you struck.
Jaime Lannister: I've fought against worse odds.
High Sparrow: No doubt many of us would fall. But who are we? Hm? We have no names, no family, everyone one of us is poor, powerless, and yet together we can overthrow an empire.

Alliser Thorne: You fucking traitor!
Eddison Tollet: The only traitors here are the ones who shoved their knives into their Lord Commander's heart.
Alliser Thorne: For thousands of years, the Night's Watch has held Castle Black against the Wildlings.
Tormund Giantsbane: Until you.

[As Tyrion approaches, two dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal, appear still shackled in their collars and approach with a roar.]
Tyrion Lannister: I'm friends with your mother. I'm here to help. Don't eat the help. When I was a child, an uncle asked what gift I wanted for my name day. I begged him for one of you. "It wouldn't even have to be a big dragon," I told him. "It could be me."
[Puts down his torch and gently advances]
Tyrion: Everyone laughed like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Then my father told me the last dragon had died a century ago. I cried myself to sleep that night....But here you are.
[Tyrion removes the locking pin on the dragons' collars. The dragons, now unshackled, retreat back to the shadows as Tyrion picks up the torch and hastily retreats.]
Tyrion: [to Varys] Next time I have an idea like that...punch me in the face.

[Balon starts to cross a rope bridge amid a rainstorm. He notices a hooded figure blocking his way.]
Balon Greyjoy: Let me pass. You fool, move aside for your king.
[The hooded figure removes his hood, revealing himself.]
Euron Greyjoy: Haven't I always, brother?
Balon Greyjoy: I thought you'd be rotting under some foreign sea by now.
Euron Greyjoy: What is dead may never die. Has the custom changed since I've been gone? Aren't you supposed to repeat the words?
Balon Greyjoy: You can mock our god without my help.
Euron Greyjoy: I don't mock the Drowned God. I am the Drowned God. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see my sails, they pray.
[Balon continues to cross the bridge.]
Euron Greyjoy: You're old, brother. You've had your time. Now, let another rule.
Balon Greyjoy: I heard you lost your mind during a storm on the Jade Sea. They tied you to the mast to keep you from jumping overboard.
Euron Greyjoy: They did.
Balon Greyjoy: And when the storm passed, you cut out their tongues.
Euron Greyjoy: I needed silence.
Balon Greyjoy: What kind of an ironborn loses his senses during a storm?
Euron Greyjoy: I am the storm, brother. The first storm and the last. And you're in my way.

Davos Seaworth: I assume you know why I'm here.
Melisandre: I will when you tell me.
Davos Seaworth: It's about the Lord Commander.
Melisandre: The former Lord Commander.
Davos Seaworth: Does he have to be?
Melisandre: What are you asking?
Davos Seaworth: Do you know of any magic that could help him? Bring him back.
Melisandre: If you want to help him, leave him be.
Davos Seaworth: Can it be done?
Melisandre: There are some with this power.
Davos Seaworth: How?
Melisandre: I don't know.
Davos Seaworth: Have you seen it done?
Melisandre: I met a man who came back from the dead, but the priest who did shouldn't have been possible.
Davos Seaworth: But it was. It could be, now.
Melisandre: Not for me.
Davos Seaworth: Not for you? I saw you drink poison that should've killed you. I saw you give birth to a demon, made of shadows.
Melisandre: Everything I believed, the great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie. You were right all along. The Lord never spoke to me.
Davos Seaworth: Fuck him, then. Fuck all of them. I'm not a devout man, obviously. Seven gods, drowned gods, tree gods, it's all the same. I'm not asking the Lord of Light for help. I'm asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist.
Melisandre: I never had this gift.
Davos Seaworth: Have you ever tried?
[Davos finds Jon, resurrected by Melisandre's spells]
Davos Seaworth: Easy, easy! Easy.
[Melisandre enters the room and stares at Jon, shocked]
Davos Seaworth: What do you remember?
Jon Snow: They stabbed me. Olly... he put a knife in my heart. I shouldn't be here.
Davos Seaworth: The Lady brought you back.
Melisandre: Afterwards... after they stabbed you, after you died. Where did you go? What did you see?
Jon Snow: Nothing. There was nothing at all.
Melisandre: The Lord let you come back for a reason. Stannis was not the Prince who was Promised, but someone has to be.
Davos Seaworth: Could you give us a moment? [Melisandre leaves] You were dead...and now you're not. And it's completely fucking mad, seems to me. I can only imagine how it seems to you.
Jon Snow: I did what I thought was right. And I got murdered for it. Now I'm back. Why?
Davos Seaworth: I don't know. Maybe we'll never know. What does it matter? You go on. You fight as long as you can, you clean up as much of the shit as you can.
Jon Snow: I don't know how to do that. I thought I did, but... I failed.
Davos Seaworth: Good. Now, go fail again.

[Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven watch a young Ned and five others approach the Tower of Joy]
Bran Stark: That's my father.
Three-eyed Raven: And that man beside him is Howland Reed, Meera's father.
[Ser Gerold Hightower and Ser Arthur Dayne walk past Bran]
Bran Stark: Ser Arthur Dayne.
Three-eyed Raven: The Sword of the Morning.
Bran Stark: My father said he was the best swordsman he ever saw.
[Hightower and Dayne confront Ned and his group]
Arthur Dayne: Lord Stark.
Ned Stark: I looked for you on the Trident.
Arthur Dayne: We weren't there.
Gerold Hightower: Your friend, the Usurper, would lie beneath the ground if we had been.
Ned Stark: The Mad King is dead. Rhaegar lies beneath the ground. Why weren't you there to protect your prince?
Arthur Dayne: Our prince wanted us here.
Ned Stark: Where's my sister?
Arthur Dayne: I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. And now it begins.
Ned Stark: No. Now it ends.
[The two sides draw swords and clash]
Bran Stark: [about Dayne] He's better than my father.
Three-eyed Raven: Far better.
Bran Stark: My father beat him.
Three-eyed Raven: Did he?
Bran Stark: I know he did. I heard the story a thousand times.
[Dayne disarms Ned. As he is about to finish him off, Howland stabs Dayne in the back of the neck. Dayne falls to his knees, mortally wounded.]
Bran Stark: He stabbed him in the back.
[Ned grabs his sword and kills Dayne. Screams are suddenly heard from the tower. Ned runs towards it.]
Bran Stark: What's in the tower?
Three-eyed Raven: That's enough for one day. We visit again another time.
Bran Stark: I want to see where he's going.
Three-eyed Raven: Time to go.
Bran Stark: Father!

Ramsay Bolton: The Umbers are a famously loyal house.
Harald Karstark: Famously loyal to the Starks.
Smalljon Umber: And you, Lord Karstark, your people share blood with the Starks, don't they? But here we are. Times change.
Ramsay Bolton: When my father became Warden of the North, your house refused to pledge their banners.
Smalljon Umber: Your father was a cunt.
Ramsay Bolton: My beloved father, the Warden.
Smalljon Umber: Your father was a cunt and that's why you killed him. I might've done the same to my father have he hadn't done me the favor of dying on his own.
Ramsay Bolton: My father was poisoned by our enemies.
Smalljon Umber: Hmm.
Ramsay Bolton: Why have you come to Winterfell, Lord Umber?
Smalljon Umber: The bastard Jon Snow let an army of wildlings past the Wall. We're farther North than any of you fuckers. Wildlings come down, we always have to fight them first. I like fighting wildlings, been doing it all me life. But there are too many of them for us to beat back alone.
Ramsay Bolton: So now you've come seeking help.
Smalljon Umber: We need to help each other. The colder it gets, the farther south those goat fuckers will roam. Won't take 'em long to get here.
Ramsay Bolton: You think a horde of wildlings can take Winterfell?
Smalljon Umber: If they got Jon Snow leading them, maybe. He knows this place better than we ever will.
Ramsay Bolton: Pledge your banners to House Bolton. Swear loyalty to me as Warden of the North, and we will fight together to destroy the bastard and all his wildling friends.
Smalljon Umber: I'm not kissing your fucking hand.
Ramsay Bolton: Traditionally a bannerman kneels before his lord.
Smalljon Umber: I'm not doing that either.
Ramsay Bolton: Why would I trust a man who won't honor tradition?
Smalljon Umber: Your father honored tradition. Knelt for Robb Stark, called him King of the North. Was Robb Stark right to trust your father?
Ramsay Bolton: Then it appears we're at a bit of an impasse.
Smalljon Umber: Fuck kneeling and fuck oaths. I've got a gift for you.
Ramsay Bolton: A girl, I hope. I prefer redheads.
Smalljon Umber: A girl, aye. A wild one.
[Two hooded captives are brought in. One hood is removed, revealing Osha]
Ramsay Bolton: I like them wild.
Smalljon Umber: And the boy. Nice and young. The way Karstark likes them.
Ramsay Bolton: Who is this?
Smalljon Umber: Rickon Stark.
Ramsay Bolton: How do I know that's Rickon Stark?
[Smalljon places the severed head of Shaggydog on a table. Ramsay grins wickedly]
Ramsay Bolton: Welcome home, Lord Stark.

[Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, Ser Alliser Thorne, and Olly are about to be hanged.]
Jon Snow: If you have any last words, now is the time.
Bowen Marsh: You shouldn't be alive. It's not right.
Jon Snow: Neither was killing me.
[Jon moves to Othell.]
Othell Yarwick: My mother's still living at White Harbor. Could you write her? Tell her I died fighting the wildlings.
[Jon moves to Alliser.]
Alliser Thorne: I had a choice, Lord Commander. Betray you or betray the Night's Watch. You brought an army of wildlings into our lands. [looks to the wildlings] An army of murderers and raiders. If I had to do it all over knowing where I'd end up, I pray I'd make the right choice again.
Jon Snow: I'm sure you would, Ser Alliser.
Alliser Thorne: I fought. I lost. Now I rest. But you, Lord Snow, you'll be fighting their battles forever.
[Jon moves to Olly. Olly stares stonily at Jon and says nothing. Jon cuts the rope, hanging all four.]
Eddison Tollett: We should burn the bodies.
Jon Snow: You should.
[Jon removes his black cloak and hands it to Edd.]
Eddison Tollett: What do you want me to do with this?
Jon Snow: Wear it. Burn it. Whatever you want. You have Castle Black. My watch is ended.
Cersei Lannister: The Small Council meeting is postponed, on the King's orders.
Olenna Tyrell: I would have thought we were perfectly clear the first time. You're not welcome.
Cersei Lannister: You once spoke of your respect for our father, because he understood the necessity of working with one's rivals.
Olenna Tyrell: My dear, you have been stripped of your dignity and authority, publicly shamed, and confined to the Red Keep. What's left to work with?
Jaime Lannister: Cersei is the mother of the King. She has the King's ear and his trust. And, the King has been speaking regularly with the High Sparrow about Queen Margaery, and Ser Loras.
Cersei Lannister: The High Sparrow seized power, knowing full well we'd bicker among ourselves, instead of seizing it back. Here we are. Well done to us. Now, the future of the Seven Kingdoms rests in his dirty peasant hands. In a few days, he'll have a trial for me but, before that, Queen Margaery will make her walk of atonement. Yes. Margaery will repent her sins before the good people of the city.
Olenna Tyrell: Ohhh, no. That cannot happen. That will not happen.
Cersei Lannister: I agree.
Jaime Lannister: You've got the second largest army in Westeros. You will bring them into the city, stop Queen Margaery's humiliation before it starts, and take her back into Crown custody.
Kevan Lannister: The King has ordered me to take no action against the High Sparrow, or the Faith Militant- out of fear for the Queen's safety.
Jaime Lannister: You will take no action at all. When the Tyrell armies come, you will stand down. Were you expressly forbidden from standing down?
Kevan Lannister: No. But, if the King should call...
Jaime Lannister: The whole thing will be over before anyone can call upon you to do anything. When the High Sparrow's back in custody or dead, preferably, and Margaery's back at Tommen's side, do you think the King will be angry at the outcome?
Cersei Lannister: You hate these fanatics as much as we do. You hate what they've done to your son. Do you want Lancel back? Or have you given him up for good?
Kevan Lannister: Of course I want him back.
Cersei Lannister: Then, stand aside. And let the people that took him from you be destroyed.
Kevan Lannister: If it doesn't go as planned the Sparrows have many friends in this city. We'll have civil war. Many will die.
Olenna Tyrell: Many will die, no matter what we do. Better them than us.

Sansa Stark: It's good soup. Do you remember those kidney pies Old Nan used to make?
Jon Snow: With the peas and onions. We never should have left Winterfell.
Sansa Stark: Don't you wish we could go back to the day we left? I want to scream at myself, "Don't go, you idiot!"
Jon Snow: How could we know?
Sansa Stark: I spent a lot of time thinking about what an ass I was to you. I wish I could change everything.
Jon Snow: We were children.
Sansa Stark: I was awful, just admit it.
Jon Snow: You were occasionally awful. I'm sure I can't have been great fun always sulking in the corner while the rest of you played.
Sansa Stark: Do you forgive me?
Jon Snow: There's nothing to forgive.
Sansa Stark: Forgive me.
Jon Snow: Alright, alright, I forgive you.
[The two laugh. Jon hands Sansa his cup of ale. Sansa takes a swig and coughs]
Jon Snow: You'd think after thousands of years the Night's Watch would learn how to make a good ale.
Sansa Stark: Mm. Where will you go?
Jon Snow: Where will we go? If I don't watch over you, father's ghost would come back and murder me.
Sansa Stark: Where will we go?
Jon Snow: I can't stay here after what happened.
Sansa Stark: There's only one place we can go: home.
Jon Snow: Well, should we tell the Boltons to pack up and leave?
Sansa Stark: We'll take it back from them.
Jon Snow: I don't have an army.
Sansa Stark: How many wildlings did you save?
Jon Snow: They didn't come here to serve me.
Sansa Stark: They owe you their lives. Think they'll be safe here if Roose Bolton remains Warden of the North?
Jon Snow: Sansa...
Sansa Stark: Winterfell is our home. It's ours. And Arya's and Bran's and Rickon's. Wherever they are, we have to fight for it.
Jon Snow: I'm tired of fighting! It's all I've done since I've left home! I've killed brothers of the Night's Watch, I've killed wildlings, I've killed men I admire, I hung a boy younger than Bran! I fought...and I lost.
Sansa Stark: If you don't take back the North, we'll never be safe. I want you to help me, but I'll do it myself if I have to.

Jon Snow: [reading a letter from Ramsay] "To the traitor and bastard Jon Snow, you allowed thousands of wildlings past the Wall, you have betrayed your own kind, you have betrayed the North. Winterfell is mine, bastard. Come and see. Your brother Rickon is in my dungeon. His direwolf's skin is on my floor. Come and see. I want my bride back. Send her to me, bastard, and I will not trouble you or your wildling lovers. Keep her from me, and I will ride North and slaughter every wildling man, woman, and babe living under your protection. You will watch as I skin them living."
[Jon stops]
Sansa Stark: Go on.
Jon Snow: It's just more of the same.
[Sansa grabs the letter and reads it]
Sansa Stark: "You will watch as my soldiers take turns raping your sister, you will watch as my dogs devour your wild little brother, then I will spoon your eyes from their sockets and let my dogs do the rest. Come and see. Ramsay Bolton, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North."
Jon Snow: Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North?
Sansa Stark: His father's dead. Ramsay killed him and now he has Rickon.
Jon Snow: We don't know that.
Sansa Stark: Yes we do.
Tormund Giantsbane: How many men does he have in his army?
Sansa Stark: I heard him say 5,000 once when he was talking about Stannis' attack.
Jon Snow: How many do you have?
Tormund Giantsbane: That can march and fight? 2,000. The rest are children and old people.
Sansa Stark: You're the son of the last true Warden of the North. Northern families are loyal, they'll fight for you if you ask. A monster has taken our home and our brother. We have to go back to Winterfell and save them both.
[Jon nods]

[The Khals of Khalar Vehven are discussing what to do with Daenerys.]
Daenerys Targaryen: Don't you want to know what I think?
Khal Moro: You'd rather be sold into slavery? Or maybe you'd like to show Rhalko here what you taste like?
Daenerys Targaryen: No. I don't want either of those things.
Khal Moro: We don't care what you want. This is the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. You have no voice here, unless you are Dosh Khaleen. Which you are not, until we decide you are.
Daenerys Targaryen: I know where I am. I have been here before. This is where the Dosh Khaleen pronounced my child the Stallion Who Mounts the World.
Khal Moro: And what happened? You trusted a sorceress, like a fool. Your baby is dead because of you. And so is Khal Drogo.
Daenerys Targaryen: This is where Drogo promised to take his khalasar west to where the world ends. To ride wooden horses across the Black Salt Sea as no khal has done before. He promised to kill the men in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses. He swore to me before the Mother of Mountains.
Khal Moro: And you were dumb enough to believe him.
Daenerys Targaryen: And here, now, what great matters do the Great Khals discuss? Which little villages you'll raid, how many girls you'll get to fuck, how many horses you'll demand in tribute. You are small men. None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am. So I will.
[The Khals all start laughing.]
Khal Moro: All right. No Dosh Khaleen for you. Instead we'll take turns fucking you. And then we'll let our bloodriders fuck you. And if there's anything left of you, we'll give our horses a turn. You crazy cunt. Did you really think we would serve you?
[Daenerys puts her hand on a burning brazier and is not burnt by it.]
Daenerys Targaryen: You're not going to serve. You're going to die.
[Daenerys pushes the brazier over, lighting the entire temple on fire. The Dothraki assemble outside to watch the Temple burn. They witness Daenerys emerging from the burning temple naked and unburnt. They all bow.]

The Door [6.05]

Petyr Baelish: Sansa. Lady Brienne. When I heard you'd escaped Winterfell I feared the worst. You have no idea how happy I am to see you unharmed.
Sansa Stark: Unharmed? What're you doing here?
Petyr Baelish: I rode north with the knights of the Vale to come to your aid. They're encamped at Moat Cailin as we speak.
Sansa Stark: To come to my aid? Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn't know, you're an idiot. If you did know, you're my enemy. Would you like to hear about our wedding night? He never hurt my face. He needed my face; the face of Ned Stark's daughter. But the rest of me, he did what he liked with the rest of me as long as I could still give him an heir. What do you think he did?
Petyr Baelish: I can't begin to contemplate...
Sansa Stark: What do you think he did to me?
Brienne of Tarth: Lady Sansa asked you a question.
Petyr Baelish: He beat you.
Sansa Stark: Yes, he enjoyed that. What else do you think he did?
Petyr Baelish: Sansa...
Sansa Stark: What else?
Petyr Baelish: Did he cut you?
Sansa Stark: Maybe you did know about Ramsay all along.
Petyr Baelish: I didn't know.
Sansa Stark: I thought you knew everyone's secrets.
Petyr Baelish: I made a mistake. A horrible mistake. I underestimated a stranger.
Sansa Stark: The other things he did, ladies aren't supposed to talk about those things but I imagine brothel keepers talk about them all the time. I can still feel it. I don't mean, "In my tender heart, it still pains me so." I can still feel what he did in my body standing here right now.
Petyr Baelish: I' sorry.
Sansa Stark: You said you would protect me.
Petyr Baelish: And I will. You must believe me when I tell you that I will.
Sansa Stark: I don't believe you anymore. I don't need you anymore, you can't protect me. You won't even be able to protect yourself if I tell Brienne to cut you down. And why shouldn't I?
Petyr Baelish: You want me to beg for your life? If that's what you want, I will. Whatever you ask that is in my power, I will do.
Sansa Stark: What if I want you to die here and now?
Petyr Baelish: Then I will die.
Sansa Stark: You freed me from the monsters who murdered my family and gave me to other monsters who murdered my family. Go back to Moat Cailin. My brother and I will take back the North on our own. I never want to see you again.
Petyr Baelish: I would do anything to undo what's been done to you. I know that I can't. Would you allow me to say one more thing before I go? Your great uncle, Brynden, the Blackfish, has gathered what remains of the Tully forces and retaken Riverrun. You might consider seeking him out. The time may come when you need an army loyal to you.
Sansa Stark: I have an army.
Petyr Baelish: Your brother's army. Half-brother.

Aeron Greyjoy: We speak in the presence of the Drowned God. In his name, we gather today to choose a new king as our leader. Who makes a claim?
Yara Greyjoy: I am Yara Greyjoy, daughter of Balon Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands. I claim the Salt Throne.
Ironborn: We never had a queen! Not once!
Yara Greyjoy: There are many things we've never done. We've never made our mark upon the world. The great lords of Westeros pay us no mind, until our little raids buzz through their kingdoms long enough to become a nuisance and they swat us down, they conquer us, humiliate us, and go right back to forgetting we exist. We are a sea people! Our god is a sea god. [The crowd cheers] When I am queen, we will build a fleet that...
Ironborn #2: You cannot be queen!
Yara Greyjoy: I am not finished!
Ironborn #2: Yes you are! A woman will not lead us, not when Balon's own male heir has returned!
[The crowd looks at Theon. Theon steps forward]
Theon Greyjoy: I am Theon Greyjoy, last living son of Balon Greyjoy. And she is your rightful ruler. Those of you that have sailed under her, and there are many of you here, you know what she is. She is a reaver, she is a warrior, she is ironborn! We will find no better leader! This is our queen.
[The crowd cheers, shouting "Yara! over and over]
Euron Greyjoy: I'm Euron Greyjoy! I claim the Salt Throne! Niece. Nephew. Little Theon. Heard you managed to fuck things right into the ground. Captured a castle you couldn't keep, got yourself taken prisoner...even heard you have no cock. Which explains why you would think a woman can be king.
Yara Greyjoy: When did you return, uncle?
Euron Greyjoy: A few days ago. I had some things to take care of. Long overdue.
Yara Greyjoy: I'm glad you're here. Now I know what my first act as queen will be: to execute the man who killed my father.
Euron Greyjoy: I did. I killed him. Threw him right over a rope bridge. I watched him fall. He was leading us nowhere and we would still be heading there if it weren't for me. No one loved him, no one wanted to follow him, he led us into two wars we couldn't win. I apologize to you all for not killing him years ago.
Theon Greyjoy: That would've been hard to do. You weren't here. Last I heard you were galavanting around the world having a grand ol' time.
Euron Greyjoy: Galavanting? Is that the sort of thing you start to say once your dick gets chopped off? Did the great lords of Westeros teach you words like that?
Theon Greyjoy: You were gone. Yara was here. Being ironborn, leading ironborn, getting ready to bring us back to glory.
Euron Greyjoy: And how will she do that?
Yara Greyjoy: I will build the largest fleet the world has ever seen.
Euron Greyjoy: Bright idea, except I'm the one who's going to build the Iron Fleet because I'm the one who knows how to use it. I've been all over the world, I've seen more of it than all of you combined, and across the sea, there is a person who hates the great lords of Westeros just as much as we do. Someone with a large army, three large dragons, and no husband. I'm going to build that fleet and I'm going to galavant right over and give it to Daenerys Targaryen, along with my big cock.
Yara Greyjoy: You're going to seduce the Dragon Queen?
Euron Greyjoy: I'm not going to seduce her. The Iron Fleet will seduce her. And together we're going to take the Seven Kingdoms. I wasn't born to be king. I paid the iron price. And here I stand.
[The crowd cheers, shouting "Euron" over and over]

[With Wights chasing them, Meera and Hodor escape the Cave of the Three-Eyed Raven with a comatose Bran. Hodor closes the door behind them]
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
[Hodor holds the door shut as the Wights try to break through. In the vision, Bran hears Meera shouting, "Hold the door"]
Meera Reed: Hold the door! Hold the door!
[In the vision, Wylis somehow hears Meera and is able to see Bran]
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
[Wylis enters a warg state and suffers a seizure, collapsing]
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
[Hodor struggles to hold the door]
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
Old Nan: Wylis! What's the matter?
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
Old Nan: Come on, son.
Meera Reed: Hold the door!
Wylis: Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door!
[Meera escapes into the snow with Bran as the door begins to break. Wights stab and claw Hodor, who continues to hold the door]
Wylis: Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold door! Hold door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold door! Hold door! Hold door! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!
High Sparrow: Lord Tyrell. Ser Jaime.
Jaime Lannister: Sorry to interrupt. We're here for Queen Margaery and Ser Loras Tyrell. Give them to us, and we'll be on our way.
High Sparrow: I don't have the authority to give them to you. And you don't have the authority to take them.
Jaime Lannister: I speak for King Tommen of House Baratheon, first of his name.
High Sparrow: The Gods don't recognize his authority in this matter.
Jaime Lannister: You've already insulted one Great House. It won't happen twice. Every last Sparrow will die before Margaery Tyrell walks down that street.
High Sparrow: To die in the service of the Gods would please each and every one of us. We yearn for it. But, there is no call for it today. There will be no Walk of Atonement. Queen Margaery has already atoned for her sins, by bringing another into the true light of the Seven.
[the Sparrows open the doors of the Sept, and King Tommen walks out followed by his Kingsguard, whose armor are now embossed with the Seven-pointed Star.]
High Sparrow: Together we announce a new age of harmony. A Holy alliance, between the Crown and the Faith.
Tommen Baratheon: The Crown and the Faith are the twin pillars on which the world rests. Together, we will restore the Seven Kingdoms to glory.
[the crowds cheer]
Mace Tyrell: What's happening?
Olenna Tyrell: He's beaten us! That's what happening.

Walder Frey: You've lost it?!
Walder Rivers: Yes father.
Walder Frey: It's a castle, not a bloody sheep. Presumably you still know where it is? You didn't lose Riverrun: you let the Blackfish take it from you!
Lothar Frey: He surprised us. He knows the castle better than anyone.
Walder Frey: You did lose the Blackfish after the Red Wedding. You had him right here in this hall and you let him leave. And when I told you to hunt him down and kill him, you couldn't find him! That's what it means to lose something! Now he's come back and taken Riverrun!
Walder Rivers: I don't think it's fair to blame us.
Walder Frey: For three hundred years, we kissed Tully boots, swore oaths to them and their stinking fish banners! Not again! Riverrun is ours! Take it back!
Lothar Frey: We don't have the men!
Walder Frey: We've got ten times as many men as the damned Blackfish!
Walder Rivers: The Mallisters have risen against us, and the Blackwoods!
Lothar Frey: The Brotherhood Without Banners is rallying the commoners against us, raiding our supply trains and camps!
Walder Rivers: Riverrun can withstand a siege for a year! [Furious, Walder Frey strikes his new child-bride]
Walder Frey: If I want excuses, I'll put her in charge! They're laughing at us! All across the Riverlands, right down to King's Landing, they're laughing at us! I hear it in my sleep! I'm not dead yet -unfortunately for you! - and I'll not leave this world until they all choke on that laughter! Take that castle back!
Lothar Frey: He'll never yield, Father.
Walder Frey: Oh, he'll yield. You'll show him the knife you used to kill Robb Stark's child in its whore mother's belly and you'll show him the knife you used to open his niece's throat. And you'll remind him who it was that got married at the Red Wedding in the first place! His nephew. [The guards bring in a chained Edmure Tully] Cheer up, Lord Edmure. You're going home.

[Daenerys appears before her Dothraki army, mounted on the back of her largest dragon, Drogon]
Daenerys Targaryen: Every khal who ever lived chose three bloodriders, to fight beside him and guard his way. But I am not a khal. I will not choose three bloodriders. I choose you all! I will ask more of you than any khal ever asked of his khalasar! Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? [the Dothraki roar in affirmation] Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me before the Mother of Mountains? Are you with me? Now and always?
Dothraki: Khaleesi! Khaleesi! Khaleesi!
[Jaime interrupts the siege of Riverrun to parley with the Blackfish]
Brynden Tully: Kingslayer.
Jaime Lannister: Blackfish.
Brynden Tully: I assume you're here to fulfill the vow you gave my niece. I don't see Sansa and Arya.
Jaime Lannister: I don't have them.
Brynden Tully: Pity. Do you wish to resume your captivity? [Jaime shakes his head] Then why're you here?
Jaime Lannister: You know why I'm here. This castle belongs to House Frey. You're trespassing. In the name of King Tommen, I order you to surrender or...
Brynden Tully: Or you'll kill Edmure? My nephew is marked for death no matter what. Hang him and be done with it.
Jaime Lannister: It won't stop with Edmure. You'll force me to storm the castle. Hundreds will die.
Brynden Tully: Hundreds of mine, thousands of yours...if you can breach the walls.
Jaime Lannister: We'll breach them and kill every last one of you, but if you surrender, I'll spare the lives of your men. On my honor.
Brynden Tully: Your honor? Bargaining with oathbreakers is like building on quicksand.
Jaime Lannister: The war is over, Ser. Why sacrifice living men to a lost cause?
Brynden Tully: As long as I am standing, the war is not over. This is my home. I was born in this castle and I'm ready to die in it. So you can either attack or try to starve us out. We have enough provisions for two years. Do you have two years, Kingslayer?
Jaime Lannister: You clearly have no intention of saving your men's lives! Why did you come treat with me?
Brynden Tully: Sieges are dull. And I wanted to see you in person, get the measure of you.
Jaime Lannister: Well, now you have.
Brynden Tully: Aye, now I have. I'm disappointed.

Theon Greyjoy: You think Uncle Euron's hunting for us?
Yara Greyjoy: Of course he is. As long as we're alive, we're a threat.
Theon Greyjoy: He'll find us.
Yara Greyjoy: It's a great big world, and we have fast ships. Drink.
Theon Greyjoy: I don't want any.
Yara Greyjoy: I don't care what you want. Drink. [Theon takes a quick sip] Drink it all. [he drinks more] You're Ironborn, Theon. I know you've had some bad years.
Theon Greyjoy: [incredulous] Bad years?
Yara Greyjoy: I'm tired of watching you cower like a beat dog! Drink the goddamn ale! [Theon does so] Now listen to me. I need you - the real Theon Greyjoy, not this ratshit pretender. Can you find him for me? Drink. [Theon drinks] You escaped, you hear me? You got away and you're never going back. We'll get justice for you.
Theon Greyjoy: If I got justice, my burnt body would hang over the gates of Winterfell.
Yara Greyjoy: Fuck justice, then, we'll get revenge. Drink. [Theon drinks again] Listen to me. If you're so broken that there's no coming back, take a knife and cut your wrists. End it. But if you're staying, Theon, I need you. We're gonna sail to Meereen. We're gonna make a pact with this... Dragon Queen, and we're gonna take back the Iron Islands. Are you with me? Are you really with me? [Theon nods. Relieved, Yara kisses his forehead, smiling] Now, since it's my last night ashore for a long while, I'm gonna go fuck the tits off this one.

Jon Snow: Lady Mormont.
Lyanna Mormont: Welcome to Bear Island.
Sansa Stark: I remember when you were born, my lady. You were named for my aunt Lyanna. They said she was a great beauty. I'm sure you will be, too.
Lyanna Mormont: I doubt it. My mother wasn't a great beauty or any other kind of beauty. She was a great warrior, though. She died fighting for your brother, Robb.
Jon Snow: I served under your uncle at Castle Black, Lady Lyanna. He was also a great warrior and an honorable man. I was his steward and...
Lyanna Mormont: I think we've had enough small talk. Why're you here?
Jon Snow: Stannis Baratheon garrisoned at Castle Black before he marched on Winterfell and was killed. He showed me the letter you wrote to him when he petitioned for men. It said...
Lyanna Mormont: I remember what it said. "Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark."
Jon Snow: Robb is gone, but House Stark is not, and it needs your support now more than ever. I've come with my sister to ask for House Mormont's allegiance.
[A maester whispers in Lyanna's ear]
Lyanna Mormont: As far as I understand you're a Snow, and Lady Sansa is a Bolton. Or is she a Lannister? I've heard conflicting reports.
Sansa Stark: I did what I had to do to survive, my lady, but I am a Stark. I will always be a Stark.
Lyanna Mormont: If you say so. In any case, you don't just want my allegiance. You want my fighting men.
Jon Snow: Ramsay Bolton cannot be allowed to keep Winterfell, my lady. It is our duty to stop him. Even more so because he holds our brother Rickon Stark as prisoner. What you have to understand, my lady, is that...
Lyanna Mormont: I understand that I'm responsible for Bear Island and all who live here. So why should I sacrifice one more Mormont life for someone else's war?
Davos Seaworth: If it please, my lady, I understand how you feel.
Lyanna Mormont: I don't know you. Ser...?
Davos Seaworth: Davos, my lady. Of House Seaworth.
[Lyanna turns to her maester]
Davos Seaworth: You needn't ask your maester about my house. It's rather new.
Lyanna Mormont: Alright, Ser Davos of House Seaworth. How is it you understand how I feel?
Davos Seaworth: You never thought you'd find yourself in your position, being responsible for so many lives at such a young age. I never thought I'd be in my position. I was a crabber's son, then I was a smuggler, and now I find myself addressing the lady of a great house in time of war. But I'm here because this isn't someone else's war. It's our war.
Lyanna Mormont: Go on, Ser Davos.
Davos Seaworth: Your uncle, Lord Commander Mormont, made that man his steward. He chose Jon to be his successor because he knew he had the courage to do what was right, even if it meant giving his life. Because Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow both understood that the real war isn't between a few squabbling houses. It's between the living and the dead, and make no mistake, my lady: the dead are coming.
Lyanna Mormont: [to Jon] Is this true?
Jon Snow: [nods] Your uncle fought them at the Fist of the First Men, I fought them at Hardhome. We both lost.
Davos Seaworth: As long as the Boltons hold Winterfell, the North is divided, and a divided North won't stand a chance against the Night King. You want to protect your people, my lady, I understand. But there's no hiding from this. We have to fight and we need to do it together.
[The maester leans in to whisper, but Lyanna waves him off]
Lyanna Mormont: House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for a thousand years. We will not break faith today.
Jon Snow: Thank you, my lady. How many fighting men can we expect?
[An advisor whispers in Lyanna's ear]
Lyanna Mormont: 62.
Jon Snow: 62?
Lyanna Mormont: We are not a large house, but we're a proud one, and every man from Bear Island fights with the strength of ten mainlanders.
Davos Seaworth: If they're half as ferocious as their Lady, the Boltons are doomed.

Cersei Lannister: I heard you were leaving King's Landing.
Olenna Tyrell: That is hardly your concern.
Cersei Lannister: Your grandson is still a prisoner - you'll leave him rotting in a cell.
Olenna Tyrell: Loras rots in a cell because of you. The High Sparrow rules this city because of you. Our two ancient Houses face collapse because of you and your stupidity.
Cersei Lannister: You're right. I made a terrible mistake. I carry it with me every single day.
Olenna Tyrell: Good.
Cersei Lannister: I delivered an army of fanatics onto our doorstep. And now we must fight them together. We need each other.
Olenna Tyrell: I wonder if you're the worst person I've ever met. At a certain age it's hard to recall, but the truly vile do stand out through the years. Do you remember the way you smirked at me when my grandson and granddaughter were dragged off to their cells? I do. I'll never forget it.
Cersei Lannister: You love your granddaughter. I love my son. It's the only truth I know. We must defend them.
Olenna Tyrell: I'm leaving this wretched city as fast as I can before that shoeless zealot throws me into one of his cells. If you're half as bright as you think you are, you'll find a way out of here, too.
Cersei Lannister: Never. I'll never leave my son.
Olenna Tyrell: What'll you do, then? You have no support. Not anymore. Your brother's gone. The High Sparrow saw to that. The rest of your family have abandoned you. The people despise you. You're surrounded by enemies, thousands of them. You're going to kill them all by yourself? You've lost, Cersei. It's the only joy I can find in all this misery.

Brother Ray: I think some of the men are afraid of you.
Sandor Clegane: I'm used to it. [sips his drink]
Brother Ray: When I found you, I thought you'd been dead for days. Well, you were stinkin' already, and you had bugs all over ya, and bone was comin' through, right there. [pokes the Hound's leg, right above his knee] Was gonna give you a proper burial, and then you coughed. Ha! Nearly shit meself. I reckoned you were gonna die by the time I loaded you on the wagon, but you didn't, and I reckoned you'd die a dozen more times over the next few days, but you didn't. What kept you goin'?
Sandor Clegane: Hate.
Brother Ray: No. There's a reason you're still here.
Sandor Clegane: Aye, there's a reason. I'm a big fucker and I'm tough to kill.
Brother Ray: No, a reason. Gods aren't done with you yet.
Sandor Clegane: I've heard that before. Man was talkin' about a different god, though.
Brother Ray: Well, maybe he was right. I don't know much about the gods.
Sandor Clegane: You're in the wrong line of work.
Brother Ray: Oh, there's plenty of pious sons of bitches who think they know the word of god, or gods. I don't. I don't even know their real names. Maybe it is the Seven, or maybe it's the Old Gods, or maybe it's the Lord of Light, or maybe they're all the same fuckin' thing. I don't know. What matters, I believe, is that there's something greater than us, and whatever it is, it's got plans for Sandor Clegane.
Sandor Clegane: You didn't know me back in my time. You don't know the things I've done.
Brother Ray: I've heard stories.
Sandor Clegane: If the gods are real, why haven't they punished me?
Brother Ray: They have.

No One [6.08]

Thoros of Myr: Clegane. The fuck you doing here?
Sandor Clegane: [Pointing at their three captives] Chasing them. You?
Thoros of Myr: Hanging them.
Sandor Clegane: Any particular reason?
Beric Dondarrion: They're our men, or they were. They attacked a nearby sept and murdered the villagers. Why do you want them?
Sandor Clegane: Same reason. I was helping build it. They killed a friend of mine.
Thoros of Myr: You've got friends?
Sandor Clegane: Not anymore. They're mine.
Beric Dondarrion: It's the Brotherhood's good name they've dragged through the dirt.
Sandor Clegane: Fuck your name, they're mine. Killed you once before, Dondarrion, happy to do it again.
[An archer raises his bow.]
Sandor Clegane: Drop that arrow, you bloody girl. Tougher girls than you tried to kill me.
Beric Dondarrion: You can have one of them.
Sandor Clegane: Two.
[Beric and Thoros nod. The Hound prepares to kill one with his axe, but Thoros stops him.]
Thoros of Myr: No, no, no, no, no. We're not butchers. We hang them.
Sandor Clegane: Hanging? All over in an instant, where's the punishment in that?
Thoros of Myr: They die.
Sandor Clegane: [Tilting his head towards Beric] We all bloody die, except this one here. Well, let me gut one of them.
Beric Dondarrion: No.
Sandor Clegane: Chop off one hand.
Beric Dondarrion: We gave you two of the three out of respect for your loss. That's generous.
Sandor Clegane: Bunch of nancies. There was a time I would have killed all seven of you just to gut these three.
Thoros of Myr: You're getting old, Clegane.
Sandor Clegane: [nods to one of the prisoners] He's not.
[He kicks out the wooden stump from under the feet of the first man, hanging him. He places his foot on the second stump]
Lem: Please, don't. I'll give you anything.
[The Hound kicks the stump out mid-sentence and watches Lem chokes to death as the Brotherhood hangs the third man.]
Sandor Clegane: Got anything to eat?

Qyburn: Your Grace, several members of the Faith Militant have been permitted entry into the Red Keep.
Cersei Lannister: "Have been permitted". That's rather a tortured way of putting it.
Qyburn: They demand to see you, Your Grace.
Cersei Lannister: Who permitted them into the Red Keep? [Qyburn remains silent] The King is aware of their presence?
Qyburn: He is, Your Grace. He is currently in his chambers at prayer. [Cersei leaves her chambers]
Brother Lancel: Your Grace, His Holiness the High Septon wishes to speak with you at the Great Sept of Baelor.
Cersei Lannister: His Holiness the High Septon is welcome to see me here in the Red Keep.
Brother Lancel: Your Grace, this is not a request.
Cersei Lannister: It is a request, cousin Lancel. You are asking me for something, I am refusing.
Brother Lancel: The High Septon commands you. Are you sure you want to refuse him?
Cersei Lannister: He promised me I could stay in the Red Keep until my trial.
Brother Lancel: He made no such promises. If you refuse to come of your own free will...
Cersei Lannister: Get. Out. [Lancel motions for two of his men to seize her when the Mountain moves forward to block their path]
Brother Lancel: Move aside, ser. [The Mountain growls angrily, and Lancel looks to Cersei] Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.
Cersei Lannister: I choose violence.
[One of the Faith Militant attempts to subdue the Mountain, only to be violently killed]
Cersei Lannister: Please tell His High Holiness he's always welcome to visit.

Missandei: [Sees Tyrion drinking] You seem happy.
Tyrion Lannister: I am happy.
[Tyrion puts down his drink and goes to the wine bottle]
Tyrion Lannister: You should both be happy as well. Not so long ago, this city was ready to devour itself. [Pours more wine to an empty glass] Now it's like a man reborn.
Missandei: I will be happy when our queen returns.
Tyrion Lannister: Why don't you drink? Why don't either of you ever drink? [Pours wine to another glass]
Grey Worm: Unsullied never drink.
Tyrion Lannister: Why not?
Grey Worm: Rules.
Tyrion Lannister: And who made these rules? Your former masters? [Grey Worm and Missandei looks to one another and says nothing] Those miserable old shits didn't want you to be human. Have a drink with me.
[Hands Grey Worm a glass which he takes. Grey Worm takes a smell of the wine which he finds unpleasant]
Tyrion Lannister: And you? What's your excuse? [Hands Missandei the other glass]
Missandei: I have tried wine before. It made me feel funny.
Tyrion Lannister: That's how you know it's working. Here's to our queen. [Raises his glass, sees no one else following] Anyone not drinking is disrespecting our queen. [Both raises their glasses] To Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, long may she reign.
Grey Worm and Missandei: Long may she reign. [Both take a sip while Tyrion gulps it down]
Tyrion Lannister: Do you like it?
Grey Worm: Tastes like it has turned.
Tyrion Lannister: [Goes to another wine bottle] Yes, yes. Fermentation. [Pours himself another glass] One day, after our queen has taken the Seven Kingdoms...I'd like to have my own vineyard. [ponders at the thought] Make my own wine. The Imp's Delight. Only my close friends could drink it. [Takes a sip] Tell me a joke, Missandei of Naath.
Missandei: I do not know any jokes.
Tyrion Lannister: Grey Worm? [Grey Worm stares with a blank expression] Right. Three lords walk into a tavern⁠—a Stark, a Martell, and a Lannister. They order ale, but when the barkeep brings them over, each of them finds a fly in his cup. The Lannister, outraged, shoves the cup aside and demands another. The Martell plucks the fly out and swallows it whole. The Stark reaches into his cup, pulls out the fly and shouts, "Spit it out, you wee shit. Spit it out." [silent reaction] It's funnier in Westeros.
Grey Worm: The Starks and the Lannisters, I thought these were enemies.
Tyrion Lannister: Yes.
Missandei: [to Grey Worm] A joke is like a story, Torgo Nudho. Not a true story, necessarily.
Tyrion Lannister: A story that's supposed to make you laugh...ideally. Not at the moment, perhaps. [See Missandei take another sip] Missandei, do you like the wine?
Missandei: [Nods] I do.
Tyrion Lannister: Tell a joke.
Missandei: [Thinks for a moment] Two translators are on a sinking ship. The first says, "Do you know how to swim?" The second says, "No, but I can shout for help in 19 languages."
Tyrion Lannister: [Sees no reaction from anyone] Ah! [Laughs]
Grey Worm: [Deadpan] That is the worst joke I ever heard.
Missandei: You don't even know what a joke is.
Grey Worm: I am soldier all my life. You think I never hear joke?
Tyrion Lannister: You lied to us.
Grey Worm: [Realizing] I make joke.
[Missandei laughs followed by Tyrion. Grey Worm sees Missandei laughing and cracks a smile.]
Missandei: [Laughing] More jokes.
Tyrion Lannister: I once walked into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass. The madam says⁠—
[Before Tyrion finishes, bells were ringing, signifying the arrival of the slave masters]

Jaime Lannister: Lord Edmure. I apologise for the way the Freys treated you. A man of your birth deserves better. You have my word you'll be properly fed and clothed from now on...
Edmure Tully: My uncle will never surrender the castle, sir. Whatever game you're playing...
Jaime Lannister: The Blackfish is an old man. A good death is all he can hope for. have a child now, I've heard. A son, sired on your wedding night. You're a potent man.
Edmure Tully: A son I've never met, born of a wife I haven't seen since our first night together.
Jaime Lannister: You should be with them both. I can arrange that, you realise; comfortable rooms for you at Casterly Rock, a tutor for your boy, with knights to train him to fight and to ride, and when he comes of age, he'll have a keep of his own.
Edmure Tully: Can you imagine yourself a decent person? Is that it? After you've massacred my family, kept me in a cell for years, stolen our lands!
Jaime Lannister: I remind you our Houses are at war. I'm sorry if this conflict has inconvenienced you but rebelling against the Crown does have consequences.
Edmure Tully: Says the man who shoved his sword through his king's back!
Jaime Lannister: Did I give you the impression this was a negotiation? It's not.
Edmure Tully: You understand, on some level. You understand you're an evil man.
Jaime Lannister: I'll leave the judgements to the gods.
Edmure Tully: Oh that is convenient for you. You're a fine looking fellow, aren't you? Your square jaw, your golden armour...tell me, I want to know, I truly do. How do you live with yourself? All of us have to believe that we're decent, don't we? You have to sleep at night. How do you tell yourself that you're decent, after everything that you've done?
Jaime Lannister: I was your sister's prisoner once. She hit me on the head with a rock, if I remember correctly.
Edmure Tully: [chuckles] She should have killed you.
Jaime Lannister: Perhaps, but she didn't. Catelyn Stark hated me like you hate me, but I didn't hate her. I admired her, far more than I did her husband or her son.
Edmure Tully: Do you think I care who you admire and who you don't?
Jaime Lannister: Maybe not, but I'm telling you anyway because you're my prisoner. You don't have a choice. The love she had for her children, I was a little awed by it. Reminded me of my sister.
Edmure Tully: Oh, now I see. You're a madman.
Jaime Lannister: I'm not here to trade insults. Your sister was...
Edmure Tully: Don't talk about Cat!
Jaime Lannister: I'll talk about whomever I want. She loved her children. I suppose all mothers do. Catelyn and Cersei, it's a fierceness you don't often see. They'd do anything to protect their babies; start a war, burn cities to ash, free their worst enemies. The things we do for love.
Edmure Tully: You didn't come here to talk about our sisters.
Jaime Lannister: That's exactly why I came here. I love Cersei. You can laugh at that if you want, you can sneer, it doesn't matter. She needs me, and to get back to her, I have to take Riverrun. I'll send for your baby boy...and I'll launch him into Riverrun with a catapult because you don't matter to me, Lord Edmure. Your son doesn't matter to me. The people in the castle don't matter to me...only Cersei. And if I have to slaughter every Tully who ever lived to get back to her, that's what I'll do.

[Jaqen at the House of Black and White follows a trail of blood to see a freshly-carved face of The Waif added to the hall.]
Arya Stark: [referring to The Waif] You told her to kill me.
Jaqen H'ghar: [turns to see Arya pointing Needle to his chest] Yes. But here you are. And there she is. Finally, a girl is No One.
Arya: A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I'm going home.
Razdahl mo Eraz: Once before, I offered you peace. If you had not been so arrogant, you could have returned to your homeland with a fleet of ships. Instead, you will flee Slaver's Bay on foot, like the Beggar Queen you are.
Tyrion Lannister: We are here to discuss terms of surrender, not to trade insults.
Yezzan zo Qaggaz: The terms are simple. You, and your foreign friends will abandon the Great Pyramid, and the City of Meereen. The Unsullied you stole from Kraznys mo Nakloz will remain, to be sold again to the highest bidder. The translator you stole from Kraznys mo Nakloz will remain, to be sold again to the highest bidder. The dragons beneath the Great Pyramid will be slaughtered.
Daenerys Targaryen: We obviously didn't communicate clearly. We are here to discuss your surrender, not mine.
Razdahl mo Eraz: I imagine it's difficult. Adjusting to the new reality. Your reign is over!
Daenerys Targaryen: My reign is just begun.
[Suddenly, Drogon flies over them, roaring. Dany climbs onto his back and they take off. Rhaegal and Viseryon join him flying over the attacking fleet]
Daenerys Targaryen: Dracarys.
[The three dragons attack a warship.]
Grey Worm: [addressing the Master's slave-guards, in Valyrian] You men have a choice: fight and die for the Masters, who would never fight and die for you, or go home to your families.
[after a brief pause, the guards drop their weapons and run away, leaving the shocked Masters surrounded by the Unsullied]
Tyrion Lannister: Thank you for the armada! Our Queen does love ships. Now... Last time we spoke, we made a pact. You violated that pact. You declared war upon us. And, though our Queen does have a forgiving nature, this... cannot be forgiven.
Missandei: Our Queen insists that one of you must die, as punishment for your crimes.
Tyrion Lannister: It always seems a bit abstract, doesn't it? Other people dying.
[After a pause, Razdahl pushes Yezzan forward]
Razdahl mo Eraz: Him. He should die.
Third Master: Yes, him!
Razdahl mo Eraz: He's not one of us, He's an outsider, low-born! He does not speak for us.
Yezzan zo Qaggaz: Please. [falls to his knees] Please.
[Grey Worm cuts the throats of the other two Masters, leaving Yezzan alive.]
Tyrion Lannister: Tell your people what happened here. Tell them you live by the grace of Her Majesty. When they come forward with notions of retribution, or ideas about returning the slave-cities to their former glory...remind them what happened, when Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons came to Meereen.

[Jon Snow arranges for a parley with Ramsay Bolton outside Winterfell]
Jon Snow:[to Sansa] You don't have to be here.
Sansa Stark: Yes I do.
Ramsay Bolton: My beloved wife. I have missed you terribly. [to Jon] Thank you, for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now, dismount and kneel before me. Surrender your army, and proclaim me the true Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. I will pardon you for deserting the Night's Watch, I will pardon these treasonous Lords for betraying my House. Come, bastard. You don't have the men, you don't have the horses. And you don't have Winterfell! Why lead those poor souls into slaughter? There's no need for a battle. Get off your horse... and kneel. [smirks] I am a man of mercy.
Jon Snow: You're right. There's no need for a battle. Thousands of men don't need to die. Only one of us. Let's end this the old way. You, against me.
[After a pause, Ramsay starts to laugh]
Ramsay Bolton: I keep hearing stories about you, bastard. The way people in the North talk about you, you're the greatest swordsman who ever walked! Maybe you are that good, maybe not. I don't know if I'd beat you, but I know that my army will beat yours. I have six thousand men, you have...what? Half that? Not even?
Jon Snow: [smiles] Aye, you have the numbers. Will your men want to fight for you, when they hear you wouldn't fight for them?
Ramsay Bolton: [to Sansa] He's good. Very good. Tell me, will you let your little brother die because you're too proud to surrender?
Sansa Stark: How do we know you have him?
[Lord "Smalljon" Umber throws the head of Rickon's direwolf at Jon's feet.]
Ramsay Bolton: Now, if you want to sa––
Sansa Stark: You're going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. [the conviction in Sansa's voice momentarily stuns Ramsey] Sleep well. [she rides away]
Ramsay Bolton: [smiles] She's a fine woman, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed. And you're all fine-looking men. [laughs] My dogs are desperate to meet you. I haven't fed them for seven days, they're ravenous! I wonder which parts they'll try first? Your eyes? Your balls! We'll find out soon enough. In the morning, then... bastard.

Tyrion Lannister: Last time we saw each other was at Winterfell, yes? You were making jokes about my height, I seem to recall. Everyone who makes a joke about a dwarf's height thinks he's the only person ever to make a joke about a dwarf's height. 'The height of nobility, a man of your stature, someone to look up to!' You're all making the same five or six jokes.
Theon Greyjoy: It was a long time ago.
Tyrion Lannister: It was! And how have things been going for you since then? Not so well, I gather. Can't imagine you would have murdered the Stark boys, if things had been going well-
Theon Greyjoy: I didn't murder the Stark boys. But I did things that were just as bad, and worse.
Yara Greyjoy: And he paid for them.
Tyrion Lannister: Doesn't seem like it. He's still alive. It was complicated, I know, growing up at Winterfell, not knowing quite who you were. But then, we all live complicated lives, don't we?
Daenerys Targaryen: You've brought us a hundred ships from the Iron Fleet, with men to sail them? In return, I expect you want me to support your claim to the Throne of the Iron Islands?
Theon Greyjoy: Not my claim. [nods at Yara] Hers.
Daenerys Targaryen: And, what's wrong with you?
Theon Greyjoy: I'm not fit to rule.
Tyrion Lannister: We can agree upon that, at least.
Daenerys Targaryen: Has the Iron Islands ever had a Queen, before?
Yara Greyjoy: No more than Westeros. [Dany smiles approvingly]
Theon Greyjoy: Our uncle, Euron, returned home after a long absence. He murdered our father and took the Salt Throne from Yara. He would have murdered us, if we'd stayed.
Daenerys Targaryen: Lord Tyrion tells me your father was a terrible King.
Yara Greyjoy: You and I have that in common.
Daenerys Targaryen: [nods] We do. And both murdered by a Usurper, as well. [to Tyrion] Will their ships be enough?
Tyrion Lannister: With the former Masters' fleet... Possibly. Barely. There are more than a hundred ships in the Iron Fleet.
Theon Greyjoy: There are, and Euron is building more. [to Dany] He's going to offer them to you.
Daenerys Targaryen: So why shouldn't I wait for him?
Theon Greyjoy: The Iron Fleet isn't all he's bringing. He also wants to give you...
Yara Greyjoy: "His big cock," I think, he said. Euron's offer is also one of marriage, you see. You wouldn't get one without the other.
Daenerys Targaryen: And, I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands?
Yara Greyjoy: I never demand, but, I'm up for anything, really.
[Daenerys smiles back at her, coyly]
Theon Greyjoy: He murdered our father, and would have murdered us. He'll murder you, as soon as you have what he wants.
Tyrion Lannister: [nods] The Seven Kingdoms.
Theon Greyjoy: All of them.
Daenerys Targaryen: And you don't want the Seven Kingdoms?
Theon Greyjoy: Your ancestors defeated ours, took the Iron Islands. We ask you to give them back.
Daenerys Targaryen: And that's all?
Yara Greyjoy: We'd like you to help us murder an uncle or two, who don't think a woman's fit to rule.
Daenerys Targaryen: [smiles] Reasonable. [Yara smiles back]
Tyrion Lannister: What if everyone starts demanding their independence?
Daenerys Targaryen: She's not demanding; she's asking. The others are free to ask, as well. Our fathers were evil men, all of us, here. They left the world worse than they found it. We're not going to do that. We're going to leave the world better than we found it. [to Yara] You will support my claim to the Seven Kingdoms and respect the integrity of the Seven Kingdoms. No more reaving, roving, raiding or raping.
Yara Greyjoy: That's our way of life.
Daenerys Targaryen: No more.
Yara Greyjoy: No more.

Ramsay Bolton: Their army is gone.
Bolton Officer: Our army is gone.
Ramsay Bolton: We have Winterfell. They don't have men for a siege. All we have to do is wait.

Ramsay Bolton: [in the kennels] Ah. Sansa. Hello, Sansa. Is this where I'll be staying now? [Sansa stares silently at him, and he shakes his head, smirking] No. Our time together is about to come to an end. That's all right. You can't kill me. I'm part of you now.
Sansa Stark: Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear.
[Sansa opens the doors of his hounds' kennels. One of them emerges from its cage, growling quietly, and approaches him]
Ramsay Bolton: My hounds will never harm me.
Sansa Stark: You haven't fed them in seven days. You said it yourself.
Ramsay Bolton: They're loyal beasts.
Sansa Stark: They were. Now, they're starving.
[Two more hounds emerge and come to sniff at his face]
Ramsay Bolton: [hisses] Sit. [the hound begins licking his bloody face hungrily] Down. Down! Down! Down! Down!
[Ramsay screams as his hounds begin devouring him face-first; Sansa walks away smiling]

[Davos storms into the great hall of Winterfell and throws Shireen's burnt stag figurine to Melisandre]
Jon Snow: What is that?
Davos Seaworth: Tell him! Tell him who it belonged to.
Melisandre: The Princess Shireen.
Davos Seaworth: Tell him what you did to her! TELL HIM!
Melisandre: We burnt her at the stake.
[Jon looks horrified]
Davos Seaworth: [tearfully] Why?
Melisandre: The army was trapped, the horses were dying! It was the only way.
Davos Seaworth: You burned a little girl alive!
Melisandre: I only do what my Lord commands me!
Davos Seaworth: If he commands you to burn children, your Lord is evil!
Melisandre: We are standing here because of him. Jon Snow is alive because the Lord willed it.
Davos Seaworth: I loved that girl! Like she was my own! She was good, she was kind and you killed her!
Melisandre: So did her father. So did her mother. Her own blood knew it was the only way!
Davos Seaworth: The only way for what?! They all died anyway! You told everyone Stannis was the one, you had him believing it, all of them fooled, and you lied!
Melisandre: I didn't lie! I was wrong.
Davos Seaworth: Aye. You were wrong. How many died because you were wrong? [to Jon] I ask your leave to execute this woman for murder. She admits to the crime.
Jon Snow: Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Melisandre: I've been ready to die for many years. If the Lord was done with me, so be it, but he's not. You've seen the Night King, Jon Snow. You know the great war is still to come. You know the army of the dead will be upon us soon. And you know I can help you win that war.
Jon Snow: [stares at Melisandre for a moment] Ride south today. If you return to the North, I'll have you hanged as a murderer.
Davos Seaworth: If you ever come back this way, I'll execute you myself!

[Sansa meets up with Jon outside as he watches Melisandre ride south alone...]
Jon Snow: I'm having the lord's chamber prepared for you.
Sansa Stark: Mother and Father's room? You should take it.
Jon Snow: I'm not a Stark.
Sansa Stark: You are to me.
Jon Snow: You're the Lady of Winterfell. You deserve it. We're standing here because of you. The battle was lost until the Knights of the Vale rode in. They came because of you. You told me Lord Baelish sold you to the Boltons.
Sansa Stark: He did.
Jon Snow: And you trust him?
Sansa Stark: [chuckles] Only a fool would trust Littlefinger. I should have told you about him, about the Knights of the Vale. I'm sorry.
Jon Snow: We need to trust each other. We can't fight a war amongst ourselves. We have so many enemies now. [starts to walk away]
Sansa Stark: Jon. A raven came from the Citadel. A white raven...Winter is here.
Jon Snow: [smiles and looks to the sky] Well, Father always promised, didn't he?

Olenna Tyrell: The last time a Tyrell came to Dorne, he was assassinated. A hundred red scorpions, was it?
Ellaria Sand: You have nothing to fear from us, Lady Olenna.
Olenna Tyrell: You murder your own Prince, but you expect me to trust you?
Obara Sand: We invited you to Dorne because we needed your help. You came to Dorne because you needed our help.
Olenna Tyrell: What is your name, again? Barbero?
Obara Sand: Obara.
Olenna Tyrell: Obara. You look like an angry little boy, don't presume to tell me what I need.
Nymeria Sand: Forgive my sister. What she lacks in diplomacy, she makes––
Olenna Tyrell: Do shut up, dear. [Glances at Tyene] Anything from you? No? Good. Let the grown women speak.
Ellaria Sand: The Lannisters have declared war on House Tyrell. They have declared war on Dorne. We must be allies now, if we wish to survive.
Olenna Tyrell: Cersei stole the future from me. She killed my son, she killed my grandson, she killed my granddaughter. Survival is not what I'm after, now.
Ellaria Sand: You're absolutely right. I chose the wrong words. It is not survival I offer, it is your heart's desire.
Olenna Tyrell: And what is my "heart's desire?"
Ellaria Sand: Vengeance. Justice.
[Varys enters]
Varys: Fire and Blood.

Yohn Royce: You can't expect the Knights of the Vale to side with Wildling invaders!
Tormund Giantsbane: We didn't invade. We were invited.
Yohn Royce: Not by me.
Jon Snow: The Free Folk, the Northerners and the Knights of the Vale fought together. We fought bravely and we won. My father used to say, "We find our true friends on the battlefield."
Cley Cerwyn: The Boltons are defeated. The war is over! Winter has come. If the Maesters are right, it'll be the coldest one in a thousand years. We should ride home, and wait out the coming storms.
Jon Snow: The war is not over. And I promise you, friend, the true enemy won't wait out the storm. He brings the storm.
Lyanna Mormont: Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly, but you refused the call. You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover but in their hour of greatest need, you refused the call. And you, Lord Cerwyn. Your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton. Still, you refused the call. But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers! We know no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark. I don't care if he's a bastard. Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my King, from this day until his last day!
Wyman Manderly: Lady Mormont speaks harshly... and truly. My son died for Robb Stark, the Young Wolf. I didn't think we'd find another King, in my lifetime. I didn't commit my men to your cause... because, I didn't want more Manderlys dying for nothing. But, I was wrong. Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding! He is the White Wolf. [draws his sword and kneels to Jon] The King in the North!
[the Northern lords begin nodding approvingly]
Robett Glover: I did not fight beside you in the field. And will regret that until my dying day. A man... can only admit when he was wrong, and ask forgiveness.
Jon Snow: There's nothing to forgive, my Lord.
Robett Glover: There will be more fights to come. House Glover will stand behind House Stark, as we have for a thousand years! And I will stand behind Jon Snow. [draws his sword and raises to Jon] The King in the North! [kneels as all the other Lords cheer, rise and draw their blades]

Cersei Lannister: [pouring wine onto Septa Unella's face] Confess. [Unella struggles] Confess. Confess. Confess... it felt good. Beating me. Starving me. Frightening me, humiliating me. You didn't do it because you cared about my atonement. You did it because it felt good. I understand. I do things because they feel good. I drink, because it feels good. I killed my husband, because it felt good to be rid of him. I fuck my brother, because it feels good to feel him inside me. I lie about fucking my brother, because it feels good to keep our son safe from hateful hypocrites. I killed your High Sparrow... and all his little sparrows... all his septons, all his septas, all his filthy soldiers... because it felt good to watch them burn. It felt good to imagine their shock and their pain. No thought has ever given me greater joy. [chuckles] Even confessing feels good, under the right circumstances. You've always been quiet. I said my face would be the last thing you saw before you died, do you remember?
Septa Unella: Good. I'm glad to see your face. I'm ready to meet the Gods.
Cersei Lannister: What? Now? Today? [smirking] You're not going to die today. You're not going to die for quite a while. Ser Gregor. This is Ser Gregor Clegane. He's quiet, too. [Ser Gregor removes his helmet] Your Gods have forsaken you. This is your god now.
[As Cersei leaves and closes the door behind her, Unella begins screaming]
Cersei Lannister: [smirking] Shame. Shame. Shame.

Tyrion Lannister: [referring to her rejection of Daario] How did he take it?
Daenerys Targaryen: No tears.
Tyrion Lannister: I know it was hard for you. You turned away a man who truly loves you because he would have been a liability in the Seven Kingdoms. That's the kind of self-sacrifice that makes for a good ruler, if it's any consolation.
Daenerys Targaryen: It's not.
Tyrion Lannister: No, I suppose not. I'm terrible at consoling.
Daenerys Targaryen: Yes, you really are.
Tyrion Lannister: All right, how about the fact that this is actually happening? You have your armies, you have your ships, you have your dragons. Everything you've ever wanted since you were old enough to want anything, it's all yours for the taking. Are you afraid? [Dany nods] Good. You're in the great game now. And the great game's terrifying. The only people who aren't afraid of failure are madmen like your father.
Daenerys Targaryen: Do you know what frightens me? I said farewell to a man who loves me. A man I thought I cared for. And I felt nothing. Just impatient to get on with it.
Tyrion Lannister: He wasn't the first to love you, and he won't be the last.
Daenerys Targaryen: Well, you have completely failed to console me.
Tyrion Lannister: For what it's worth, I've been a cynic for as long as I can remember. Everyone's always asking me to believe in things—family, gods, kings, myself. It was often tempting until I saw where belief got people. So I said, "No, thank you," to belief. And yet, here I am. I believe in you. It's embarrassing, really. I'd swear you my sword, but I don't actually own a sword.
Daenerys Targaryen: It's your counsel I need.
Tyrion Lannister: It's yours. Now and always.
Daenerys Targaryen: Good. [pulls out an item] I, um, I had something made for you. I'm...I'm not sure if it's right.
[Dany attaches the item to Tyrion's lapel, where it was revealed to be the brooch of The Hand]
Daenerys Targaryen: Tyrion Lannister, I name you Hand of the Queen.
[Tyrion bends in one knee and bows]

Walder Frey: You're not one of mine.
Serving Girl: No, My Lord.
Walder Frey: Didn't think so. Too pretty.
[Lord Walder smacks her bottom. The Serving Girl winces.]
Walder Frey: Where are my damn moron sons? Black Walder and Lothar promised to be here by mid-day.
Serving Girl: They're here, My Lord.
Walder Frey: Well, what are they doing? Trimming their cunt hairs? Tell them to come here! Now!
Serving Girl: They're already here, My Lord.
[Lord Walder looks around the empty hall, confused. The Serving Girl points to the slice of meat pie he's been eating.]
Serving Girl: Here, My Lord.
[Lord Walder lifts up the crust of the pie. Among the filling of chopped meat is obviously a human finger. He gags in disgust.]
Serving Girl: They weren't easy to carve. Especially Black Walder.
Walder Frey: What...What...?
[Lord Walder turns to the Serving Girl...who takes off her face as if it were a mask, revealing her true identity]
Arya Stark: My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you're ever going to see is a Stark, smiling down at you, as you die.
[Lord Walder tries to get out of his chair, but Arya grabs him by the hair, pulls him back, and slits his throat.]