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Game of Thrones (2011-19) is an American medieval fantasy television series, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and aired for HBO. It is based on George R. R. Martin's best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Winterfell [8.01][edit]

Cersei Lannister: Twenty thousand men, is it?
Harry Strickland: Yes, Your Grace. A few died in transit...
Euron Greyjoy: They cheated at dice! Or maybe I cheated? Somebody cheated. [shrugs] They weren't good fighters. You won't miss them.
Cersei Lannister: [rolls her eyes] Horses?
Harry Strickland: Two thousand.
Cersei Lannister: And elephants?
Harry Strickland: elephants, Your Grace.
[Cersei seethes quietly for a moment.]
Cersei Lannister: That's disappointing. I was told the Golden Company had elephants.
Harry Strickland: They are excellent beasts, Your Grace. But not well-suited to long sea voyages.
Cersei Lannister: In any event, you are most welcome here at King's Landing, Captain Strickland.
Harry Strickland: We look forward to fighting on your behalf, Your Grace. [bows and takes his leave]
Euron Greyjoy: Am I most welcome here?
Cersei Lannister: You are a true friend of the Crown. And an honored guest.
Euron Greyjoy: Good. So, as a true friend and an honored guest...
[He takes a step forward. Ser Gregor Clegane moves to bar his way.]
Euron Greyjoy: I was hoping we could talk in private.
Cersei Lannister: After the War. That was our agreement.
Euron Greyjoy: [impatiently] Wars sometimes last years.
Cersei Lannister: [firmly] You want a whore, buy one. You want a Queen, earn her. [she rises and makes to leave]
Euron Greyjoy: How? I've given her justice. An army. And the Iron Fleet. And yet, she gives me no sign of affection. My heart is nearly broken.
Cersei Lannister: You're insolent. I've executed men for less.
Euron Greyjoy: They were lesser men.
Cersei Lannister moves to the door, then stops and sighs. She turns to Euron with a resigned look. Grinning lustily, Euron joins her.]

[Jon is visiting the Heart Tree in the Winterfell Godswood]
Arya Stark: You used to be taller. [Jon spins around]
Jon Snow: How'd you sneak up on me?
Arya Stark: How did you survive a knife through the heart?
Jon Snow: I didn't. [They both grin, run to each other and hug. Jon nods at the sword in her belt] You still have it.
Arya Stark: [draws it] Needle.
Jon Snow: Have you ever used it?
Arya Stark: Once or twice. [sheaths it, Jon draws Longclaw and hands it to her] Valyrian steel.
Jon Snow: Jealous?
Arya Stark: [smirks] Too heavy for me.
Jon Snow: [sheaths Longclaw] Where were you before? I could've used your help with Sansa.
Arya Stark: She doesn't like your Queen, does she?
Jon Snow: Sansa thinks she's smarter than everyone-
Arya Stark: She's the smartest person I've ever met.
Jon Snow: Oh, you're defending her? [chuckles] You?
Arya Stark: I'm defending our family. So is she.
Jon Snow: I'm her family, too.
[Arya embraces him]
Arya Stark: Don't forget that.

[Tyrion, Varys and Davos observe more Northerners arriving at Winterfell]
Varys: The Karstarks.
Tyrion Lannister: One of the better sigils. Beats an onion, anyway.
Davos Seaworth: Can't argue with that. [they walk away] Not so long ago, the Starks and the Karstarks were slaughtering each other on the battlefield. Jon Snow brought peace to their Houses-
Tyrion Lannister: And our Queen is grateful.
Davos Seaworth: Her gratitude is lovely, but that's not my point. The Northmen are loyal to Jon Snow, not to her. They don't know her. The Free Folk don't know her. I've been up here a while, and I'm telling you, they're stubborn as goats. You want their loyalty? You have to earn it.
Tyrion Lannister: I sense that you're leading to a proposal.
Davos Seaworth: A proposal is what I'm proposing. On the off-chance that we survive the Night King...what if the Seven Kingdoms, for once in their whole shit history, were ruled by a just woman, and an honorable man?
[Tyrion and Varys follow his gaze to Jon and Daenerys, who are talking together arm-in-arm.]
Tyrion Lannister: They do make a handsome couple.
Varys: You overestimate our influence. Jon and Daenerys don't want to listen to lonely old men.
Tyrion Lannister: I'm not that old. [glances at Davos] Well, I'm not as old as him. [Davos smirks] Our Queen respects the wisdom of age.
Varys: Of course she does. Respect is how the young keep us at a distance, so we don't remind them of an unpleasant truth.
Tyrion Lannister: What is that?
Varys:... Nothing lasts.

[Bronn is in the middle of an orgy with three prostitutes]
Qyburn: Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.
Bronn: You're kidding me?!
Qyburn: Apologies for the interruption, but the Queen did urge me to hurry.
Bronn: [sighs] Sorry ladies. Another time perhaps. [the prostitutes gather their clothes and leave. One stops to proposition Qyburn as she goes]
Prostitute: If you ever get lonely, I am partial to older gentlemen. [Qyburn watches her leave as Bronn pours himself wine]
Qyburn: Poor girl. Pox will take her within the year. [Bronn chokes on his wine]
Bronn: [coughing] Which girl?
Qyburn: The Queen's brothers made promises to you and then broke them. Her Grace wants to rectify their mistake.
Bronn: She once gave me a castle and a wife, then rectified me right out of them.
Qyburn: That was Ser Jaime's doing, not hers. When Queen Cersei wants something, she pays in advance and in gold...several chests of it, in fact, waiting for you in a wagon, just outside.
Bronn: So she wants to murder someone, but she can't send her soldiers? If it's the Dragon Queen she's after...
Qyburn: She has other plans for the Targaryen girl.
Bronn: Yeah, well good luck with that!
Qyburn: Our Queen's brothers are unlikely to survive their northern adventures, but in the event that they do... [a Lannister soldier enters and hands Qyburn Joffrey's crossbow, the same one Tyrion used to kill Tywin] She has a keen sense of poetic justice.
Bronn: [flabbergasted] That fucking family.
Qyburn: When the Citadel expelled me, I thought I would die poor and alone, but in exchange for my service, Queen Cersei made me her Hand. What would she do for the man who rids her of her treasonous brothers?

Jon Snow: What are you doing in Winterfell? Or did you read every book in the Citadel already? [pause, sees Sam's expression] What's wrong? Gilly? Is she alright?
Samwell Tarly: She's good.
Jon Snow: Little Sam?
Samwell Tarly: Don't you know?
Jon Snow: Know what?
Samwell Tarly: Daenerys. She executed my father and brother. They were her prisoners. [pause] She didn't tell you.
Jon Snow: I'm so sorry. But we need to end this war.
Samwell Tarly: Would you have done it?
Jon Snow: I've executed men who've disobeyed me-
Samwell Tarly: You've also spared men. Thousands of Wildlings, when they refused to kneel!
Jon Snow: I wasn't a King.
Samwell Tarly: But you were. You've always been.
Jon Snow: I gave up my crown, Sam. [starts to leave] I bent the knee, I'm not King in the North anymore.
Samwell Tarly: I'm not talking about the King in the North, I'm talking about the King of the bloody Seven Kingdoms! [Jon turns back] Bran and I worked it out. I had a High Septon's diary, and Bran had... whatever Bran has.
Jon Snow: What're you talking about?
Samwell Tarly: Your mother... was Lyanna Stark. And your father... your real father... was Rhaegar Targaryen. You've never been a bastard. You're Aegon Targaryen, true heir to the Iron Throne. [Jon starts toward him] I'm sorry. I know it's a lot to take in-
Jon Snow: [angrily] My father was the most honorable man I ever met. You're saying he lied to me, all my life?!
Samwell Tarly: [shakes his head] Your father- well, Ned Stark- he promised your mother he'd always protect you. And he did, Robert would have murdered you if he knew. You're the true King. Aegon Targaryen, Sixth of his Name, Protector of the Realm, all of it.
Jon Snow: Daenerys is our Queen-
Samwell Tarly: She shouldn't be.
Jon Snow: That's treason.
Samwell Tarly: It's the truth. You gave up your crown, to save your people. Would she do the same?

A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms [8.02][edit]

[Jaime Lannister finds himself on trial in the Great Hall of Winterfell]
Daenerys Targaryen: When I was a child, my brother would tell me a bedtime story about the man who murdered our father. Who stabbed him in the back and cut his throat. Who sat down on the Iron Throne and watched as his blood poured onto the floor. He told me other stories as well. About all the things we would do to that man, once we took back the Seven Kingdoms and had him in our grasp. Your sister pledged to send her army north.
Jaime Lannister: She did.
Daenerys Targaryen: I don't see an army. I see one man with one hand. It appears your sister lied to me.
Jaime Lannister: She lied to me as well. She never had any intention of sending her army north. She has Euron Greyjoy's fleet and 20,000 fresh troops. The Golden Company from Essos. Bought and paid for. Even if we defeat the dead, she'll have more than enough to destroy the survivors.
Daenerys Targaryen: We?
Jaime Lannister: I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise.
Tyrion Lannister: Your Grace, I know my brother...
Daenerys Targaryen: [seething] Like you knew your sister?
Tyrion Lannister: He came here alone, knowing full well how he'd be received. Why would he do that, if he weren't telling the truth?
Daenerys Targaryen: Perhaps he trusts his little brother to defend him. Right up to the moment he slits my throat.
Sansa Stark: You're right, we can't trust him. He attacked my father in the streets, he tried to destroy my House and my family the same as he did yours.
Jaime Lannister: Do you want me to apologize? I won't. We were at war! Everything I did, I did for my House and my family. I'd do it all again!
Bran Stark: "The things we do for love." [Jaime looks shocked at this]
Daenerys Targaryen: So why have you abandoned your House and your family now?
Jaime Lannister: Because this goes beyond loyalty. [Glances at Brienne in the crowd] This is about survival.
[Brienne gets to her feet and moves to stand beside Jaime]
Brienne of Tarth: You don't know me well, Your Grace, but I know Ser Jaime. He is a man of honor. I was his captor once, but when we were both taken prisoner and the men holding us tried to force themselves on me, Ser Jaime defended me ... and lost his hand because of it. [addressing Sansa] Without him, my lady, you would not be alive. He armed me, armoured me and sent me to find you and bring you home, because he'd sworn an oath to your mother.
Sansa Stark: You vouch for him?
Brienne of Tarth: I do.
Sansa Stark: You would fight beside him?
Brienne of Tarth: I would.
Sansa Stark: I trust you with my life. If you trust him with yours, we should let him stay. [Daenerys shoots her an incredulous look then turns to Jon]
Daenerys Targaryen: What does the Warden of the North say about it?
Jon Snow: We need every man we can get.

Daenerys Targaryen: Lady Sansa, I was hoping we could speak alone. [Yohn Royce bows curtly to her and leaves] I thought you and I were on the verge of agreement, before. About Ser Jaime?
Sansa Stark: Brienne has been loyal to me, always. I trust her more than anyone.
Daenerys Targaryen: I wish I could have that kind of faith in my advisors.
Sansa Stark: Tyrion is a good man. He was never anything but decent towards me.
Daenerys Targaryen: I didn't ask him to be my Hand, simply because he was good. I asked him to be my Hand because he was good, and intelligent, and ruthless when he had to be. [Sansa nods, conceding that point] He never should have trusted Cersei.
Sansa Stark: You never should have, either.
Daenerys Targaryen: I thought he knew his sister.
Sansa Stark: Families are complicated.
Daenerys Targaryen: [smiles] Ours certainly have been.
Sansa Stark: A sad thing to have in common. [they both sit]
Daenerys Targaryen: We have other things in common. We both know what it means to lead people, who aren't inclined to accept a woman's rule... and we've both done a damn good job of it, from what I can tell. [Sansa smiles briefly] And yet, I can't help but feel... we're at odds with one another. Why is that? Your brother?
Sansa Stark: He loves you, you know that.
Daenerys Targaryen: That bothers you?
Sansa Stark: Men do stupid things for women. They're easily manipulated.
Daenerys Targaryen: All my life, I've known one goal: the Iron Throne. Taking it back from the people who destroyed my family, and almost destroyed yours; my war was against them. Until I met Jon. Now I'm here, half a world away, fighting Jon's war, alongside him. Tell me, who manipulated whom?
Sansa Stark: I should've thanked you, the moment you arrived. That was a mistake.
Daenerys Targaryen: [takes her hand] I'm here because I love your brother... and I trust him. And I know he's true to his word. He's only the second man in my life I can say that about.
Sansa Stark: Who was the first?
Daenerys Targaryen: Someone taller. [they both chuckle]
Sansa Stark: And what happens, afterwards? [Dany looks at her questioningly] We defeat the Dead, we destroy Cersei... what happens then?
Daenerys Targaryen: I take the Iron Throne.
Sansa Stark: What about the North? [sharply] It was taken from us, and we took it back. And we said, we'd never bow to anyone else, again. What about the North?
[Dany's expression hardens and she lets go of Sansa's hand]

[The defenders of Winterfell lay out their battleplans]
Jon Snow: They're coming. We have dragonglass, and we have Valyrian steel...but there are too many of them, far too many. Our enemy doesn't tire, doesn't stop, doesn't feel. We can't beat them in a straight fight.
Jaime Lannister: So what can we do?
Jon Snow: The Night King made them all, they follow his command. If he falls...getting to him may be our best chance.
Jaime Lannister: If that's true, he'll never expose himself.
Bran Stark: Yes, he will. He'll come for me. He's tried many times before, with many three-eyed ravens.
Samwell Tarly: Why? What does he want?
Bran Stark: An endless night. He wants to erase this world, and I am its memory.
Samwell Tarly: That's what death is, isn't it? Forgetting, being forgotten. If we forget where we've been and what we've done, we're not men anymore, just animals. [to Bran] Your memories don't come from books. Your stories aren't just stories. If I wanted to erase the world of Men, I'd start with you.
Tyrion Lannister: How will he find you?
Bran Stark: His mark is on me. [Bran shows the claw marks the Night King left on his arm] He always knows where I am.
Jon Snow: We'll put you in the crypt where it's safest.
Bran Stark: No. we need to lure him into the open before his army destroys us all. I'll wait for him in the godswood.
Sansa Stark: You want us to use you as bait?!
Arya Stark: We're not leaving you alone out there!
Theon Greyjoy: He won't be. I'll stay with him, with the Ironborn. [to Bran] I took this castle from you once. Let me defend you now.
Davos Seaworth: We'll hold off the rest of them, for as long as we can.
Tyrion Lannister: When the time comes, Ser Davos and I will be on the walls to give you the signal to light the trench.
Daenerys Targaryen: Ser Davos is perfectly capable of waving a torch on his own. You'll be in the crypt.
Tyrion Lannister: Your Grace, I have fought before, I can do it again, alongside the men and women risking their lives-!
Daenerys Targaryen: There are thousands of them and only one of you. You can't fight as well as them, but you can think better than any of them. You're here because of your mind; if we survive, I'll need it.
Davos Seaworth: The dragons should give us an edge in the field-
Jon Snow: If they're in the field, they're not protecting Bran. We need to be near him; not too near or the Night King won't come, but close enough to pursue him when he does.
Arya Stark: Dragon fire will stop him?
Bran Stark: I don't know. No one's ever tried.

Arya Stark: Is that for me?
[Gendry nods and hands her the spear. She looks it over, spinning it around experimentally.]
Arya Stark: This'll work.
Gendry: Last time you saw me, you wanted me to go to Winterfell. [grins shyly] Took a long road, but-
Arya Stark: What did the Red Woman want with you?
Gendry: She wanted my blood. For some kind of spell.
Arya Stark: Why your blood?
Gendry: I'm Robert Baratheon's bastard. [Arya stops, surprised] I didn't know until she told me. Then she tied me up, stripped me down, and put leeches all over me.
Arya Stark: Was that your first time?
Gendry: [sarcastically] Yes, that was the first time I had leeches put all over my-
Arya Stark: I mean, your first time with a woman.
Gendry: What? I wasn't with her.
Arya Stark: [taking off her gloves] Were you with other girls, before that, at King's Landing? Or after? [Gendry sputters] You don't remember?
Gendry: [sighs] Yes. I was.
Arya Stark: One? Two? Twenty?
Gendry: I didn't keep count!
Arya Stark: [smirks] Yes you did.
Gendry: Three.
[Arya draws near to Gendry.]
Arya Stark: We're probably going to die soon. I want to know what it's like before that happens.
[They stare at each other.]
Gendry: Arya, I-
[Arya cuts him off by kissing him, which he returns. She pushes him down on the bed and starts to undress. Gendry looks startled by the scars on her hip.]
Arya Stark: [noticing his gaze] I'm not the Red Woman. Take your own bloody pants off.
[They make love.]

Tyrion Lannister: It's strange, isn't it? Almost everyone here has fought the Starks, at one time or another... and here we are in their castle, ready to defend it. Together.
Brienne of Tarth: At least we'll die with honor.
Tyrion Lannister: I think we might live. [everyone snickers, including him] I, I do! How many battles have we survived, between us? Ser Davos Seaworth, survivor of both the Blackwater and the Battle of the Bastards.
Davos Seaworth: All without a shred of combat ability.
Tyrion Lannister: Ser Jaime Lannister, fabled hero of the Siege of Pyke-
Jaime Lannister: Fabled loser of the Battle of Whispering Wood.
Tyrion Lannister: Hear, hear! Ser Brienne of Tarth, defeated the Hound. Pardon me, Lady Brienne.
Tormund Giantsbane: She's not a "Ser?" You're not a knight?
Brienne of Tarth: Women can't be knights.
Tormund Giantsbane: Why not?
Brienne of Tarth: Tradition.
Tormund Giantsbane: Fuck tradition.
Brienne of Tarth: I don't even want to be a knight.
Tormund Giantsbane: I'm no King. But, if I were... I'd knight you, ten times over.
Jaime Lannister: You don't need a King. Any knight can make another knight. [sets down his cup, walks around their chairs and draws his sword] I'll prove it. Kneel, Lady Brienne. [Brienne stares at him, then scoffs] Do you want to be a knight, or not? Kneel.
[Brienne looks first at Podrick, then at Jaime, who both nod to her; she comes over and kneels. Davos, Tormund, Tyrion and Podrick all turn around to watch]
Jaime Lannister: [resting his sword on each of her shoulders, in turn] In the name of the Warrior, I charge you to be brave. In the name of the Father, I charge you to be just. In the name of the Mother, I charge you to defend the innocent. [lowers his sword] Arise, Brienne of Tarth... a knight of the Seven Kingdoms.
[As Brienne stands, smiling, Tormund begins applauding, followed by the others]
Tyrion Lannister: [raising his cup] Ser Brienne of Tarth! Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!

The Long Night [8.03][edit]

Arya Stark: Get down to the crypt.
Sansa Stark: I'm not abandoning my-
Arya Stark: [hands her a dragonglass dagger] Take this and go.
Sansa Stark: I don't know how to use it.
Arya Stark: Stick 'em with the pointy end.

Varys: At least we're already in a crypt.
Tyrion Lannister: If we were up there, we might see something everyone else is missing. Something that makes a difference. [Varys scoffs] What? Remember the Battle of the Blackwater? I brought us through the Mud-Gate.
Varys: And got your face cut in half-
Tyrion Lannister: And it made a difference. If I was out there, right now-
Sansa Stark: You'd die. [Tyrion turns toward her] There's nothing you can do.
Tyrion Lannister: You might be surprised at the lengths I'd go to avoid joining the Army of the Dead. I can think of no organization less suited to my talents.
Sansa Stark: Witty remarks won't make a difference. That's why we're down here; none of us can do anything. It's the truth. It's the most heroic thing we can do, now: look the truth in the face.
Tyrion Lannister: ...Maybe we should've stayed married.
Sansa Stark: [smiles] You were the best of them.
Tyrion Lannister: What a ...terrifying thought!
Sansa Stark: [smiles briefly] It wouldn't work between us.
Tyrion Lannister: Why not?
Sansa Stark: The Dragon Queen. Your divided loyalties would become a problem.
Missandei: [sarcastically] Yes, without the Dragon Queen there'd be no problem at all. We'd all be dead already.

Theon Greyjoy: They lit the trench. Bran? I just want you to know... I wish, the things I did-
Brandon Stark: Everything you did brought you where you are now. Where you belong. Home.

Beric Dondarrion: CLEGANE! Clegane, we need you! Don't give up on us-
Sandor Clegane: [utterly shellshocked] FUCK OFF! We can't beat them! Don't you see that, you stupid whore?! We're fighting death! I can't beat death.
Beric Dondarrion: Tell her that. [he points to Arya, who is single-handedly drawing off and destroying many wights]
[Clegane gets up and rushes to Arya's aid]

[As Beric Dondarrion lays dying next to Arya]
Melisandre: The Lord brought him back for a purpose. Now that purpose has been served.
Arya Stark: I know you.
Melisandre: And I know you.
Arya Stark: You said we'd meet again.
Melisandre: And here we are, at the end of the world.
Arya Stark: You said I'd shut many eyes forever. You were right about that too.
Melisandre: Brown eyes, green eyes, [Arya nods] and blue eyes. [Arya looks up at her in realization]
[The noise of the swarm of wights outside intensifies]
Melisandre: What do we say to the God of Death?
Arya Stark: ...Not today. [Exchanges a look with Melisandre, then leaves]

The Last of the Starks [8.04][edit]

Jon Snow: We're here to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters. To our fathers and mothers. To our friends. Our fellow men and women, who set aside their differences, to fight together... and die together, so that others might live. Everyone in this world, owes them a debt that can never be repaid. It is our duty and our honor, to keep them alive in memory, for those who come after us, and those who come after them... for as long as men draw breath. They were the shields that guarded the realms of men. And we shall never see their like again.

Tormund Giantsbane: Which one of you cowards shit in my pants!

Daenerys Targaryen: Are you drunk?
Jon Snow: No. [stumbles] Well, only a little. I didn't know Ser Jorah well, but I know this: if he could've chosen a way to die, it would've been protecting you.
Daenerys Targaryen: He loved me. And I couldn't love him back. Not the way he wanted. Not the way I love you. Is that all right? [they start to kiss, but Jon suddenly stops and steps away] I wish you'd never told me. If I didn't know, I'd be happy right now. I try to forget. Tonight I did for a while, and then I saw them all gathered around you. I saw the way they looked at you. I know that look. So many people have looked at me that way, but never here. Never on this side of the sea.
Jon Snow: I told you, I don't want it.
Daenerys Targaryen: It doesn't matter what you want! You didn't want to be King in the North! What happens when they demand that you press your claim, and take what is mine?
Jon Snow: [crouches in front of her] I'll refuse. You are my Queen, I don't know what else I can say.
Daenerys Targaryen: You can say nothing. To anyone, ever. Never tell them who you are. Swear your brother and Samwell Tarly to secrecy, and tell no one else. Or it will take a life of its own, and you won't be able to control it, or what it does to people! No matter how many times you bend the knee, no matter what you swear! [takes his hand] I want it to be the way it was between us.
Jon Snow: [squeezes her hand] I have to tell Sansa and Arya.
Daenerys Targaryen: Sansa will want to see me gone and you on the Iron Throne.
Jon Snow: She won't.
Daenerys Targaryen: She's not the girl you grew up with. Not after what she's seen, not after what they've done to her.
Jon Snow: I owe them the truth.
Daenerys Targaryen: Even if the truth destroys us?
Jon Snow: It won't.
Daenerys Targaryen: It will. I've never begged for anything... but I'm begging you. [tearfully] Don't do this. Please.
Jon Snow: You are my Queen. Nothing will change that. And they are my family. We can live together.
Daenerys Targaryen: [coldly] We can. I've just told you how.

Grey Worm: [on the Unsullied] Half are gone.
Jon Snow: The Northmen as well.
Varys: And the Golden Company has arrived in King's Landing, courtesy of the Greyjoy Fleet. The balance has become... distressingly even.
Missandei: When the people find out what we have done for them, how we saved them-
Daenerys Targaryen: Cersei will make sure they don't believe it. We will hit her hard. We will rip her out, root and stem.
Tyrion Lannister: The objective here is to remove Cersei, without destroying King's Landing.
Varys: Thankfully, she's losing allies by the day. Yara Greyjoy has retaken the Iron Islands in her Queen's name. The new Prince of Dorne pledges his support.
Daenerys Targaryen: No matter how many Lords turn against her, as long as she sits on the Iron Throne, she can call herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. We need the capital.
Tyrion Lannister: I watched the people of King's Landing rebel against their King when they were hungry, and that was before winter began. Give them the opportunity, and they will cast Cersei aside.
Jon Snow: We'll surround the city. If the Iron Fleet tries to ferry in more food, the dragons will destroy them. If the Lannisters and the Golden Company attack, we'll defeat them in the field.
Tyrion Lannister: Once the people see that Cersei is our only enemy, her reign is over.
Daenerys Targaryen: All right.
Sansa Stark: The men we have left are exhausted. Many of them are wounded. They'll fight better if they have time to rest and recuperate.
Daenerys Targaryen: How long do you suggest?
Sansa Stark: I can't say for certain, not without talking to the officers.
Daenerys Targaryen: I came north to fight alongside you, at great cost to my armies and myself. Now that the time has come to reciprocate, you want to postpone.
Sansa Stark: It's not just our people, it's yours! You want to throw them into a war they're not ready to fight?
Daenerys Targaryen: The longer I leave my enemies alone, the stronger they become.
Jon Snow: [firmly] The Northern forces will honor their promises, and their allegiance to the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. What you command, we will obey.
Tyrion Lannister: So. If all are in agreement... Jon and Ser Davos will ride down the Kingsroad with the Northern troops and the bulk of the remaining Dothraki and Unsullied. A smaller group of us will ride to White Harbor, and sail from there to Dragonstone, with our Queen and her dragons accompanying us from above. Ser Jaime has chosen to remain here, as a quest of the Lady of Winterfell.
Daenerys Targaryen: [locking eyes with Sansa] We have won the Great War. Now, we will win the last war. In all Seven Kingdoms, men will live without fear and cruelty... under their rightful Queen.

[As the Hound is leaving Winterfell, he notices Arya riding up to join him]
Sandor Clegane: For fuck's sake.
Arya Stark: On your own?
Sandor Clegane: Not anymore. I don't like crowds.
Arya Stark: Me, neither.
Sandor Clegane: Why not? They all love you now, you're the big hero.
Arya Stark: I don't like heroes.
Sandor Clegane: Must've felt good, sticking your knife in that horned fucker.
Arya Stark: [shrugs] Felt better than dying. [pause] You heading to King's Landing?
Sandor Clegane: I have some unfinished business.
Arya Stark: Me, too. [they glance at each other]
Sandor Clegane: I don't plan on coming back.
Arya Stark: Neither do I.
Sandor Clegane: Gonna leave me to die again, if I get hurt?
Arya Stark: Probably. [Sandor chuckles]

Tyrion Lannister: Think of the past twenty years. The war, the murder, the misery...all of it because Robert Baratheon loved someone who didn't love him back.
Varys: How many others know?
Tyrion Lannister: Including us? Eight.
Varys: Then it's not a secret anymore. It's information. If a handful of people know now, hundreds will soon, and then what happens?
Tyrion Lannister: She loses the North. She loses the Vale, Sansa will make sure of that.
Varys: [nods] It's worse than that. He has the better claim to the throne.
Tyrion Lannister: He doesn't want the throne.
Varys: I'm not sure it matters what he wants The fact is people are drawn to him; wildlings, northmen. He's a war hero.
Tyrion Lannister: He loves our queen...and she loves him. If we marry them, they could rule together-
Varys: She's his aunt.
Tyrion Lannister: That never stopped a Targaryen before.
Varys: No, but Jon grew up in Winterfell. Is marrying your aunt common in the north? You know our queen better than I do. Do you think she wants to share the throne? She doesn't like to have her authority questioned-
Tyrion Lannister: Something she has in common with every monarch who ever lived.
Varys: I worry about her state of mind.
Tyrion Lannister: We're advisors to the queen. Worrying about her state of mind is our job. We still have to take King's Landing. Maybe Cersei will win and kills us all. That would solve all our problems.

Varys: I have served tyrants most of my life. They all talk about destiny.
Tyrion Lannister: She's a girl who walked into a fire with three stones and walked out with three dragons. How could she not believe in destiny?
Varys: Perhaps that's the problem. Her life has convinced her that she was sent here to save us all.
Tyrion Lannister: And how do you know she wasn't?
Varys: [shrugs] Then, there's the problem of Jon Snow. Perhaps, it's actually a solution. You know them both. Tell me, who do you think would make a better ruler?
Tyrion Lannister: He doesn't want the throne. That's why he bent the knee.
Varys: Have you considered the best ruler might be someone who doesn't want to rule?
Tyrion Lannister: We're discussing treason.
Varys: Don't pretend you haven't thought about it.
Tyrion Lannister: Of course I've thought about it; thoughts aren't treason!
Varys: He's temperate, and measured. He's a man. [Tyrion winces] Which makes him more appealing to the Lords of Westeros, whose support we are going to need.
Tyrion Lannister: Joffrey was a man. I don't think a cock is a true qualification, as I'm sure you'd agree.
Varys: And, he's the heir to the throne. Yes, because he's a man; cocks are important, I'm afraid.
Tyrion Lannister: What about my earlier proposal? They could rule together as King and Queen.
Varys: She's too strong for him. She'd bend him to her will, as she already has.
Tyrion Lannister: He could temper her worst impulses.
Varys: As you have? [pause] You're drinking quite a lot. A Targaryen father and a Stark mother. Jon's the one man alive who might actually be able to keep the North in the Seven Kingdoms.
Tyrion Lannister: How many Kings and Queens have you served? Five? Six? I've lost count.
Varys: You've always known my reasons.
Tyrion Lannister: At a certain point, you choose a person you believe in, and you fight for that person.
Varys: Even if you know it's a mistake?
Tyrion Lannister: I believe in our Queen. She'll make the right choice. With the help of her loyal advisors.
Varys:You know where my loyalty stands. You know I will never betray the Realm.
Tyrion Lannister: What is the "Realm?!" A vast continent, home to millions of people, most of whom don't care who sits on the Iron Throne!
Varys: Millions of people, many of whom will die if the wrong person sits on that throne! We don't know their names, but they're just as real as you and I. They deserve to live. They deserve food for their children. [pause] I will act in their interest, no matter the personal cost.
Tyrion Lannister: So what happens to her? [Varys stares at him grimly, Tyrion shakes his head] Please. Don't.
Varys: I've spoken as honestly as I can. Each of us has a choice to make. I pray we choose wisely.

The Bells [8.05][edit]

Varys: The Northern Armies?
Jon Snow: Just crossed the Trident. They'll be at the gates of King's Landing in two days. [pause] How is she?
Varys: She hasn't seen anyone since we returned. Hasn't left her chambers, hasn't accepted any food.
Jon Snow: She shouldn't be alone.
Varys: You're worried for her. I admire your empathy.
Jon Snow: Aren't you worried for her?
Varys: I'm worried for all of us. They say "every time a Targaryen is born, the Gods flip a coin, and the world holds its' breath."
Jon Snow: We're not much for riddles, where I'm from.
Varys: We both know what she's about to do.
Jon Snow: That's her decision to make. She is our Queen.
Varys: Men decide where power resides, whether or not they know it.
Jon Snow: What do you want?
Varys: All I've ever wanted. The right ruler on the Iron Throne. I still don't know how her coin has landed... but, I'm quite certain about yours.
Jon Snow: I don't want it. I never have.
Varys: I have known more Kings and Queens than any man living. I've heard what they say to crowds, and seen what they do in shadows. I have furthered their designs, however horrible. But what I tell you now, is true: you will rule wisely and well, while she-
Jon Snow: She... is my Queen.

Tyrion Lannister: The people who live there, they're not your enemies. They're innocents, like the ones you liberated in Meereen!
Daenerys Targaryen: In Meereen, the slaves turned on the Masters and liberated the city themselves the moment I arrived.
Tyrion Lannister: They're afraid! Anyone who resists Cersei will see his family butchered! You can't expect them to be heroes. They're hostages.
Daenerys Targaryen: They are. In a tyrant's grip. Whose fault is that? Mine?
Tyrion Lannister: What does it matter whose fault it is?! Thousands of children will die if the city burns!
Daenerys Targaryen: Your sister knows how to use her enemies' weaknesses against them. That's what she thinks our mercy is. Weakness.
Tyrion Lannister: I beg you, my Queen.
Daenerys Targaryen: But she's wrong. Mercy is our strength. Our mercy towards future generations, who will never again be held hostage by a tyrant. [to Grey Worm] Ready the Unsullied. Tonight you sail for King's Landing to join the Northern armies.
Tyrion Lannister: Cersei's followers will abandon her, if they know the war is lost. Give them that chance. If the city surrenders, they will ring the bells and raise the gates. Please, if you hear them ringing the bells, call off the attack.
[after a pause, Dany nods to Grey Worm]
Daenerys Targaryen: Wait for me outside the city. You'll know when it's time.
[Grey Worm nods and leaves. After a pause, Tyrion bows and starts to leave]
Daenerys Targaryen: Your brother was stopped, trying to get through our lines. [Tyrion turns around] It seems he hasn't abandoned your sister, after all. The next time you fail me... will be the last time you fail me.

Tyrion Lannister: How did they find you? [Jaime raises his gilded hand] Did you consider taking it off?
Jaime Lannister: Cersei once called me "the stupidest Lannister".
Tyrion Lannister: And you're going back with her, to die with her.
Jaime Lannister: You've underestimated her before.
Tyrion Lannister: She's going to die. Unless you can convince her to change her course of action.
Jaime Lannister: Difficult to do from here. [Tyrion holds up a key, Jaime exhales sharply] When have I ever been able to convince Cersei of anything?
Tyrion Lannister: Try. If not for yourself, if not for her... then for every one of the million people in that city, innocent or otherwise.
Jaime Lannister: To be honest, I never really much cared for them. Innocent or otherwise.
Tyrion Lannister: You do care for one innocent. I know you do. And so does Cersei. She has a reason now.
Jaime Lannister: [shakes his head] The child is the reason she'll never give an inch. All the worst things she's ever done, she's done for her children. It's not impossible that she'll win.
Tyrion Lannister: She won't.
Jaime Lannister: Her enemies' forces have been depleted, as she said they would be. Two of the three dragons are dead. [shrugs] She's evened the odds.
Tyrion Lannister: The city will fall tomorrow.
Jaime Lannister: She has the Lannister army, she has the Golden Company.
Tyrion Lannister: I defended this city last time it was attacked, I know it better than anyone! It will fall tomorrow!
Jaime Lannister: Then I suppose I'll die tomorrow, if not before.
Tyrion Lannister: Why? [sits down in front of Jaime] Escape. The two of you, together. Remember where we met, where they keep the dragon skulls, beneath the Red Keep? [Jaime nods] Take her down there. Keep following the staircases down, down as far as they'll go. You'll come out onto a beach, at the foot of the Keep. A dinghy will be waiting for you. Sail out of the bay. If the winds are kind, you'll make it to Pentos. Start a new life.
Jaime Lannister: Sail right past the Iron Fleet and into a new life? Sounds a lot less likely than Cersei winning this war.
Tyrion Lannister: There won't be an Iron Fleet for much longer! Do it! If you don't, you'll never see Cersei again. [pause] Swear to me.
Jaime Lannister: You have my word.
[Tyrion begins unlocking Jaime's chains]
Tyrion Lannister: If it works, give the order to ring all the bells in King's Landing and open the gates. That will be our signal that the city has surrendered.
Jaime Lannister: I'll try.
[He pulls his collar off]
Tyrion Lannister: I never thought I'd get to repay the favor. Remember, ring the bells and open the gates.
Jaime Lannister: Your Queen will execute you for this.
Tyrion Lannister: If Daenerys can make it to the throne without wading through a river of blood, maybe she'll show mercy to the person who made that possible. [Jaime looks at him skeptically] Tens of thousands of innocent lives... one not particularly innocent dwarf. It seems like a fair trade. [pause] If it weren't for you, I never would've survived my childhood.
Jaime Lannister: You would have.
Tyrion Lannister: [shakes his head] You were the only one... who didn't treat me like a monster. [tearfully] You were all I had.
[The brothers embrace]

[Dany's forces storm King's Landing, as Drogon strafes the city walls]
Qyburn: Your Grace?
Cersei: All we need is one good shot.
Qyburn: All the scorpions have been destroyed, Your Grace.
Cersei Lannister: The Iron Fleet hold Blackwater Bay. Euron killed one of her dragons, he can kill another.
Qyburn: Your Grace, the Iron Fleet is... burning. The gates have been breached! The Golden Company...
Cersei Lannister: Our men will fight harder than sellswords ever could! They will defend their Queen to the last man.
Qyburn: Yes, Your Grace.
Cersei Lannister: The Red Keep has never fallen. It won't fall today.

Euron Greyjoy: Kingslayer!
Jaime Lannister: I need to get the Queen out of King's Landing.
Euron Greyjoy: Listen! That's the sound of a city dying. It's over.
Jaime Lannister: Well, maybe for you.
[Jaime turns to leave, but stops as he hears Euron drawing his blade]
Euron Greyjoy: If you kill another King before you die, they'll sing about you forever.
Jaime Lannister: You're no King.
Euron Greyjoy: Oh, but I am. And I fucked the Queen. If I win, I'll bring your head to Cersei so you can kiss her, one last time.

[Arya and the Hound advance through the collapsing Red Keep]
Sandor Clegane: [watching Drogon fly overhead] Go home, girl. The fire will get her, or one of the Dothraki. Or maybe that dragon will eat her. It doesn't matter; she's dead. And you'll be dead too, if you don't get out of here.
Arya Stark: I'm going to kill her. [she tries to pass, but the Hound grabs her arm]
Sandor Clegane: You think you've wanted revenge for a long time? I've been after it all my life. [Arya wrenches her arm free] It's all I care about, and look at me. LOOK AT ME! [pause] You wanna be like me? [tousles her hair] You come with me, you die here. [he walks past]
Arya Stark: Sandor. [he turns back] Thank you.

[After knocking off Gregor's helmet, revealing his grotesque face]
Sandor Clegane: Yeah... that's you. That's what you've always been.

The Iron Throne [8.06][edit]

[Daenerys addresses her army before the ruins of the Red Keep]
Daenerys Targaryen: [in Dothraki] Blood of my blood! You kept all your promises to me. You killed my enemies in their iron suits. You tore down their stone houses. You gave me the Seven Kingdoms! [the Dothraki cheer and Drogon roars. Daenerys turns to Grey Worm, addressing him in High Valyrian] You have walked beside me since the Plaza of Pride. You are the bravest of men, the most loyal of soldiers. I name you commander of all my forces, the Queen's Master of War! [the Unsullied stamp their spears in approval, while Grey Worm nods in gratitude] Unsullied. All of you were torn from your mothers' arms and made into slaves. are liberators! You have freed the people of King's Landing from the grip of a tyrant! But the war is not over. We will not lay down our spears until we have liberated all the people of the world! From Winterfell to Dorne, from Lannisport to Qarth, from the Summer Isles to the Jade Sea! Men, women and children have suffered too long beneath the wheel. Will you break the wheel with me?! [her armies cheer in affirmation. As she watches, Tyrion steps forward to stand beside her. She doesn't look at him] You freed your brother. You committed treason.
Tyrion Lannister: [disgusted] I freed my brother. And you slaughtered a city. [Tyrion tears off his Hand of the Queen brooch and throws it away]

[Jon Snow comes to see Tyrion after Daenerys has him arrested for treason]
Tyrion Lannister: Did you bring any wine?
Jon Snow: No.
Tyrion Lannister: Well, thank you for coming to see me. Our Queen doesn't keep prisoners for long. I suppose there's a crude kind of justice: I betrayed my closest friend and watched him burn. Now Varys's ashes can tell my ashes "See? I told you so". It just occurred to me, I'm talking to the only man alive who knows where I'm going. So is there life after death?
Jon Snow: Not that I've seen.
Tyrion Lannister: I should be thankful. Oblivion is the best I can hope for. I strangled my lover. I shot my own father with a crossbow. I betrayed my Queen.
Jon Snow: You didn't-
Tyrion Lannister: I did...and I'd do it again, now that I've seen what I've seen. I chose my fate. The people of King's Landing didn't.
Jon Snow: I can't justify what happened. I won't try...but the war is over now.
Tyrion Lannister: Is it? When you heard her talking to her soldiers, did she sound like someone who's done fighting? She liberated the people of Slaver's Bay, she liberated the people of King's Landing and she'll go on liberating until the people of the world are free...and she rules them all!
Jon Snow: And you've been by her side, counselling her, until today!
Tyrion Lannister: Until today. Varys was right. I was wrong. It was vanity to think I could guide her. Our Queen's nature is fire and blood.
Jon Snow: You think our House words are stamped on our bodies when we're born and that's who we are?! Then I'd be fire and blood too! She's not her father, no more than you're Tywin Lannister!
Tyrion Lannister: My father was an evil man. My sister was an evil woman. Pile up all the bodies of all the people they ever killed; there still won't be as many as our beautiful Queen slaughtered in a single day!
Jon Snow: Cersei left her no choice-
Tyrion Lannister: The moment the gates fell, the battle was over!
Jon Snow: She saw her friend beheaded! She saw her dragon shot out of the sky!
Tyrion Lannister: And she burned down an entire city for it!
Jon Snow: Aye, it's easy to judge when you're standing far from the battlefield!
Tyrion Lannister: Would you have done it?
Jon Snow: What?
Tyrion Lannister: You've been up there, on a dragon's back. You've had that kind of power. Would you have burned the city down?
Jon Snow: I don't know.
Tyrion Lannister: Oh, yes you do! You won't say because you don't want to betray her, but you know.
Jon Snow: What does it matter what I'd do?
Tyrion Lannister: It matters more than anything. When she murdered the slavers of Astapor, I'm sure no one but the slavers complained. After all, they were evil men. When she crucified hundreds of Meereenese nobles, who could argue? They were evil men. The Dothraki khals she burned alive? They would have done worse to her. Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it. And she grows more powerful and more sure that she is good and right. She believes her destiny is to build a better world, for everyone. If you believed that, truly believed it, wouldn't you kill everyone who stood between you and paradise? [unable to answer, Jon sinks into a nearby chair] I know you love her. I love her too, though not as successfully as you. But I believed in her, with all my heart. Love is more powerful than reason, we all know that. Look at my brother.
Jon Snow: "Love is the death of duty."
Tyrion Lannister: You just came up with that?
Jon Snow: Maester Aemon said it, a long time ago.
Tyrion Lannister: Sometimes, duty is the death of love. You are the shield that guards the realms of men, and you've always tried to do the right thing, no matter the cost. You've tried to protect people. Who is the greatest threat to the people now? It's a terrible thing I'm asking. It's also the right thing. Do you think I'm the last man she'll execute? Who's more dangerous than the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?
Jon Snow: That's her decision. She is the Queen. I'm sorry it came to this. [Jon moves to leave]
Tyrion Lannister: And your sisters? Do you see them bending the knee?
Jon Snow: My sisters will be loyal to the throne.
Tyrion Lannister: Why do you think Sansa told me the truth about you?! Because she doesn't want Dany to be Queen-!
Jon Snow: She doesn't get to choose!
Tyrion Lannister: No! But you do. And you have to choose now.

[Daenerys inspects the Iron Throne as Jon enters the throne room behind her]
Daenerys Targaryen: When I was a girl, my brother told me it was made from a thousand swords from Aegon's fallen enemies. What do a thousand swords look like in the mind of a little girl who can't count to twenty? I imagined a mountain of swords too high to climb. So many fallen enemies you could only see the soles of Aegon's feet!
Jon Snow: I saw them executing Lannister prisoners in the street! They said they were acting on your orders.
Daenerys Targaryen: It was necessary.
Jon Snow: Necessary?! Have you been down there?! Have you seen?! Children, little children burned!
Daenerys Targaryen: I tried to make peace with Cersei. She used their innocence as a weapon against me. She thought it would cripple me.
Jon Snow: And Tyrion?
Daenerys Targaryen: He conspired behind my back with my enemies. How have you treated people who did the same to you, even when it broke your heart?
Jon Snow: [close to tears] Forgive him.
Daenerys Targaryen: I can't.
Jon Snow: You can. You can forgive all of them, make them see they made a mistake. Make them understand. Please, Dany.
Daenerys Targaryen: We can't hide behind small mercies. The world we need won't be built by men loyal to the one we have.
Jon Snow: The world we need is a world of mercy, it has to be!
Daenerys Targaryen: And it will be! It's not easy to see something that's never been before...a good world.
Jon Snow: How do you know? How do you know it will be good?
Daenerys Targaryen: Because I know what is good. And so do you.
Jon Snow: I don't!
Daenerys Targaryen: You do! You do, you've always known!
Jon Snow: What about everyone else? All the other people who think they know what's good?
Daenerys Targaryen: They don't get to choose. Be with me. Build the new world with me! This is our reason! It has been from the beginning, since you were a little boy with a bastard's name and I was a little girl who couldn't count to twenty! We do it together! We break the wheel...together.
Jon Snow: You are my Queen. Now and always.
[They kiss, then Jon stabs Daenerys]

Tyrion Lannister: What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories. There's nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story than Bran the Broken? The boy who fell from a high tower and lived. He knew he'd never walk again, so he learned to fly. He crossed beyond the Wall, a crippled boy, and became the Three-Eyed Raven. He is our memory, the keeper of all our stories. The wars, weddings, births, massacres, famines. Our triumphs, our defeats, our past. Who better to lead us into the future?
Sansa Stark: Bran has no interest in ruling and he can't father children.
Tyrion Lannister: Good. Sons of kings can be cruel and stupid, as you well know. His will never torment us. [Looks to Grey Worm] That is the wheel our queen wanted to break. From now on, rulers will not be born. They will be chosen on this spot by the lords and ladies of Westeros to serve the realm.
[Looks to Bran again]
Tyrion Lannister: I know you don't want it. I know you don't care about power. But I ask you now. If we choose you, will you wear the crown? Will you lead the Seven Kingdoms to the best of your abilities from this day until your last day?
Bran Stark: Why do you think I came all this way?
Tyrion Lannister: To Brandon of House Stark...I say aye.

Tyrion Lannister: [sees a large book placed in front of him] What's this?
Samwell Tarly: A Song of Ice and Fire. Archmaester Ebrose's history of the wars following the death of King Robert. I helped him with the title.
Tyrion Lannister: [flips through pages] I suppose I come in for some heavy criticism.
Samwell Tarly: Oh, I wouldn't say that.
Tyrion Lannister: Oh, he's kind to me. Never would've guessed. [Sam doesn't reply] He's not kind?
Samwell Tarly: He...
Tyrion Lannister: He what? What does he say about me?
Samwell Tarly: ...I don't believe you're mentioned, ahem.
[Tyrion closes the book dumbfounded as Ser Brienne enters with King Bran in tow]
Tyrion Lannister: Your Grace.
Samwell Tarly: Your Grace.
Bronn: Your Grace.
Davos Seaworth: Your Grace.
Bran Stark: We appear to be missing a Master of Whisperers. And a Master of Laws. And a Master of War.
Tyrion Lannister: Yes, Your Grace. Suitable prospects will be brought to you for an audience in the coming weeks.
Bran Stark: [Nods] And Drogon? Any word?
Samwell Tarly: He was last spotted flying east, toward⁠—
Bronn: The farther away, the better.
Bran Stark: Perhaps I can find him. Do carry on with the rest.
Tyrion Lannister: As you wish, Your Grace.
Brienne of Tarth: Ser Podrick.
[Podrick Payne, now a member of the Kingsguard, enters as members of the Small Council all rise]
Tyrion Lannister: [clears throat] We serve at your pleasure, King Bran the Broken, ruler of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Long may he reign.
Samwell Tarly: Long may he reign.
Davos Seaworth: Long may he reign.
Brienne of Tarth: Long may he reign.
Bronn: Long may he reign.
Tyrion Lannister: That will improve.
Bran Stark: [As he is wheeled out by Podrick] I'm sure it will.
Tyrion Lannister: Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Reach and Master of Coin, would you say the crown's debt to you has been paid?
Bronn: In full, my lord Hand.
Tyrion Lannister: Good. Time to start incurring a new one. We have hungry people to feed. Can we expect some assistance in this regard?
Bronn: Indeed we can.
Tyrion Lannister: Lord Davos, we have an armada to rebuild and ports to repair.
Davos Seaworth: We have. These projects will begin as soon as the Master of Coin and Lord of Lofty Titles provides funding.
Bronn: The Master of Coin looks forward to helping the Master of Ships, but first he has to ensure we're not wasting coin, or soon there won't be no more coin.
Davos Seaworth: "Any more."
Bronn: You Master of Grammar now too?
Tyrion Lannister: Grandmaester, ahem, it is my theory, based on my years of work on the Casterly Rock sewers, that clean water leads to a healthier population.
Samwell Tarly: The Archmaester has done some research on this subject and it turns out—
Bronn: The strong live and the weak don't.
Tyrion Lannister: Find the best builders and set them to the task.
Bronn: Oh, speaking of builders, all the best brothels burned down. The Master of Coin is willing to fund reconstruction.
Samwell Tarly: Uh...the Archmaester is less than enthusiastic about the salutary effects of brothels.
Bronn: Well, I imagine he isn't using them properly.
Brienne of Tarth: I think we can all agree that ships take precedence over brothels.
Bronn: I think that's a very presumptuous statement.
Tyrion Lannister: I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel.

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