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One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was an age of gargoyles.
Stone by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan... the spell is broken. And we live again! We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!

Gargoyles (1994–1997) is a Disney animated television series about a clan of gargoyles from medieval Scotland who change from stone to flesh each nightfall, as they awaken from a thousand years long cursed sleep in present day New York City.

Opening credits

Goliath: One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan... the spell is broken. And we live again! We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!

Season 1


Awakening [1.01-1.05]


Part One

It is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.
Elisa Maza: What could put claw marks in solid stone?

Tom: I'm Tom. What's your name?
Olive-green gargoyle (Lexington): Except for Goliath, we don't have names.
Tom: How do you tell each other apart?
Olive-green gargoyle (Lexington): We look different.
Tom: But what do you call each other?
Red gargoyle (Brooklyn): "Friend".

Goliath: It is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.

Brooklyn: If they think we're beasts and monsters...
Lexington: Then perhaps we better live up to the name.

Goliath: [devastated] My angel of the night... [lets out a roar of anguish]

Part Two

Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into Hell.

(Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington come out of the rookery and see the destruction of Castle Wyvern. Goliath flies down to them)

Goliath: Were there anymore down in the rookery?
Broadway (sadly): None. Only us.

Goliath: I've been denied everything... EVEN MY REVENGE!

David Xanatos: Start hiring crews, I want to begin as soon as possible.
Owen Burnett: It may prove difficult to find the necessary manpower. This castle has a bad reputation. The locals consider it haunted.
David Xanatos: You know the answer to that, Owen. "Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into Hell."

Part Three

Must you humans name everything? Nothing's real to you 'til you've named it, given it limits.
Gargoyle elder (Hudson): What exactly does a "detective" do, lass?
Elisa Maza: Well, uh, when somebody does something wrong, I find out who and arrest them.
Goliath: Who says what's wrong?
Elisa Maza: Well, we have a justice system. Laws, penalties, assessments. But the people decide.
Goliath: You mean the humans decide.

Hudson: Must you humans name everything? Nothing's real to you 'til you've named it, given it limits.
Elisa Maza: It's not like that. It's just that, well... uh... things need names.
Hudson: Does the sky need a name? Does the river?
Elisa Maza: The river's called the Hudson.
Hudson: Fine, lass. Then I will be the Hudson as well.

Elisa Maza: A good detective trusts no one.
Goliath: That's one thing we have in common.

Part Four

We've dreamed for a thousand years, Goliath. It's time for our dreams to come true.
Brooklyn: We should choose names too. Names that suit our new lives here.
Goliath: Oh? And what might they be?
Brooklyn: Mmmm... Brooklyn... I'm Brooklyn.
Broadway: Broadway.
Lexington: Lexington. Do you like it?
Goliath: They're all fine names. I guess he'll need a one as well.
Brooklyn: Oh, ho. I've got one for him too. From now on, you're Bronx!

Demona: We've dreamed for a thousand years, Goliath. It's time for our dreams to come true.

Part Five

Listen, Goliath, we haven't known each other very long, and I know you don't have any good reason to trust humans... But you've got to trust somebody in this world. And I think you'd be better off with me than with Xanatos... You won't regret it.
Elisa Maza: Listen, Goliath, we haven't known each other very long, and I know you don't have any good reason to trust humans... But you've got to trust somebody in this world. And I think you'd be better off with me than with Xanatos... You won't regret it.

Demona: I have a name, too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am... Demona.

Broadway: I wish I had time for a snack.
Lexington: You just ate.
Broadway: I know, Chinese food. It was good, too. But for some reason, an hour later, I was hungry again.

Thrill of the Hunt [1.06]

Elisa Maza: I have to tell you, Mr. Burnett. I'm still surprised at being asked back seeing as how I busted your boss.
Owen Burnett: Mr. Xanatos is not the sort to harbor a grudge, Detective Maza. And he wouldn't dream of denying you the opportunity to see your friends.

Goliath: But welcome to our home, especially now that Xanatos has been defeated. And this castle is truly ours once more!
Elisa Maza: That's what I wanted to talk to you about. You know that Xanatos was only convicted of receiving stolen property.
Goliath: Convicted?
Elisa Maza: He was accused of that specific crime, and that's what he got sent to prison for. But he only got a six-month sentence, and we're lucky it wasn't suspended. His lawyers will probably get that time cut down. The point is, it's not safe here for you guys.
Goliath: What are you saying?
Elisa Maza: I'm saying you have to find a new place to sleep during the day, a new home, Goliath.
Goliath:No! this castle is our home.
Elisa Maza:Sorry but it's not. Xanatos bought it lock, stock and gargoyle. Do you understand what i'm saying?. Every minute you stay here you're in danger.

Goliath:You worry too much elisa. Xanatos has been defeated. We are safe here.

Elisa Maza: [to Goliath] Huh, I think your head stays rock hard even at night.

Wolf: When we took this job, we were promised fame, money and action. I'm not complaining about the first two, but I could use more of the third.

Wolf: Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. Wolves gotta hunt!

Wolf: Well another day, another half-million dollars.

Goliath: [angrily] You let them see you?!
Lexington: Yeah. Yes I did. And why not? You made friends with Elisa.
Goliath: That was different!

Lexington: We can't hide from the whole world up here. There are kindred spirits out there for us, but we've gotta look for them, and we've gotta give them a chance, or else we'll always be alone.

[As Lexington and Goliath are pursued by the Pack]
Goliath: I think they planned to do so from the moment they first met you.
Lexington: But why? We're not their enemies! They're no more than animals!
Goliath: Worse than that. An animal hunts because it's hungry. These hunters do it for sport.
Lexington: I'm never trusting anyone again!

Lexington: I was so totally wrong!
Goliath: No, Lexington. You were right. We can't hide from the world, we must live in it. We must search for allies, kindred spirits, and sometimes we must take chances, like we did tonight. To do so otherwise is to remain forever alone.
Lexington: It's nice to know there are still some heroes left.

Hudson: Maybe we shouldn't believe everything we see on television.

Owen Burnett: Everything was done as you stipulated, sir. The Cable TV was adjusted so that the only program the gargoyles could see was the Pack's. The Pack received a mysterious envelope of photographs, and reacted just as you predicted. A pity nothing else happened according to plan.
David Xanatos: Oh, I wouldn't say that, Owen. Though they didn't know it was me, I created the Pack to be far more than a TV show. I had to see how good they were. And having underestimated Goliath once before, I had to see what he was capable of as well. All-in-all, I'd say the test was most informative.

Temptation [1.07]

Broadway: Isn't it finished yet?
Brooklyn: Come on. You've ridden one before.
Lexington: You've ridden a horse before, could you build one from spare parts?

Brooklyn: Oh, not good. Not good.

Demona: Don't be afraid. I just want to talk.
Brooklyn: Uh-huh? Yeah, last time we met, you just wanted to blow me away with a bazooka.
Demona: That was then.
Brooklyn: And this is goodbye. [prepares to glide off]
Demona: Wait, please! I'm sorry, Brooklyn. I know I shouldn't have shot at you. I was crazy with grief and rage. If you only knew what I've gone through for hundreds of years, dealing with the humans...
Brooklyn: Hundreds of years? I thought you were under the sleep spell like we were.
Demona: It's a long story. Centuries long. I'd like to tell you about it. If you'll let me.
Brooklyn: I don't trust you, Demona.

Demona: You don't know the depths to which humanity can sink, my young friend. But I do. Over the centuries, I've seen hundreds of horrors that would blast your soul! Come let me show you what mankind is really like.

[Demona and Brooklyn witness a woman being mugged. Brooklyn goes to stop the thief]

Demona: What would you do? Capture him for human justice? He'd be out of jail in a day.

[They come to a house with a man and his wife arguing. Their son runs away in tears]

Demona: They can't even share their homes without fighting. What makes you think they will share this world with us.

[They witness a crime scene with a dead body in an ambulance]

Demona: They hold each other's lives completely without worth. And you think they will accept us with open arms?

Brooklyn: But not all humans are like that. Elisa is our friend.
Demona: Perhaps the policewoman is the exception that proves the rule. But can she keep you safe from the rest of humanity? Only we can protect each other, Brooklyn. We must be united and strong. And willing to deal with the humans as they would deal with us! Goliath thinks we can hide amidst the humans like mice and hope for their understanding. This is not possible.

Elisa Maza: [after Goliath turns to stone] That's one way of avoiding a conversation.

Goliath: Demona? So you did survive.
Demona: I always survive.

Demona: Goliath, destroy him! [Goliath doesn't move] I hold the book, you must obey me!
Brooklyn: [holding a torn-out page (from the Grimorum Arcanorum spellbook)] You hold the book, Demona, but I hold the spell! Goliath, take her!

Demona: [as she's fighting Goliath who's still under a spell] Even with no will of your own, you're a force to be reckoned with.

Brooklyn: Any species that has you as a member can't be all bad.
Elisa Maza: Thanks... I think.
Brooklyn: Goliath, I'm sorry--
Goliath: You apologized once already, Brooklyn. I could hear, even though I could not act.
Brooklyn: What Demona said sounded true at the time--
Goliath: Of course it did. It's a half-truth that she has thoroughly embraced. But it's not the whole truth.

Lexington: Hey! What happened to the motorcycle?
Brooklyn: Um... it... blew up.
Lexington: Oh... WHAT?!

Deadly Force [1.08]

Hudson: Movies, television, video games... These days, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.

Elisa Maza: Sooner or later you're gonna slip up, Tony, and when you do, I'll be there.
Tony Dracon: Hey, I told you... I'm not the guy. And if I was the guy, you couldn't do anything about it. In fact, if I were to tell one of my associates here to sell off some... merchandise to raise some operating capital, you couldn't do anything about that either. Face it, sugar... You got nothing.

Broadway: Sorry, my fault. I was playing with the gun. Stupid of me. Hope I didn't break anything... Elisa? [Finds Elisa lying on the floor bleeding from a gunshot wound] No!

Owen Burnett: [As the sun's about to rise] I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.
Goliath: [About to turn to stone] What is it? Speak quickly now!
Owen Burnett: Your friend, Elisa Maza, has been shot. They're not sure if she'll surive.
[Goliath gasps, the sun rises and he turns to stone]

Goliath: Keep fighting, Elisa. Don't give up. Come back to us. Know that I will finish what you started. I will find the man who did this to you, and I will make him pay!

Broadway: [taking a gun from a crook] What's this? A new kind of gun? A NEW WAY TO KILL PEOPLE?!

[after Goliath has destroyed a cache of Xanatos's weapons]

Owen Burnett: Mr. Xanatos isn't going to like this...
Goliath: I'll be happy to discuss the matter with him.

Enter Macbeth [1.09]

Goliath: We have lost our clan, our world, even our time! This castle is all we have left, and we will not abandon it.
Elisa Maza: Read my lips, you're not safe here!

Owen Burnett: Mr. MacBeth, Mr. Xanatos hired you to fumigate his castle, not destroy it.
Macbeth: Quite right. We'll continue this elsewhere.

Brooklyn: Who is this Macbeth, anyway?
Lexington: The name sounds familiar- Wait, I remember: Goliath was talking about a play called Macbeth, by some new writer, named Shakespeare.
Brooklyn: Ever read it?
Lexington: No.
Brooklyn: Maybe we should.

Brooklyn: [poking the cage, getting mild electric shocks] Ouch. Ouch.
Lexington: How many times are you going to try that?
Brooklyn: Until you find a way to get us out of this. [pokes cage again] Ouch. Ouch. Hey, you know, I'm getting tired of this.
Lexington: Did you just see how the lights dimmed when you did that?
Brooklyn: Oh, sorry, no, I was too busy writhing in agony to notice.

[Loud pounding and banging, sounds of a fight]
Lexington: Bronx must have found Goliath.
Brooklyn: Yeah.

Macbeth: It's not you I'm after. You're just a pawn. I want your queen.
Goliath: Queen? We have no queen!
Macbeth: No? What about... Demona?
Goliath: You know Demona?
Macbeth: Know her? [chuckles] I named her!

Hudson: Lad, they're right, you know. It's just a place of stone and wood. Home is more than that, Goliath. Home is the six of us, whenever we can be together and safe...that's our home. [Goliath roars in frustration much to everybody's horror before turning to the castle] Come, Goliath. Let's be going.
Goliath: Give me one minute. [then he flies off]

Goliath: I have a message for your master: we're leaving. But we'll be back. We'll be back to claim that which is ours.
Owen Burnett: I'll deliver your message.

Lexington: I'll...I'll bet I can get this place working.
Brooklyn: Why would you want to?
Hudson: It's not so bad, there's a place right there for a TV.
Elisa Maza: Ok, it's a fixer-upper. But with a few throw rugs and flowers, it could be home.
Goliath: Yes... and as long we're together, it's home.

The Edge [1.10]

David Xanatos: You've been practicing. This is the first time I've ever lost a match to you.
Owen Burnett: Would you rather I pretend to lose?
David Xanatos: I'd fire you if you did.

Elisa: [finds Goliath reading] What are you reading?
Goliath: Dostoevsky.
Elisa: Yeah? Who's it by?
[Goliath stares at her]
Elisa: Just kidding.

David Xanatos: Soon everyone in New York will be hunting gargoyles.
Goliath: Because of you!
David Xanatos: If you're going to be picky, we won't get anywhere.

Elisa Maza: What's going on here?
Travis Marshall: Looks like that urban myth about gargoyles just became urban reality.

[The Steel Clan has stopped their attack on the gargoyles]

Lexington: Hey we're still alive. How come?
Brooklyn: It's- It's like they're waiting for something.
Goliath: No doubt for us to lead them to our new sanctuary.
Broadway: But why? Why not just kill us?
Goliath: Because Xanatos doesn't want to destroy us. He wants to dominate us!

Goliath: Xanatos tried to force us to reveal our new home. We defeated him. And if we did it once, we can do it again!
Elisa Maza: And we will. Together.

David Xanatos: I have the Eye of Odin back in my private collection, and the city owes me a favor for donating it. I successfully tested this prototype battle exo-frame. And the most important thing...
Owen Burnett: Yes?
David Xanatos: I was a little worried that I might be getting soft. But I was able to stand up against Goliath, the greatest warrior alive. I'd say I've still got the edge...

Long Way To Morning [1.11]

Brooklyn: What's Demona's game this time?
Goliath: I don't know. But we're going to find out.
Elisa Maza: But I'm okay. You don't have to go! You know it's a trap!
Hudson: If he doesn't go now, Demona will know her plan failed. She'll come after you again.

Broadway: We've got to stop her.
Goliath: Yes. But how? We cannot lock her up here, and I will not discuss the alternative!


Demona: [Angrily] I don't know who the bigger fool is? Him for leading, you for following, or me for not leaving you both.
Goliath: It's hopeless, Hudson. Save yourself.
Hudson: Hear me, lad. We go together, or we don't go at all.

[Goliath is wounded as he and Hudson flee from Demona.]
Goliath: [Weakly] You can't... face her.
Hudson: I can face her. I just can't beat her.

Hudson: Give it up, girl. You can't win.
Demona: I'm smarter, stronger and I'm younger than you! Your pride will cost you your life!
Hudson: But I know something you don't. Something that only comes with age. I know how to wait.

[the sun rises and they turn to stone]

Demona: [as she's fighting Hudson] I would have ended this quickly! But now you'll suffer!


Hudson: It is time for me to step down, and for you to lead.
Goliath: It was your skills that led us to the Archmage. I cannot take command now!
Hudson: It's time, my friend. [Hudson puts his hand on Goliath's shoulder]
Goliath: Then I will. But only if you stay by my side. I will need your wisdom to guide me.

Goliath: Thank you for keeping me alive, Hudson. There's no one else I'd rather have at my side.
Hudson: [slight chuckle] I'd forgotten that for a time. [slight scoff] I thought my warrior days were over.
Goliath: Nonsense! There are years of fighting left for you.
Hudson: Aye, now there's something to look forward to.

[They both laugh and glide off]

Her Brother's Keeper [1.12]

[The Gargoyles try to fly a Helicopter]
Broadway: [As Lexington takes the controls] You sure you can fly this?
Lexington: Hey, it's just like that simulator game back at the tower.
Brooklyn: Famous last words.
[Pause, they all scream]
Lexington: Maybe not the same.

Broadway: Feel the air currents. Use them, just like you do when you use your wings.
Brooklyn: Yeah, use the Force, Lex!

David Xanatos: Never a gargoyle around when you need one.

Goliath: Tell him the truth.
Elisa Maza: The truth! The whole truth? Including the part about gargoyles living in New York? That's not my secret to tell!
Broadway: You shouldn't have to. He should trust you.
Brooklyn: Trust doesn't mean much without honesty.

Elisa Maza: You have to quit! He's using you!
Derek Maza: It's my life! Butt out!
Goliath: QUIET! Both of you! You don't know how lucky you are to have siblings to fight with! All of my rookery brothers are dead! And there is nothing - NOTHING more important than family.

Reawakening [1.13]

[Coldstone awakens, in the style of Frankenstein's monster.]
David Xanatos: IT'S ALIVE, ALIVE! [beat] I've always wanted to say that.

Coldstone: You said that destroying my brother is the only way to survive. Is that all there is for us, mere survival?
Demona: Isn't that enough?
Goliath: No. Gargoyles protect. It is our nature. Our purpose. To lose that is to be corrupt. Empty. Lifeless.

Hudson: A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air.

Goliath: I don't want to hurt you!
Coldstone: You already have!

Coldstone: What am I?
Demona: You are cold stone brought to life.
Coldstone: Coldstone?

Broadway: Boy, that Surround Sound sounds great!
Lexington: I don't remember any explosions in "Bambi."

Goliath: You told him these lies! I LIVED FOR MY CLAN!
Demona: And they died for you! Smashed to dust by the humans you trusted!

Demona: We have each created our own clans now, Goliath. You have yours. And I have mine.
Goliath: You have no clan. You don't know the meaning of the word!

Lexington: Goliath, you told Coldstone that gargoyles protect.
Hudson: Like we breathe boy, you know that.
Brooklyn: But... what do we protect?
Hudson: The Clock Tower!
Goliath: No. That is merely were we sleep. This island, Manhattan, this is our 'castle'. From this day forward, we protect all who live here, human and gargoyle alike.

Elisa Maza: [Watching a robber turn himself in] You know what, guys? The city feels safer already.

Season 2


Leader of the Pack [2.01]

[Fox reads a book by Sartre while Hyena shoots cockroaches with a catapult]
Hyena: Why do you read that stuff?
Fox: Because Nietzsche's too butch and Kafka reminds me of your little friends over there!

Hyena: I like a man who brings me weapons.

Goliath: What is it, Elisa?
Elisa Maza: Bad news, I'm afraid. The Pack's escaped from Ryker's Island.
Lexington: WHAT?
Brooklyn: Nice wake up call.

Coyote: You want to take out the gargoyles, and I know how to do it.
Wolf: So how do we find them? They're not in the Yellow Pages.
Coyote: We won't have to find them. They'll find us.

Brooklyn: How come whenever you and I take Bronx out, we end up like this?

David Xanatos: Revenge, as they say, is a sucker's game.

Dingo: Hey, back off, Wolf. You don't know who you're dealing with here, mate.
Jackal: Good point. When's the last time you ripped an iron gate off its hinges?
Wolf: I'll settle for tearing this jerk IN HALF!

[Wolf charges at Coyote. Coyote counter attacks and throws Wolf back]

Coyote: Want to see me use both hands?
Wolf: Coyote, huh? When I get through with you they're gonna call you "ROAD KILL!"

Jackal: [After Brooklyn attacks Hyena] That's no way to treat a lady!
Brooklyn: That was no lady.

Hudson: [As he's surrounded by 3 members of the Pack] Go on then. We're none of us getting any younger.

Brooklyn: Thanks for saving my bacon before it got fried.

Metamorphosis [2.02]


Elisa Maza: Look, just promise you'll call if there's trouble.
Derek Maza: There won't be, but okay. I promise.
Elisa Maza: Cross your heart...
Derek Maza: And hope to die.

[Derek Maza is struck with a dart by Sevarius, but manages to restrain him]
Derek Maza: Go ahead, try something! I'd love to do that again! [inspects the dart] Funny, I don't feel sleepy.
Anton Sevarius: [chuckles cruelly] Fool! That wasn't a tranquilizer dart. It was loaded with a mutagenic formula! The same formula I used on them!

David Xanatos: [Elisa's trying to enter Genu-Tech] How are you feeling?
Derek Maza: Pretty lousy.
David Xanatos: Just say the word, and I'll have her brought up here. Don't worry about me. This is as much my fault as it is Sevarius's.
Derek Maza: No! I can't face her now. Not until he's cured me.

Goliath: Where are you going?
Brooklyn: To find her! She needs my help.
Broadway: [sarcastically] Yeah, right.
Brooklyn: You don't know anything about her!
Goliath: And neither do you! Rushing off without a plan won't help her.

[Brooklyn turns and prepares to fly off]

Goliath: And I have a plan.

[Brooklyn turns around]

Elisa Maza: Now calmly. Who are you?
Derek Maza: [slight chuckle] Call me "Talon".
Elisa Maza: Okay, "Talon". Why are you stomping on my friend here?
Derek Maza: Your "friend" made me like this.
Elisa Maza: Impossible. Goliath would never intentionally harm anyone. Look, I want to help you.
Derek Maza: Promise?
Elisa Maza: Cross my heart...
Derek Maza: And hope to...
Elisa Maza: DEREK? Derek is that you?

Elisa Maza: Now it's war, Xanatos! You're going down for this. I promise you! No matter what it takes!

[About Sevarius acting through all the events]
Anton Sevarius: I was particularly proud of my death scene.
David Xanatos: Frankly, Sevarius, I thought you overplayed the part.

Legion [2.03]

Elisa Maza: I just hope you handle that vacuum cleaner better than you handle a squad car.
Matt Bluestone: How would you know? You never let me drive.

Goliath: It will come to you in time, brother. The important thing is, you're alive. Come. You will rejoin your clan in our new home.
Coldstone/Othello: I would like that very much.

Lexington: Are you sure this is a good idea? He hasn't always been your friend. To invite him to our home, our clan...
Goliath: Without trust, there can be no clan.

Goliath: What's wrong, brother?
Coldstone/Iago: Why nothing, "brother".
Hudson: [Grabs Goliath's arm to slow him] Stay back, lad. Something's not right here.
Goliath: It's all right. I trust you brother.
Coldstone/Iago: Do you? Pity. [pulls out laser and fires at Goliath]

Goliath: You would betray my trust, brother?
Coldstone/Iago: You were a fool to extend it.
Goliath: Then you leave us no choice!

Brooklyn: How are we supposed to find them?
Broadway: [points to a battle in the distance] Three guesses.

Coldstone/Desdemona: [tortured voice] Please, I beg you, be quiet.
Brooklyn: Who's he talking to?
Goliath: Somehow he's being tortured... from within.
Lexington: And if we want to save him, someone's going to have to go inside to do it.

Lexington: This isn't a good idea. I'm best qualified to go.
Goliath: Which is exactly why I need you watching the equipment... In case something goes wrong.

Othello: My memories are clouded. Why should I trust you?
Desdemona: If you can't trust me, then trust your heart.

Iago: Why do you fight me, my love? We are destined to be together for all eternity.
Desdemona: I will choose who I love!

Matt Bluestone: We're right on top of it. Now we'll see what this creature looks like up close.
Elisa Maza: Looks like a 'rat' to me.
Matt Bluestone: What?

Goliath: [To a comatose Coldstone] Someday, I trust, you will your way back, my brother, my sister. And when you do, I want you to be among friends.

A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time [2.04]

Broadway: Why stare at marks on a page when you can rent the video?
Lexington: They aren't marks when you know how to read.
Broadway: Well, I can't read and I don't think I'm missing anything.
Brooklyn: Uh-huh. 'Ignorance is bliss'. Right, Hudson?
Hudson: Ughh, leave me out of this, it's time for Celebrity Hockey.

Lexington: Harrier jets! They can take off and land like helicopters. I read about them.
Broadway: When your life's this exciting, who needs books?

Jeffery Robbins: Are you all right?
Hudson: I had a little trouble.
Jeffery Robbins: This beach isn't safe after dark. Do you need a doctor?
Hudson: No. Just a place to rest until sunrise. If I could lean on you...
Jeffery Robbins: Come on in. I've got a fire going.
Hudson: There's little I can offer in return, except my thanks.
Jeffery Robbins: That's payment in full.

Goliath: I feared the scrolls would be too great a temptation for...
Elisa Maza: XANATOS! Made me look like an amateur. But I've got no proof. Without it...
Goliath: Without it, it falls to us.

Macbeth: [after throwing Broadway] You understand, I don't get any real pleasure from this. [Broadway growls] Well you've got courage, beastie. I'll give you that. What you don't have... is a prayer.

Hudson: [sees a framed medal] What is this?
[He hands it to Robbins, who feels it.]
Jeffery Robbins: My Purple Heart. For this. [indicates his blind eyes] So busy trying to herd a bunch of green kids through 'Nam that I didn't watch my step. Shrapnel: you never see it coming.
Hudson: "Nam"?
Jeffery Robbins: Vietnam... the war? Funny, something about your voice made me think you were a soldier, once.
Hudson: Aye. I still am, I suppose.

Jeffery Robbins: I understand. But it's not shameful to be illiterate, Hudson. It's only shameful to stay that way.

[after MacBeth tells the story of King Arthur and Merlin]
Broadway: You were there.
MacBeth: [laughs] I'm old, but I'm not that old. Obviously, I read about it.
Broadway: But... you describe it as if you were there.

Robbins: I'm glad you came back.
Hudson: I'm afraid I can't stay, but I think I left something on the terrace this morning. Have you come across a large canister?
Robbins: No, but a friend of yours was on the terrace, a "Lennox Macduff". Maybe he took it.
Hudson: I don't know any... Lennox Macduff.
Robbins: I'm not surprised. The name sounded phony. Lennox and Macduff were two characters in a play by Shakespeare: Macbeth.
Hudson: Macbeth? I've got to go, Robbins, I... I don't know where he lives...
Robbins: Who?
Hudson: Macbeth! Macduff! I do know him, but he's not a friend!
Robbins: Well, maybe this will help...
[Robbins reads out of a Braille phone book.]
Robbins: Macaderm... Macbryde... Macduff, Cameron... Macduff, Leeland... Macduff, Lennox! Now, here's an address, just like that.
Hudson: Hmph. A magic book?
Robbins: Aren't they all?

Goliath: Release Broadway.
Macbeth: Or what?
Goliath: Or I'll burn the scrolls.
Macbeth: Go ahead. They're worthless. No magic at all.
Broadway: No! They are magic! But you can't burn them, Goliath. You can't! It's Merlin's life, in his own words. When you read them, they take you there. It is magic, Goliath. Precious magic.
Hudson: Aye, lad. T'would be the greatest shame to lose them.
[Macbeth pauses for a moment, then releases Broadway.]
Macbeth: You're all trespassing. Now take the scrolls and go.

Jeffrey Robbins: [dictating his newest book] The written word is all that stands between memory and oblivion. Without books as our anchors, we are cast adrift, neither teaching nor learning. They are windows on the past, mirrors on the present, and prisms reflecting all possible futures. Books are lighthouses erected in the dark sea of time.

The Mirror [2.05]

Puck: Is this how you welcome all your guests?
Demona: Any who would turn on me. And you're not a guest. You serve the human, now you can serve me.
Puck: Serving humans is fun. They have a sense of humor. You have none.
Demona: Perhaps not, Puck, but I have you.

[Goliath and Elisa talk just before dawn.]

Goliath: Elisa, I...
Elisa Maza: Yeah, I know, you're as relieved I am that everything's back to normal.
Goliath: That's not what I was going to say--
[He turns to stone.]
Elisa: I know. But that's the way it is.

Brooklyn: Wouldn't it be great to be a shapeshifter?
Lexington: We wouldn't have to hide. We could fit in anywhere.
Broadway: We could find new friends, maybe even... love.
Hudson: Be careful what you wish for, lad.

Puck: Well, let's just get this over with, shall we? How can I be of service, hmm? Out with it. I haven't got all night.
Demona: You've got all millennium if I choose. [Ponders] I'm too vulnerable during the day. I don't want to turn to stone anymore.
Puck: Of course. You want to stroll down Fifth Avenue in the sunshine. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

Puck: What is it you really want? [He touches the mirror, and an image of Goliath appears] How quaint. After all these centuries, you're still carrying a torch. Well, if that's you want, I can make him love you again. Piece of cake... given your charming personality.
[In the image in the mirror, Elisa Maza comes into view]
Demona: That's it! That's what I want! If you cannot get rid of all the humans, then at least rid me of that human: Elisa Maza!
Puck: Did you say that human, or that human? Oh, never mind, I'll figure it out. This just might be fun after all.

Goliath: My strength has never depended on brute force, Demona, but on true friends.

Demona: I wanted you to destroy the humans, not give them the gift of being a gargoyle!

Elisa Maza: Third race?
Broadway: You know. Gargoyles, humans, and Oberon's children.
Lexington: I thought everyone knew this.
Brooklyn: Yeah. That guy Shakespeare wrote a play about them: "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Elisa Maza: Shapeshifters, elves, fairies... you mean they're real?
Hudson: As real as I am, if the stories be true.

Goliath: [Elisa's now a gargoyle] I never realized, when you were human, how beautiful you are.
Elisa Maza: You mean, you thought I was ugly?

Demona: I want you to get rid of the humans. ALL of them.
Puck: Does this look like Aladdin's lamp? I have limits, after all.

Demona: I would know you no matter what your form, Goliath! Take care of them, Puck.
Puck: As you wish... Humans love a battle hearty. So does Puck; come on, let's party!

Elisa Maza: I'll never get the hang of jumping off rooftops.
Goliath: I'll always be there to catch you.

Goliath: It ends now, Puck. Change everyone back to the way they were before Demona summoned you. Do it, and you win your freedom.
Puck: It will be my pleasure. But afterwards, I'm going to need a very long nap. First the humans I'll attend. [the city turns back to normal, then lastly, Elisa turns back to normal.] Then the gargoyles will I mend. [The Manhattan Clan are turned back into gargoyles] If his efforts you commend, free Puck, let him homeward wend.
Goliath: There. [breaks Puck's chain] You're free.

[Puck's spell to alter Demona's daytime state.]

Puck: Fearsome creature who would stay / Unchanged by the light of day / Remain you thus throughout the night / And be thou flesh by dawn's fair light.

Demona: The sun... it's glorious! I never thought that it could feel so good. [She walks past Titania's Mirror and sees that Puck has transformed her into a Human] NO! [glass shatters]

The Silver Falcon [2.06]

Broadway: Elisa, I'm sorry about the bomb. But it proves how dangerous this case is.
Elisa Maza: Too dangerous for an amateur detective playing out a movie fantasy! I'm alone on this one.
Broadway: Matt was no amateur and he worked alone. Where'd it get him? Elisa, let me be your partner!

Elisa Maza: You did your best, Broadway. Now it's my turn.

Broadway: You made one mistake, Dracon. You messed with my partner!
Tony Dracon: No! Not you guys again!
Broadway: When someone messes with your partner. You're supposed to do something about it. Case closed!

Dominic Dracon: [opens the jewel case and finds...] Marbles?! [reading a note] "I feel sorry for you, D.D. You still haven't learned that crime doesn't pay. Your old partner, Mace." [crumples the note] MACE! NO! NOOOO!

Eye of the Beholder [2.07]


[Goliath and Elisa help Xanatos' fiancee, Fox, while Xanatos-himself holds a powerful magic talisman, called the Eye of Odin - which holds a "lycanthropic" power for her.]

Goliath: The Eye, give it to me.
David Xanatos: A trade?
Goliath: Let's just say... I don't trust you with it.
David Xanatos: So, now you know my weakness.
Goliath: Only you would regard love as a weakness.

Owen Burnett: Actually, Mr. Xanatos, I believe he's right. You've never looked more heroic.
David Xanatos: A momentary lapse, I assure you.

Lexington: Oh, right. Halloween! Tonight is the night!
Brooklyn: I can hardly wait! We can walk around on the streets and nobody will know who we are.
Broadway: Better yet, no one will know what we are!

Elisa Maza: [To Goliath] Come on. I've wanted to stroll down a city street with you for a long time.

David Xanatos: Marry me.
Fox: Are you serious?
David Xanatos: We're genetically compatible, highly intelligent, and have the same goals.

[After Fox starts having lycanthropic spells from wearing the Eye of Odin.]
Goliath: You could've been hurt. I should've been with you.
Elisa Maza: But you can't. Any more that I can be here guarding you all day long. Everyone's vulnerable, Goliath. But it helps knowing someone cares.

David Xanatos: Incredible. If I'd have known the Eye of Odin had that kind of power, I never would have just given it away. Oh-well, spilt milk. Let's move on to plan B.

Elisa Maza: [pointing her weapon at Xanatos] You're not going nowhere, Xanatos!
David Xanatos: Sorry, business. You understand. [flies off]

Elisa Maza: [To Goliath] Don't listen to him. It's a trick! He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it!
David Xanatos: But my life doesn't depend on this. It's Fox's life we're talking about.

Goliath: I have no more love for Fox than for you. Even if what you say is true, why should I help her?
David Xanatos: Because you know what it means to lose some you love.
Elisa Maza: Don't even think about it, Goliath! Can't you see this is his plan D? If it fails, he'll move on to E or F.
Goliath: A noble effort, Xanatos. But another failure. Not a good night for you.

Elisa Maza: You can't believe anything he says.
Goliath: I know, but that creature is still a danger to my castle, my city. And if Xanatos speaks the truth, if someone like him can love, perhaps there is some hope for this world.

Elisa Maza: [Grabs on to Xanatos as he's about to fly] I trust you as far as I can throw you.
David Xanatos: I don't have time to argue. [takes off]

Vows [2.08]

[Judge Roebling is performing Xanatos and Fox's wedding ceremony.]
Judge Roebling: We are gathered here today to join David Xanatos and... uh.. what is your real name?
Fox: Fox is my real name. Legally.

[Flashback to Castle Wyvern at Wyvern Hill, years before the Magus cast the curse]
10th Century Demona: [after giving Goliath half the Phoenix Gate] Take this as token of my love. Cherish it always, as I cherish my half. Upon this I pledge my heart to you forever.
10th Century Goliath: I accept your token my... Angel of the Night. And vow that you and I are one... now and forever.

Petros Xanatos: Why do you need all this?.
David Xanatos: Oh, reason, not the need, father. I wanted it, so I took it.

David Xanatos: It's so unlike you to attack first. I simply invited you here to talk.
Goliath: Our past encounters have not inspired me to trust you.

Hudson: Only you can decide what you will do lad.
Elisa Maza: It's crazy to even consider going!
Goliath: You're right.

Petro Xanatos: Don't you know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.
David Xanatos: Fox and I make our own luck.

Owen Burnett: Will Goliath actually be here?
David Xanatos: Oh, he'll be here. I bet my future on it.

Goliath: Demona...
Demona: I'm only attending this farce because Xanatos insisted. And I need to keep him as an ally. I neither know nor care why you're here.
Goliath: This is not the first wedding ritual we've attended together. Don't you remember?
Demona: I'm not interested in reminscing!

David Xanatos: [after Demona and Goliath leave the ceremony, Xanatos chases after them] Now the fun begins.
Petros Xanatos: This is your wedding! Have you no respect for anything?
David Xanatos: Sorry, pop. I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Petros Xanatos: Unacceptable!

[In the past Goliath speaks with the past version of Hudson]

Goliath: So you see, Hud -... Uh I mean my mentor. Uh. I'm not a creature of sorcery. I'm a visitor... from the future.
10th Century Hudson: And I suppose you glided back in time on the wind.

[In the past, Demona is conversing with her past-self]
Demona: [Referring to Goliath, who's wounded] Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. But you cannot trust him. He's weak. He cares more for the humans than for our clan. The greatest favor you can do him, would be to put him out of our misery, forever! You must know I'm right. Can't you see I'm right? I am what you will become!
10th Century Demona: I will never be like you!
Demona: I do not wish to hurt you.
10th Century Demona: And I do not wish to be you!

[In the past, Goliath speaks with the past version of Demona]

10th Century Demona: What am I to do?
Goliath: Do nothing.
10th Century Demona: Nothing?
Goliath: Do not worry. Do not wait, or look for this catastrophe. Live in the moment. Attend the petty angers and jealousies that fill your heart. Fortify yourself with love and trust. And you need not fear this future. But most of all fulfill the vows of love you make, for they can surely save you.
10th Century Demona: I shall! You have my oath.
Goliath: [Lifting-up the older version of Demona] I had hers once, too.

Goliath: If I didn't fear the damage you would do to the time stream, I'd gladly leave you here.
David Xanatos: But you won't. Because you didn't. Time travel's funny that way.

Demona: Get away from me, you sentimental fool. You may have prevented me from altering the past, but you failed too. You see, I have clear memories of your little inspirational about keeping my vows of love. I never forgot it. Obviously history is immutable.
Goliath: More's the pity.

City of Stone [2.09-2.12]


Part One

Lexington: [after saving them from bank robbers] Relax folks, you're safe.
Brendan Quarters: Get away!
Margot Yale: Don't come near me!
Brooklyn: [Sarcastically] Don't gush all over us, it's embarrassing.

Demona: Omnes conspecti, omnes auditi, In nocte usque ad saxum commutate. Dum caelum ardeat! (Latin: "All who see and hear this, turn to stone every night. Until the dark skies burn!")

Part Two

David Xanatos: [Looking at all the statues in the city] Obviously, Demona and I need to have a little talk.

Lexington: [looking at the statue of Elisa] It's a pretty good likeness.
Brooklyn: I don't think so. The nose is all wrong.

Jeffrey Robbins: Hudson, what's going on? You know more than you're letting on.
Hudson: Less than you think. But you and Gilly stay inside for now, Robbins. It's going to be a bad night.

Gillecomgain: [After Demona unmasks him] Look closely, creature. T'is your handiwork. Done when I was but a boy. Remember?
Demona: No.

Prince Duncan: There will always be a hunter, my son. And there will always be the hunted...

Brooklyn: [Looking at some smashed statues.] It's like the massacre at Castle Wyvern.
Goliath: Has Demona learned nothing? Every life is precious.

[Goliath notices three statures that look just the the three little girls at the hostage situation the night before.]

Brooklyn: [picking up some rubble] One of these could be Elisa-
Goliath: -NEVER! We are going to stop Demona's evil... Once and for all!
The Weird Sisters:
Selene:: Yes. She must be stopped.
Phoebe:: But remember your own words, Goliath. Every life is precious.
Luna:: Take care not to become what you fight against. Vengence begets only a further cycle of more vengence.

Goliath: Then you were partners in this sorcery.
David Xanatos: I wanted to believe what she promised so I gave her access to the studio.
Goliath: YOU FOOL! I should make you pay for all the lives she destroyed.
David Xanatos: Do you want vengeance or a solution? This is bigger than either of us has ever faced. We'll have to work together to stop her. Truce?
Goliath: [Exhales] Agreed. [Shakes Xanatos's hand]

Part Three

[In a parallel of a scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth, King Duncan and Macbeth, with their sons Canmore and Luach, encounter the Weird Sisters on a moor.]
Phoebe: Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Selene: All hail Duncan, King of Scotland and father of the king hereafter!
Phoebe:All hail Macbeth, King of Scotland and father of the king hereafter!
Duncan: You speak treason, you old crone!
Macbeth: You are but half right, good mothers. Duncan is the true and proper king.
Luna: King now, he is, but each of you shall in turn be king.
Macbeth: I say ye nay weird sisters. Prince Canmore is destined to be king after Duncan.
Luna:You would lecture us on fate?

Goliath: What is Elisa doing here?
Brooklyn: She doesn't look too happy.
David Xanatos: Owen sometimes has that effect on people.

Demona: We must find another lair!
Demona's Second: The hunting there was good.
Demona: Yes. But we are still the prey!

Macbeth: [Watching Demona in battle] You fight like a demon.

King Duncan: Time for a little family reunion, cousin!

[Approaches Macbeth, Demona lands in front of him and growls.]

Macbeth: NO! This I must do!

[Demona steps aside]

Macbeth: You brought this on yourself, cousin, I was loyal.
King Duncan: You have a strange way of showing it.

Young Canmore: You are are the cause of all this. [Charges at Demona with a knife] You-you monster!
Demona: [Demona grabs his wrist and throws away the knife] Macbeth has spared your life, boy. Don't throw it away!

Macbeth: Humans will learn to respect you.
Demona: I would rather they fear me.
Macbeth: They'll do that too, Demona.
Demona: "Demona"... I like the sound of that.

Elisa Maza: [To Xanatos] Demona's broadcast originated from Pack Media Studios. You own it! So, as usual, this is all your fault!
Owen Burnett: Mr. Xanatos is trying to fix things. What are you doing to help?
[Elisa tries to move past Owen, but he block her path, the Sun sets and they both turn to stone]
David Xanatos: That's one way to settle an argument.

Goliath: What is Elisa doing here?
Brooklyn: She doesn't look happy.
David Xanatos: Owen sometimes has that affect on people.

Demona: But first, I'll take care of some. I thought I'd rid myself of you long ago, human. Fortunately, that mistake is easily rectified.

Part Four


Macbeth: No one, Demona? You've forgotten about me. With all the inhabitants of this city frozen in stone, it wasn't hard to spot all those robots and gargoyles taking off from the world's tallest building. So I investigated and found exactly who I was looking for.
Demona: You're too late. You can't save them. No one can!
Macbeth: I'm not here for them. I'm here for you. I want it over between us!

Macbeth: I wear this as a reminder of your treachery.
Demona: Let's not start that again. You blame me, I blame you. Aren't you tired of talking about it?
Macbeth: I'm not here to talk.
Demona: Then what? You know the rules. Killing me will gain you nothing but your own death.
Macbeth: After this long a lifetime, I have no fear of that, and no desire to live in the kind of world you're creating. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold, Demona. And I have waited nine hundred years for this meal.

Goliath: No! Killing her won't solve anything! Death never does.
Luna: He's right, Macbeth. Duncan was afraid that your father would make you king. Did your father's death stop you from becoming king?
Macbeth: No!
Selene:: You wanted revenge for your father. Did Gillecomgain's death settle that score?
Macbeth: No.
Phoebe:: Did your own death save your son Luach from Canmore?
Macbeth: No...
Goliath:: Death is never the answer. Life is.
Macbeth: I'm just so tired...
Phoebe:: Then sleep, Macbeth.

Demona: I will have vengeance for the betrayal of my clan, vengeance for my pain.
Seline: But who betrayed your clan?
Luna: And who caused this pain?
Demona: The Vikings destroyed my clan.
Seline: Who betrayed the castle to the Vikings?
Demona: The Hunter hunted us down.
Phoebe: Who created the Hunter?
Demona: Canmore destroyed the last of us.
Selene: Who betrayed MacBeth to Canmore?
Goliath: Your thirst for vengeance has only created more sorrow. End the cycle, Demona. Give us the code.
Demona: [dejected] The access code is... "alone."

Macbeth: Canmore, your father was an evil man who deserved his fate. But you were just a boy then, so I offer you one last opportunity for forgiveness and mercy.
Demona: He will not require it. But you will!
Macbeth: [Gasps] Demona? First desertion, and now betrayal! WHY?
Demona: I merely offer a sample of what you planned for me.
Macbeth: I planned for you to govern by my side. And now because of YOU, my kingdom is in flames!

The Weird Sisters: Macbeth. Canmore was wrong about you and Demona. He said when one dies, both die. But when one lives, both live. And thus you both shall live. Eternally linked. Sharing each other's pain and anguish with no release until one destroys the other. Only then shall both finally perish. Together.

'Macbeth: I have hunted you through the centuries for my vengeance.
Demona: Take off that mask. You're not fooling anyone, MacBeth.

Goliath: [As MacBeth is about to kill Demona] NO! Killing her won't solve anything! Death never does.

Goliath: You have learned nothing.
Demona: Nothing but your lies. I will still have my revenge!

Goliath: What do we do with them?
Weird Sisters: We have written their stories. They are our responsibility. They are our children.

David Xanatos: Goliath, we made a good team. You know all this time, I've wondered why I let you creatures live. Now I know. You come in handy now and then.
Goliath: As do you... occasionally.

David Xanatos: You'll forgive me if I just shake your hand.
Owen Burnett: [Shaking hands] Of course. I'm quite glad the plan worked.

High Noon [2.13]

Elisa Maza: I'm no hero, I just do my job, and my job for tonight is over. All I want to do is hit the sack.
Hudson: Why would you want to hit a sack?
Brooklyn: Oh, she means she's tired and wants to sleep.
Hudson: Then why didn't she just say so?

Elisa Maza: [Awakens from being knocked out by MacBeth and rubs her head, groaning] How long was I out? [Looks at her watch] Wow! Most of the day!

Desdemona: Is this right? To do nothing is not the Gargoyle Way.
Othello: We are no longer gargoyles. We are... shadows.
Weird Sisters: [in the form of Desdemona] Even shadows must be true to their shade.

Macbeth: We don't need to wait for sunset. You're still thinking like a gargoyle.
Demona: I am a Gargoyle! Although this form does prove useful at times.

Macbeth: Is it supposed to hurt that much? I thought you said the changeling, Puck, turns you into a human during the day as a gift.
Demona: Puck's gifts always come with a price. My consolation is that our magical link allows you to suffer as well.
Macbeth: Just get on with it.

Brooklyn: [Speaking of a female that came with Macbeth] Recognize the woman?
Elisa Maza: She seemed familiar, but I just couldn't place her.

Broadway: You're getting real good at bypassing alarms, Lex.
Lexington: Don't give me credit. It was too easy!
Hudson: And it's too quiet. I'd say Macbeth is expecting us.

Coldstone/Iago: You don't understand! Demona is still out there!
Lexington: Some of his circuits must be crossed. MacBeth and Demona would never work together.
Brooklyn: [Drops Demona on the ground next to MacBeth] Uh, guess again.
Goliath: They must have both escaped the Weird Sisters together.
Broadway: But why team up? They hate each other!
Hudson: Maybe misery loves company.

Elisa Maza: [Demona lands at the Clock Tower just before sunrise] Spending the day here, Demona? The sun's about to come up.
Demona: Is it really? [The sun rises and Demona changes into her human form]
Elisa Maza: If you're human, then you're subject to human laws. [draws her weapon] You're under arrest! You have the right to remain silent!
Demona: If I remain silent, you'll never see your precious Goliath again!

Human Demona: I'll bring Goliath and the others to Belveder Castle in Central park at high noon. If you show up, you still won't save them, and it will certainly cost you your life. But if you don't show up, Goliath will see what human loyalty is really worth. Either way I win!

Coldstone/Iago: I never dreamt I'd see the sun. Why haven't I changed to stone?
Demona: Because you are no longer a Gargoyle. Day or night, you are Coldstone!

Desdemona: Is this right? To do nothing is not the Gargoyle Way!
Othello: We are no longer gargoyles. We are... shadows.
Desdemona: Even shadows must be true to their shade.

Macbeth: [Demona's aiming a weapon at Elisa] Surely you're not afraid to face her, hand-to-hand?
Human Demona: I fear no Human! [drops the weapon] Come, Detective! Goliath cannot save you now.
Elisa Maza: I'm here to save him!

Elisa Maza: [Coldstone is about to fly off] Wait! Goliath and the others will want to see you.
Coldstone/Othello: No. There are forces at war within me. And until that battle is decided, no Gargoyle is safe with Coldstone. Tell my brother, I will return some day... if I can.

Outfoxed [2.14]

Halcyon Reynard: "Not my fault?" Not my fault! You sound like every human employee I ever fired! Crush all of them together and you couldn't squeeze one iota of personal integrity from the lot! No excuses, creature! Learn to take responsibility for your own actions! And STOP whining!
Goliath: A gargoyle doesn't whine! He ROARS! [Breaks his chains]
Halcyon Reynard: [Sarcastically] Oh, I am trembling in my chair.

Halcyon Reynard: At last, I get to see one of Gen-U-Tech's abominable creations in the flesh. Xanatos and his lab rats must be proud of you.
Goliath: I'm not a creation! My name is Goliath. And I belong to *no one*, especially not Xanatos!

Goliath: You believe I am not responsible. Yet I remain your prisoner?
Halcyon Reynard: Who said you're not responsible? It doesn't matter that you were tricked, you know now that your actions inflicted grievous damage. Do you take responsibility for them or not? Well, what are you going to do?
Goliath: A better question might be: what are you going to do?

David Xanatos: You seem distracted, having second thoughts?
Fox: About that last kick?
David Xanatos: About Renard, if your hostile take over succeeds, he'll be completely wiped out. He's not a young man.
Fox: Oh, he'll manage. He always has. If all goes well CyberBiotics will be mine by tomorrow morning. We'll celebrate over breakfast.

Halcyon Reynard: What would be the honorable thing to do? I suppose I should just turn you over to the proper authorities.
Goliath: Look at me, human! I'll spend the rest of my life as a laboratory specimen. Was my crime against you so heinous to make that and equitable punishment?
Halcyon Reynard: [Slight chuckle] We're making progress. You finally acknowledged you committed a crime.

Goliath: No more excuses. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I was wrong.
Halcyon Reynard: I'm glad you are 'gargoyle' enough to admit it.
Goliath: It was not easy.
Halcyon Reynard: Integrity is never easy. It's a daily struggle, a costly struggle. If you only knew what it cost me: My Anastasia. My Janine.
Goliath: My Angel of the Night.

Goliath: I know I owe you a great debt for the mistake I made a year ago. And a greater debt for the education I received tonight. If the text wasn't new to me, it was at least worth revisiting.

Halcyon Reynard: All I know is I'm about to be wiped out!
Goliath: It doesn't have to be that way. I can break these chains. [breaks his restraints] But only you can get me past the bars. I helped destroy Fortress I, let me help you save Fortress II.

Halcyon Reynard: Well it seems Mr. Vogel's betrayal has only provided further proof that the human species is devoid of integrity.
Goliath: I disagree. If anything, Vogel's sabotage demonstrates the folly of placing all of one's trust in single-minded automatons. Automatons know nothing of betrayal or honor. They know only what they're programmed to know. Only living beings possess the ability to change, and make new choices. Ultimately, Vogel chose honor.
Halcyon Reynard: [smiles] Huh... I suppose he did at that. You've given me much to consider. But one thing I'm certain of: your debt to me is paid in full, a ship for a ship, we are even.
Goliath: No... We are friends.
Halcyon Renard: Yes... Friends.

Preston Vogel: Mr. Renard, please! I'd rather not have your death on my conscience, but I cannot allow this ship to collide with a tower full of people. You'll never reach the bridge! But turn left and you'll find my escape pod still waiting. You have two minutes until impact, one minute before I detonate.
Halcyon Reynard: Mr. Vogel, I don't want any innocents hurt! If I can't turn this boat around, you have my permission to destroy it. But you and I built this ship together. If it goes down, I'm going down with it.

[Renard reaches the bridge before impact, only to realize... ]

Halcyon Reynard: Oh, no...
Preston Vogel: So near, and yet so far, huh, Mr. Renard? In all the excitement, it must have slipped your mind that two men are required for emergency course override.
Halcyon Reynard: Mr. Vogel! I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Preston Vogel: Yes, well... you have that effect on people. Now we've got eight-point-five seconds to initiate a sixty-degree turn. Let's proceed.

Halcyon Reynard: I built this company for you! I'd have given it to you already if you hadn't married that villain, Xanatos. I'd probably give it to you, if you'd just stand up and ask me for it honestly!
Fox: Oh, Daddy, you and your integrity. Asking for it wouldn't be any fun at all.
Halcyon Reynard: And 'fun' is still more important to you than honor. I can't understand that.
Fox: [takes Reynard's hand and puts it on her stomach] Well, maybe you'll have better luck relating to the next generation.
Halcyon Reynard: WHAT? What are you -?
Fox: That's right, Daddy. You're going to be a grandfather.

Double Jeopardy [2.15]

Lexington: You should've heard him laugh. Made my hair stand on end, if I had any.

Goliath: Surely you know I am not in the habit of playing childish pranks or laughing maniacally in the dark.
Hudson: [dryly] Do ye even know how to laugh maniacally?

Thailog: Did you really expect me to spend my life as your stooge and the doctor's private guinea pig? You didn't go to all this trouble just to raise a fool.
Sevarius: Typical. You do and do and do for them, and what happens? They twist the knife in you!
Thailog: Don't tempt me.

Owen Burnett: You mean that creature is still out there? It has the money, it's as powerful as Goliath, and it's smarter than you?
Xanatos: Owen, I think I've created a monster.

Upgrade [2.16]

Jackal: What kind of scrapheap did you crawl out of?
Hyena: Claws in, brother. Let's hear what old Coyote has to say.
Coyote: Thank you, Hyena. I've merely come to offer my humble assistance with the Gargoyles.
Wolf: [Grabs the robotic Coyote head] Hope you can swim, Metal-Mouth, because we don't need your help. [Heads towards the airlock]
Coyote: Suit yourself, but it's such a shame to see you beaten by the gargoyles when there are so many resources at your disposal.
Dingo: [Intercepts Wolf] We're listenin'.
Coyote: [Remote interfaces with ship's computer] For example, [shows footage of Derek Maza/Talon] have you ever considered the bounties of genetic engineering; [shows footage of Coldstone] or maybe cybernetics is more your style; [shows footage of Xanatos in his his Exo-suit] and they say "Clothes Make The Man"; [shows footage of himself, whole] and my personal favorite, the glory of robotics.
Dingo: Save the horror show for Halloween... but that armor is sharp.
Jackel: I'm sure tired of taking punishment, and I'd love to be able to give some back... What's the catch?
Coyote: Please. It's compliments of the hard-working men and women of Xanatos Enterprises.
Wolf: Xanatos. Figures. Why didn't he come himself?
Coyote: Mr. Xanatos is a very busy man. [Smiles]
[Cut to Xanatos and his wife Fox, in his office at his desk sitting on either side of a chess board]
Xanatos: And, so the game begins.

Jackal: What's the matter, never seen a cybernetic jackal before?

Hudson: [About the upgraded Pack] Even the Archmage's sorcery never brewed creatures such as these.
Goliath: We have defeated them before.
Hyena: Not the new, upgraded model.

Goliath: [Sees Coyote flying off] That's the source of the trouble.
Hudson: Follow it. I'll take care of this Forest Demon!

[The newly upgraded Pack has just bested Hudson, Bronx and Elisa]
Dingo: [To Wolf] I hope you not planing to eat your catch.
Wolf: Now that I'm in charge, I'm not taking any more of your cracks!
[Cut to Goliath looking for Coyote. Coyote, upgraded, comes up behind him]
Coyote 2.0: Ah, Goliath. I'd like you to meet my 'better half'.
[Cut to the Pack]
Dingo: You're not our leader, Wolf! You're barely our species! I still can't believe what you three did to yourselves!
Wolf: We did what you were afraid to do. And we agreed whoever bagged the biggest gargoyle would lead the Pack!
[Goliath comes cashing down from the level above, out cold]
Coyote 2.0: Sorry, Wolf. But I'm afraid my 'Goliath' tops your 'Hudson'.
Hyena: [Slinks up to Coyote 2.0, impressed] Ooh! Coyote, honey; is that you?
Wolf: Hit the road, Sparky. I'm in charge, here!
Hyena: Oh, oh really! I did't see you take out Goliath!
Jackal: You're not siding with this glorified toaster oven!?
Hyene: I find him very attractive...
Jackal: Well, that's sicker than usual. [To Wolf] Alright, Hairball, I'm with you!
Dingo: [sizing up his options] What a choice: A robot who thinks he's human, or a human who's gone to the dogs. [To Coyote 2.0] So what's our next move, Boss?

[Coyote 2.0 fits an electronic collar around Bronx's neck.]
Wolf: I say forget the flea collar and finish off these gargoyles now! [Smashes his fist on Goliath's chamber in frustration]
[Jackal and Hyena play cards, using their bionic implants]
Hyena: Just "follow the leader", Wolf. His idea is a good one.
Dingo: A sight better than trading in pieces of your own body like used car parts.
Hyena: What's your problem?
Dingo: [To himself] I'm a partner in a freak show!

Brooklyn: [To Hudson, about Wolf] Never a silver bullet around when you need one.
Wolf: You're gonna need more than that!

Dingo: I should'a figured it was crazy to stick with this crew... after they went 'Frankenstein' on me...

Rookie NYPD Officer: Awh, man! Who did this?!
Officer Morgan Morgan: What I wanna know is 'where' do we take them? [About Dingo] A hospital? [About Jackal & Hyena] A machine shop? [About Wolf] Or a vet?

Protection [2.17]

Elisa Maza: Hmm... I love jalepeños.
Tony Dracon: Heh. Keep the jar.
Broadway: And if you play it smart, there'll be plenty of lettuce for everyone!

The Cage [2.18]

Beth Maza: Great, sis. A cop who can cook.
Elisa Maza: [Humorously] Yeah, I should get my own cable TV show. [To her dad] C'mon, dad. It's mom's chicken mole.
Beth Maza: Remember when Derek would call dibs on the pot... [Looks around to see everyone looking down as Derek is missing] ...Oh, me and my big mouth. I take a break from school and my brain goes into neutral.
Peter Maza: [To Elisa] Have you heard from your brother?
Eliza Maza: Not yet... But you know Derek, he'll check in when he want's to.
Peter Maza: One more week, and I'm filing a report.

Anton Sevarius: [working on a cure for the Mutates] I don't know if this will work. I'm not used to working in such primitive conditions.
Goliath: Just get back to work... before conditions really do get primitive.

[The Mutates debate on whether Sevarius has created a cure or poison.]
Maggie: It is the cure! It has to be!
Anton Sevarius: Of course it's the cure! You must trust me!
David Xanatos: I think that ship has sailed, doctor.
[A laser blast knocks Fang away from Sevarius. Everyone turns to see that Xanatos and some Steel Clan robots have them cornered.]
David Xanatos: You always overplay your hand, Anton.
[Sevarius moves to the safety of behind the Steel Clan.]
Talon: [to Xanatos] I don't believe it. Goliath wasn't Sevarius' partner - it was you all along! I trusted you! You turned me into a monster and I defended you--!
[A laser blast from a Steel Clan robot prevents him from approaching Xanatos.]
David Xanatos: [to Talon] I'm sorry it had to turn out this way. We all would've been more comfortable if you'd remained in the dark, but I can't let you damage Anton. He's a bit of a bother, but his mind contains infinite possibilities. He's the scientist - you're just the experiment.

The Price [2.19]

Hudson: Tell me something: Why me?
David Xanatos: Because you're old, and getting older. I thought you might even appreciate the opportunity.
Hudson: Growing old terrifies you, doesn't it?
David Xanatos: Nothing terrifies me - because nothing is beyond my ability to change.

Hudson: A friendly word of advice. True immortality isn't about living forever, man: It's about what you do with the time you have. When all your scheming's done, what will be your legacy, Xanatos?

Brooklyn: [seeing Broadway] Jalapena! You're still alive! It's a miracle!
Goliath: Yes. A miracle called Elisa.
Lexington: What I don't get is Macbeth. Why did he cut and run?
Brooklyn: Yeah. That's a good question. He keeps saying he wants us as trophies, but why didn't he come back while we were stone?

Lexington: Boy, the city sure is different when it snows.
Brooklyn: Yeah, it's colder.

Hudson: Not a bad life, all things considered.

[the clan gets attacked]

Brooklyn: Yeah, too bad he wants to end it!

Lexington: I don't believe it.
Hudson: Believe it lad, Macbeth's dead.
Goliath: I had no choice. He would've killed the four of you.
Hudson: No one's questioning you, Goliath. We'd best prepare to sleep here, dawn's upon us.

Brooklyn: Goliath, what if there is no cure?
Goliath: There is a cure. There must be!

Broadway: I'm worried, even if Goliath finds something at Macbeth's place, how are we going to make it work? None of us are sorcerers.
Brooklyn: Let's just focus on protecting Hudson. We can't let anything happen to him.

Hudson: You can't keep me in here forever! [Touches his cage and gets shocked] I'll get out! Do you hear? I'll get out!

Hudson: About time you came back. Why did you kidnap me? What do you want of me?
David Xanatos: Nothing much, Hudson, just your skin.
Hudson: [holding his sword] You'll have the devil's own task getting it.
David Xanatos: Really? [presses a button collects some stone from the bottom of Hudson's cage] See it wasn't as hard as you made it sound.

David Xanatos: The Cauldron of Life. The legend says whoever bathes in it will live as long as the mountain stones.
Hudson: Ah, you wish to be... immortal.
David Xanatos: Of course, what good are all the riches on Earth, if Fox and I can't enjoy them forever?

Hudson: These ancient talismens are often dangerous, Xanatos. I would've thought your experience with the Eye of Odin would've taught you that.
David Xanatos: You could be right. Maybe it would be a good idea to test the brew first. Any volunteers?

David Xanatos: If the procedure is successful, I'll release you.
Hudson: And if it isn't?
David Xanatos: Then you'll have the privilege of giving your life for science.
Hudson: My clan will never rest until they know where I am!
David Xanatos: But they already know where you are. [Owen holds up a model of Hudson] This is just a sculpture's model. The real thing is life sized, and lifelike.

Hudson: What's in this for you.
Owen Burnett: Service is its own reward. I would've thought you knew that.

Goliath: There is only one other hope. We need a sorceress. We need Demona. You are a detective. You must help us find her.
Elisa Maza: Goliath, you know I'd do anything to help. But honestly I wouldn't even know where to start looking.
Goliath: We won't give up!
Elisa Maza: We won't! I promise!

Hudson: Geting old terrifies you, doesn't it?
David Xanatos: Nothing terrifies me. Because nothing is beyond my ability to change. What about you? Still sitting in front of a television set. You're of little use to your clan. You may as well be of some use to me.
Hudson: [indignant] Open this cage, and I'll show you how 'useless' I am.

Broadway: [As they're flying away from Macbeth] At least we led him away from Hudson.
Brooklyn: Yeah, now only if someone would lead him away from us!

David Xanatos: Better watch out, Owen. This Macbeth may be gunning for your job. He's already died for me once on this project. It's hard to top that.

Broadway: [as the gargoyles and Elisa return to the Hudson decoy statue] No sign of Macbeth.
Brooklyn: I still want to know how he lived through that crash and why he keeps attacking us.
Goliath: [thinking out loud] It's as though he's trying to keep us off guard while something else is going on.

Hudson: Listen to me, Xanatos. What you seek demands a heavy price. I've lived 1100 years, most of my clan is dead and dust. And I'm a stranger in a strange land. Demona and MacBeth are immortal, has it brought them happiness?
David Xanatos: Save your breath, Hudson. Death and old age have their price as well. And it's too expensive for me.

David Xanatos: [as a Steel Clan Robot is about to drop Hudson in the cauldron] Relax Hudson. Without your sword, you're helpless.
Hudson: Swordless? Maybe. Helpless? NEVER!

David Xanatos: I suppose you'll destroy the cauldron now.
Hudson: And why would I be doing that? What you choose to do with your life is your own affair... As long as it's got nothing to do with me.
David Xanatos: You're just full of surprises.
Hudson: A friendly word of advice. True immortality isn't about living forever, man. It's about what you do with the time you have. When all your scheming's done, what will your legacy be, Xanatos?

[Hudson leaves. Owen starts to call security. Xanatos stops Owen]

David Xanatos: No, let him go. He's earned it.

Goliath: [Looking at the remains] Hudson was the greatest warrior I have ever known. His loss diminishes us all.
Brooklyn: Yeah, I wish I'd... he was one in a million.
Lexington: He's forgotten more things than we'll ever know.
Elisa Maza: He was always there for us.
Broadway: I'm sorry, Hudson. I wish it hadn't turned out this way.
Hudson: [Hudson joins the group] All things considered, I'm just as glad it did.

David Xanatos: I was so close to finding out if the legend was true. Now there's no one to test it on.
Owen Burnett: Allow me, sir. [puts his hand in the cauldron, it turns to stone] It would appear that the cauldron's spell of immortality has a price.

Revelations [2.20]


Avalon [2.21-2.23]

[After the Guardian subdues three street thugs with his sword.]
Officer Morgan: Throw down your weapon!
Tom: Is this a whole city of fools and lawless ruffians?
Officer Morgan: I'm the law here, pal! [points to his badge] See? "Protect and Serve." And I say you can't be running around my city with that sword!
Tom: You are a guardian, like myself. [kneels and presents his sword] I will submit to your law.
[Morgan takes the sword - and, unprepared for its weight, promptly drops it, to the laughter of the three handcuffed thugs.]

Elisa: I was taking a real chance, telling the Sergeant I knew your family.
Tom: If you know Goliath, then you could say you do.

[The Archmage has brought his past self, the Archmage, to Avalon. The Archmage learns he cannot take the Grimorum onto Avalon.]
Archmage: You mean we went to all that trouble to get the Grimorum, and now I can't even take it with me?! What am I supposed to do? Eat it?
Archmage: You are learning.

Selene: We make no pacts with sorcerers.
Archmage: Not even if I can promise you revenge against these mortals?
Phoebe: We are listening.
Archmage: It will take some time.
Luna: What is time to an immortal?

Shadows of the Past [2.24]


Heritage [2.25]

Goliath: Raven! Prepare to do battle!
Raven: Control yourself, Goliath, I have no fight with you.
Natsilane: He's right. I must battle Raven. Even if I die trying.
Raven: What is this, merit badge test night? Oh well, better make sure it's an uneven fight. Totem beasts trapped in wood, the time has come to... do some good.

Raven: [fighting Natsilane] Guess this subject didn't come up in college, eh, boy?

Monsters [2.26]

Anton Sevarius: They say a man's home is his castle, and what fun would a castle be without a dungeon?
Elisa Maza: Sevarius, your idea of fun would give Frankenstein nightmares!

Anton Sevarius: If it gets any more saccharine in there, I'm going to put a finger down my throat.

Golem [2.27]


Sanctuary [2.28]


M.I.A. [2.29]

[time-traveling back to 1941 over London, Goliath narrowly misses being hit by a Spitfire]
Group Captain Bader: Clive, did you see that?
Clive: See what, Douglas?
Bader: ...Ah, nothing. The night sky playing tricks. All right then, chaps. Back to base.
Griff: You know, old boy, that could've been a bit nasty.
Goliath: You saved my life... It was supposed to work the other way.
Griff: [momentarily confused, then] Think nothing of it. I always hoped there were other gargoyles about. You look like Scottish stock to me. Come to help with the war, have you?
Goliath: You could say that.
Griff: Good show!

Una: [over tea] I'm afraid we can't offer you sugar. The war, you know.
Goliath: There is a great deal of hardship, then?
Una: Oh, yes. It's been terrible for us.
[Angrily Griff stands and throws down his teacup.]
Griff: For us? We're not important! Unless the Nazis are stopped here and now, the future of the entire world is in jeopardy!
Leo: Yes, yes, but we belong down here, protecting our home. If the fight comes to us, so be it.
Una: Leo's right. The Nazis are a human problem.
Griff: What do you think, Goliath?
Goliath: I do not presume to advise... but in my experience, human problems become gargoyle problems.
Griff: Finally, someone talking sense!

Grief [2.30]

Coyote 3.0: I'd sure like to know how you got here, but I'm programmed to shoot first and ask questions later.

Emir: Hear me, Guardian of the Gate. I demand a favor.
Anubis: I grant but one boon, mortal. And it will be given to you as it is given to everyone: when your time has come.

Anubis: Death is always pointless. That is the point.

Emir: I demand reparation! My son was cruelly and unfairly taken from me!
Anubis: On the contrary, death is the ultimate fairness. Rich and poor, young and old - all are equal in death. You would not like to see the Jackal God play favourites. Think what you are doing: all over the world there is birth, but no death. Our planet cannot support so many lives at once.

Kingdom [2.31]

Talon: I told you before: everyone is welcome here in the Labyrinth! And the weak are to be protected, not exploited.
Fang: Aah, who died and made you king?

Lexington: If you don't know anything, why were you shooting at us?
Xanatos: Do I really need an excuse to have a good time in my own home?

The Hound of Ulster [2.32]


Walkabout [2.33]


Mark of the Panther [2.34]


Pendragon [2.35]


Eye of the Storm [2.36]

Goliath [feeling around his neck]: The Eye... Where is the Eye?
Odin: Where it always belonged, gargoyle - with the original owner. I apologize for any trouble I caused in my efforts to reclaim it. It seems I'm out of practice dealing directly with mortals.
Goliath: I owe you an apology as well. It seems I am unaccustomed to dealing with a god.... or being one.
Odin: Then we have all gained rare enlightment this night: the Eye's standard gift.

The New Olympians [2.37]


The Green [2.38]


Sentinel [2.39]

Goliath: [Sees the Easter Island statues for the 1st time] ...Mmm, what a peculiar sight. Elisa, do you have any idea where we are? [No response] ...Elisa?
Angela: She fell asleep.
Goliath: Good. She guards us in daylight, and forgets to rest herself.

Elisa Maza: [Abruptly woken-up] How did I end up here? The Skiff! Where's the skiff?

[Prof. Lydia Dwayne and Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith, on holiday on Rapa Nui/Easter Island, spot Elisa wandering out on her own at night]
Prof. Lydia Dwayne: Now, that's odd.
Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith: Odd, indeed. [As they pass her] Perhaps she's been separated from one of those tour groups.
[Turns around to catch up. Drives past and stops in front of her]
Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith: [To Elisa] Do you often go wandering about at night, young lady?
Elisa Maza: Who are you?
Prof. Lydia Dwayne: I'm Professor. Lydia Dwayne, this is my collegue, Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith. We're archaeologists on holiday.
Elisa Maza: Then how-about telling me exactly where 'here' is, or for that matter, who I am?
Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith: My dear, are you saying you don't remember your own name?
Elisa Maza: [Despairingly] I can't seem to remember anything. I feel lucky I know how to talk.
Prof. Lydia Dwayne: Well, we can at least tell you where you are, perhaps that'll jog your memory.
Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith: The natives call this land "Rapa Nui".
Prof. Lydia Dwayne: In modern times, it's become far better known as "Easter Island".
Elisa Maza: Easter Island? How did I end up in the middle of the Pacific?
Dr. Arthur Morwood-Smith: Well, I can't answer that, my dear, but we're certianly are't going to leave you wandering about in your condition.
Elisa Maza: Yeah... Well... I guess I could use a ride...

Goliath: [Spots Elisa] Elisa... She appears unharmed... But what could have possessed her to go off with those two...?

[At 'The Islander' hotel]
Elisa Maza: According to my wallet, my name is "Elisa Maza", and I'm a New York City Policewoman.
Prof. Lydia Dwayne: I thought you looked familiar. We've met before. Do you remember the Scrolls of Merlin?
Elisa Maza: [Sighs] No. I'm sorry.
Dr. Arnada: Do you know what a scroll is?
Elisa Maza: [exasperated] Of course.
Dr. Arnada: Well, you can be grateful you general knowledge appears to be intact. [Shines a light in her eye]
Elisa Maza: Yeah, I'm jumping for joy here, doc.

[Goliath retrieves Elisa from the hotel, not knowing that she is amnesic. The Doctors all try to stop him, but he throws them off with his wings]
Goliath: Elisa, stop struggling. It's me, Goliath. We're friends.
Elisa Maza: [Panicking] Get your claws off me!
[Goliath jumps from the balcony with his wings open.]
Goliath: You might want to reconsider your request.
[Elisa looks down at the ground, far beneath them as it gets closer.]
Elisa Maza: [Panics] Oh...! We're gonna die!
Goliath: [Starts gliding] I will not let anything harm you.
Elisa Maza: [Still nervous from how high up they are] You win. I'll behave... At least while we're this high up.
Goliath: I suppose that's a start.
Elisa Maza: [About her gun] A lot of good this did me.
Goliath: I cannot believe you pulled the trigger on me.
Elisa Maza: Yeah? Well I can't believe I was carrying an empty revolver. What kind of cop am I?
Goliath: A very good one. It's not your fault. You've been out of bullets since we left Avalon. Try and remember.
Elisa Maza: [Still apprehensive about being off the ground] Just shut up and land.
Goliath: [Starts to land] Elisa, please... We have been friends for over a year, good friends! We've been... travelling together with my daughter Angela. And Bronx?
Elisa Maza: [Taken back] Whoa, Tiny, you mean there's more than one of you?
Goliath: [Sternly] My name is not 'Tiny'. I am Goliath. Think! The castle... Xanatos... Gargoyles-
Elisa Maza: [Hysterical] -Stop-it! Stop-it! I just don't remember! I'm not even sure I want to remember!
Goliath: [Grimly] Someone has done this to you... [Clenches fist] I swear they will pay!...

[Nokkar is holding Angela and Bronx captive, believing that she is in league with the space-Spawn. Goliath and Elisa are being observed through surveillance camaras.]
Angela: [To Nokkar] How many ways can I say it? We mean you no harm. [To Bronx, Sighs] It's no use, Bronx, he doesn't understand a word I say. [Bronx whines]
Nokkar: On the contrary, I understand your words, I simply do not believe them. You have been long expected. I know you were sent here take this world.
Angela: "Take this world"? Take it where?

Elisa Maza: That's some story all right. Gargoyle clans, mutated brothers, magic spells. You threw in everything but King Arthur and the Holy Grail.
Goliath: Yes, well, we haven't encountered the Holy Grail... yet.

Elisa Maza: And to think... I was starting to trust this Goliath.

Bushido [2.40]


Cloud Fathers [2.41]

[Xanatos and Coyote are holding Angela and Goliath prisoner.]
Coyote 4.0: This trough is filled with acid. In about ten minutes its going to do a very nasty job on that soil carving, not to mention your rugged good looks.
David Xanatos: It's my first real stab at clichéd villainy. How am I doing?

[Xanatos and Coyote 4.0 capture the Kachina Coyote.]
Kachina Coyote: How are doing this? No machine can hold me!
David Xanatos: This one can. Ever heard of the Cauldron of Life? It was supposed to grant me immortality, but it fell short of my expectations. I couldn't see such a rare find going to waste, though, so I melted it down and used it to reconstruct Coyote. My Coyote. The magic inherent in the iron allows him to hold you. Ironic, isn't it? One Coyote catching another.
Kachina Coyote: I should sue you for trademark infringement.
David Xanatos: Consider him a tribute. Besides, I've always considered myself a trickster at heart.

David Xanatos: Goliath. I must say, these last-minute upsets you keep handing me are becoming... irritating.

Ill Met by Moonlight [2.42]

[Goliath, Angela, Bronx and Elisa arrive on Avalon]
Angela: I'm beginning to think this Manhattan we search for is a myth.

Titania: In Avalon, Oberon's word is law.
Katharine: Does that mean he's always right?
Titania: Not while he's married.

Future Tense [2.43]

Goliath: Impossible. Time is like a river, correcting its courses against any change. History cannot be changed.

Brooklyn: Your body was destroyed!
Xanatos Program: Sad but true. However, my brain patterns and personality were successfully downloaded into my computer network - granting me the immortality I've always desired.
Goliath: You're not immortal! You're not even Xanatos! The real Xanatos at his worst would not have done what you've done. You're just an unfeeling machine.
Xanatos Program: Well, this machine is about to download onto every computer on the world wide net, bringing the planet exactly the kind of order it needs: my kind.
Brooklyn: The world needs your kind of order like it needs another Ice Age!

[The Xanatos Program holds up virtual Goliath's disembodied head.]
Xanatos Program: Alas, poor Goliath. I knew him well.
Goliath: You will not win!
Xanatos Program: What are you going to do? Bite my kneecaps off?

The Gathering [2.44-2.45]


Part One

Oberon: What are you doing here, my love? Have you forgotten the Gathering?
Titania (as Anastasia Renard): I am gathering even now.
Oberon: We have discussed this, my dear. It is my law that we do not directly interfere with human affairs. Let the woman keep her child.
Fox: Keep my child? Mother, who is this guy?
Oberon: "Mother"?! [chuckles] Oh, Titania, what have you been up to?

Titania: [about Alexander] Although the blood line has thinned, he has great potential.
Xanatos: With his pedigree, of course he does.

Part Two

Oberon: The humans will awaken in the morning and this will seem naught but a midsummer night's dream.

Goliath: I know from experience the transforming power of a child's love. The future is not written yet.

Goliath: What about... him?
Oberon: Yes... what about him?
Puck: I have a sunny disposition and I'm always kind to animals?

Vendettas [2.46]


Turf [2.47]


The Reckoning [2.48]

[As Thailog frees Demona from her cell, she aims one of his laser cannons at Fang]
Fang: [nervous] Hey, Demona... I've always respected you as a fellow inmate... Some of my best friends are half-gargoyle, half-human babes with bad attitudes!
[Demona merely blasts apart the glass containing him]
Demona: [to Thailog] He's a fool, but he may be useful.
Fang: ... I can work with that!

Goliath: [to Demona, about the clones] If you consider these poor creatures your Clan, then you've sunk even lower than I imagined.
Thailog: Now, now! That's your friends' genetic make-up you're insulting. Still, you're right. They are a bit primitive. I kept their programming simple: "Obey Thailog." It's all they really need to know.

Brentwood: No Thailog?
Hollywood: What now for us?
Broadway: Without Thailog, these guys don't know what to do or where to go.
Lexington: Yeah, but we can't just bring them back to the Clock Tower, can they? I mean, they kind of give me the creeps...
Talon: They can come live in the Labyrinth, with my Clan.
Burbank: You are master now?
Talon: Better than that. I'll teach you how to think for yourselves... and use verbs.

Possession [2.49]

Goliath: Puck! I should've known. But why this subterfuge?
Puck: Hey, I live for subterfuge!

Hunter's Moon [2.50-2.52]

[Matt Bluestone discusses conspiracy theories with a reporter.]
Matt Bluestone: Huh, don't believe them. Now UFOs... Do you know that Easter Island statues were modeled after space aliens?

Goliath: I do not want escape, I want vengeance!
Demona: Perhaps you can have a little of both.
Goliath: There's no such thing as "a little" vengeance.
Demona: At last, you're thinking like a true Gargoyle.

David Xanatos: Of course they're safe, detective. Goliath just saved the world. More important, he saved my son. The least I can do is reinstate his Clan to their ancestral home.
Elisa Maza: What's the catch, Xanatos?
David Xanatos: No catches. No tricks. No strings. The feud is over, detective.

Brooklyn: And so it begins. "Gargoyles: Chapter Two" - or is "Three"? I've lost count.
Goliath: So... things have come full circle.
Elisa Maza: Somehow, they always do. You know how I feel about you... right?
Goliath: How... we both feel. Yes.
Elisa Maza: Good.
[She embraces and kisses him, and as the sun rises, Goliath turns to stone with a contented smile]
Elisa Maza: Welcome home, Goliath. Welcome home.

Season 3 (The Goliath Chronicles)


The Journey [3.01]

[At the first Quarrymen meeting, John Castaway addresses his audience.]
John Castaway: I know that you are all reasonable people. But you do not live in a reasonable world - violence, racism, injustice, you struggle with the world's problems, and wind up feeling so alone. Now, something alien and horrible has entered your world. [sweeps the veil off of a gargoyle statue] Are you afraid of this monster? Well, for once, you are not alone. [...] Are you afraid these creatures will attack you while you sleep? You are not alone in that fear! Are you afraid they will steal your children away? You are not alone! Do you believe these monsters must be stopped? You are not alone! Join us! Join the Quarrymen! [dons a hood] When you wear our hoods, believe me, you are no longer alone! [...] Take a hood! Take a hammer! You are Quarrymen now! Join us! And I promise, you will never be alone again! [smashes the statue]

Ransom [3.02]

[After being insulted by a cleaner.]
Lexington: Whose ugly?

Runaways [3.03]


Broadway Goes Hollywood [3.04]

Broadway: Did they even know I was there? If they want to work with me, why were they insulting me so much?
Fox: If I knew that I'd own this town.

[Xanatos referring to his wife Fox.]
Xanatos: Devoted wife, mother, one-woman vigilante squad. What a woman.

A Bronx Tail [3.05]


The Dying of the Light [3.06]

[Blind Jeffrey Robbins admits that he knows Hudson is a gargoyle.]
Jeffrey Robbins: Hey, it wasn't hard to figure out, Hudson. Late night visits only. Your accent. That smell.
Hudson: What smell?
Jeffrey Robbins: Well, you tell me. Sort of like old leather and concrete. Uh, but in a good way!

And Justice for All [3.07]


Genesis Undone [3.08]

Thailog: Dear child, the more one takes, the better his chances.

[As Thailog lies dying in Goliath's arms.]
Thailog: [smiling, perhaps ironically] Oh... How I did enjoy causing you grief...

Generations [3.09]


For It May Come True [3.10]


To Serve Mankind [3.11]


Seeing Isn't Believing [3.12]


Angels in the Night [3.13]


Clan Building Volume 1


The first two issues are an adaptation of The Journey and will only be for quotes that are exclusive to the comic book version.

Issue 1: Nightwatch

[Goliath responding to being shot at]
Goliath: Gargoyles do not scare easily. But since we are not your enemy, you have nothing to be frightened of either. Do we understand each other?
Art: Uh, yes, sir.
Goliath: [Hands a bent gun back to Art] Good. Then you may keep your weapon.

[Maria Chavez approaching and talking to Matt from behind]
Chavez: I'm pretty sure that's my chair.
Matt: Captain Chavez. You're back.
Chavez: [Walking on crutches] Yeah, I'm back Detective. What did I miss on the gargoyles front?"
Matt: Multiple false alarms and vandalized stone statues. A lot of people are scared.
Chavez: What about the Xanatos angle?
Matt: Uh, Elisa and I have both been up to the castle. Nothing unusual to report.
Chavez: Where is Detective Maza? [Cuts to Elisa sleeping only to be awoken by Cagney]

Issue 2: The Journey

[Vinnie's response to Goliath's gratitude]
Vinnie: I guess that makes up for any... uh, emotional trauma associated with that unfortunate pie throwing incident from a few months back.

Issue 3: Invitation Only

[Beginning of the issue]
Radio DJ: Happy Halloween! Today's pointless poll tells us New York's most popular costume is a gargoyle. So don't panic! Sure, Manhattan may be infested with real monsters, but it's not like the beasties can talk, right? So if the creature knocking at your door tonight roars "trick or treat, odds are you are safe.

[Goliath and Elisa discussing their relationship.]
Elisa: Try to understand...
Goliath: I do understand. You do not want a mate. You want a husband.
Elisa: We have to break up. Move on. See other people.
Goliath: Break up? Other people?
Elisa: I realize your options are limited.
Goliath: LIMITED?!
Elisa: [Referring to Delilah] But you know who I'm talking about.

[Castaway talking to a Quarryman over the phone]
John Castaway: I couldn't care less what he wishes. Tell Chaz no hammers! Not tonight! Yes, we do want a strong presence on the streets. But the last thing we need is a Quarryman brought up on assault charges for cloutting a teenager in a gargoyle mask.. Hoods, yes! Hammers, no!

[End of the issue referring the Radio DJ's dialogue from the start of the issue.]
Talon: Thailog!
Thailog: Trick or treat!

Issue 4: Masque

[Margot criticising Brendan's choice to dress as a gargoyle for Halloween]
Margot: I told you to come as Valentino, but Brendan Quarters isn't happy, unless he's the biggest cliche of the season.
Brendan: Give it a rest Margot.
Margot: [she points to Broadway who's dressed as the Cowardly Lion, Angela who is dressed as Dorothy and Lexington who's cyborg costume resembles Future Tense Lexington] Now these three know how to give a cliche a fresh twist. [Goes over to Lexington] I especially love this Post-Modern Tin Man.
Lexington: Excuse me? Cyborg.

[Judge Roebling spots Goliath and his date Delilah]
Judge Roebling: Goliath! I say Goliath! It's Judge Roebling.
Goliath: Yes, your honor. I remember you.
Judge Roebling: No "your honors" here, Goliath. Tonight, I say, tonight I am Sir Ian of Oxford! Oxford, Mississippi, that is. As for your costume, well... Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. [Looks at Delilah] And this fair creature I believe is Demona.
Delilah: I am Delilah. Demona was one of my genetic sources. The other was Elisa Maza.
[Roebling looks dumbfounded]

[Thailog looks around the Labyrinth and asks about Delilah's whereabout]
Thailog: Where's Delilah?
Malibu: Goliath take. To party.
Thailog: [Looks baffled] Goliath and Delilah? On a date? [Laughs maniacally] Wow, haven't had a good maniacal laugh in weeks.

Issue 5: Bash

[Brooklyn comes out in a costume resembling Superman's]
Brooklyn: Have no fear! Supergoyle is here!

[Xanatos meets fellow Illuminati member, Quincy Hemmings]
Quincy Name's Quincy Hemmings. Been on staff here at the White House since the Roosevelt Administration.
Xanato F.D.R.?
Quincy Teddy. An I been Chief Steward here since Johnson.
Xanatos Andrew?
Quincy L.B.J. Now don't get smart, boy.
Xanatos So for the decades... The leader of the free world has been...
Quincy Shootin the breeze in my kitchen every night.

[The clones make their choice on whether to follow Thailog or return to The Labyrinth]
Thailog: I'm sure we'll all abide by your decision love, because I'm sure you'll make the correct one.
Goliath: [Calls out weakly] Delilah.
Delilah: [Quotes what she heard Goliath saying] "Delilah can mean nothing to me." Isn't that what you said, Goliath? You used me.
Thailog: Fresh out of the can and already intuitive. [Faces Elisa] Must be the good genes, eh, Detective?
Delilah: You used me as well, Thailog
Thailog: Moi?
Delilah: Only in the Labyrinth have I truly felt free. [Faces the other clones] What say you, brothers?
Malibu: Malibu go with Delilah
Hollywood: Hollywood not fight more. Go Labyrinth.
Burbank: Labyrinth good.
Delilah: Then it's settled.
Brentwood: No! Brentwood Free Will Clone! Brentwood stay Thailog! Thailog smart.
Thailog: Finally, someone making sense!
Lexington: Dude, you're really making me look bad.

[Goliath is being tended to over a wound inflicted by Thailog]
Goliath: [Weakly talks] Elisa... Sunrise is... Hours away...
Elisa: Don't talk like that.
Goliath: You cannot stop me... I will say it... This once... I love you...
Elisa: I love you too. [Elisa and Goliath kiss on the lips]
[Brooklyn smiles for them, only to show jealousy over Broadway and Angela, and then notices that Malibu and Delilah seem to care for each other]
Brooklyn: Oh, you gotta be kiddin me...

[Thailog is finish a discussion with Sevarius only to be interupted]
Shari: Excuse me, Mr. Thailog. My name is Shari, and I understand you're in need of an executive assisstant.
Sevarius: Young lady, I don't know how you got in here, but you've just made the mistake of your life!
[Thailog growls only to notice an Illuminati pendant hanging from her]
Thailog: [He turns to Brentwood and Sevarius] Leave us. Both of you.
Sevarius: Certainly. Wouldn't want to 'inhibit' you, dear boy.
[Alone both of them give their Illuminati rank number]
Thailog: 36.
Shari: 9.

Issue 6: Reunion

Thailog: [Talking to Shari] I always get what I want. And what I want now, Shari... Is a bed time story.
Shari: Like "Once upon a time"?
Thailog: Exactly.

[Sangpo can't understand the language in which Goliath, Angela and Coldstone speak in]
Sangpo: What are they saying, Master? I don't understand.
Master Dawa: Listen with your heart, Sangpo. If that doesn't work, I'll translate later.

[Shari finishes her tale concerning Coldstone and the Avalon World Tour]
Thailog: [Laughs] Avalon sends my father to redeem my uncle, and Goliath failed. Priceless!
Shari: Are you so sure they failed?
Thailog: [Ceases to smile] Why?! What do you know?!
Shari: Only that seeds were sown that night... Seeds which have yet to bear fruit.
Thailog: What seeds?! What fruit?! [Thailog approaches her, only to turn to stone]
Shari: [Is eating an apple] Hmmm... It seems that's a story for another night as well...

Clan Building Volume 2


Issue 8: Rock & Roll

[Arthur and Macbeth explain how they survived through the centuries while drinking coffee owned by Nightstone Unlimited]
Arthur: Mortally wounded in 542. So they shipped me off to some magic hill... And put me to sleep for a thousand, four hundred, fifty-three years.
Macbeth: Sounds lovely.
Arthur: And you?
Macbeth: Deal with a demon in 1040. Officially died in 1057... Been sleep-walking for nine hundred, thirty-nine years.
Arthur: ... Guess I got the better bargain.
Macbeth: Ach, I try not to dwell these days... So here's to the immortals. [Both of them bang their cups against each others] There aren't many like us.

Bad Guys Volume 1


Issue 1: Strangers

[Dingo describing pain that he and Matrix both felt in a recent battle]
Dingo: How come I successfully felt pain when the bad guy clawed through you?
Matrix: For you to control my form as armor, I must link directly to your nervous system... Which interpreted damage as pain.
Dingo: But how?
Matrix: By inserting part of my matrix into your spine.
Dingo: Hold on, partner. I never signed on for that!
Matrix: How else is the link possible?
Dingo: Don't know. Don't care. We'll have no more inserting! Clear?

[Robyn Canmore shows up when Dingo and Matrix are talking]
Robyn: Harry Monmouth, A.K.A. Dingo, you're under arrest.
Dingo: Bounty hunter?
Robyn: Just a hunter.
Dingo: Well, your info's outta date, hunter. I'm one of the good guys now.
Robyn: Not in New York. You violated the laws of the United States...
Matrix: [Interupts Robyn] Dingo violated law and order?
Robyn: [Finishes her statement] And there's a prison cell waiting. Surrender for extradition.
Dingo: Sorry no. Matrix, saddle up.
Matrix: You were explicit. We must not link.
Dingo: Really not the time for I told you sos.

Fiends in High Places

[From the Personal Diary of Detective 2nd Class Elisa Maza: ...Maybe I shouldn't be keeping so many secrets from Captain Chavez... But ever since I found out about the Gargoyles, I keep coming up against stuff I can't put in an official report... or they'd have me off into a straightjacket before the file hit the Captain's desk!

[From the Personal Diary of Detective 2nd Class Elisa Maza: ...A perfect example: That armored WHATEVER-IT-WAS tonight... evidently trying to abduct a worker from an upper-story of the construction site. It's eyes widened when it saw me... as if in surprise.

[Goliath has just saved Elisa's life]
Elisa Maza: Goliath...! Obviously, you found the note I left you... And I don't wanna seem ungrateful... But wasn't that note a warning--for you to stay out of this neighborhood tonight?
Goliath: I thought that was merely your manner of subconsciously asking me to look after you.
Elisa Maza: I see you've been reading those Psychology Textbooks again. Something tells me I'm gonna regret arranging for you to live at the civic center--on top of a Library.

Always Darkest Before Dawn


Rude Awakening


Blood From a Stone


Venus in Stone


Venus Rising


The Pack Attacks


Terror in Times Square


The Egg and I


Out of the Past


Into the Future


Quotes about Gargoyles

  • I was very moved by Goliath. I was moved by playing him. They're not displaced citizens but they are citizens from another time and another place that were placed in this modern context and maintained that integrity.

  • There were obvious themes, like “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Themes of overcoming prejudice, bias, etc. There were themes about immortality, themes about integrity. These are all things that mean something to me personally. But I also don’t like to get bogged down with questions of theme too often. I like the characters to live and breathe and tell the stories they want to tell. We can figure out the theme later. This is even truer for me now than it was then. Back then, I’d use those one-word episodic titles to help me keep focused on an episodic theme, because I was told over and over how important that was. Now, when a network executive asks me about theme, I have to be careful not to roll my eyes.
  • Diversity was always important to me, but working on Gargoyles was where the problem of a lack of diversity in cartoons first sort of crystalized for me. Things we were doing casually, like making Elisa Maza a woman of color, were being hailed as revolutionary, which was both cool and disappointing at the same time.
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