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Get Carter is a 1971 British crime film starring Michael Caine as Jack Carter, a gangster who sets out to avenge the death of his brother.

Written by Ted Lewis (novel) and Mike Hodges (screenplay). Directed by Mike Hodges.
What happens when a professional killer violates the code? Get Carter!

Jack Carter[edit]

  • A pint of bitter [snaps fingers as barman walks away] in a thin glass.
  • [To Brumby] You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself.
  • [To Margaret] Listen, the only reason I came back to this crap house is to find out who did it. And I'm not leaving till I do.
  • [To Eric] You know, I'd almost forgotten what your eyes looked like. Still the same. Pissholes in the snow.
  • I'm going to sit in the car and whistle Rule Britannia.

Cyril Kinnear[edit]

  • You don't give a man like Jack a drink in those piddly little glasses. Give him the bloody bottle.


Carter: You know, I'd almost forgotten what your eyes looked like. They're still the same. Pissholes in the snow.
Eric: Still got your sense of humour
Carter: Yes, I retained that, Eric.

Eric: So, what're you doing then? On your holidays?
Carter: No, I'm visiting relatives.
Eric: Oh, that's nice.
Carter: It would be... if they were still living.

Architect: I’ve got an awful feeling we aren’t going to get our fees for this job.

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