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Ghostbusters was an animated television series created by Filmation and launched following the success of the Columbia Pictures live-action Ghostbusters movie, but based on a live-action television show from the 1970s titled The Ghost Busters.


Jake: Eddie, what do you see?
Eddie: I saw a ghost, let's capture them!


Egon: Notice the vacant stare. The completely mindless look. That could only mean one thing.
Winston: She's from California?!?

"Chicken, He Clucked"[edit]

Morganon: "So we made a deal, and I gave him the power to make anything vanish, and he used it on... chickens! I could've given him wealth, power, fame! But he wastes it! Wastes ME on chickens! CHICKENS! (catches Ray making the crazy gesture about him) I need you, but don't push it."
Peter: "What I can't figure is what do you need us for? I mean, you've fulfilled your half of the deal, why the concern?"
Fat demon: (appears at the door) "Hey Morganon! Seen any chickens lately? Eh hahahahaha! Oh! Hey! The boss was looking for someone to handle a new deal, but he couldn't use you! The King of Rowdania doesn't have feathers! But I just want to say! Ah hahahahahaha!" (leaves)
Morganon: "Does THAT answer your question? For a demon of my status to strike a bargain over... chickens... is embarrassing. It's ruining my reputation!"
Ray: "How did they find out?"
Morganon: (glares at his imprisoned imp) "I have a pretty good idea."

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