Goin' South

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Goin' South is a 1978 American western-comedy film directed by Jack Nicholson.


Deputy Towfield: [of Moon's marriage] It's bad, huh?
Henry Moon: Like eggs rolled in sand.

Henry Moon: Well?! Anybody hungry?
Big Abe: [deadpan] Hungry?! Shit, I could eat a frozen dog.
Henry Moon: Well, we'll go on out to the kitchen and see if we got one already froze.

Henry Moon: Well, I ain't no slab of meat to be auctioned off, but what the hell? Fine by me.

Hermine, Moon's Old Gang: [to Henry Moon just prior to his hanging] You was the best I ever had... 'cept maybe for that circus fella.

Henry Moon: I'll never forget you, Hermione. You was the first woman I didn't have to pay for.

[to a homely woman who's sizing him up for matrimony]

Henry Moon: I wouldn't take you to a dog-fight if you was the defendin' champ!

Sheriff Andrew Kyle: Julia, are you drunk?
Julia Tate: Sheriff Kyle, you know I don't drink.
Henry Moon: 'Course she don't drink!

Henry Moon: Poultry is just another way of sayin' chicken.

Henry Moon: Hold on, Towfield, you're wrinklin' my good luck ban-dan-na.


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