Going to the People

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Arrest of a Propagandist, painting by Ilya Repin

Going to the People (Russian: Хождение в народ) was a 19th century populist movement in the Russian Empire.

Quotes about Going to the People[edit]

  • Nothing like it had ever been seen before or after…It was a powerful cry that arose no one knows whence and that called living souls to the great work of redeeming the Fatherland and the human race. And the living souls, when they heard this cry, arose, overflowing with grief and indignation for their past. And they gave up their homes, their riches, honours and families…It was not yet a political movement. Rather it was like a religious movement, with all the infectious nature of such movements. Men were trying not just to reach a certain practical end, but also to satisfy a deeply felt duty, an aspiration for moral perfection.

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