Grand Theft Auto IV

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Capitalism is a dirty business. ~ Niko Bellic

Grand Theft Auto IV is a 2008 British video game developed by Rockstar North.


Niko Bellic: The only thing I owe you is a bullet through the temple. You will be paid in full, fear not.
Iggy Pop: This town is startin' to make me angry; angry and alone. And broke. Man, it's expensive to live here! Time for some commercials to refill the coffers. I've got a yoga bill like a motherfucker!

Street Preacher: Hey, hey, you gotta listen to me, you gotta hear me, are you listening? It's not real man! It's a lie, it's all lies. The government lies to us. They put robots in the drinking water, they put spies in the toilets - to watch us! You think it's a joke, the joke's on you, they're killing you! You are being harvested by a marketing machine! You're not free, you're slaves! Freedom is a lie! They use drugs to control you, they did it to me for a long time. You need love! I need you, you need me, I love you! Love me back!

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