Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is a 2011 direct-to-video animated superhero film that tells various stories featuring members of Green Lantern Corps, including Abin Sur, Laira, Kilowog, and Mogo. While not a direct sequel to Green Lantern: First Flight, the film uses the same character designs and includes a cameo by Ch'p, who had a speaking role in the previous film.

Hal Jordan

  • When you shape the light of your ring, you walk in the footsteps of the first Lantern.
  • Accident is only the will of the universe expressing itself.


  • Laira: [to Kentor] I came here hoping that Ree'yu and Rubyn were responsible for Jayd's atrocities, hoping that you were still the man that once tucked his daughter in at night, but you are no longer that man, and I am a Green Lantern. [she uses her ring's power against Kentor] You're not even worthy of that armor! [the ring's energies strip Kentor off his Golden Dragon armor]
  • Deegan: In brightest day, In blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. You freaking bastards!
  • Deegan: That's Sergeant Deegan to you, poozer!
  • Arisia Rrab: [about Mogo] He might not socialize, but he sure knows how make an entrance.



(first lines)

Kilowog: Ardakian Trawl, do you realize you got patrol?
Ardakian Trawl: Oh, and I thought I was coming 500 million light-years to give you a sponge bath, Kilowog.
Kilowog: Knock it off, you poozer.
Ardakian Trawl: I'm in your star system, so quit flaring your nostrils.

Arisia Rrab: I've heard of Kilowog.
Hal Jordan: What horror stories did they tell you?
Arisia Rrab: I heard someone got killed training with him.
Hal Jordan: (laughs) Don't believe everything. Kilowog has some rough edges, but he's a cakewalk compared to Deegan.
Arisia Rrab: Deegan?
(Kilowog's flashback sequence starts)
Deegan: That's Sergeant Deegan to you, poozer! You know what a poozer is, don't you, poozer?
Kilowog: No, sir.
Deegan: I can't hear you!
Kilowog: No, sir!
Deegan: Poozers are what I call useless, stupid, stinking rookies like Brilowog here.
Kilowog: Kilowog, sir.
Deegan: Did you just say somethin', Brilobutt?
Kilowog: No, sir. Sorry, sir.
Deegan: You're whoever I say you are! Understood?
Kilowog: Yes, sir.
Deegan: I can't hear you!
Kilowog:Yes, sir!
Deegan: What was that ring call I caught you makin'? You crying home to mommy and daddy?
Kilowog: No, sir! The call was to my wife, sir! She's pregnant and l...
Deegan: (interrupts with a small box construct around Kilowog's head) Did I ask for a medical report? You got only one family right now, poozer, and they're all wearin' green rings. Whose power, poozers?
All: Our power, Sergeant Deegan!
Deegan: Whose light, poozers?
All: Our light, Sergeant Deegan!
Deegan: You're damn right!

Kilowog: Do you enjoy seeing us in pain? Seeing us doubt ourselves?! It's like you want us to quit, sir!
Deegan: I've got nothin' to explain to you.
Kilowog: We're all here because we wanna serve. If one of us gets killed, you're nothing more than a murderer, "sir"!
Deegan: (lightly drops his ring) Say that again.
Kilowog: You're a mean, sadistic, son of..(Deegan punches him) Ingh!

Bolphunga: Poor Kluba Vud. You seem to be completely, heh, disarmed. And once I have your head, I, Bolpphunga, shall be proclaimed the greatest warrior in the galaxy!
Kloba Vud: Except for Mogo.
Bolphunga: What? What did you say?
Kloba Vud: Except for Mogo. Not only is he mightier than you, he is also a... A Green Lantern.
Bolphunga: Ha. I fear no Lantern.
Kloba Vud: You'd fear this one. He's the most powerful Lantern of them all. Never defeated. A cosmic legend.
Bolphunga: Never heard of him.

Arisia Rrab: I guess this is the blackest night everyone talks about.
Sinestro: No, my dear. Only dusk.

Sinestro: It appears you fulfilled the prophecy of Oa's destruction. Not only a hero, but some might say an agent of destiny.
Kilowog: You did good out there, rookie.
Arisia Rrab: Does this mean I get to skip boot camp?
Kilowog: Not a chance, poozer.

(last lines)

Arisia Rrab: Where's everyone going?
Hal Jordan: We got a new home to build. Come on. I'll tell you about the time I took on an army of Manhunters and my only backup was this squirrel.