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Grégoire de Saint-Vincent

Gregory St. Vincent (22 March 1584 Bruges – 5 June 1667 Ghent) was a Flemish Jesuit and mathematician.


  • Liber hic fere Lemmaticus est, quemadmodum & alter, qui de Circulorum variis proprietatibus tractat. Porrò quo magis materia Lectori admanum sint, omnem in tres partes dividere placuit.
Prima quidem maximè circa linearum proportionem versatur.
Secunda varias trianguli affectiones exhibet.
Tertia illas linearum contemplatur proprietates, quae earum potentias concernunt.
  • This book is generally concerned with a lemma [i. e. the harmonic ratio, whereby a line segment is divided internally and externally in the same ratio], as with the following one which draws out various properties of circles. Again, so that more material should be at hand to the reader, it was determined to set everything out in three parts.
The first part is mainly concerned with the proportions of lines.
The second shows the various uses of triangles.
The third considers these properties of lines which are concerned with powers.

Quotes about Gregory St. Vincent[edit]

  • Gregory St. Vincent is the greatest of circle-squarers, and his investigations led him into many truths: he found the property of the arc of the hyperbola which led to Napier's logarithms being called hyperbolic. Montucla says of him, with sly truth, that no one ever squared the circle with so much genius, or, excepting his principal object, with so much success.

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