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Grey's Anatomy (2005-) is a primetime television medical drama, airing on ABC, that follows Meredith Grey, a first-year surgical intern at the beginning of the drama, and her fellow interns as they struggle to become doctors.

Season 13[edit]

Undo [13.1][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Don't you wish you could just take it back? That thing you said? That thing you did? There's no undo button. There's only hoping we can learn. We can change, right? We can do better. We can't take back what we've done. We can't undo the past, cause the future keeps coming at us.

Ben: [about Alex] What about you? Is it just blind loyalty?
Meredith: It's not blind. He's earned it. When I first got here, he was one of the worst people I had ever met in my life. And now he's one of the best. And I know both of these people are still in there. I just want to make sure the right one wins.

Maggie: You encouraged me to stay. You offered me a home and a family and I accepted. And I wasn't kidding, I will go down swinging for you. It means something to me. I thought I could trust you.
Meredith: You can. From here on out.
Maggie: Don't do it again. Don't lie to me again.

Nathan: They look happy.
Meredith: They do.
Nathan: That won't last. I'm not saying I don't want it to. I'm not just being an ass.
Meredith: Actually...
Nathan: This has never been my experience of happiness. That it lasts.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Best to keep the past in the past. Move on. Learn from it. We don't learn from our mistakes, we wind up locked into a future we never choose. The past is written, there's no changing it. What's done is done, but the future is ours to choose, for better or worse.

Catastrophe and the Cure [13.2][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] As surgeons, we are our brother's keepers. Ride or die. Womb to tomb. We see each other's fears. We see the white knuckle panic of failure. We see ourselves. And who the hell likes looking at that?

Owen: You invited Riggs to our house?
Amelia: We have a new home. We're supposed to have friends and family over to warm it up, right?
Owen: Wait. This is a housewarming? Who else did you invite?
Amelia: You two were so happy at the wedding, and you were so close once.
Owen: That was a long time ago. You should have checked with me first.
Amelia: Sorry. You're right. I meant to.
Owen: You were never gonna check with me, were you?
Amelia: Probably not.

Bailey: You were the big surprise. You were most improved. The person that beat up DeLuca is someone I thought you left behind years ago.
Alex: Me too.
Miranda: I can't in good conscience let you perform surgery in this hospital right now. You're a good doctor! You're compassionate. And you're good with people. You're exactly what we need right now in the clinic. A little mole told me they're short-staffed.
Alex: The Denny Duquette Clinic?
Miranda: Unless you want me to fire you.

Amelia: This is you and Riggs at the wedding. You invited him.
Owen: Okay, what happened to no more meddling?
Amelia: You married a 12-stepper. Get used to it.
Owen: Why is this so important to you?
Amelia: You guys were like best friends. You're brothers. You don't get a lot of those in your life. So you have to try. You're required to try.
Owen: I am happy, okay?
Amelia: You could be happier.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] We walk through these doors as interns, chips on our shoulders. Loners. Lesser rockstars on the verge of greatness. We're thrown into the deep end together. Told to save lives together. To save each other. We become family. And even when you really screw up, family is always there. Always on call. Womb to tomb. Ride or die.

I Ain't No Miracle Worker [13.3][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Every patient who gets bad news wants to be the exception. The one in a million. The miracle. But surgeons don't believe in miracles. We have to make them happen.

Amelia: Marriage is like a bed and breakfast in Vermont, with sex.
Meredith: Until you have kids.
Amelia: And when I want the sex, I don't have to get out of bed and drive to the sex. I just roll right over.
Maggie: Can you stop it?
Amelia: Why would I want to stop it? Married sex is dirtier than I expected.
Maggie: Not the sex, the bragging. You're flashing your money after going to the ATM. We get it. You're sex-rich. It is not polite to brag in front of people who are sex-poor. Some of us are barely making ends meet.

Nathan: You ever have that dream?
Meredith: What dream?
Nathan: The miracle dream. I'd roll over in bed, and there she was, asking me to go make coffee. So real. Then I'd wake up.
Meredith: No, never had that dream. [She leaves and comes back] A knock at the door.
Nathan: Sorry?
Meredith: He knocks at the door, says he forgot his keys, and he's sorry for being gone so long.

Bailey: When we tell a family a patient has died, I'd prefer we be correct! It's a low, low bar for a physician.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Miracles aren't always huge. The fever breaks, the stitch holds, the bone heals. That's why they can be so hard to spot and why they can be such a pain in the ass. Don't get me wrong. Tiny miracles are great. A little miracle's a miracle. It just may not be enough to save us.

Falling Slowly [13.4][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] The harder the hit, the more it'll sting. That's usually the case. So we prescribe meds, ice, compression, elevation. Things you do to stop the immediate pain. But you can only dull the pain for so long, and when the drugs start to wear off, it really hurts.

Owen: She's asks me a question, and I answer it, and my answer just causes more questions, and suddenly I've forgotten what we were talking about, and I'm late for work, and I love her, and it's exhausting.
Meredith: You feel better?
Owen: Yeah, a little bit.

Meredith: I can't do my job if I'm thinking about what you're thinking about me.
Nathan: So you're thinking about me?
Meredith: I don't want to be.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] There's a reason these fixes are called temporary. They were never meant to last forever. So what happens when you're faced with a fix that's more permanent? Do you fight it? Do you try to resist? Or do you step back and decide that maybe acceptance is the best fix of all?

Both Sides Now [13.5][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] There's a reason the punchline to so many doctor jokes starts with "I've got good news, and bad news." Often, the bad news is so bad, when something good comes along, we tend to go a little overboard.

Amelia: I don't know if I should tell Owen before or after. How did you tell Derek?
Meredith: I gave Zola a shirt that said "Best Big Sister."
Amelia: That's sweet, but not helpful.
Meredith: And then with Ellis, I was off the hook because he was dead.
Maggie: Well, this was fun for a minute.

Meredith: I could steal the liver. I could just, like, run up and grab it. Or I could walk up to the guy and say, "Hello, I'm Dr. Bailey. Right this way."
Alex: Do that. Then you'll lose your job, too, and we'll have more time for movies and stuff.

Maggie: It's my first sister's pregnancy. I missed all of yours.
Alex: Amelia's pregnant?
Meredith: Maybe.
Maggie: I hope so.
Alex: Yeah.
Meredith: Me too. She'll be talking for two now.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Every cloud has a silver lining. But it's still a cloud. A cloud can mean a shower, or a storm. So, you take your good days where you get them. You try to stay positive. You try to remember that even in the bad news, there's good news for someone.

Roar [13.6][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] You know that story where a child gets trapped under a car and their parent finds the superhuman strength to lift the car and save the child's life? I always wondered if that was real. If someone I cared about was hurt or trapped, would my instincts kick in? Would I know what to do? Would I lift the car? Jump in front of the bullet? Would I be able to beat somebody senseless? I like to think I would.

Arizona: [about Leah] Can Webber really rehire her? I mean, I am on the board.
Maggie: What is the problem? We needed a new resident, and she's a good one.
Alex: Robbins slept with her.
Arizona: So did Alex.
Alex: If you go there, be careful. She gets attached.

Alex: I didn't promise the impossible. Yeah, I overstepped, and I'm overstepping again and pissing you off, and I don't care. Go on, get mad at me, but don't take it out on the patient. Just give her a freaking chance.
Bailey: When I tell you to know your place, know your damn place.

Veronica: I already have an expiration date. Aren't we past a little worried about some risks?
Miranda: If we did this, if we could remove the tumor and keep your pregnancy intact, by the time you deliver, the cancer will have still grown unchecked for six months. It'd be too far along by then for us to treat it. I mean, you would literally be sacrificing your own life for your child's.
Veronica: I can see it, you know.
Miranda: See what?
Veronica: Jeremy pushing our kid in the swing, touching his toes when they're in the sky. And the baby thinks it's so funny. I can see them growing older together, getting to the good stuff. Jeremy showing him "Star Wars" for the first time. "Episode IV," 'cause you can't start anywhere else. High school, college, his first apartment. Jeremy's there, and he's the best dad. I picture that, and all this crap is for something. A happy ending. I die, but there's something good still. There's something good to see. I picture it your way, and everything goes black. There's nothing. Only death. If this is the only chance that my baby has to survive, I am not looking for a guarantee. I'm looking for a chance.

Amelia: I had a baby. A baby boy. I had a son. Had? When I was living in L.A. He was born with anencephaly but... without a brain. So he lived for, um... 43 minutes. And I held him. I got to hold him. And then it was time. And he was... He donated all of his organs. And then I let him go. And it almost killed me.
Alex: I didn't know.
Amelia: No, you wouldn't. I never told my family. Not Derek, not Meredith. No one. I haven't told Owen all of it. And I don't think I can. He wants a family so bad. How do I tell him that... He won't look at me the same way.
Alex: Are you kidding?
Amelia: He's gonna hate me.
Alex: I don't think so. It's Hunt.
Amelia: I took a pregnancy test last night. I thought I might... And, uh, as I sat there waiting for the result, I just watched him get more and more excited. He wanted it so badly. And the longer I sat there, the more I felt like I was dying. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. And when that stick was negative, Owen's heart broke. And I was so relieved. I could breathe again. See. Now look me in the eye and tell me that he won't hate me.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] When someone you love is in physical danger, finding the strength you need to save them is easy. But sometimes the threat isn't physical. Sometimes, it goes deeper, in which case, no instincts can save you. No superhuman strength, no adrenaline rush. You can't power your way out of the crashing car. All you can do is sit and wait and wish things were different.

Why Try to Change Me Now [13.7][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The saying's as true of the human body as it is of a washing machine or a blender. A good surgeon knows that if you go screwing around with something that doesn't need screwing, you are the one who is liable to end up screwed.

Alex: This is because of me, isn't it? They're gonna overhaul the program because I beat up DeLuca.
Meredith: Everything isn't about you. That doesn't even make sense.
Alex: A teacher beat up a student.
Meredith: Oh. That makes sense.

Arizona: You made a mistake.
Eliza: I'm sorry?
Arizona: I am great, and your little list or whatever the hell that is, that should have my name on it 'cause I raise great surgeons, and I will raise more. Fetal surgery is a very exclusive practice, and there are hardly any of us. I am like a rare, exotic bird, and if you stop me from teaching, I may be the last of my kind.
Eliza: What list?
Arizona: From the room... the residents. You left it there.
Eliza: Oh. I was just trying to learn everyone's name. Writing it down helps me remember.
Arizona: Oh. Oh, great. So you don't... You don't need to remember my name?
Eliza: Arizona Robbins? That name attached to that face? No, that's not one you forget.

Eliza: [to Bailey] You should know they'll hate you, the staff. It happens everywhere I go. Everyone hates the agent of change. I'm used to it, I'm good at it, but you should be prepared that they'll hate you, too, for bringing me on. Also, if I take the job, I work alone. I like Dr. Webber, respect the hell out of him, but if I come on, I don't share authority. I am the authority.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] It's hard to admit when we're wrong, but even though everything looks fine, there's a problem. Something is broken and you have to see where it's broken and set about fixing it or it's all gonna come apart.

The Room Where It Happens [13.8][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] There’s this family in Italy, who never slept. They suffered from a genetic disease that kept them awake, for months. Until their bodies just shut down. Even after all these years, scientists still don’t really know why we sleep. We just know we have to sleep, because without it, we make poor decisions, we say things we shouldn’t, and sometimes, we see things that aren’t there.

Owen: [about Webber] What is he doing?
Meredith: He likes to teach. When he's pissed, he really likes to teach.

Webber: We need to discuss the options.
Meredith: No we don't.
Webber: Why not?
Meredith: Because you also have the Chief of General Surgery in here, Dr. Webber, and I outrank you.

[Meredith remembering about telling her kids that Derek died]
Zola: Where's Daddy? Is he here?
Meredith: Remember Daddy was driving in his car?
Zola: Yeah, is he coming home soon?
Meredith: No, he was in an accident.
Zola: Oh. Well, is he hurt?
Meredith: He was.
Zola: Are the doctors fixing him? Is he going to surgery?
Meredith: No, they can't fix him.
Zola: Then you should go in there and fix him.
Meredith: Zola...
Zola: You fix everyone.
Meredith: Zola, I can't fix him.
Zola: Why?
Meredith: I can't fix him because... because no one can fix him... because he's dead, Zola. Daddy died.

Meredith: Have you always done that with your mother?
Webber: I didn't used to. Back then, I was trained to depersonalize the patient. Tissue was tissue, faces were covered, and blood was a mess on the floor. We were to stay focused, and our hands were just inside mannequins.
Meredith: So, what changed?
Webber: One afternoon, I was in the OR, and we lost a patient on the table, and I went along to inform the family, you know, tell them the horrible news, and I was numb. I watched them sob and hold each other and it didn't affect me, at all. That patient died from the same thing my mother died from, and I was a robot. After that, I started changing the rules, and it made me a better surgeon.
Meredith: You've saved her now, about 1,000 times.
Webber: I suppose.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] We’ve all hit that point of exhaustion. The point where nothing makes sense anymore. Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy, and you feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel. When all you want is your bed. So, how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down and give up? Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you play games in your head. You make up someone. Someone good. Whatever you need. To keep you going.

You Haven't Done Nothin [13.9][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Surgeons fight. We fight against death. It's our thing. But eventually, if history's any indicator, death is gonna win. We may win the battle, but we're never gonna win the war. So, the trick is to go down fighting. To fight for the right cause. For the right person. And if you go down, you all go down together.

Alex: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Jo: Alex, you've said that. I know.
Alex: I mean for the things I said. You're not trash. Don't ever let anyone say that. I'm sorry, and I.... you're not trash, Jo.

Bailey: I made a decision about what is best for the hospital moving forward, and I didn't want my personal feelings, my very strong personal feelings to get in the way of that decision. If I do that, I won't be able to do this job.
Webber: Bailey, we reach into people's bodies and hold their lives and their futures in our hands. There's nothing more personal than this job, in how we treat a patient, in how we raise our doctors and teach them how to do this work. Every decision that you make should be a personal one. If it isn't, then you have no business being chief.

Alex: You'll be okay.
Meredith: Me? This is about you. You think this is noble, what you're doing? It isn't. It's giving up. And it's buying into everything you've ever said about yourself, and I won't let you do it.
Alex: You'll be fine.
Meredith: You are not going to jail.
Alex: You'll be just be fine.
Meredith: Stop making this about me. Stop using me as an excuse to make yourself feel better. Of course I will be be fine. I'm always fine. Don't you know that? This is about you. You will be destroyed. Your life, your career, everything... will be finished. Who you are will be gone.

[closing voice-over]
Meredith: Alex, listen to me. You're better than this. You're stronger.
Amelia: Don't make this all your fault. I know you. That's what you do. But, please. Please don't do that.
Maggie: We can't just give up, not after all this time. We have to stand together. We have to fight.
Meredith: Because it's just us now. There were five of us, and now it's just you and I. And it can't be just me. It can't be. I will go down swinging for you, Alex. You know I will. But that means you can't give up. You don't throw the fight. So, whatever you're doing this for... please don't.

You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch) [13.10][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Back in the day, physicians made house calls. So, if you chopped off your finger, or woke up with a touch of cholera, you could order up a doctor, like delivery pizza. A respected member of the community at your service. The ultimate personal touch.

Arizona: What, you think someone's gonna swipe that thing?
Miranda: Hey, someone could. Then all of a sudden, she's walking around outside.
Arizona: They're locked in cells.
Miranda: And I'd be trapped on the inside. No one knows me, no one trusts me. My record says that I'm in for theft or worse. So who's gonna listen to me when I'm yelling that there's been some horrible mix-up? Nobody. Nobody listens. I never get my hair done. My teeth go bad. I die in here.
Arizona: That can't happen, right?
Jo: Just don't lose your badge.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] There's a reason doctors prefer to see a patient in person, face to face. It's the laying on of hands. Human touch. That spark of connection. We lay hands on each other so we feel like we're all in this together. We connect with each other. Because if we didn't, we would all feel so, so alone.

Jukebox Hero [13.11][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] We all have heroes. People we look up to. People we aspire to be, who teach us how to be greater than we are because they are greater than we are. They're great if we don't look too closely. 'Cause if we get too close, we realize heroes are just regular people. And regular people can fail us.

Ben: You've been in your head all day. It's fine, 'cause I covered for you, but talk to someone. Work it out.
Jo: What do you need, Warren? Do you need me to be fragile? Do you need me to fall apart?
Ben: Oh, come on, now.
Jo: Would that help you? Because you keep looking at me with your eyes all soft like you want to help me, you want to make me feel better. I don't need to feel better. I don't need your sympathy. Stuff like this happens, and I am built for it. I'm fine. Leave me alone.

Ben: Why doesn't hockey just ban the fighting?
Eliza: Are you kidding? It's part of the game, the good part. You got to shake up the other team or get your own team going.
Richard: Garth is the enforcer. Now, his job is to go in and take out the skills player, upset the other team. Seems he's pretty good at it.
Eliza: Fights can be strategic, too. A fight can change momentum, clear the air, break a stalemate.
Richard: It also rallies the team against a common enemy.
Ben: Well, this is fascinating. And I thought I was just gonna learn about surgery.
Eliza: Oh, no, Dr. Warren, it's me who's being schooled tonight. Isn't that why you allowed me into an OR?
Richard: I just wanted to see how you deal with a Dr. Webber.
Eliza: You don't want to have this fight, sir. Someone always tries to, and they always get on board or get left behind.
Richard: You said fighting is the good part, right? Well, I hope you meant it.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Our heroes aren't special. They're just people. They're like us. They're just trying to survive. They're trying to be happy. Trying to do better. Be better. Feel better. Heroes aren't more special, more courageous than the rest of us. After all, they're only human. They hurt. They break. They bleed. But sometimes, every once in a while, when it matters, they get it right. And that changes everything. A hero is only human, but that's the point. If they can do it, so can you. So, you keep going. You don't give up. You stand tall. You fight. You always show up to save the day.

None of Your Business [13.12][edit]

Jo: [opening voice-over] Everybody wants privacy for themselves. For other people, not so much.

Maggie: They said that the trial was cancelled. You said that you were taking a plea.
Alex: I did.
Maggie: Are you hiding? Are you evading the police? Are you on the lam?!
Meredith: I can help you, but I have kids here.

Diane: I always taught my daughter, if she wanted to know something, don't ask the internet. Find the smartest person in the room, and if they're not smarter than you...find another room.

Annie: My husband and I, we didn't trust people. There's just so much bad stuff out there. Started with locks, alarms and cameras, and then the wall. It felt safe, you know, just him and me against the world. But then he died, and it just felt more like a prison. Every day, I'd get the paper, and I'd think about going farther. But I never could. So then I thought, "Start with the wall. Just take the stupid thing down."
Owen: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about your leg.
Annie: I feel like one of them animals that chewed its leg off to get out of a trap. But I got out. I finally got out. Thanks.

Owen: [to Amelia, standing outside the door] Every day you don't open the door, it gets a little easier to stay inside. I can't pull you out anymore. No one can open this door but you, and I want to be here. I will be. Amelia! [to Stephanie] Tell her I'm not going to wait forever.

Jo: [closing voice-over] We have to keep something to ourselves, or else anyone can get to us. They'll see the stuff we don't show anyone. So we build the walls high and wide, and we lock the gates.

It Only Gets Much Worse [13.13][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] In 1949, Edward Murphy conducted a rocket sled experiment to see how much pressure a human being could withstand. Murphy's experiment failed spectacularly, over and over. Needless to say, he didn't start off on the right foot. That's why it's called Murphy's law. Because if anything can go wrong, it will.

Owen: How's Kepner doing?
Maggie: What do you mean how's Kepner doing? She's a turncoat.
Owen: But she's also a friend.
Arizona: Yes, she's a friend. She's a poor, misguided, very confused friend. It's like you found out that your friend voted wrong.
Owen: Can you vote wrong?
Riggs, Jackson, Arizona, and Maggie: [simultaneously] Yes. Absolutely. Yeah!

Arizona: What the hell is wrong with you? She asked you a question she needed an answer!
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: What kind of teacher are you? You don't just teach what to do with their hands, you teach them what to do with this. How to live through this. You take it on yourself.
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: You don't! You are the attending. This is your loss. Okay? You take the hit. Because if you put it on her, she might quit. She might think that she can't survive it, so you show her that she can. You tell her that when this happened to me--
Eliza: It hasn't.
Arizona: What?
Eliza: I've never had a child die

Richard: You know I was always a fine surgeon. But I am an excellent teacher, and today I was complete failure. I know you thought this program had problems, but it sure as hell has them now.
Catherine: Richard--
Richard: Bailey was my favorite student. I brought her in as an intern. I saw her all the way through to chief. She was my start to finish. And you turned her against me.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Once things start going wrong, it's hard to break the cycle. Murphy's law is not physics. It's just a thing a guy said to try and make sense of a crappy day. Just because things go wrong, it doesn't mean they're out of our control. It's on us to fix things. It's on us to take everything that can go wrong, and make it go right. It's on us to try, anyway.

Back Where You Belong [13.14][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] I don't do reunions. High school, undergrad, med school... I don't need to make superficial conversation with a bunch of people I barely remember. If I want to keep someone in my life, I keep them in my life. Or maybe it's just that I don't know how to get rid of them.

Maggie: I just, schizophrenia is a difficult disease, but with treatment it can be helped.
Riggs: What do you mean?
Maggie: Well I just don't get it? I would just be happy that she's alive. How is this not a happy ending?
Riggs: You're right. You don't get it.
Maggie: I want to.
Riggs: They gave up on her. They just buried an empty box in the ground and moved on. They had lattes, saw movies. They just lived their lives, and all the while their daughter was out there walking around in the rain, in pain and alone. And they'll never forgive themselves for that. They shouldn't.

Webber: We both know that your mother would never put me before her career
Meredith: True. But I'm supposed to do better than her. Isn't that the point? Be better. I can't be like her.
Webber: Go get your job.

Meredith: When Derek died, there was just one day. Just one day where I didn't know where he was. I pretended everything would be okay, but inside I was going crazy. I guess it's like that for Nathan every day.
Maggie: Yeah. You get him.
Meredith: Well, I don't know about that.

Meredith: [closing voice-over]I don't do reunions, but I can see why people do. They can make you feel like you haven't felt in a long time. It's comfy, it's familiar, it's kind of like coming home. You see how people turned out if they realized their hopes and dreams or if they have lost their hopes and dreams. Or maybe you see that they have found what we all should find... brand new hopes and dreams.

Civil War [13.15][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] There's an old story of a father who had two sons. When he knew a civil war was about to break out, he sent one son to fight for the North, and one to the South. He figured if he had sons on both sides, there'd be a better chance one would survive. Because when you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors, your friends, your family, leaving you all alone.

Meredith: Why are you being a jerk?
Nathan: What?
Meredith: Alex said you were being a jerk.
Nathan: Ah, of course. He tattled.
Meredith: Let me make something very clear to you, if you want to get anywhere with me, messing with Alex is not the way. Do not contradict him in front of patients, and please don't speak to him like he's an idiot.
Nathan: Back it up--get anywhere with you? So you admit it?
Meredith: Admit what?
Nathan: That there's somewhere to get, with you?
Meredith: Don't change the subject.

Nathan: No banter. No more quips. I'll tell you what I think. I think about you. A lot. I can't stop. I'm telling you, I am in. If you are. I'm in this. So I'm just, I'm just going to ask you outright. What do you think?
Meredith: [starts to talk]
Nathan: Actually, don't answer. Not until you know. And when you do, just give me a call.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] War isn't civil. You pick sides and defend them. You attack. You hurt people. You get hurt. You fight, and you fight, and you fight. To what end? What are we fighting against? What are we fighting for? When is it time to just quit all of this nonsense and simply surrender?

Who Is He (And What Is He to You)? [13.16][edit]

Jackson: [opening voice-over] Freezing. Choking. Getting tongue-tied. It's what we call it when your mind goes from brilliant to blank. You can prepare all you want, but the feeling can still hit you, out of nowhere. So when it hits you, when your mind shuts down, when you open your mouth and no words come out, the good news is, it happens to all of us.

April: Why didn't you just tell me? Alright, forget it.
Jackson: You good?
April: What?
Jackson: I stared at him from across the room thinking he would see me. Recognize. My face, my eyes, anything. All I got was 'you good?' No recognition. Like I was anyone. No one.

April: Jackson, I know what a good father is. I had one my whole life. Jackson, you are a good father...You came here to tell him something. Don't leave here until you do.

Jackson: I have a daughter. Her name is Harriet.
Robert: Harriet. Wow, that is wonderful. I'm a grandfather.
Jackson: No, no you're not. My mom is a wonderful grandmother and you seem like a decent guy. But you're not a grandfather.

Jackson: [closing voice-over] Freezing. Choking. Getting tongue-tied. There's a reason it happens. We lose our words because the stakes are so high and we have so much to lose. We're petrified of saying too much or saying it wrong. When the truth is, the only wrong thing you could say is nothing at all.

Til I Hear It From You [13.17][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Stuff comes apart. An eggshell's never gonna come back together. A window will never unbreak. It's called the second law of thermodynamics. It's also called life. Stuff rarely comes together, but it will always come apart.

Nathan: There are all sorts of reasons to like me.
Meredith: Name one.
Nathan: [silence]
Meredith: I have to go.

Maggie: My mother wouldn't let me pierce my ears until I was ten. She told me masturbating made Jesus cry, and nail polish was for prostitutes. Now she wants stripper boobs?

Amelia: You don't have any right to an opinion, and you certainly don't have the right to bully me.
Owen: Bully you?!
Amelia: You don't have the right to give me ultimatums about when to come home and make up my mind.
Owen: Okay...
Amelia: For better or for worse, that's what you said. Well, guess what, this is the for worse. And you don't have the right to just decide that I don't have myself together, okay? You don't make me the one who's wrong. I'm tired of being the messed up one, okay, because I'm not. You are at least as messed up as me.
Owen: You disappeared!
Amelia: You are suffocating me!
Owen: That is unfair.
Amelia: Really? I would love to ask Cristina how suffocated she felt by you, by your needs, by your idea of a baby, by what you want.

Nathan: I don't have a good reason. I tried to come up with one. So then I thought, "Well, why do I like her?" And I don't know. From the first time I saw you, you were at the OR board. You were talking with Pierce, and she said something that made you laugh, and I couldn't move. And then I had to wait for you to write your name on the board because I just needed to know who you were. So, I don't have a good reason for you to like me. I didn't even try to like you. I didn't want to. And I certainly don't want to have to think about you all the time, trying to come in early, see your name on the board, come up with that one thing that's gonna make you smile so your eyes do that thing they do. Anyway, so that's why I joke so much and to keep from having to say anything like this. So, I don't have a good reason. I'm sorry. I wish I did.
Meredith: Okay, so you should ask me out to dinner.
Nathan: Do you want to go out to dinner?
Meredith: Yes.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Everything comes apart at some point. We all will. It's the law. It's what we're designed to do. We have to face it and accept it, and try to hold it together, for as long as we can.

Be Still, My Soul [13.18][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] When my mother's Alzheimer's got bad, I was going through her bills and I found a notepad. Written on it were the words "Important. Tell Meredith not to." And that was it. She never finished that sentence. Tell Meredith not to what? Not to drink too much? Not to pet strange dogs? Not to give her heart away? Not to leave the sprinklers on? We didn't exactly talk a lot during those days. I regret that. I wish we had.

Meredith: We are only doing her harm.
Maggie: You don't get it! You wouldn't. Meredith, I love my mother enough not to say "screw it" and throw her down a damn drain!

Richard: Diane, you don't have to keep putting yourself through this. Not if you don't want to.
Diane: I was born in a two-room shed with an outhouse, six brothers, not a lot of food or love or anything. Getting out of there was... When that social worker put this little baby in my arms, when I looked down at my Maggie... Maggie's the universe giving me a gift. She is a happy person. She's cheerful. Maggie is rare. She's special. This will give her darkness. How can I do that to the most special person in the whole world? When I die, she needs to know that she did everything that she could.
Richard: Diane, she has. Maggie's done everything there is to do.
Diane: I can't stop. I can't do that to her.
Richard: She can take it. You may not see it because you've known her since she was a little girl. I mean, I didn't. I only know the woman you raised. And that woman is smart, and strong as iron, especially for the people she loves. Now, well... now I see where she gets it.
Diane: I don't want to die.

Maggie: She's gonna go. I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
Meredith: You're never ready. You it. Listen to her. Talk to her about whatever she wants to talk about. Record her voice in your mind. Just keep sitting there.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] I think about my mom's note all the time. Tell Meredith not to... not to cave? Not to care? Not to give up so easily? Not to fall in love? Not to have children? Not to tell a lie? She left me wondering what to do, what not to do. She left me knowing everything was up to me and me alone. And she left me with no one to ask. So I would decide what she meant to write. Tell Meredith not to be afraid. Goodbye, Mom.

What's Inside [13.19][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Curiosity killed the cat. It also killed a lot of Ancient Greeks when Pandora had to open that box full of death and pestilence and stuff. Why do we have to know what's behind door number three, even when we're pretty sure it'll be bad for us?

Amelia: I guess it's better than the way I did grief.
Meredith: Which time?
Amelia: The time with the Oxy binges.
Meredith: [shrugs] I go a little dark and twisty, but then I come back.
Amelia: A little dark and twisty? You disappeared. You had a secret baby.
Meredith: Please don't refer to your niece as my secret baby.

Arizona: Oh my God! I mean, I understand why you're into her. She's hot. Wait, she likes you?
Nathan: What? I mean, I'm going to try not to be offended at that.
Arizona: No, no, no. It's just that Derek was--Derek was epic for her. They were the great love story. I mean, that girl's heart beat for Derek Shepherd. It never occurred to me that she would ever be with anyone else. He was perfect. He was everything. That man turned her world. It...I spooked you. Don't be spooked.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Put yourself in Pandora's shoes. She's given a gift, a wondrous box, filled with things she never even knew existed. Of course she opened it. Wouldn't you?

In the Air Tonight [13.20][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Turbulence. It means anything from a few little bumps to a catastrophic weather system that could knock your flying tin can right out of the air. In surgery, we call it a complication. We've hit a snag, a bump in the road. Turbulence. So, you know, you better buckle up.

Riggs: You have another sister?
Meredith: Mm-hmm. My kid sister Lexie. I loved her. Anyway, it's weird. Sometimes I feel like I'm cursed. A lot of people die around me. Sometimes I feel like I'm just waiting for my turn.

Riggs: You just treated a bloke's brain bleed with a cocktail straw! You're so fearless about so many things. How the hell are you still scared?
Meredith: I'm not scared. I'm making a choice. I'm prioritizing my family, my sister.
Riggs: Please, don't pretend this is still about Pierce, it's not. You're scared.
Meredith: Of what?
Riggs: Of him. Of letting him go.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] One of the most unpredictable things about encountering turbulence is its aftermath. Everything's been shaken up. Undone. Turned on its head. So, if you have the choice to avoid the plane crash, do you take it? Do you play it safe? Or do you get on board and take your chances?

Don't Stop Me Now [13.21][edit]

Meredith: I'm going to make the time to talk to Maggie today.
Nathan: Just make me the bad guy. Tell her it was all me.

Meredith: I was going to tell you and then your mother died and then I just couldn't. I didn't want to hurt you and Nathan didn't want to hurt you
Maggie: No, this isn't about Nathan, it's you. I trusted you, to be honest with me. When you and my mother lied to me and now she's dead.

Meredith: [to Maggie] I am very sorry that I screwed up and I hurt you, but you're my sister, and I sure as hell am not losing you over a guy.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] I didn't mean to hurt you. That's the last thing I'd ever want, because I care about you more than anything. So no matter how mad you are, how much you want to shut me out, know this: you are my sister, whether you like it or not, and I'm not going anywhere.

Leave It Inside [13.22][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] Our skulls cushion our brains. Our rib cage guards our hearts. The body is built to protect our most vulnerable parts. At least that's how it's supposed to work.

Meredith: Hey, it's me, do you want a giant tumor?
Amelia: Why would I want that?
Meredith: It's the one from my wall that Derek drew. I thought you might like it. It's in the hall.
Amelia: Is she cleaning?
Maggie: At 3:30?

Meredith: The scary thing isn't dying. The scary thing is surviving and accepting that you actually have a life to live. Don't you want to stick around and live it?

Meredith: [closing voice-over] The body adapts. It protects itself. But it can't close off completely or we're not really living, right? So we leave the door open just a little, hoping like hell it's worth the risk.

True Colors [13.23][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] There are moments when all of the stars align. When everything seems as it should be. Your life seems to have sorted itself out. It's not like all our problems go away. It's just the problems are suddenly manageable. You feel so good you wonder if it's real. And if I've learned anything I can tell you it is. It's very real but it will not last.

Amelia: Derek is dead. Maggie is fine. There is nothing in your way but you. Let yourself have this.
Meredith: Look at you being the sane one.
Amelia: Moments. I have moments.

Owen: I got married right over there. Then I got divorced. Then I got married again. Then I went on my leave, and I left Megan in a hole in a ground for almost ten years. Weeks would go by, and I didn't give her a thought. I couldn't spare her a thought. She was being held and tortured. I stopped looking. I gave up. I gave up on her.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] There are days when you feel like you can conquer anything and it feels like everything will be okay. Like I told you the feeling doesn't last. I'm not trying to be cynical it's just that even when a day starts out so so well, that day can end so so badly.

Ring of Fire [13.24][edit]

Meredith: [opening voice-over] When life forces us to do something impossible an explosion happens inside the body. A rush of hormones blasts through us, making us stronger, making us faster. Biology overrides fear and that makes the impossible possible.

Meredith: Ok, so, remember the dream where they come back to us?
Nathan: Hm.
Meredith: Derek forgets his keys and Megan goes for...
Nathan: For coffee? Yeah. What about it?
Meredith: Nathan, they found Megan. She's alive.
Nathan: That's not funny.
Meredith: They already called Owen this morning.
Nathan: That's not funny.

Stephanie: I spent my whole life in hospitals. My whole life and I think I need to see everything that's not in a hospital. I need to travel and explore and hike and breathe, and breathe, and breathe.

Nathan: Megan's alive?
Meredith: Megan's alive.
Nathan: I'm sorry.
Meredith: Don't do that. Don't apologize.

Meredith: [closing voice-over] Nobody wakes up thinking: "My world will explode today. My world will change." Nobody thinks that. But, sometimes, it happens. Sometimes, we wake up, we face our fears. We take them by the hand. And we stand there waiting, hoping, ready for anything.


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