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Grimm (2011-) is an Urban Fantasy supernatural drama show made by NBC/Universal. It follows the life of a Portland homicide detective (Nick Burkhardt) who discovers he's also a Grimm, a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, and that he can see creatures from myths and fairytales, who exist side by side with the human population.

Season 2[edit]

Bad Teeth [2.01][edit]

The Kiss [2.02][edit]

Bad Moon Rising [2.03][edit]

Quill [2.04][edit]

The Good Shepherd [2.05][edit]

bajs i munnen

Over My Dead Body [2.06][edit]

The Bottle Imp [2.07][edit]

The Other Side [2.08][edit]

La Llorona [2.09][edit]

The Hour of Death [2.10][edit]

To Protect and Serve Man [2.11][edit]

Season of the Hexenbiest [2.12][edit]

Face Off [2.13][edit]

Natural Born Wesen [2.14][edit]

Mr. Sandman [2.15][edit]

Nameless [2.16][edit]

One Angry Fuchsbau [2.17][edit]

Volcanalis [2.18][edit]

Endangered [2.19][edit]

Kiss of the Muse [2.20][edit]

The Waking Dead [2.21][edit]

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm [2.22][edit]