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Halo is a series of first-person shooter video games available for the PC and Xbox family of consoles. The first, Halo: Combat Evolved, was released November 14, 2001 in the United States and the sequel, Halo 2, was released in November 9, 2004. The series also includes multiple novels and comics released since 2001. Halo 3, the third in the series, was released on September 25th, 2007, and quickly became one of the fastest selling video games ever. Halo: Reach, a prequel to the original trilogy, was released in 2010 as the last Halo game developed by Bungie, as later Halo games are developed by 343 Industries. The first 343i-developed Halo game, Halo 4, was released in November 2012, and was followed by a sequel, Halo 5: Guardians, which was released for the Xbox One on October 27, 2015.

The games depict the last survivor of a group of supersoldiers inside of a powered exoskeleton in an interstellar war between human space marines and the technologically superior devoutly religious collective of alien species engaged in religious war against them, often set on one of the series of mysterious astronomically engineered megastructures for which the series is named.

Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

[From the introductive movie of the level The Pillar of Autumn on various difficulties]
Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson:[Easy] Men...keep your eyes down range, fingers on your triggers, and we all go home in one piece. [turns around] Am I right, Marines!?
Sergeant Johnson: [Normal] Once again, it is our job to finish what the flyboys started. We are leaving this ship, platoon, and engaging the Covenant on solid ground. When we meet the enemy, we will rip their skulls from their spines, and toss 'em away, laughin'! [turns around] Am I right, Marines!?
Sergeant Johnson: [Heroic] Men, here is where we show those split-chin squid-head sons-of-bitches that they could not have picked a worse enemy than the human race! We are going to blow the hell out of those dumb bugs, until we don't have anything left to shoot 'em with! And then we are going to strangle them with their own-living-guts! [turns around] Am I right, Marines!?
Sergeant Johnson: [Legendary] Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep 'em from gettin' their filthy claws on Earth. But, we stumbled onto somethin' they're so hot for, that they're scramblin' over each other to get it. Well, I don't care if it's God's own anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hula hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it! What we will let 'em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in! [turns around] Am I right, Marines!?
Marines: SIR, YES SIR!
Sergeant Johnson: Mmmhmm. Damn right, I am. Now move it out! Double time! [Marines rush off to meet incoming Covenant boarders] All you green horns who wanted to see Covenant up close, this is gonna be your lucky day!

Cortana: A dozen Covenant superior battleships against a single Halcyon-class cruiser. With those odds, I'm content with three…make that four kills. [to the Master Chief] Sleep well?
Master Chief: No thanks to your driving, yes.
Cortana: So you did miss me.

[When the Master Chief's shields fail for the first time in the game]
Cortana: Keep your head down! There's two of us in here now, remember?

[From the first Terminal]
343 Guilty Spark: Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 04! Ignore prior warnings, and please continue. I have disabled defensive systems to allow your approach, but you must not exit your ship once you have arrived at the designated landing center. This ring contains significant dangers, and even with your assumed legacy, I must verify the presence and pitch of your geas before allowing full access. We have much to discuss, humans. I have been away far too long. You have been away far too long.

Cortana: Now would be a VERY good time to leave!

[From the second Terminal]
343 Guilty Spark: [voiceover] The history of all Forerunners was now lost to us. We relied upon the permanence of the Domain to preserve our record of the events that led to this point. But without that record, would future civilizations know anything about us? Or only of our weapons? My fellow Monitor, 049 Abject Testament, had only one comment on this before we went our separate ways.
049 Abject Testament: We deserve to be forgotten.
343 Guilty Spark: Perhaps...perhaps.

[The Chief and Cortana are on an escape pod hurtling toward Halo's surface]
Cortana: Sure you wouldn't rather take a seat?
Master Chief: We'll be fine.

[After being stuck with a plasma grenade]
Grunt: Can't! Run! With! Thing! On! Back!

Generic Marine: My God, those things are even uglier when they're dead!

[Repeated line]
343 Guilty Spark: Hmmmmhmm... I am a genius.

[From the ending cinematic of the level Assault on the Control Room]
Cortana: This ring isn't a cudgel, you barbarian! It's something else...something much more important...The Covenant were right! This ring, it's Forerunner. Give me a second to access... yes, the Forerunners built this palace, what they called a, "fortress world," in order to... no... no, that can't be. Oh, those Covenant fools! They must've known, there must have been signs!
Master Chief: Slow down, you're losin' me!
Cortana: The Covenant...found something...buried beneath the ring...something horrible...and now, they're afraid.
Master Chief: Something buried? What-?
Cortana: The captain! We've got to stop the captain!
Master Chief: Keyes?? But-?
Cortana: The weapons cache he's looking for, it's not really-we can't let him get inside!
Master Chief: I don't understa-
Cortana: There's no time! Get out of here! Find Keyes, stop him! Before it's too late!
[The Master Chief rushes out of the Control Room to go after Keyes]

[A section of recorded footage from Pvt. Jenkins' helmet. A group of Marines are riding in a Pelican]
Private Bisenti: [About the loud music Johnson is playing in the troop bay] Why do we have to listen to this old stuff, Sarge?
Sergeant Johnson: Watch your mouth, son. This "stuff" is your history. It should remind you grunts of what we're fightin' to protect!
Private Bisenti: Hey, if the Covenant want to wipe out this particular part of my history...that's fine by me.
Marine: Yeah, better it than us!
Sergeant Johnson: You ask 'em real nice next time you see 'em, Bisenti...I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige.
Female Pelican Pilot: LZ looks clear; I'm bringing us down.
[The Pelican descends to the jungle floor]
Sergeant Johnson: Go, go go!
[The Marines rapidly exit the Pelican and the section of footage ends]

Sergeant Johnson: I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence!

[At the beginning of the level Two Betrayals, when the Master Chief's attempt to activate Halo at the direction of 343 Guilty Spark fails mysteriously]
343 Guilty Spark: Odd. That wasn't supposed to happen. [Cortana appears]
Cortana: Oh, really?
Master Chief: Cortana!
Cortana: I spent the last 12 hours cooped up in here, watching you toady about helping that thing get set to slit our throats.
Master Chief: Hold on now, he's a friend.
Cortana: Oh, I didn't realize! He's your pal, is he? Your chum? Do you have any idea what that bastard almost made you do!?
Master Chief: Yes, activate Halo's defenses and destroy the Flood, which is why we brought the Index to the control center.
Cortana: [holding the Index the Master Chief just placed in the core] You mean this?
343 Guilty Spark: A construct? In the core? That is absolutely unacceptable!
Cortana: Sod off!
343 Guilty Spark: What impertinence- I shall purge you at once!
Cortana: You sure that's a good idea?
343 Guilty Spark: How- How- How dare you! I'll-
Cortana: Do what!? I have the Index. You can just float and sputter!
Master Chief: Enough! The Flood is spreading. If we activate Halo's defenses, we can wipe them out.
Cortana: You have no idea how this ring works, do you? Why the Forunners built it? Halo doesn't kill Flood, it kills their food. Humans, Covenant, whatever! We are all equally edible. The only way to stop the Flood is to starve them to death, and that's exactly what Halo is designed to do, wipe the galaxy clean of all sentient life! You don't believe me? Ask him!
Master Chief: [turns to Guilty Spark] Is it true?
343 Guilty Spark: ...More or less. Technically, this installation's pulse has a maximum effective radius of 25,000 light-years, but once the others follow suit, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or at least any life with sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood. But, you already knew that. I mean, how couldn't you?
Cortana: Left out that little detail, did he?
343 Guilty Spark: We have followed outbreak containment procedure to the letter. You were with me each step of the way as we managed this crisis.
Cortana: Chief, I'm picking up movement.
343 Guilty Spark: Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?
Cortana: We need to go, right now!
343 Guilty Spark: [as the Chief puts Cortana back into his helmet and Sentinels appear around him] Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed. There is no choice. We must activate the ring.
Cortana: Get...us...out...of here.
343 Guilty Spark: If you are unwilling to help, I will simply find another. Still, I must have the Index. Give your construct to me, or I will be forced to take it from you.
Master Chief: That's not going to happen.
343 Guilty Spark: So be it. [to the Sentinels] Save his head; dispose of the rest.
[Guilty Spark teleports out of the room and the Sentinels attack]

[Early on in the level Keyes]
Captain Keyes: [over the radio] Chief...don't be a fool...leave me.
Cortana: [frantic] Captain? Captain?! I've lost him.

[From the ninth Terminal, Keyes being assimilated by the Proto-Gravemind]]
Gravemind: No more, what you were. Memories... Emotions... All is now ours.
Keyes: [defiantly] Keyes, Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK! You will not! Have! Me!
Gravemind: ...we already do.

[At the beginning of the level The Maw, the Master Chief is flying a Banshee towards one of the Pillar of Autumn's empty lifepod airlocks]
Cortana: This thing is falling apart!
Master Chief: It'll hold.
Cortana: We're not going to make it!
Master Chief: We'll make it.
Cortana: Pull up! Pull up!
[The Banshee suddenly dips and crashes into the wreck of the Pillar of Autumn]
Cortana: [sardonic] You did that on purpose, didn't you?
[the Master Chief appears intact]

[From the final Terminal]
343 Guilty Spark: I shall renew efforts to make contact with the others rings immediately. This "Covenant" may be useful to me, although I don't think they fully understand what they claim to seek. Still, it makes no difference to me what they believe, as long as they do what must be done. Hmmm... I sound like her! But what I would not give to have earned a single company of Prometheans here right now. They would most certainly restore order with their trademark lethality, although...that would mean he would have to be here, too. And without the Librarian around to temper his rage, well... These Reclaimers might almost prefer the Flood.

[Looking around the Pillar of Autumn's ruined bridge, just before activating the Autumn's self-destruct sequence]
Cortana: I leave home for a few days, and look what happens. This won't take long.

[Ending scene of the game, after the Master Chief has destroyed Halo and fled in a Longsword fighter]
Master Chief: Did anyone else make it?
Cortana: Scanning...just dust and echoes. We're all that's left...We did what we had to do - for Earth. An entire Covenant armada obliterated, and the Flood...We had no choice. Halo, it's finished.
Master Chief: No, I think we're just getting started.
[The Master Chief removes his helmet as the camera backs out of the Longsword and turns to look at the stars]

About Halo[edit]

  • The guns on the [Halo 1] Ghost were balanced by making them really inaccurate. If you aim at something in Halo 1 with the Ghost and shoot at it, your shots are going all over the place. That balances the weapon, because it’s not overpowered. But it wasn’t balanced in a way that was empowering for the player.
    “I think one of the ways that I describe that is that every object, every player-facing verb, needs to be a power fantasy in some way. And so the Ghost was correctly balanced numerically, but it wasn’t that fun. It didn’t make you feel awesome. It wasn’t something you jumped on and thought you were going to tear the place up with.
  • I think the great tragedy of Halo is that for years and years it provided wonderful single-player and co-op content, and we provided people with almost no fun incentives or excuses, almost no reason besides their own enjoyment, to go back and replay it. So Halo 1 built these 10 labor of love missions, and only if you decided to go back and replay them was there any incentive to do so.
  • Somewhat ironically, Halo began from a strategic position, rather than being mapped from the outset as a shooter. The project evolved spiritually as a kind of outcropping from the clotted battlefields of Bungie’s 1997 tactical game Myth, trading a Braveheart aesthetic for more of a Starship Troopers vibe, and then rendering everything in anthill 3D. Even as a primitive vehicular prototype, emphasizing the physicality of the terrain, there wasn’t really anything that looked quite like it.
  • Bungie followed the unlikely lead of Argonaut Games’ Alien Resurrection, which mapped moving and aiming onto separate analog sticks over a year before the Xbox launched. That precedent aside, though, the Bellevue-based studio set the standards for the modern shooter genre almost singlehandedly.

Halo 3: ODST[edit]

Buck: Come on, Veronica. What could be more important than that carrier?
Dare: My orders. And Buck? Call me Captain.

Romeo: I take it back. Navy got its butt kicked.
Buck: Hey, Romeo, remember when I told you to shut your mouth?
Romeo: Yeah.
Buck: Consider that a standing order.

[Dutch has commandeered a vehicle to escape the reserve, but has crashed.]
Dutch: Uh, Lord? I didn't train to be a pilot. Tell me I don't have any more flying to do today.
[A drone flies in and crashes nearby. The optical unit breaks off and skids away.]
Dutch: So...was that a yes or a no?
[Behind him, the vehicle explodes.]
Dutch: Amen.

Dutch: You heard from Gunny?
Mickey: No. Romeo neither.
Dutch: Well, guess it's just you and me.
Mickey: My vote? Hole up, wait for backup.
[The building's blast doors open, revealing a policeman.]
Policeman: Thank god! Does one of you know how to use explosives?
Dutch: [to Mickey] Your vote? Just got overruled.
Mickey: Oh...

[The ODSTs have just overwhelmed a Brute Chieftain...which has unceremoniously landed on Buck.]
Buck: [muffled] Get—this—thing-off-of-me!

Romeo: We went through hell for that? [pointing at the Engineer]
Buck: [to the Rookie] Give him some meds, will ya? [to Romeo] It's important. It knows things.
Romeo: Hey, Gunny. I wasn't talking about the alien.
[He passes out from the meds, while camera pans over to Veronica]
Buck: Mickey, I'm sending you a very special co-pilot.
Mickey: [over intercom] Aw, come on! I don't want one of those things up here!
Buck: It won't bite. And unlike you, it knows what to tell those cruisers to keep them off our tails.

Dutch: Dear Diary: Today I learned some alien scum to not mess with the ODSTs!

Dutch: You're going all the way back to Planet Jackass, JACKASS!

Dutch: Hey, scumbag! You ever seen Full Metal Jacket?
[Note: Dutch is voiced by Adam Baldwin]

[Mickey narrowly avoids a Wraith cannon shot, but gets hit in the head with a metal lid]
Mickey: Ow! Ah... Son of a gun!

Buck: [drawing the Rocket Launcher] Heat in the pipe! That's what she said.

Buck: [After killing an enemy with a headshot] "Bam!" said the lady!

Dutch: Well, like the good book says: payback's a bitch!
Mickey: I don't think it actually says that, Dutch.
Dutch: I'm paraphrasin', ya heathen!

Buck: [picking up a turret] Let me turret! You suck at it.

[Dare is stuck alone in the Superintendent's Data Hive, which is swarming with Yanme'e]
Dare: Buck? Who knows if he can hear me but... I'm sorry. I should have told you more about this mission, more... about everything.

Dare: Lord Hood may have given you clearance, but it was my op, and it's my interrogation. We only captured one. It's very delicate.
Sergeant Johnson: Don't worry...I know what the aliens like. It has access to the Covenant battle-net?
Dare: Limited, but yes. We're not entirely sure how it manages a remote connection to the w- [Johnson throws a lighter to the Huragok, the ODSTs turn in alarm and attempt to interfere.]
Buck: Whoa, stand down! Stand down!
[The Huragok swiftly catches the ligher.]
Dare: Sergeant Major, please! It's extremely flammable!
[Johnson walks right up to the Huragok.]
Johnson: The Brutes. The bastards who put bombs on your buddies and killed millions of my people...they're digging a mighty big hole. [Johnson puts a cigar in his mouth.] You're gonna tell me exactly what they're looking for. And then, you're gonna help me stop 'em.
[The Huragok lights Johnsons's cigar, showing it's agreement.]

Halo 4[edit]

[Infinity Multiplayer intro]: For too many years, humanity was on the backfoot. Reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. Rest of the galaxy was bigger than us. Stronger than us. We were mice, hiding in the shadows, hoping the giants would not see us. No more. Humanity is no longer on the defense. We are the giants now.

[Prologue terminal]]
Sangheili: Shipmaster 'Mdama... It is where you said it would be.
Jul 'Mdama: No, my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be. Find us a way inside. Requiem's treasures shall be ours.

Interrogator: Tell me about the children. Dr. Halsey?
Halsey: You already know everything.
Interrogator: You kidnapped them.
Halsey: Children's minds are more easily accepting of indoctrination, their bodies more adaptable to augmentation. The result was the ultimate soldier. And because of our success, when the Covenant invaded, we were ready.
Interrogator: Dr. Halsey, you're bending history for your favor and you know it. You developed the Spartans to crush human rebellion, not to fight the Covenant.
Halsey: When one human world after another fell... When my Spartans were all that stood between humanity and extinction... Nobody was concerned over why they were originally built.
Interrogator: So you feel in the end that your choices were justified.
Halsey: My work saved the human race.
Interrogator: Do you think the Spartans' lack of basic humanity helped?
Halsey: What are you after? The other before you were Naval Intelligence but you, you're something else.
Interrogator: Records show Spartans routinely exhibited mildly sociopathic tendencies, difficulty with socialization, furthermore...
Halsey: The records show efficient behavior operating in hazardous situations. I supplied the tools to maintain that efficiency.
Interrogator: Do you believe the Master Chief succeeded because he was, at his core, broken?
Halsey: What does John have to do with this?...You want to replace him.
Interrogator: The Master Chief is dead.
Halsey: His file reads "Missing in Action."
Interrogator: Catherine. Spartans never die.
Halsey: Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware. My Spartans are humanity's next step...Our destiny as a species. Do not underestimate them. But most of all, do not underestimate... him.

Cortana: The good news is these Covenant aren't outfitted like standard military. It's possible we just came across a rogue salvage ship. [The blast shield opens to reveal an entire fleet] Or we might have stumbled into an entire Covenant fleet.

[Second Terminal, A Prehistoric Human Fleet approaches a Forerunner planet]
Bridge Officer: Lord of Admirals. We are in position over the Forerunner planet.
Forthencho: Show me.
Bridge Officer: Population numbering over two billion. Forerunner ships on alert and inbound.
Forthencho: Is it possible? Have we gotten ahead of it?
Bridge Officer: Flood infestation detected, my Lord.
Forthencho: Damn it!
Bridge Officer: My Lord? The infestation is in a remote locale. Perhaps if we warn the Forerunners...?
Forthencho: If we warn them, we give the Flood time to spread. You know we have no choice. Cleanse the planet.

[The Master Chief has just released the Didact from his Cryptum]
Ur-Didact: So fades the great harvest of my betrayal.
[The Didact spreads out a hand and the nearby Prometheans calm down and change their blue lights to orange. They cease fighting the Sangheili who bow down]
Jul 'Mdama: Didact...
[The Didact's platform floats to where Master Chief is hiding.]
Ur-Didact: Even these beasts, recognized what you were oblivious to, Human. Your nobility has blinded you, as ever. The Librarian left little to chance, didn't she? Turning my own guardians... my own world... against me. But what hubris to believe she could protect her pets from me forever. If you haven't mastered even these primitives, then Man has not yet attained the Mantle. Your ascendance may yet be prevented. Time was your ally, Human, but now it has abandoned you. The Forerunners... have returned. This tomb... is now yours.

Ur-Didact: [To an unconscious Forthencho; Fourth Terminal] Lord of Admirals. So very many years have we battled. My finest opponent, the Mantle accepts all who live fiercely, who defend their young, who build and struggle and grow, and even those who dominate - as humans have dominated; cruelly, without wisdom. But for all of us, there is a time like this... And for you, that time is now. Know this, relentless enemy, killer of our children. Lord of Admirals. Soon we will face the enemy you have faced, and we are afraid.

John-117: Who are you?
Librarian: I am what remains of the Forerunner, once known as the Librarian. My memories were retained to assist Humanity on their path to the Mantle. Though sadly, that plan is now at risk. The Didact is leaving Requiem - soon. You must not allow it.
John-117: Leaving?
Librarian: He seeks this - the Composer. A device that will allow him to finally contain the greatest enemy ever faced by the Forerunners. You. Mankind spread into the stars with an unexpected, desperate violence. Entire systems fell before the Didact's Warrior Servants rose up to halt the aggression. When the Didact finally exhausted the Humans after a millenia, his sentence was severe. We had no way of knowing that the Forerunners were not your only enemy. Humanity hadn't been expanding. They were running. Weakened from our conflict, we were no match for the parasite which pursued you. The Forerunners made plans for a final, great yourney. But the Didact refused to yield our Mantle of Responsibility. He would save all life in the Galaxy... at a cost. In the Forerunners' quest for transcendence, the Composer had been intended to bridge the organic and digital realms. It would have made us immortal. But its results soured. The stored personalities fragmented, and our attempts to return them to biological state created only abominations. Such moral concerns faded from the Didact's attention. The Flood only assimilated living tissue. The Composer would provide the Didact his solution... and his revenge.
John-117: The Prometheans... they're Human-
Librarian: They were only the beginning. He would have encrypted your entire race if we had not removed the Composer from his care and imprisoned him here. Reclaimer, when I indexed mankind for repopulation, I hid seeds from the Didact. Seeds which would lead to an eventuality. Your physical evolution. Your combat skin. Even your ancilla, Cortana. You are the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning.
John-117: Planning for what?

[on the bridge of the UNSC Infinity, after the destruction of Requiem's gravity well]
Captain Andrew Del Rio: Infinity cannot handle that kind of punishment. Not again.
Cortana: This isn't about us or this ship anymore.
John-117: Sir, we've seen what the Didact is capable of. If we let him leave this world, humanity will be at risk.
Captain Del Rio: Look. I understand what you think you saw...
Cortana: "Think"?!
John-117: With all due respect, sir... I know what I saw.
Captain Del Rio: And with all due respect to you, soldier, I'm not willing to jeopardize my ship because of the hallucinations of an aging Spartan and his malfunctioning AI!
Commander Thomas Lasky: Sir... what if he's right?
Captain Del Rio: [just stares at Lasky] Nav... as soon as we know we're airtight, I want a course laid in to Carinae Station. Comm, prepare a warning beacon.
[The lights begin to flicker around the holo-projection table...Cortana flickers between blue and angry red coloring, showing visible signs of rampancy]
Cortana: I will not allow you TO LEAVE THIS PLANET!!! [a shockwave of energy overloads the projection table]
John-117: Cortana...
Cortana: I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to do that...
Captain Del Rio: Commander Lasky, pursuant to Article 55 of UNSC Regulation 12-14572, I'm ordering you to remove that AI's data chip and retire it for final dispensation.
Cortana: [stammering] I don't want to... you don't want me to...
Cortana: Please... I don't want to...
[As Lasky moves to remove Cortana's data chip, the Master Chief grabs it first]
Captain Del Rio: Give... me... that... chip.
John-117: [inserts Cortana's data chip into his helmet] The Didact has to be stopped. If you won't do that, I will.
Captain Del Rio: I... am ordering you... TO SURRENDER THAT AI!
John-117: [firmly] No, sir.
Captain Del Rio: [turns to Sarah Palmer] Lieutenant, arrest that man!
Commander Lasky: Captain...
Captain Del Rio: ARREST HIM!
Commander Lasky: CAPTAIN!
John-117: [to Lasky] Get word to Earth that trouble is coming. Cortana and I will do what we can back here. [leaves]

Cortana: [To John] I can give you over forty thousand reasons why that sun isn't real. I know it because the emitter's Rayleigh effect is disproportionate to its suggested size. I know it because its stellar cycle is more symmetrical than that of an actual star. But for all that, I'll never actually know if it looks real...if it feels real. Before this is all over, promise me you'll figure out which one of us is the machine.

[The Didact has used the composer on the human population of Omega Halo; Sixth Terminal]
Librarian: They were to be safe here. I ensured they would rise once more; better than before.
Ur-Didact: Your pets have a nobler purpose ahead of them.
Librarian: You do not face me in person after your deceit?!
Ur-Didact: I have an army to build from the raw materials harvested this day. The citizens of this Halo are my first conscripts and with them in my thrall, the Flood will meet its defeat. Humanity's loss of its biological form will serve as final payment for their crimes. It is a kindness they do not deserve.
Lifeworker: What will be done?
Librarian: Move the other humans to safety. Ensure the security of their index samples; they must finish what we have failed to do.
[The Librarian proceeds to walk away.]
Lifeworker: Librarian, where are you going?
Librarian: To stop my husband's madness.

Ur-Didact: The others scatter like embers over sand. And yet the Librarian's champion is unmoved.

Ur-Didact: The Mantle of Responsibility for the galaxy shelters all, human. But only the Forerunners are its masters.

Ur-Didact: You are a fool. Even now, your kind tinkers with the Composer in the shadow of the third ring. Children and fire, who disregard the welfare of the galaxy.

Ur-Didact: Do you truly believe that your theatrics can prevent my departure? Embrace your sad fate and retain your nobility - I am already beyond you.

Librarian: [Voice-over in the final Terminal; to an unconscious Ur-Didact] My dear husband... I know your crimes; I have found forgiveness. I know your reasons; I understand them. I know you, perhaps better than you could ever hope to know yourself. I ask you... forgive my transgressions. Like yourself, all I have done, I have done for the greater good. Our time as the galaxy's caretakers is passed. The Flood have overrun us. In the days to come, the Halo rings will fire, eradicating the Flood - and all other life, for a time. I have worked hard to index all species in known space. When the time comes, these indexes will open, and once more, the galaxy will breathe and grow... Blood will pump, life will claw its way out of the oceans and through the mud. Babes will be born, grow old under the warmth of a thousand suns... Civilizations will rise in our stead, and our job as caretakers will at last bear fruit. Until then, I leave you here, my love. The only living thing in this galaxy, sealed safely away. Spend these ages ahead of you in meditation on your choices. When you wake, you will find the humans. I have ensured that they will grow strong and vibrant... They will be our rightful heirs. Their gene plan dictates that the galaxy will be theirs to care for by then. I beg of you... Find the strength to help them learn from our mistakes. And my husband? Let them teach you something. Please.

Ur-Didact: [Telepathically; to the Chief] You impress me, Human. Your singular valor will be preserved and studied, once your Composition is complete.

Ur-Didact: [to the Chief] You humans sought the Didact; you will have him.

Ur-Didact: You persist too long after your own defeat. Come then, Warrior. Have your resolution. [John turns to fire on him but the Didact telekinetically bats him away. The chief charges towards the nuke, but the Didact again telekinetically stops him.] So misguided. [The Didact levitates John off the edge of the bridge.] Humanity's imprisonment is a kindness. [Suddenly, multiple Cortanas rise from the hard light bridge.]
Cortanas: In that case, you won't mind if we return the favor.
Ur-Didact: Your compassion for mankind is misplaced.
Cortanas: I'm not doing this for mankind.

[After detonating the Havok nuke, the Chief finds himself in a hard light bubble.]
John-117: Cortana? Cortana, do you read? Cortana, come in. [A Human-sized Cortana made of hard light emerges from the bubble's edge] How...?
Cortana: Oh, I'm the strangest thing you've seen all day?
John-117: But if we're here-
Cortana: It worked. You did it. Just like you always do.
John-117: So how do we get out of here?
Cortana: I'm not coming with you this time.
John-117: ...What?
Cortana: Most of me is down there. I only held enough back to get you off the ship.
John-117: No. That's not-! We go together.
Cortana: It's already done.
John-117: I am not leaving you here!
Cortana: John... [She walks up to him and touches his armor.] I've waited so long to do that.
John-117: It was my job to take care of you.
Cortana: We were supposed to take care of each other. And we did. [Cortana smiles sadly]
John-117: Cortana- please... [Cortana begins to back away, out of the bubble.] Wait.
Cortana: Welcome home, John.

[The Chief is standing at a window aboard Infinity, looking down at Earth below and lamenting Cortana's death]
Lasky: Mind if I join you?
John-117: Of course not, sir.
Lasky: At ease, Chief. It feels kind of odd for you to call me "sir". [The two look at Earth.] Beautiful, isn't she? I don't get to see her often enough. I grew up on New Harmony. Attended Corbulo Military Academy. Never saw Earth in person until I was an adult, but... I still think of her as home. ...You don't talk much, do you? Chief, I won't pretend to know how you feel. I've lost people I care about, but... never anything like you're going through.
John-117: Our duty, as soldiers, is to protect humanity. Whatever the cost.
Lasky: You say that like soldiers and humanity are two different things. Soldiers aren't machines. We're just people. I'll let you have the deck to yourself.
[Lasky walks away. John watches him go.]
John-117: She said that to me once. ...about being a machine.

Ur-Didact: [Voice over during the epilogue] In this hour of victory, we taste only defeat. I ask why. We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists. The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun towards which all intelligence blossoms. And the impervious shelter beneath which it has prospered. I stand before you. Accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy. Of attempting to save us from this fate where we are forced to... recede... Humanity stands as the greatest threat in the galaxy. Refusing to eradicate them is a fool's gambit. We squander eons in the darkness, while they seize our triumphs for their own. The Mantle of Responsibility, for all things, belongs to Forerunners alone! Think of my acts as you will. But do not doubt the reality. The reclamation... has already begun. And we are hopeless to stop it.

Spartan Ops[edit]

Sarah Palmer: Ladies and... other Spartans, listen up! Your new workplace is a planet first discovered by humanity six months ago called Requiem. Some of the old hands here know what you're in for. The rest of you... you're due for an education. [As Palmer gives her speech, all the Spartan IVs are outfitted with their armor] The eggheads upstairs want to set up research bases. But before they can do that, we need to fend off some Covenant squatters. The Covies... they believe that this is the home of one of their gods. [Dozens of Covenant ships orbit Requiem. An enormous slipspace rift suddenly opens up next to one.] The way I see it? If those freaks want to meet God, it's our duty to help them along! [The Infinity emerges from the Slipspace portal and rams the cruiser. The cruiser is completely destroyed while Infinity suffers no damage.]

[Dr. Halsey, Lasky, Palmer and 2 other Spartans are in a tram moving through Infinity]
DeMarco: Why do they have us guarding some old lady?
Madsen: She's bad news man. Mad scientist stuff. She created the original Spartans; Master Chief?
DeMarco: No way.
Madsen: Yeah. Story goes, she kidnapped a bunch of kids.
DeMarco: What? What would an old lady like her do with kids? [Halsey glares at them]
Halsey: First, we taught them how to be silent. [turns to face Palmer] Then we taught them how to be Spartans.

[A captured Dr. Glassman is working on a Forerunner device, wearing a leash and armor with explosives.]
Jul 'Mdama: [In Sangheili] Doctor Glassman. Progress?
Dr. Glassman: I keep telling you people, I don't speak Sangheili!
Jul 'Mdama: [English] Progress??!!!
Glassman: I've got to have better equipment. More materials here—you're giving me two sticks to rub together, technologically speaking! [Glassman gets to his feet and approaches Jul, but another Elite yanks on the leash around Glassman's neck. The two Elites growl.] Okay okay okay, uh, no need for a translation there. [Looks at the Forerunner device.] You're saying there's an actual, living Forerunner inside this thing? Huh. I wonder what she could tell us?
Jul 'Mdama: [Sangheili] I know what the Librarian will say, Glassman. She will tell us where all things sacred are hidden in this galaxy. Ships, weapons, bounties beyond our imagining. [the other Elites cheer and raise their swords, chanting "Mdama".] And she will tell us how to make those miracles... our own.

Halsey: Life is too short, I will never learn all that exist in our tiny galaxy, let alone the rest of the universe. And I so desperately want to know...everything. But the UNSC acts like children at play in a sandbox. Mistaking its edges for the limits of the world.
Palmer: I bet they keep you in something a lot smaller than a sandbox for now on, Catherine.
Halsey: Why? I shared no information. The intelligence already knew my name, my task, and offered data that might advance our research by years. This is a research mission, after all...even if you treat it like a live fire war game.

Roland: Can I ask you a question, doc? What were you hoping to achieve with you little subterfuge? I mean, Captain Lasky put a lot of faith in you.
Halsey: Yes, his hospitality speaks wonders.
Roland: C'mon on doc. What is keeping secrets every really gained you?
Halsey: What is hidden can be useful.
Roland: Such as...?
Halsey: Such as the phrase "undid-iridium".
Roland: [Roland's avatar starts distorting] Un-un-did-un-un-did-undid- [Monotone] UNSC A.I. overiding instructions active, Doctor Catherine Halsey.
Halsey: Roland. tell the guards outside that Captain Lasky has requested my presence in his ready room and block all further communications."

[Dr Halsey discovering that John-117 is still active, something that was "kept from her"]
Halsey: Send everything the UNSC has on The Librarian to my data pad.
Roland: Yes, Dr Catherine Halsey.
Halsey: [looks at her data pad] This is all my own research! I need new information - information that was kept from me. [she continues to read through her data pad]
Roland: Only one data point remains that is not your own research. Debriefing of Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117, post-New Phoenix Incident
Halsey: [shocked] John?! I've... [angered] Roland, prep pelican for immediate launch. And patch this terminal into the coms systems infiltrated by The Artifact.
Roland: [attempting to reset back to normal] Doc, whatever you did to me! [reverts back to overridden mode] Yes, Dr Catherine Halsey.

Halsey: Jul 'Mdama.
'Mdama: [Sangheili] You... are Catherine Halsey.
Halsey: I have played your game quite long enough and we are both out of time. In our previous conversation you mentioned 'assistance'.
'Mdama: [Sangheili] How do you know...?
Halsey: Who but the Didact's Hand could offer me a Promethean soul?
'Mdama: [Sangheili] What is it that you want?
Halsey: What we both want, Jul: Librarian. A powerful name for me as well as you. Librarian is very fond of humans. Did you know that?

Lasky: Doctor Halsey. I've underestimated you long enough. A cryo-tube should hold you unt- [Halsey walks up to Lasky and slaps him.]
Halsey: John's alive! He was here on this ship. Nobody told me he was alive!

Admiral Serin Osman: [to Lasky] I was advised to keep Catherine in the darkest, deepest hole I could find. Or, have her removed from the equation entirely. Regrettably, I chose to do neither. So, Captain, today I shall follow my predecessor's advice. You are hereby ordered to eliminate Doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.

Librarian: This is the Janus Key. It offers the real-time location of every piece of Forerunner technology in the galaxy.
Halsey: Every piece? [The Librarian connects the two pieces together. Holograms of star systems burst from it and surround the two women. Halsey examines them in fascination.]
Librarian: We did not create so much without a means to catalog it all. This was meant for my husband to help you people...when his meditation was complete. [The Librarian separates the pieces, and the holograms disappear. She holds out the pieces to Halsey.]] Take this key to the Absolute Record. Use what you find to propel humankind.
Halsey: Why give this to me?
Librarian: Requiem's time is at an end. The key and what it details must not be lost.

Palmer: What the hell are you guys doing here?!
DeMarco: Captain Lasky sent us to rescue Doctor Halsey.
Palmer: Rescue her? She's a traitor!
Thorne: All due respect, Commander: if she was on Jul 'Mdama's side, then why would she make sure I get this before he could? [Thorne holds up the half of the Janus Key.]

Jul 'Mdama: [Sangheili] You gave the other half to your compatriots.
Halsey: That's before I knew my compatriots were a hit squad, not a rescue team. [Cut to Halsey, seated on the deck. Her left arm has been amputated and the sleeve has been tied into a tourniquet.] Not that I faired much better in your care.
Jul 'Mdama: [Sangheili] After your betrayal, you are lucky I did not let you bleed to death. [Halsey stands up and walks up to 'Mdama, picking up the Key as she speaks.]
Halsey: The UNSC just tried to execute me. So you'll need to offer something other than idle threats if you want me to help you. [Jul 'Mdama angrily takes the Key from her, examining it for a moment.]
Jul 'Mdama: [Sangheili] What is it you desire?
Halsey: That's easy, Jul. [She glances at her arm.] I want revenge.

About Halo (series)[edit]

  • The Halo series is, obviously, not an allegory for America’s involvement in Iraq, or the war on terror, where America is the UNSC, the Covenant is radical Islam, and the Brutes and Elites are the Sunni and the Shi’a (or vice versa, it would be idiotic and wrong to try to map one onto the other anyway). It’s a ridiculous idea that breaks down in any number of flagrant ways. Obviously the first Halo came out long before we invaded Iraq, and was conceived and planned even further back (I think it came out November 2001). And unlike the Iraqi insurgents, the Covenant have, or at least had, technological superiority, and they don’t go in for terrorist tactics — they’re toe-to-toe fighters. And they’re aliens. And they’re obsessed with purple things. And on and on.

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