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Harley Quinn is an American adult animated web television series based on the Harley Quinn character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.


Til Death Do Us Part [1.01][edit]

Harley: [excitedly] Is this the good kinda acid that gives you superpowers!?
Riddler: No!
Harley: Awwww...

A High Bar [1.02][edit]

Joker: I need a permit for a trap door? The whole point is no one is supposed to know about it! Especially the city.

So You Need a Crew? [1.03][edit]

Harle: Then they all ran off with that loser Kite Man!
Poison Ivy: Yeah, what a loser that guy is. Did he mention my name?

Clayface: The name is Clayface, Thespian extraordinaire recently portraying the juicy role of country boy bartending in the big city!
Dr. Psycho: I thought you were playing the role of literal piece of shit.
Clayface: Not yet. [transforms into Doctor Psycho] NOW I'm a literal piece of shit!

Finding Mr. Right [1.04][edit]

Superman: Is she mad about the paywall too? 79 is an ambitious price point, and it doesn't include the crossword, which is ridic.

Batman: Er, I think I can hear the bat-signal. [Batman grappling-hooks away.]

Being Harley Quinn [1.05][edit]

Ivy: Okay, I say this with love, but there's no way you're just realizing this now.

Shark: Sorry you didn't get that mack-in-a you were talkin' about—but at least that guy showed up outta nowhere to save us for no reason!


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