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A Girl Fixes Her Hair (S.G. Anderson)

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin.


  • As soon as they emerge, I shave them. I feel like I'm freeing myself from dust, from thoughts. I've tried to regrow them, I can't. Walking around bald makes me feel naked. It's a way to be honest. (Rosalinda Celentano)
  • You need to have your hair cut for the same reason you need to grow your hair, that is, to conform to nature: so as not to be burdened by your hair and hinder you in any activity. (Zeno of Citium)
  • As with most women, the hair is long and the brain is short. (Pilgrimage of three young sons of the king of Serendippo)
  • I consider hair a political and belonging act. Wearing curly hair means, for example, showing off your African roots. Every hairstyle, every color, every fold carries a message. Hair has a historical memory. (Lea T)
  • – Time to go get a haircut.
    – Try losing it. It's cheaper! (Garfield)
  • Finally here I am bald. What was my hair for? They were certainly not an embellishment and I was for them the prey of an ignoble being, the barber, who breathed his contempt into my face, and caressed me like a lover, and gave me little slaps on the cheek like a priest. (Jules Renard)
  • «Hair is eternal» says the barber. «After we die they continue to grow. Look at the mummies». “Let's talk about something else,” I said. (Aldo Buzzi)
  • Hair [during evolution] was probably preserved to protect against overheating of the head. Paradoxical as it seems, having a dense covering of hair on your head creates a protective layer of air between your sweaty skin and the warm surface of your hair. So on a hot day your hair absorbs the heat, while the layer of air stays cooler, allowing the sweat on your scalp to evaporate into that layer of air. Very curly hair provides optimal coverage of the head, because it increases the thickness of the space between the surface of the hair and the skin, so that air can pass through it. (Nina Jablonski)
  • Hair is a waste of time. (Giordano Bruno Guerri)
  • Hair, hair is everything, you know? Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of hair and dreamed of falling asleep on it? (Scent of a Woman - Perfume of a woman)
  • The color and quantity of hair were taken into consideration by several followers of the Anthropological School who found a predominance of black hair in criminals, and studied the way of insertion, the scarcity of the beard, the direction of the hair, the quality, if spread, wavy, gathered, woolly, frizzy; early and rapid gray hair, baldness, etc. (Giuseppe Antonini)
  • Me without hair | I'm a page without squares, | a perfume without a bottle, | a closed door without the handle, | marble without track, | a fisherman without his best bait, | Don Giovanni without an affair. (Niccolò Fabi)
  • I always live together with my hair in the world | but when I lose my sense and feel nothing, | I ask my hair to give me confirmation | that I exist | and I represent something | for others | uniquely alive, true and sincere. | Despite this pitiful surge of pride, | I try every day I live | to be a man and not a bush. (Niccolò Fabi)
  • His hair was a sight, a floating, labyrinthine crown of spirals and ringlets, downy as a ball of string and large enough to serve as a Christmas ornament. All the restlessness of childhood seemed to have passed into the convolutions of that waving skein of hair. Of his unstoppable hair. You could clean the pots without altering their nature, as if they had been collected in the dark sea depths, like a kind of elastic organism that builds coral reefs, a dense living onyx-colored hybrid that is half coral and half algae, perhaps endowed with medicinal properties. (Philip Roth)
  • Doesn't nature itself teach us that it is unseemly for a man to let his hair grow, while it is a glory for a woman to let it grow? Her hair was given to her as a veil. (Paul of Tarsus, First letter to the Corinthians)
  • Don't mess with your hair, otherwise by the time you're forty it will look like an 85 year old.[1] (Mary Schmich)
  • I'm not losing my hair, my head is growing. (Fabio Volo)
  • I almost cut my hair. | It happened just the other day. | You know, these are getting pretty long. | I could tell they bothered me. | But I didn't, and I wonder why. | I felt like letting my flag of different fly. | I felt like I owed it to someone. (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
  • When you no longer have hair, you find long hair ridiculous. (Paul Léautaud)
  • A head without hair is also lighter for football. (Giampiero Boniperti)
  • Cut hair with pot.
Cut them badly.


  1. The article from which this quote is taken also constitutes the final monologue of the film The Big Kahuna (C.E.2000). This monologue is read by the voice-over of Danny DeVito in English (both in the original and in the Italian dubbing) who punctuates the text to the rhythm of background music. In the meantime, the final images of the film and the initial part of the credits scroll and the Italian subtitles of the monologue are also gradually shown. The translation indicated here refers to these subtitles.
    The song is also known as Wear sunscreen and appeared for the first time on the web in June C.E.1997 in the form of a chain letter: the text was incorrectly referred to as a speech to graduates of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) given by Kurt Vonnegut. In reality, the real author of the text is Mary Schmich, a journalist from the Chicago Tribune who published this article on 1 June 1997 as a sort of "Guide to life for recent graduates". Baz Luhrmann in C.E.1998 created a musical single starting from this text, Everybody's free to wear sunscreen. After seeing the film Linus, in C.E.2002, he was struck by the final monologue and decided to make a version in Italian, Acket the council, using the Italian text of the film's subtitles and the same musical background. This song is performed by Giorgio Lopez, who had dubbed Danny DeVito in many films but not in The Big Kahuna.





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