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Hermóðr before Hel

Hel, goddess of the dead in Norse mythology.

Hel Quotes:[edit]

Quotes about Hel:[edit]

  • She is half black and half skin color, so she is easy to recognize and rather grim and sinister looking. (Snorri Sturluson)[citation needed]
  • Hel he cast into Niflheimr and gave her power over the nine worlds, that she should assign all the abodes among those who were sent to her, and these are those who died of disease and those who died of old age. (Snorri Sturluson)[citation needed]
  • Do you know it? The face, neck, arms, chest, all pink. But below the waist, every bit of his flesh was putrid and rotten, greenish-black. (Vikings)
  • No one can defeat death. Only honor stands between Hel and the righteous hand of Odin. (Beowulf: The Video Game)
  • Those who were on their daughter's right saw a beautiful little girl, while those on her left tried not to look at her, because they saw a dead little girl walking among them, with her skin and flesh rotten and blackish. (Neil Gaiman)[citation needed]
  • This child will rule the darkest and deepest of places, and the dead of all nine worlds. She will be the queen of those poor souls who die unworthily, of illness or old age, from accidents or at the moment of birth. Warriors who fall in battle will continue to come here to us in Valhalla. But those who die in another way will become her subjects, and will serve her in darkness. (Odin, Neil Gaiman)[citation needed]
  • This day has the color of the grave, thinks King Hrothgar, staring sadly at the angry sea and imagining the gray clothes and the uniform gray gleam of Hel's eyes who awaits every man who does not die in battle or in some other brave deed, every man who allows himself to grow weak and waste away in towers of stone. Even brave men who slew dragons as young men can die old and find themselves guests in Eljudnir, Hel's damp rain palace. (Caitlín R. Kiernan)[citation needed]

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