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Loki with Gullveig's heart

Loki, giant in Norse mythology.

Loki Quotes[edit]

  • I have a talent that I am very ready to put to the test, that there is no one in here who eats his food faster than me. (Snorri Sturluson)
  • If people paid more attention to the words they use, they wouldn't dare compare themselves with Loki, the wisest, the most brilliant, the most cunning, the most intelligent, the most beautiful... (Neil Gaiman)


  • Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity there is, on par with football.
  • No harm, no foul.
  • Template:NDR That poem, the Walrus and the Carpenter, is an indictment of organized religion. The Walrus, with its corpulence and goodness, represents either the Buddha or with its tusks the Hindu Elephant God, Ganesh. This settles the Eastern religions. Now, the Carpenter is an obvious reference to Jesus Christ; he was the son of a carpenter and thus represents Western religions. Now, in the poem, what do they do? What are they doing? They snare a bag of oysters to get followed and then with large thrusts they shuck and devour those helpless creatures en masse. I don't know what you think, but to me all this says that following these faiths, based on mythological figures, favors the destruction of a person's interiority. Organized religion destroys who we are by inhibiting our actions, inhibiting our decisions for fear of an intangible father figure who has been pointing the finger at us for thousands of years now and saying, "Do it! Do it! I'll fucking split you in two!"

Quotes about Loki:[edit]

  • Among the Aesir is also counted what some call the slanderer of the Aesir or the origin of deception and the misfortune of all gods and men, he is called Loki or Loptr, son of the giant Fárbauti. His mother is Laufey or Nál, his brothers are Býleistr and Helbindi. Loki is handsome and handsome in appearance, evil in character and very changeable in behavior. He possessed much more than other men the science which is called cunning, and he achieves everything through deception. He always led the Aesir into great difficulties and often got them out of trouble with deceptive designs. (Snorri Sturluson)

Neil Gaiman:[edit]

  • You were angry with him even when you owed him deep gratitude, and you were grateful even when you hated him.
  • Loki is very handsome. He is very persuasive, convincing, nice, and is by far the shrewdest, most subtle and most sagacious of the inhabitants of Asgard. Therefore it is really a shame that inside him there is a sea of ​​darkness: so much anger, so much envy, so much greed. [...] He is more intelligent, sharp and cunning than any other god or giant. Not even Odin is as cunning as Loki. [...] The other gods tolerate him, perhaps because his stratagems and plans have saved them as many times as they have gotten them into trouble.
  • Loki was handsome, and he knew it. Everyone wanted to love him and believe in him, but he was at best unreliable and self-centered, and at worst malevolent or even evil. He married a woman named Sigyn, who at the time of their courtship and marriage was beautiful and happy but after a while she had the face of someone who is always waiting for bad news.
  • Loki makes the world more interesting but less safe. He is the father of monsters, the author of suffering, the evil god.
  • When I don't have my hammer, you're better than me at getting people to do things. (Thor)
  • When something bad happens the first thing I think is, "It's Loki's fault." It saves a lot of time. (Thor)


  • When the god Loki did an incredibly bad thing, the other gods took him to a horrible, dark cave, and there they chained him to three sharp stones. Over him they hung a disgusting serpent, so that its venom would drip, drip, drip forever on Loki's face.
  • That scoundrel, that impostor. The suffering of men is a joy to him.
  • Suffering and pain were his bread and his nectar.

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