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Here Come the Littles is a 1985 animated fantasy film produced in France by DIC Enterprises, Inc. and distributed by Atlantic Releasing. It was directed by Bernard Deyriès and adapted by Woody Kling from John Peterson's series of books, The Littles, and also based on the ABC television show of the same name.

Here Come the Littles follows a boy named Henry Bigg as he meets a family of miniature people that lives in his home. While his uncle Augustus plans to build a shopping center at the site of his home, Henry teams up with the Littles to prevent this scheme.

Grandpa Little[edit]

  • [preparing to lower himself into Augustus' chimney from Dinky's glider, via a rope] When the crows leave, land on the roof, and we'll meet you there. Keep the glider steady, and put me in that chimney! [after smacking into the outside chimney wall] I said put me in the chimney, not in the hospital!


Dinky Little: [looking around Augustus' attic for Tom, Lucy and Grandpa] Kids? M-Mr. Little?
Tom Little and Lucy Little: [emerging from a trapdoor] Hi, Dinky!
Dinky Little: [jumps back, yells out with fright, then calms down] Hi, kids. I was just exploring this old place. You know how Daredevil Dinky loves adventure!
Dinky Little: [adjusts his scarf, which gets caught on a nail, cries out] Aaah! Something's grabbing me!
Lucy Little: [dislodging Dinky's scarf] It's just this ferocious nail.

Grandpa Little: [waiting for Dinky's glider to take off] Get going, Dinky!
Dinky Little: Roger! Pilot to navigator: check wind velocity, watch out for birds, chart the course, look out for television antennas, advise me of altitude...
Grandpa Little: Navigator to pilot: SHUT UP!

Tom Little: [referring to Augustus] His voice gives me the creeps; I wonder what he looks like.
Lucy Little: He's probably 20 feet tall, with beady eyes and long, pointy fangs for teeth!
Tom Little: [sarcastically] You're real fun to be with, Lucy.

Grandpa Little: Can't you make this crate go any faster?
Dinky Little: Don't tell me how to fly; I'm the world's greatest pilot! I can tell you...
Grandpa Little: [ties Dinky's scarf over his mouth] Shut up! [as glider spins out of control] Watch out, fool! [falling from the plane] You are the world's greatest knucklehead!

Grandpa Little: [after the pair are spotted by Augustus, who has mistaken them for toys] Good, he thinks we're toys. Pretend you're a toy!
Dinky Little: First I'm a mouse, then bait, now a toy? I never live it down!
Grandpa Little: You cabbage-head! If Augustus finds out who we are, there's no telling what he might do to us!
Dinky Little: I'm a toy! I'm a toy!

Lucy Little: Watch it! Don't fall in!
Tom Little: I never fall; I've got perfect balance!
[Tom yells as he loses his balance and fails into Henry's suitcase, which he had been sitting on the edge of]
Lucy Little: Tom!
Tom Little: Get me out of here!
Lucy Little: [sarcastically] Who could that be calling? It couldn't be my brother, he's got perfect balance!
Tom Little: Will you stop clowning around and give me a hand?

[Grandpa taps his hand against the bulldozer, which has just stopped inches away from destroying the Littles' home, ostensibly by Dinky throwing himself in front of it]
Grandpa Little: It stopped!
Helen Little: That was a brave thing to do, Dinky!
Grandpa Little: Sure was. If there's anything I can ever do for you, name it!
Dinky Little: [sounding lightheaded] There is one thing: you can catch me while I faint! [cries out, falls backwards, landing in Grandpa's arms]

Lucy Little: [after she and Tom are reunited with Grandpa and Dinky, who have just escaped from being locked inside Augustus' desk] Grandpa, Dinky! Are you OK?
Grandpa Little: Yeah. Good you're here. Quick, we have to get home! Did you hear that Augustus?
Dinky Little: [referring to Henry's gas-powered toy plane, which was damaged by an owl earlier that night] Then let's find that airplane and see if we can repair it!
Grandpa Little: Well, congratulations, Dinky. You finally said something intelligent!

Tom Little and Lucy Little: [spotting Grandpa landing in Augustus' house, after plunging down the chimney] Grandpa!
Grandpa Little: [hugging Tom and Lucy] Thank goodness you're OK!
Lucy Little: Yes, but Mom and Dad won't be unless we can get home in time to warn them.
Tom Little: In two days, Augustus is gonna send bulldozers to tear down Henry's house.
Grandpa Little: You are a heartless, vicious old man, Augustus!
Lucy Little: Not only that, but he also slurps his soup.

Dinky Little: [seeing his glider being torn to pieces by a cat] My glider!
Tom Little: A cat!
Lucy Little: How are we gonna get home in time now?
Tom Little: I know! Dinky can tame the cat, and we can ride home on his back!
Dinky Little: [shocked by the suggestion] Huh?
Tom Little: Didn't you once tell me you were a lion tamer?
Dinky Little: Of course. The greatest! But I can't tame that cat; I need special equipment that I don't happen to have.
Grandpa Little: [disgusted] Such as courage.

Lucy Little: [crying, thinking Tom has been swallowed by a cat] Oh, Tom, what'll I do without you? You're the best brother a girl ever had! Kind and good and brave...
Tom Little: [emerging suddenly from atop the cat's back] And smart!
Lucy Little: Tom!
[Lucy hugs Tom with relief as he climbs down and runs to her]
Lucy Little: And stupid for letting us think you were swallowed!

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