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Honey is a 2003 dance film about a dancer named Honey Daniels.  It was released by Universal Pictures and followed in 2011 by a sequel, Honey 2.

Written by Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson, directed by Bille Woodruff.
Her dream.  Her terms. (taglines)

Honey Daniels[edit]

  • Your flavour's hot.
  • It was everything I always wanted.  But when I had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.
  • I want you to fire them.  I want you to tell them why you're not using them.

Missy Elliott[edit]

You need to call MC Hammer and let him know you're stealing his stuff.
~ Missy Elliott


  • Honey, you got skills.  And that's gonna take you places.
  • You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.
  • Well, there's only one world: the real world.  And in that world, if a man takes a woman out on a Friday night in her hooker heels and she can't bring her homegirl, he trying to get some booty.


  • Barber:  Let us pray.  Heavenly Father, please bless Chaz with game immediately.
  • Mrs. Daniels:  But hip hop can't take you the places where ballet can.
  • Katrina:  I don't owe anybody anything, especially not some Section 8, no rhythm-havin' club ho'.  People pay me to dance.  Be gone.
  • Chaz:  I found something that I truly love, that truly makes me happy.  That's a million times better than something that makes you rich.


Chaz:  Besides, I never mess up a kid's head, especially when his mom's in the shop.
Honey:  [laughs]  He's eight.  That would have made me fourteen.  I'm not that kind of girl.

Gina:  Well, he's fine.  Why you duckin'?
Honey:  I'm not duckin'!
Gina:  You duckin'!  You duckin' like a bobblehead!

Michael Ellis:  Oh, I see.  I see.  You're one of those.
Honey:  I'm not one of anything.  I'm just not up for this.

Honey:  Oh, I forgot.  I'm suppose to see all the beautiful things in this world.
Mrs. Daniels:  Well, there's nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.
Honey:  No, but what about what I want?


  • Her dream.  Her terms.

Quotes about the film[edit]

  • "Honey" doesn't have a shred of originality (except for the high-energy choreography), but there's something fundamentally reassuring about a movie that respects ancient formulas; it's like a landmark preservation program.
  • "Honey" has the shelf life of a dented milk carton.  Pop culture movies in general age rapidly due to ever-changing slang and fashions (example: try saying "daddy-o" or "you go, girl!" without getting laughed at).  "Honey's" characters talk about earning "big faces" (such as Ben Franklin's, on the $100 bill) and little kids having "flavor" (a.k.a. style) in a manner that already invokes suppressed giggles.
  • "Honey" might not even warrant a footnote, so fans will want to see it quickly, before it antiquates over the weekend.


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