Hostel: Part II

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Hostel: Part II is a 2007 film about three American female college students studying abroad who are lured to a Slovakian hostel, and discover the grim reality behind it. It is the sequel to the horror film Hostel.

Directed and written by Eli Roth.


  • Are you scared? [Beth silently nods] You fucking better be.


Lorna: Gosh! This village is so enchanting.
Whitney: Lorna, are you having a journal-gasm right now?
Lorna: Actually, yes. Multiple ones. I get to write about how beautiful this village is... and I get to write about what a raving bitch you are.

Riccardo: [trying to find some drinks] Fuck, Uh.., You know what? I'm trying to find them. Just hang on, Yeah? [keeps finding it]
Drunken Italian: [to Beth] You want a drink?
Beth: No, I'm fine. [the Italian whisper to the other drunkard about them and they laugh.; Beth and Whitney get impatient.]
Whitney: [to the Italian] Hey, you know what? It's okay because, we can just get in at the club, when we go to Prag---
[Riccardo grabs Whitney's arm.]
Riccardo: No stay. I find them, okay? [Whitney shakes off his hand.]
[The Italian smells Beth.]
Drunken Italian: You smell nice.
[Beth and Whitney get very impatient.]
Beth: [whimpering.] Look, We gotta go. Lorna's Waiting.
Whitney Yeah, We have our friend.
Drunken Italian: [to Whitney.] You have friend?
Whitney: Yeah.
Drunken Italian: One, two, three, perfetto. Otherwise, We have to take turns, huh?
[Riccardo and an Italian laughs]
Beth: You know, We're gonna go. So never mind.
Riccardo: Where you go? I knew you were a tease, you fucking cunt.
Beth: What the fuck did you call me?!
Riccardo: I called you stupid fucking American cunt!
Beth: Fuck you!
Whitney: Beth, Beth! come on!
[Whitney grabs Beth]
Riccardo: You know what? [Beth storms off and Whitney follows her.; yelling to Beth] The train to fucking Prague is long, you bitch! We'll come see you!

Whitney: Are you fucking insane?
Beth: What? I fucking hate that word. "Oh, you stupid American cunt" I fucking lost my temper!
Whitney: Okay! But it's not like we're on campus and you can call the dean and file a report or something!

Sasha: We have contract here.
Beth: What kind of contract?
Sasha: Anyone who comes to this place... cannot leave... without killing.

Stuart: Do you think we're sick?
Todd: Fuck no. Dude, you look anywhere in the world where there's no law... whether it's fucking Chad or New Orleans... and this is the shit people are doing, bro. We're the normal ones.
Stuart: Any idea what you're gonna do in there?
Todd: You don't even wanna know. You don't even wanna know.

Stuart: Isn't it bad luck to toast with water?
Todd: Yeah. Bad luck for whoever meets us today.

Todd: Do you remember the first guy in your high school to get laid?
Stuart: No, but I remember the last.
Todd: Well, I do. This kid Greg. He came back from summer break; something about him had changed. It wasn't anything he said or did, but something was different. You just knew it.
Stuart: I know what you mean. It's like you can sense it the way an animal senses it.
Todd: Exactly. Like an animal. Sometimes, you meet a guy and there's just something fucking scary about him. Something that makes you think this guy has killed somebody. He doesn't have to act tough. He never has to say it. But like an animal, you can sense it. You know that this guy's got the balls to do what few others can. And that's you after today, my friend. People are gonna fucking fear you. Linda is gonna fucking fear you. What we do today is gonna pay off every day for the rest of our lives.

Stephanie: When are you gonna tell Josh's mother what happened?
Paxton: I'm not.
Stephanie: She still thinks her son is in Europe.
Paxton: What the fuck am I supposed to tell her? She'll go straight to the police.
Stephanie: Yeah, exactly. Someone should.
Paxton: No, no one should. You don't get it. These people are tied into everyone. Someone starts asking questions, they're gonna come after me and find me.

Beth: What is this place?
Stuart: This place... people come here... people come here to kill people.
Beth: What? Who kills? Oh my God, are they gonna kill us?
Stuart: Well... not... us.

Make-Up Woman: I make you pretty.
Whitney: Pretty for what?
Make-Up Woman: For the client.

Stuart: They're still gonna kill you, You fucking, stupid cunt.
Beth: What did you say to me?
Stuart: [turns to Beth] You're a stupid!... fucking!!...--[Beth cuts his genitals, with the scissors]
[Stuart is now screaming in pain] CUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNT!!!!!!
[Beth gets Stuart's genitals.]
Beth: [starts walking] Let him bleed to death. [tosses the genitals to the guard dogs]

Italian Translator: How is your hand?
Paxton: It's... it's better. What's left of it.


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