Hostel: Part II

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Hostel: Part II is a sequel to the horror film Hostel. It is about a group of female art students, who were going to the hostel, which is a place to torture people.

Directed by Eli Roth. Written by Eli Roth.


Riccardo: [trying to find some drinks] Fuck, Uh.., You know what? I'm trying to find them. Just hang on, Yeah? [keeps finding it]
Drunken Italian: [to Beth] You want a drink?
Beth: No, I'm fine. [the Italian whisper to the other drunkard about them and they laugh.; Beth and Whitney get impatient.]
Whitney: [to the Italian] Hey, you know what? It's okay because, we can just get in at the club, when we go to Prag---
[Riccardo grabs Whitney's arm.]
Riccardo: No stay. I find them, okay? [Whitney shakes off his hand.]
[The Italian smells Beth.]
Drunken Italian: You smell nice.
[Beth and Whitney get very impatient.]
Beth: [whimpering.] Look, We gotta go. Lorna's Waiting.
Whitney Yeah, We have our friend.
Drunken Italian: [to Whitney.] You have friend?
Whitney: Yeah.
Drunken Italian: One, two, three, perfetto. Otherwise, We have to take turns, huh?
[Riccardo and an Italian laughs]
Beth: You know, We're gonna go. So never mind.
Riccardo: Where you go? I knew you were a tease, you fucking cunt.
Beth: What the fuck did you call me?!
Riccardo: I called you stupid fucking American cunt!
Beth: Fuck you!
Whitney: Beth, Beth! come on!
[Whitney grabs Beth]
Riccardo: You know what? [Beth storms off and Whitney follows her.; yelling to Beth] The train to fucking Prague is long, you bitch! We'll come see you!

Whitney: Are you fucking insane?
Beth: What? I fucking hate that word. "Oh, you stupid American cunt" I fucking lost my temper!
Whitney: Okay! Bug it's not like we're on campus and you can call the dean and file a report or something!

Stuart: They're still gonna kill you, You fucking, stupid cunt.
Beth: What did you say to me?
Stuart: [turns to Beth] You're a stupid!... fucking!!...--[Beth cuts his genitals, with the scissors]
[Stuart is now screaming in pain] CUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNT!!!!!!
[Beth gets Stuart's genitals.]
Beth: [starts walking] Let him bleed to death. [tosses the genitals to the guard dogs]


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