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Hostel is a 2005 horror film about three backpackers going to Slovakia, and goes to a hostel, which turns out to be torturing people. It was followed by 2007 sequel Hostel: Part II.

Directed by Eli Roth. Written by Eli Roth.
Welcome to your worst nightmare.(taglines)


  • We can't rail a girl that's in a coma. I think that's illegal, even in Amsterdam.


  • [To Óli] Can't you keep your fucking Viking ass in your pants for two seconds?


  • King of the swing.
  • Hæ, þetta er Óli, leggðu inn skilaboð og ég hringi í þig. (Hi, this is Oli, leave a message and I'll call you)
  • King of the swing!


  • [To Paxton verbally abusing her with misogynistic obscenities] I get a lot of money for you. That makes you MY bitch.


Paxton: Excuse me, I uh... excuse me. How is it in there?
Man: [Referring to the torture chamber] Be careful.
Paxton: Why's that?
Man: You could, spend ALL YOUR MONEY... in there.

Josh: Did we come all the way to Europe to smoke pot?
Oli: Hey, I came all the way from Iceland.

Josh: [In the torture chamber] Please! I have money! I'll fucking pay you! Ten times, two times - whatever you want!
The Dutch Businessman: Pay me?
Josh: Yeah!
The Dutch Businessman: No one is paying me. In fact, I'm the one paying THEM!

Paxton: Amsterdam, motherfucker.
Josh: Okey
Paxton: Come on, let's go. Where are we going?
Óli: Red-light district. Time for snípur (clitoris)
Josh: Let's go to the coffee shop first, then get some snípur.
Josh: Hey, I think the Anne Frank house is around here.

Josh: Come one
Josh: Did we come all the way to Europe just to smoke pot?
Óli: Hey, I came all the way from Iceland, man.
Paxton: Yea, what if we did?
Josh: We did that every day in college. Why not, like you know, check out a museum?
Paxton: No, you're right. We should go to a museum. How about the hemp museum?

Óli: Djöfulsins (literal translation: devil / in context translation: Fuck).
Paxton: What was that?

Óli: Guys, this is fucking awsome, man.
Óli: I'm the first in line for snípur.
Alex: Snípur?
Paxton: Oh, that's Icelandic for "clit".
Josh: Clitoris, or clitoris, however you wana say that. Women have it. It's, like, right near the labia. Like, it hangs.
Alex: Oh, yeah. Very good snípur in Iceland.

Josh: Can't you keep your Viking ass in your pants for, like, two seconds?
Óli: Hey, man, I shaved my ass just for you.
Josh: Okey, all right.
Óli: My Viking balls too.
Josh: Okey, stop.

Óli: This is Sunneva, my daughter.
The Dutch Businessman: Very pretty.
Óli: She's 6

The German Surgeon: Genug, spreche nicht mehr (That's enough, don't speak anymore).
Paxton: Wenn du mich tötest, wird es dein Leben zerstören. Jedesmal, wenn du deine Augen schließt, wirst du mich sehen. Ich werde jede Nacht in deinen Alpträumen sein. Dein ganzes Leben lang, ich werde es zerstören (If you kill me, it will destroy your life. Every time you close your eyes you will see me. I'll be in your nightmares every night. All your life, I will destroy it).

Josh: You... Why?
The Dutch Businessman: I always wanted to be a surgeon. But the boards would not pass me. Can you guess why? You see? So I went into business. But business is so boring. You buy things you sell them, you make money you spend money. What kind of life is that? A surgeon, he holds the very essence of life in his hands - your life. He touches it.
The Dutch Businessman: He touches it. He has a relationship with it. He is part of it.
Josh: Please just let me go, please...
The Dutch Businessman: You want to go? Is that what you want?

Paxton: [The Dutch Businessman eating a salad with hands] need a fork there chief?
The Dutch Businessman: No. I prefer to use my hands. I believe people have lost their relationship with food. They do not think "this is something that died for me so that I would not go hungry." I like that connection with something you die for. I appreciate it more.
Paxton: Well, I'm a vegetarian.
The Dutch Businessman: I am a meat-eater. It is human nature.
Paxton: Well I'm human and it's not my nature.
The Dutch Businessman: [To Josh] Tell me... what is your nature...? [Places his hand on Josh's leg]
Josh: WHOA! Don't touch! Don't fucking touch me!
The Dutch Businessman: [Quickly gathering his things and moving out of the train compartment] Sorry, sorry...
Josh: [Still very weirded out] Fucking freak! Jesus! [Paxton and Oli both look at each-other and laugh hysterically]
Paxton: [Laughing] Edward Saladhands just groped Josh!
Oli: [waving his fingers menacingly] Ooooooh...!
Paxton: [Still laughing] Dude, you finally hooked up, that's awesome!
Josh: [still visibly pissed] Yeah, that's fucking hilarious.

The American Client: I've been all over the world. You know, I've been everywhere and the bottom line is: Pussy is pussy. You know, every strip club, every whore house, every... It's all the same shit. You know, I just fucked a girl two days ago and I don't even remember the color of her tits. But this... This is something you never forget, right? RIGHT?
Paxton: Never...
The American Client: Never, right.


  • Inspired by true events.
  • Try not to puke.
  • What is the worst can happen.


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