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House of Wax is a 2005 American-Australian horror film about a group of unwitting teens who are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit. It is a loose remake of the 1953 film of the same name.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Written by Charles Belden, Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes, based on The Wax Works by Charles Belden.
The flesh is weak. Wax is forever.taglines

Nick Jones

  • You're saying that that's a real person... underneath?

Bo Sinclair

  • [to Vincent] Hey, town's looking real good. We almost finished what Ma started. Those two are good, they'll fit perfectly. What I tell ya, huh? Ain't your work more real now? Ma would be proud, yeah, she'd be real proud. She always said your talent would make up for what God took away from you. There's two more, we've still got a lot of work to do.


Carly: I don't believe this. You steal a car and it's my fault. You evade arrest and it's the cops' fault...
Nick: One of 'em took a swing at me.
Carly: You get kicked out of the house, it's Mom and Dad's fault. You lose your football scholarship and it's the coach's fault! You can't keep a job for more than two weeks because it's every manager's fault!
Nick: I'm surrounded by idiots.
Carly: So then why did you come, to piss me off?
Nick: Why don't you get it? You're the good twin, I'm the evil one.
Carly: Grow up. You are so afraid to take things seriously.

Nick: Ugh, Dalton, did you crap your pants again?
Dalton: What? No! I don't know, maybe. I am wearing my work clothes.

Wade: I'm sorry, we just needed a fan belt.
Bo: A fanbelt? You walk in on a funeral for a fucking fanbelt?

Carly: [approaching the door to the wax museum] Doesn't 'closed' mean 'I don't want you in here?'
Wade: Relax. No one'll care
Carly: What if's someone's here?
Wade: [calling out] Hello? Anyone in here? [after silence] See? Fine. Look how cool this is. Everything in here is wax, the floors, the walls, look at this! [gestures to a large ornament] This is wax.
Carly: Yeah, cool, awesome.
Wade: Who are these people supposed to be? Aren't there supposed to be famous people in a wax museum? I don't recognize this guy.

Dalton: You're just gonna let 'em leave like that? That guy's a freak, he throws dead animals in a pit for a living.
Nick: You clean shit for a living, Mr. Septic Tank Man. What's the difference?
Dalton: Well, um... I don't walk through it. That's one difference.

Carly: [hearing a noise outside the tent] Wade, wake up. Wade! I heard something.
Wade: Yeah, it's probably the serial killers or something.

Dave: [on radio] Sheriff?
Sheriff: Yeah, Dave?
Dave: Ran the Sinclair family through CDIC. Trudy and the doctor didn't have two sons. They had three.


  • The flesh is weak. Wax is forever.
  • Prey. Slay. Display.
  • There's a reason they look so real.


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