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Hulk is a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, with many manifestations in other media.

The Incredible Hulk[edit]


Issue #455[edit]

Henry Gyrich: Mrs. Banner, your father's waiting for you. I understand it's a shock -
Betty Banner: (tears of rage)An empty grave?
Henry Gyrich: Sorry?
Betty Banner: You lost my father's body. For two years I was putting flowers on an empty grave?
Henry Gyrich: Mrs. Banner, to be blunt - you're the Hulk's wife. The Hulk's wife. As a matter of national security, no-one is going to tell the Hulk's wife, "Sorry lady, we lost your dad's body." An angry Hulk is bad enough. Egged on by an angry wife...?
Betty Banner: And you knew? You kept this from me?
Henry Gyrich: (snapping his fingers) You're shocked by a government cover-up? We're the government! That's all we do! Don't you watch the X-Files?
Betty Banner: Save the sarcasm, Gyrich. I saw my father die. You have no idea what I went through. No idea -
Henry Gyrich: (beginning to lose his temper) My father had Alzheimer's, lady. I took a year off work so he wouldn't be cared for by strangers that my crummy salary couldn't afford in the first place. I bathed him, cleared up after him. And his last words, as I held his dying body, were "Who the hell are you?". You've just been handed a miracle, Mrs. Banner. So go in there and say hello to your father and don't you dare accuse me of heartlessness.


Issue #100[edit]

"Planet Cho"[edit]
Amadeus Cho: So you killed him.
Reed Richards: No. No one kills the Hulk. He's alive. The only question is where...

Amadeus Cho: He's a hero. He may hate us puny humans but he saves us anyway. And you have to wonder if there wouldn't be fewer dead folks out there in your little civil war if you'd launched yourselves into space instead of him.

Reed Richards: Tony. Bruce isn't where we sent him.
Tony Stark: That's... bad.
Reed Richards: It's worse. Because Bruce... the Hulk... has friends... and God help us if they find him before we do.

Planet Hulk[edit]

Issue #92[edit]

Imperial Governor: We're all impressed by your ability to remain upright after passing through the life-draining energies of the great portal. So your ship will go to our scientists for further study. And you'll learn how to serve your emperor. Let's begin with lesson one: on your knees.
Hulk: Always somebody yelling. You want the ship?
[The Hulk throws his crashed ship at the governor and his soldiers]
Hulk: It's yours. But the Hulk doesn't kneel!
[The Hulk leaps at the governor, who shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. The Hulk lands facedown at his feet]
Imperial Governor: Close enough.

[After surviving a gladiatorial fight, at which point they would have been free]
Miek: No hmpfing! The Red *kik* King to pardoning us now.
Hulk: Red King?
Miek: The Emperor. His planet. We just living here.
Hulk: He runs this stupid world?
Miek: As much as he grabbing anyway.
[The Hulk leaps at the Red King's seat]
Hulk: Finally. Hulk knows who to smash.

[The start of a swordfight between Hulk and the Red King]
Red King: You don't learn, do you?.
Hulk: Oh, I learn. Hulk Slash!

Issue #93[edit]

Primus Vand: Twenty-two have entered this field. Only seven will leave it.
Ronan Kaifi: This...This is insane. I'm a citizen of the Empire--an elected representative in the community congress! Does the law mean nothing? I demand to know what I'm charged with! I demand a trial! I demand-
[Primus Vand shoots Ronan Kaifi with a laser pistol, vaporizing him on the spot]
Primus Vand: Fight or die.

[At a feast after the Hulk's team of gladiators defeats a group of wildebots]
Primus Vand: Skee. You've been chosen.
Lavin Skee: For what?
[Primus gestures at a group of women, who are watching Skee and giggling.]
Lavin Skee: Well.
Elloe Kaifi: Well, indeed.
Lavin Skee: I...ah...might be able to get word to your father's allies...
Elloe Kaifi: Oh, just go.

Aide: ...and that community representative Kaifi continues to protest the increase in tribute.
Red King: Kill him.
Aide: Oh, wait. Here's an updated note... we already have.
Red King: Heh. My will be done.

Issue #94[edit]

Korg: So this is it. Three rounds and we're free.
Lavin Skee: You really believe that?
Korg: Thousands of people are watching. Even the Emperor would hesitate before breaking his word before a crowd this big.
[An Imperial Dreadnaught comes into view over the arena, with bomb bays open]
Lavin Skee: What do you say now?
Korg: Lord, forgive us our cracks.

[The Dreadnaught drops a single deathfire bomb into the arena]
Hulk: (to Korg) Shield the others.
Korg: Wait, Greenskin! It's too much. Even you can't...
Hulk: Sure I can.
[The Hulk jumps into the air and grabs the bomb]
Hulk: I'm the Hulk.

Death's Head Guard 1: Enemy: down.
Death's Head Guard 2: Enemy: down.
Death's Head Guard 3: Enemy: down.
Hulk: No.
[The Hulk emerges from the smoke generated by the bomb, all of his hair burned off, and tears a Guard in half]
Hulk: Enemy: mad!
Death's Head Guard 1: Enemy: mad.
Death's Head Guard 2: Enemy: mad.
Death's Head Guard 3: Enemy: mad.

Issue #95[edit]

Sakaarson. Hear my cry. My eyes are burning. My heart is ice. My night is full of death. Sakaarson. Hear my cry. Cool my eyes. Warm my heart. Let me dream again.

[After the Hulk breaks the Silver Surfer´s obedience disk]
Silver Surfer: You...broke the disk. I' Thank y--
[The Hulk repeatedly punches the Silver Surfer into the ground until he falls unconscious]

[After the Silver Surfer uses his power cosmic to destroy every obedience disk in the arena]
Korg: Free.
Miek: Huh. What *kik* now?
Hulk: Whaddaya think? We tear this mother down.

Issue #96[edit]

[After a wildebot kills someone near a group of Imperials and a pair of Imperial soldiers]
Civilian: Help us!
Soldier: Sorry! You'll have to file a request through your local community representative!

Miek: Two-hands... what saying you?
Hulk: Why ask me? You know what you want. You brought us here to get it.
Miek: But what... what would you doing?
Hulk: I'd never stop making them pay.

Issue #98[edit]

Caiera: You've lost the stone man and your Shadow. Your strength and strategy. You lead an army of angry children.
Hulk: Angry's worked pretty good for me so far.

Caiera: He'd kill millions to get to you.
Hulk: He'll kill 'em anyway.
Caiera: Maybe. But if I kill you first, at least they'll have a chance. I challenge you. By the ancient laws of savage Sakaar. Individual combat.
Hulk: What do I get out of this?
[Caiera lunges forward and stabs the Hulk in the shoulder]
Caiera: A fight.
Hulk: Cute.

Issue #99[edit]

Children of Sakaar, look upon your world. Horror upon horror, doom upon doom, but the Green Scar never turns away. And this is why you love him. When his enemies strike he welcomes the pain, he embraces the rage and becomes what you wish you could be. Hello Worldbreaker.

Issue #101[edit]

[Caiera and the Hulk are standing on top of a starship deflecting missiles]
Caiera: We could be riding inside, you know. These missiles can't hurt the stone starship of the Shadow people.
Hulk: Yeah... but this is more fun.

Issue #102[edit]

He calls himself Worldbreaker because he knows that one day, his rage will burn this planet clean. But today the planet burns him. Sears him to the very bone. But he will not let her go. Today the Worldbreaker unbreaks his world.

Red King: Impossible...
Caiera: He... he shifted the very plates...
Korg: Of course he did. He's the Hulk.
Caiera: But you said he couldn't--
Korg: I was just making him mad. He seems to work best that way. Right Greenskin?
Korg: Took the words right out of my mouth.

World War Hulk[edit]

Issue 1[edit]

[After Black Bolt uses his voice to blast the Hulk]
Hulk: I didn't come here for a whisper. I wanna hear you scream.

Hulk: Puny humans. I've come to smash.

Hulk: Now this city will fall. You have twenty-four hours to evacuate. When I return, I want to see Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. And if they're not here...
[Hulk holds up Black Bolt's bloodied, unconscious body]
Hulk: I'll do this... to your whole stinking planet.

Firefighter: Who exactly is this Black Bolt guy again?
Spider-Man: Well, before I saw what the Hulk did to him, I thought he was the second most powerful guy in the galaxy.
Firefighter: So now I guess he's the third?

[Upon seeing Iron Man in hulkbuster armor when expecting the Sentry]
Spider-Man: Aw nuts.
Iron Man: That's not exactly the effect I was going for.

[After the Hulk is blasted by missiles, triggering the memory of Caiera being vaporized in the blast that destroyed Sakaar, while fighting Iron Man]
[The Hulk leaps at Iron Man]
Iron Man: Oh, hell.

Issue 5[edit]

Hulk: You don't want this fight, Sentry.
Sentry: Yes. God help me, I do. Because you're the only one I can hit...
[Sentry punches the Hulk in the stomach, knocking him several blocks away]
Sentry: THIS.

Hulk: Stupid... They can call you whatever they want... Savior... Destroyer... all that matters... is what you choose.

[To Iron Man, after becoming so angry that his strength is tearing the world apart]

Other media[edit]

The Incredible Hulk (1978–1982)[edit]

Narrator:Dr. David Banner, Physician/Scientist, searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation interacts with his unique body chemistry. And now, when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs.
Narrator: The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter.
David Banner: Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Narrator: An accidental explosion took the life of a fellow scientist and supposedly David Banner as well. The reporter thinks the creature was responsible.
Jack McGee: [voice-over] I gave a description to all the law enforcement agencies. They got a warrant for murder out of it.
Narrator: A murder which David Banner can never prove he or the creature didn't commit. So he must let the world go on thinking that he too is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

Hulk vs Wolverine[edit]

[After being force fed a grenade by Deadpool]
Hulk: Talking man hurt Hulk! Hulk rip off talking man's head!
Deadpool: My head? Oh, crap.
Wolverine: He's all yours, Einstein.
Deadpool: No, Logan, we're friends. No, noooo!

Wolverine and the X-Men[edit]

[Wolverine is being beaten up by Hulk, and sees Wendigo sneaking up.]
Wolverine: Hulk, behind!

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes[edit]

Hulk: I'll stay if Cupid [Hawkeye] stays.
[Said to Amora, The Enchantress]
Hulk: No One Controls The Hulk!!!


"Hulk SMASH!!"
"Hulk is the strongest one there is!"
"Hulk just wants to be left alone."
"The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!"
[In response to seeing Dr. Strange's cape] "Hulk want cape. Hulk tired of jumping. Hulk want to FLY! Magic man give Hulk cape or Hulk sma..."
Dr. Strange :"Fine, Hulk. Take it, but be careful."
[Later] "Hulk has cape! HA! Hulk cast spells!" [Hulk loses control over the cape and hits a wall, then walks back to Strange] "Uh..Hulk found it like this."
[Song] Doc Bruce Banner!

Belted by Gamma rays turned into the Hulk!

Ain’t he un-glamo-rays

Wrecking through town with the power off a bull!

Ain’t no monster clown who is as lovable as ever-lovin’ Hulk! HULK!! HULK!!

About Hulk (comics)[edit]

Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk would be incredibly traumatic to his body, and maybe his green skin is the result of a whole-body bruise. If you want to get really creative, maybe his blood is full of some sort of green Hulk-oglobin, which can carry more oxygen to the muscles than hemoglobin and gives him his strength and stamina. ~ Sebastian Alvarado
Well, my own feeling is that in the first two (Hulk films), they made him too powerful. I never conceived of him that way, and I didn't think it was necessary for him to be that big. I thought he could’ve been seven and a half feet tall. That's quite enough. ~ Stan Lee
The Hulk was Frankenstein. Frankenstein can rip up the place, and the Hulk could never remember who he formerly was. ~ Jack Kirby
  • The title She-Hulk evokes light-hearted stories about a Jennifer Walters who is at peace with herself and in full control of her powers. This isn’t that book. On the other hand, the title Hulk implies all of the baggage that comes with that comic’s 50+ year history—the ongoing battle with the monster within—and that’s why it’s more appropriate for this series. Jen went through major trauma in Civil War II, and Mariko and Nico’s story will deal with the fallout of that trauma—the anxiety and anger, sometimes self-destructive, that comes along with it. If there is light at the end of the tunnel, Jen is going to have to search hard for it, and she’s going to have to battle with some pretty big monsters—including the one within—to find herself again.
  • Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk would be incredibly traumatic to his body, and maybe his green skin is the result of a whole-body bruise. If you want to get really creative, maybe his blood is full of some sort of green Hulk-oglobin, which can carry more oxygen to the muscles than hemoglobin and gives him his strength and stamina.
  • David Goyer: I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95 percent of comic-book readers were men and certainly almost all of the comic-book writers were men. So The Hulk was this classic male power fantasy. It’s, like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids getting the s— kicked out of them every day. … And so then they created She-Hulk, right? Who was still smart. … I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could [sexually explicit verb] if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying?… She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s, like, if I’m going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk, then let’s create a giant, green porn star” who, as a character, serves to service the Hulk.
  • Stan Lee: Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk. Only a nut would even think of that.
  • The Hulk I created when I saw a woman lift a car. Her baby was caught under the running board of this car. The little child was playing in the gutter and he was crawling from the gutter onto the sidewalk under the running board of this car — he was playing in the gutter. His mother was horrified. She looked from the rear window of the car, and this woman in desperation lifted the rear end of the car. It suddenly came to me that in desperation we can all do that — we can knock down walls, we can go berserk, which we do. You know what happens when we’re in a rage — you can tear a house down. I created a character who did all that and called him the Hulk. I inserted him in a lot of the stories I was doing. Whatever the Hulk was at the beginning I got from that incident. A character to me can’t be contrived. I don’t like to contrive characters. They have to have an element of truth. This woman proved to me that the ordinary person in desperate circumstances can transcend himself and do things that he wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’ve done it myself. I’ve bent steel.
  • The Hulk was Frankenstein. Frankenstein can rip up the place, and the Hulk could never remember who he formerly was.
  • Well, my own feeling is that in the first two (Hulk films), they made him too powerful. I never conceived of him that way, and I didn't think it was necessary for him to be that big. I thought he could’ve been seven and a half feet tall. That's quite enough.
  • Q: Silly question. What do you think will take to kill the Hulk?
Louis Leterrier: Not a lot. He almost dies in our movie, right? He’s kind of a weak bastard, you know? I think his weak thing is that he’s got to big of a heart so I think his demise actually in the comic book that’s it’s his heart. He’s too kind. He’s too nice of a superhero, so that’s the downfall of all superheroes. Their feelings bring them down, that’s all.
  • One of the greatest things about the Hulk as a character is how simple the rules are — when Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk and smashes stuff. And the madder he gets, the stronger he gets.
  • From the beginning, the Hulk had the potential to seamlessly cross genres. The Hulk appears in superhero comics, so he’s a superhero. But he also works completely separately from superhero comics, as a science-fiction story from the nuclear age. And the Jekyll & Hyde/werewolf riffs place the Hulk firmly in the horror genre as well.
  • Most of my favorite Hulk stories resonate with me because they take seriously the consequences of anger and violence,” says Pak. “We all love the Hulk because he smashes — that’s the visceral, vicarious thrill we get from seeing someone really cut loose in anger, the way we might fantasize about ourselves. But the stories resonate because there’s always a price to be paid for lashing out in anger, no matter how justified it might be.
  • Jen is absolutely shaped by the trauma she’s experienced. Much of it was inspired by thinking about how different people deal with the hard things that happen in their lives, how memory, trauma, can infuse our whole being, be a physical presence in our lives. I was really into the idea of a Hulk, of the ability to transform into something close to monstrous, that’s still human, and heroic. It was interesting to think about what’s human about Hulk and vice versa.

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