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Within each of us, ofttimes, there dwells a mighty and raging fury.

The Incredible Hulk (1977-1982) is an American television series based on the Marvel Comics character The Hulk, starring Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. The show was created by Kenneth Johnson.


  • Dr. David Banner: physician, scientist; searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs... The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter. The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
[Extended version from 'The Return of the Incredible Hulk' includes:]
An accidental explosion took the life of a fellow scientist—and supposedly David Banner as well. The reporter thinks the creature was responsible. A murder which David Banner can never prove he or the creature didn't commit. So he must let the world go on thinking that he, too, is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

Pilot movies [0.01][edit]

The Incredible Hulk[edit]

David Banner: Anger. Elaina, I was angry, and upset. And last night I was angry too. I left the lab, I was - I was so totally frustrated because of our - our failure with the research, and then there was the rain, the storm, the flat tire. [pause] And when I blacked out, I remember I was furious.

David Banner: This institute is private property.
Jack McGee: If you know anything about this creature, it is your duty to report that to the police.
David Banner: You're letting your imagination runaway with you. Now I have never seen this creature that you are talking about.
Jack McGee: Forgive me, Doctor, but I am calling you a liar!
David Banner: Mr. McGee! [short pause] Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

[after the Hulk rescues Elaina from the blown-up lab]
Elaina Marks: [last words] David... David... [waking up to see the Hulk] Oh God, my poor David. Who will take care of you now? It's okay... It's okay, it's okay. I don't know if you can understand me... But I want you to understand something. Dear David... I have loved you for such a very long time... And I always will... And I always will... [dies]

David Banner: I love you, Elaina. I think you loved me too. Although you never said it.

Death in the Family (The Return of the Incredible Hulk)[edit]

Julie Griffith: David, they told me you left, that you had... disturbed or something...
David Banner: Julie, you listen to me. I've got to try and get you out of here, your in terrible danger.
Julie Griffith: What?... No, this is my room... My house...
David Banner: No, Julie...
Julie Griffith: My!...
David Banner: Julie, listen, try to understand. Your step mother and Dr. Bonifant are trying to kill you.
Julie Griffith: What?... No...
David Banner: Listen! Julie, the drugs that they are giving you are not to help you.
Julie Griffith: No!
David Banner: Their trying to poison you.
Julie Griffith: No!...
David Banner: Julie, look! [holds out some papers] I have the X-rays from Dr. Bonifant's office, they have his finger prints on it for evidence. He's altered them, to make it look as if your legs were damaged.
Julie Griffith: But they are! I can't walk!
David Banner: Julie, you can. Don't you understand? Their trying to kill you!
Julie Griffith: No! I don't believe you!
David Banner: Julie!
Julie Griffith: No! I don't believe you!

Julie Griffith: Help! Help me! Help me! He's crazy! Help me, please!
David Banner: Now, Julie! Julie, you've got to believe me! If they give you one more injection your going to die!
[Julie takes a jug on her bedside table and hits David over the head with it. David notices in a mirror that his eyes are beginning to go green]
David Banner: [trying to hide the X-ray papers under Julie's bed] Got to hide these... [Julie hits David with the jug again] AHHHH!... Julie!
[David moves back]
David Banner: [beginning to transform] Julie!... [transforms into the Hulk]

Season 1[edit]

Final Round [1.01][edit]

Henry 'Rocky' Welsh: Trust me, will you?
[short pause]
David 'Benson' Banner: Yeah.
Henry 'Rocky' Welsh: Hey, you're gonna... be Ringside tonight, huh? [David nods] You be my Cornerman, huh?
David 'Benson' Banner: Yeah. [pause] You really believe you can beat Cole?
Henry 'Rocky' Welsh: Hey, if I'm not ready tonight, I ain't never gonna be ready.

Man in Audience: [to the Hulk] Hey, you're the greatest act I've ever seen. I want to sign you up for some matches, huh?

The Beast Within [1.02][edit]

[after hearing that Jack McGee has arrived]
Dr. Claudia Baxter: David, can you get rid of him for me?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Claudia--
Dr. Claudia Baxter: I'm sorry, I just can't handle these things, I fall apart.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Please?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Claudia, you can't keep running from people your entire life.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: I know.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Then handle it. You've got to start sometime.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: All right.

Dr. Claudia Baxter: I'm sorry, this area's restricted to authorise personnel.
Jack McGee: Well, I just want to ask a couple of questions about that creature that was here. Couldn't we talk inside your lab?
Dr. Claudia Baxter: I really don't have the time right now.
Jack McGee: Well, I think, Doctor, maybe you oughta make the time. I understand the one thing you don't need is a little more bad publicity.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Mr. McGee, the main thing is--
Jack McGee: Look, I just hope that you're not gonna regard this thing as another species to be studied. It's killed two people, you know?

Jack McGee: Dr. Baxter, it is worth reminding you that the power of the press can be used to your advantage or to your disadvantage.

Dr. Claudia Baxter: Why would someone inject Elliot with AGD-4?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: To kill me. Or at least scare me.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: What?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Carl locked me in the cage with Elliot.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: How did you get out?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: I don't know. The creature I guess. I was thrown against a wall by Elliot and I was knocked unconscious.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Why would Carl wanna do that?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Because I knew the chimp wasn't dead.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Oh, come on, that's not worth killing somebody over.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: How do we know that? What's this all about? I think it has something to do with the chimp.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: And maybe the lion cub, and the Orangutan that died.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Possibly. [pause] Maybe they weren't dead. Maybe they were being sold illegally.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: No. I saw the autopsies, they were dead.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: And they weren't particularly exotic, were they? There was nothing unique about them?
Dr. Claudia Baxter: No, they were typical South African species.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: They were all typical South African species?
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Right. [pause] What?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: I don't know, um... Do you have a paper - today's paper, by any chance?
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Of a sort.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: I saw a headline the other day.
[Claudia hands David the newspaper, he looks at it]
Dr. Claudia Baxter: What?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: [reading from the newspaper] "Johannesburg police are still baffled by last months theft of 7.5 million dollars worth of uncut diamonds. The diamonds are believed to have already been smuggled out of South Africa, but there are no leads as to how this was accomplished."
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Oh my God, and the animals?
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Possibly.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Should we call the police?
Carl: [suddenly appears, points a handgun at them] No. That won't be necessary.

Jagger: 750,000 as I promised.
Dr. Malone: Balance?
Jagger: After your final delivery. [closes the money case]
[Carl brings David and Claudia in at gunpoint]
Carl: [to David and Claudia] Come on, get over there.
Jagger: You were supposed to handle the situation more subtly, Carl.
Carl: I had no choice she was calling the police.
Dr. Malone: Jagger, I... I don't wanna get involved, please.
Jagger: You take care of it, Carl, and I'll be back with your final payment after the zebra's autopsy.
Carl: No problem.
[Jagger leaves]
Dr. Malone: Carl, this has already gone too far--
Carl: We're gonna need some time up! [moves David and Claudia] Malone, tie him to that beam!
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Now look, why don't you just let her go! She can't hurt you!
Carl: Too late.
Dr. Malone: Maybe it's not, Carl--
Carl: Shut up! [Malone moves David to the beam] Hurry up, Malone. Tie him, and remember what I told you before, Bradburn. You get outta line and she's dead.
[Malone ties Banner's hands]
Carl: Tie her hands too, Malone.
[Malone walks over to Claudia and begins tying her hands. Carl holds out a thing of AGD-4]
Carl: And give him a shot of this.
Dr. Malone: What for?
Carl: If 20cc's put that gorilla into a coma, almost half a bottle's gonna do wonder's for him.
Dr. Claudia Baxter: Oh my God, Carl!
Carl: It's all very simple. You experiment on a man and he dies from an overdose of your aggression drug.
David 'Bradburn' Banner: Nobody would ever believe that Claudia would be capable of doing that!
Carl: The board of directors already does. Your gonna make a house call on Androcles. [takes Claudia] I'll be right back, Malone. Get it done.

David 'Bradburn' Banner: Malone, listen to me! The only crime that you've committed so far has been smuggling. If you give me an overdose of that drug, it'll be murder. Malone! Malone, think about what you're doing! You know what that line'll do to Claudia?! It'll tear her apart! And you can't let that happen! Malone! [Malone holds the injection in his hand, begins walking towards Banner] MALONE, STOP! FOR GOD'S SAKE! DON'T DO IT! [Banner's eyes start turning green] MALONE!...
[Banner transforms into the Hulk, as Malone is about to inject him. The Hulk rips the rope off his arms, startling Malone who drops the injection and falls in front of a truck, knocking him unconscious]

Of Guilt, Models and Murder [1.03][edit]

Jackson: In closing, I would like to assure the residents of this city and this county that the manhunt to find this murdering creature will be the largest this force has ever launched. But until he is caught, the safest place for you is in your home. Now stay off 'a the streets at nights, please. As long as this creature is running loose, everyone's life is in danger.

Girl: You on the road, too?
David Banner: Sort of, yes.
Girl: Ahh, running from or going to?
David Banner: Little beach.
Girl: One of those, huh? Six months of running from all of it was blisters. I'm gonna go back.
David Banner: Where's back?
Girl: Portland. You headed North, too?
David Banner: Oh, sort of.
Girl: Look um, maybe this is outta line, and I don't mean it as a come on. But uh, I could really use someone to travel with. I mean, a girl alone on the road is bad enough and with this creature running around, I'm really scared.
[David looks at a police car]
Jackson: [voice in David's head] As long as this creature is running loose, everyone's life is in danger.
Girl: [voice in David's head] He crushed her.
David Banner: I think you better go on alone.
Girl: Oh well um, suit yourself. [they shake hands] But you can't run around in circles forever.
David Banner: Be safe.
Girl: Thank you.
David Banner: Good luck.

[David is thinking of turning himself in for the supposed murder of Terri Ann]
Police Officer: Hey is something wrong?
Police Officer: You need some help?
David Banner: No uh... I thought I was lost.
[David continues walking]

Ellen: Well, have you any other references?
David 'Blaine' Banner: I'm afraid not.
James Joslin: [to Ellen] Hire him.
Ellen: Mr. Joslin--
James Joslin: Hire him, Ellen. Don't argue. [to David] I'm James Joslin.
David 'Blaine' Banner: David Blaine.
James Joslin: I hire people on my gut reaction to them. I think we'll get along fine.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Well, thank you. I'm sure that we will.
James Joslin: Ellen, show Mr. Blaine to Sanderson's room. And see if you can find some clothes that will fit him. He looks about the same size. [to David] Why don't you shower and change, be down here again in thirty minutes.
David Banner: Yes, sir. I will.
[walks off]
James Joslin: [to Elkin] He's the one from last night. I'm positive.

James Joslin: Now, about your new job. [Elkin walks away] You'll have to be available in a 24 hour basis, and live at the mansion. Sometimes the work will be menial like answering the telephone, sometimes creative and demanding like one of our advertising photo sessions. But to all intents and purposes, David, you'll be my assistant. The pay is good. And I think you'll find the fringe benefits most exciting.
[notices an attractive woman in a bathing suit playing golf]
David 'Blaine' Banner: Yes, Mr. Elkin told me.
James Joslin: Good.

David 'Blaine' Banner: Were you here last night?
Sheila Cantrell: No uh, I'd rather not talk about it. The thought of that monster crushing her, those white eyes.
David 'Blaine' Banner: No one mentioned any white eyes.
Sheila Cantrell: What?
David 'Blaine' Banner: White eyes. No one said anything about them. Joslin described the creature as being big and green, but there was no mention of white eyes?
Sheila Cantrell: I guess he did to me. [short pause] Well, what would you like? We have Cola, Ginger ale, all kinds of fruit juice.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Oh uh, nothing for me, thank you.

David 'Blaine' Banner: I saw you in the window last night.
Sheila Cantrell: [pause] You were there?
David 'Blaine' Banner: Long enough to see you. [pause] I wanna know why you didn't tell the police? What you trying to hide?
Sheila Cantrell: [nervously] Nothing. Just drop it.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Sheila, I have to know what happened.
Sheila Cantrell: I can't.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Did the creature really do it?
Sheila Cantrell: I can't. He'll kill me.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Who? Joslin.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Sheila, if you don't go to the police, I will. Now tell me, did Joslin kill Terri? [pause] Did Joslin do it? Tell me.
Sheila Cantrell: [pause] Yes.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Thank God.

Sheila Cantrell: I was upstairs in my room when I heard them fighting.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Terri and Joslin?
Sheila Cantrell: [shakes her head] I went down to see if there was anything I could do. But they were into it too far. [talks during a flashback] James was furious, screaming that she was blackmailing him into marriage.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Was she?
Sheila Cantrell: Yes. She'd been wanting James to marry her for years, but he'd always backed out. She wasn't gonna let that happen again. Terri told him that she knew he'd been embezzling money from the company, using it to pay off old debts. And if he didn't marry her, she was going to go to the police. James couldn't convince her to back down. He started toward her, and then she screamed. I wanted to help her, but my legs wouldn't move. I just watched. Watched as he picked up one of those metal statues and hit her. He hit her in the back with it. Killed her.
David 'Blaine' Banner: What about the creature?
Sheila Cantrell: I don't know where he came from. We heard the dogs howling, and then there was this enormous crash. [talks during a flashback] We heard him come up the stairs and down the hallway. Big heavy steps. And then there was this roar. The creature came into the room like an angry animal. He was furious at something. It was James. He started toward him, knocking anything in his path. James tried to hide behind the display case, but the creature just smashed it to the ground. James ran out passed Sanderson and me. He must've come down during the fight. We turned as the creature roared. And then the strangest thing happened. He walked over to Terri, kneeled, and picked her up, tenderly, as if he really cared about her. It was, well, in a strange way, it was touching. The creature actually seemed to be crying over her death. I watched him for a while and... and then I ran.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Leaving Sanderson behind.
Sheila Cantrell: I'm not sure how much he saw.
David 'Blaine' Banner: To blackmail Joslin. Then he was the man that I chased out of the mansion.
Sheila Cantrell: You were inside?
David 'Blaine' Banner: Mm-hmm. Who was in his sports car?
Sheila Cantrell: Elkin. James didn't want his new Joslin girl involved in any investigation. So, he told me to tell everyone that I was the one driving the car.
David 'Blaine' Banner: He also told you not to go to the police.
Sheila Cantrell: Yes.
David 'Blaine' Banner: Are you going to now?
Sheila Cantrell: David, my whole career depends on James. Anyway, who'd believe me?
David 'Blaine' Banner: Well, with Sanderson backing you up. Everybody.
Sheila Cantrell: We don't even know where he is.
David 'Blaine' Banner: I think I do.

Sanderson: It's a nice jacket. Used to have one just like it when I worked for Joslin.
David 'Blaine' Banner: If you think he sent me here. You're wrong. I'm here to ask you to go to the police.
Sanderson: For what?
David 'Blaine' Banner: To tell them you saw Joslin kill Terri Smith, that it wasn't the creature.
Sanderson: [laughs] I'm afraid you don't know what you're talking about.
David 'Blaine' Banner: You were standing in the doorway with Sheila Cantrell when he did it. That's what Sheila told me. And that's what she's gonna tell the police.
Sanderson: She's going to the police?
David 'Blaine' Banner: Mm-hmm. And the only way you can avoid blackmail charges is to go with it.
Sanderson: Wait a minute. She told you that she was going to the police, and you believed her?
David 'Blaine' Banner: Yes.
Sanderson: [laughs] You're outta your mind.
Sheila Cantrell: [showing up with Elkin (whose pointing a gun) and Joslin] I'm afraid he's right, David. Because James didn't kill Terri. I did.

Sheila Cantrell: [seeing the Hulk charging towards them] Oh my God, it's him!
Elkin: Shoot him! [grabs the gun off Sheila] Shoot him!
[as Elkin is about to shoot, the Hulk grabs Elkin's hand, squashing his gun, and throws Elkin over]

TV Reporter: Well, what about the creature?
Jack McGee: Well, the creature maybe clear of this murder, but he's still a threat to society. I've been here trying to track him down. I only hope that the local police can say the same.

Terror in Times Square [1.04][edit]

Jack McGee: Here's to Joan Jacobs, Paterson, New Jersey.
Robert Benson: Whose Joan Jacobs?
Jack McGee: The last eyewitness to spot the Hulk. She's pulling her driveway one night about three weeks ago and there he was. Lights must've startled him because he stood in front of her car long enough for her to make an accurate if somewhat hysterical description.
Robert Benson: [laughs] So that's what you're doing in New York. You think this Hulk of yours is taking in a few Broadway shows.
Jack McGee: The Hulk's no joke, Bobby. He's real. And he's a killer. He's also the biggest knockdown, drag-out, five-star final that I have ever latched on to.
Robert Benson: And that's why you spent the last six months tracking down every sighting of your creature. Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland. Jack, your lucky that paper of yours hasn't kicked you right out on your ear. This thing is becoming an obsession with you.
Jack McGee: Well, maybe so. But right now the Hulk is down there, somewhere. I'm gonna find him.

Carol Abrams: David, you're terrific. You really know how to handle people without getting angry.
David 'Blake' Banner: Oh, are you saying you kissed me because I didn't bodily throw you out of the arcade?
Carol Abrams: No. I kissed you because you helped me study for my diagnostic exam. I aced it!
David 'Blake' Banner: Oh, not bad for a first year intern, Doctor.
Carol Abrams: Not bad at all.
David 'Blake' Banner: Actually, all I did was check the answers in your text book.
Carol Abrams: No, David, that's not quite true. Most of the answers you correct you didn't even have to look in the book. You knew.
David 'Blake' Banner: Told you, I had several years in the medical corps.
Carol Abrams: You know, since you arrived here three weeks ago I've been asking you questions and you've been dancing right around them like Rudolph Nureyev. You're an intelligent, articulate man. And you should not be working in this arcade.
David 'Blake' Banner: Yes, I know that. Yes. Well, I've seriously been considering announcing my candidacy for the mayor of New York. I really think I have a chance. Big chance.
Carol Abrams: David, be serious.
David 'Blake' Banner: I can't. Your father won't allow it during working hours. And I really don't think that this is a time and the place for a deep, philosophical conversation.
Carol Abram: You're right. That's why I'm taking you upstairs for some homemade Pecan pie. You'll talk better on a full stomach.
David 'Blake' Banner: No, I can't do that either. You see, I have to get together with Harold, and we have to close up the arcade tonight.
Carol Abrams: David, I'm the bosses daughter, right? [David nods] Don't argue with me.

Mr. Burns: You happy now? That lane's just as bad. Now we're stuck.
David 'Blake' Banner: You should've cut him off! I told you, this is an emergency!
Mr. Burns: So next time, call you an ambulance. We'll get there when we get there, mister.
David 'Blake' Banner: [eyes have started to turn green] I've got to be there by five!
[Banner transforms into the Hulk]
Mr. Burns: Hey, mister, you're gonna be ten minutes late, so just keep your shirt on.
[Mr. Burns looks into his rear view mirror, he is shocked to see the Hulk in his cab. The Hulks roars, rips the cab door off and begins running down the streets of New York]

Robert Benson: Hey, Jack, that green creature of yours was just seen running through Times Square.
Jack McGee: Heading which way?
Robert Benson: [speaking on the phone] Heading which way? Towards Park Avenue.

Jason Laird: Well, you're on time. I appreciate that.
[The Hulk comes charging in]
Norman Abrams: I didn't kill Leo, Jason. [pulls a gun out]
[The Hulk pushes Norman back]
Jason Laird: What the... Somebody stop him! Get him!
[The Hulk throws a henchman over the car, knocking him against another henchman. The Hulk roars, rips open the door of Jason's car, pulls Jason out]
Jason Laird: Get away from me!
[The Hulk throws Jason into some cement and roars. Police car sirens are heard. The Hulk runs away]

Jack McGee: Well, Bobby, still think I'm wasting my time?
Robert Benson: [sighs] It's a big city out there, Jack. How can you be sure he's down there?
Jack McGee: Oh, I can't. Like I said in my column, I intend to comb every mile of it until I find out.

Carol Abrams: You're not gonna tell me why, are you?
David 'Blake' Banner: No.
Carol Abrams: Can you tell me where?
David 'Blake' Banner: [short pause] California, I suppose. I'm not sure.
Carol Abrams: David, whatever the problem is--
David 'Blake' Banner: It cannot be solved here. Not at this time. Believe me.
Carol Abrams: [smiles] Okay.
David 'Blake' Banner: Okay.
[they embrace]
Carol Abrams: For what it's worth.
David 'Blake' Banner: [smiles] It's worth a lot.
[David kisses Carol]
[David leaves]

747 [1.05][edit]

Nurse: [on the phone] Neuroradiology, Dr. Charles's Office?
David 'Brown' Banner: [on the phone] Uh yes, my name is David Brown. I'm very anxious to speak to Dr. Charles. It's extremely important.
Nurse: Well, he's not in yet. Are you a patient?
David 'Brown' Banner: No I'm not, but I have a highly unusual synoptic dysfunction which occurs sporadically, and I'm convinced that Dr. Charles's research on gamma rays and neuropsychology can help me.
Nurse: I'm sorry, sir. But Dr. Charles is leaving this afternoon for his lecture in Europe.
David 'Brown' Banner: Well, when is he leaving?
Nurse: Five o'clock.
David 'Brown' Banner: Well look, I'm in San Francisco. I'll get the first flight out.
Nurse: San Francisco? Well, if it's that important, I'll make sure he sees you. If you can get here before he leaves.
David 'Brown' Banner: Yes, it is that important and I'll be there. Thank you very much.

David 'Brown' Banner: It might interest you to know that your plan wouldn't've worked even if I hadn't been on this flight.
Stephanie: What do you mean?
David 'Brown' Banner: The amount of drugs you gave to each one of these men, they never would've awakened in time to land this plane. Now everyone out there is going to die unless we find a pilot!
Stephanie: [tearfully] Where's Phil?
Cynthia Davis: In the hold unconscious.
Stephanie: [tearfully] Oh my God.
Cynthia Davis: David, there's no one left to land this plane.
David 'Brown' Banner: [short pause] I know.

The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas [1.06][edit]

Cathy: [looking at a newspaper] Hey, there's that McGee guy.
David Banner: Where?
Cathy: No no, right here in the paper. Take a look. [shows David the paper with a fuzzy picture of the Hulk, laughs] That guy is too much. You know, he actually claims there's a big green creature running around the country killing people. Look at that picture. It's all fuzzy like those phoney flying saucer pictures. You know, I bet it's McGee dressed up in a green suit. It's just the kinda things the Register would do to sell papers.

Jack McGee: [speaking on the phone] Hello.
David Banner: [speaking on the phone] Hello, is this uh, Mr. McGee of The National Register?
Jack McGee: That's right. What can I do for you?
David Banner: Uh, are you acquainted with a man by the name of Edward Campion?
Jack McGee: Yeah. I wasn't acquainted. He's a very good friend. Who is this? Your voice sounds very familiar.
David Banner: [nervously] Look, I don't have time for long explanations, but uh... I'm afraid he's been in a very serious accident. He's been hurt very badly.
Jack McGee: When?
David Banner: About an hour ago. He was hit by a car.
Jack McGee: Where is he now?
David Banner: At the Las Vegas Memorial Hospital, and he's in critical condition. Now, he gave me a tape recorder to give to you. It seemed very important to him.
Jack McGee: A tape? Why would he give that to you?
David Banner: Because I was with him in the ambulance after it happened. Now, I left it at the front desk and you can get it from the clerk.
Jack McGee: Well, why don't you just bring it up? I'd like to talk to you.
David Banner: [nervously] No, I really don't have time. Oh yeah, but there was one other thing. He wanted me to tell you, that Wanda has the key.
Jack McGee: What key?
David Banner: I have no idea.
Jack McGee: Listen, your voice really sounds familiar. You sure I don't know you?
David Banner: [nervously] No, I don't think so. I mean, I suppose it's possible.
Jack McGee: Well, in that case, why don't you just come on up here and tell me what is going on?
David Banner: [nervously] No, I can't. I really- I have to get to work. I don't have the time.
Jack McGee: Hey listen, can you excuse me for just one second, there's somebody at the door. I think it's room service. Just hang on. There's one more important question that I'd like to ask you about Campion.

Tom Edler: David, you know more than you're telling me.

Wanda: [seeing the Hulk] What's happening? Who is he?
Jack McGee: I think finally I'm going to find out.
Wanda: You're not gonna get near him are you?
Jack McGee: I think it's okay. [they begin walking towards the Hulk] Come on.
Wanda: Jack, I'm scared.
Jack McGee: I think it's gonna be all right. [to the Hulk] Where did you come from? [pause] Can you understand me? [pause] How did you get here?
[The Hulk turns and sits down]
Wanda: What's wrong with him?
Jack McGee: He looks tired, worn out.
Jack McGee: [to Wanda] Walk slowly. We've got to keep him here.
Wanda: Where did he come from?
Jack McGee: I think I know. Shh! [slowly to the Hulk] Dr. David Banner, does that name mean anything to you? [pause] Banner... Do you understand me? [pause] What's happening to your face? [pause] Something's changing.

Never Give a Trucker an Even Break [1.07][edit]

Joanie: What happened? And how'd you get up here anyway?
David Banner: In this car I saw them take you.
Joanie: You came back to help me?
David Banner: Yes.
Joanie: Why? [pause] Thanks. [pause] And that creature attack you too?
David Banner: Uh... I had an attack, yes. [pause] I really have to buy shirts that stretch.
Joanie: What?
David Banner: Oh nothing.
Joanie: [looking in her rear view mirror as the truck is coming after them] Why is there never a cop when you need one.

[after the Hulk transforms back into David]
Joanie: [waking up] David... I thought...
David Banner: Come on. We've gotta down the highway and get some help.
Joanie: At least we came out alive.
David Banner: Yeah.

Storekeeper: Say, Joanie, you really oughta talk and look for that reporter guy, McGee. He's around here talking to people like you who saw the big creature.
Joanie: Okay, I'll watch out for him. Thanks.

David Banner: By the way, thank you for the clothes.
Joanie: Are you kidding? After all you went through for me. A few new clothes is the least I could do. I'm sorry I couldn't afford more.
David Banner: Look, I think until you get your insurance money, hm. You better save every penny you can. What about that reward?
Joanie: Oh, it's coming too. Couple of weeks. Those guys really had some operation, huh?
David Banner: Mmm.
Joanie: David.
David Banner: Mm-hm.
Joanie: I'd like to share that reward with you.
David Banner: That would be nice, but I really have to leave.
Joanie: I'd like to share more than that with you.
David Banner: How about lunch?
Joanie: [smiles] That's a start.
David Banner: Yeah.

Life and Death [1.08][edit]

David 'Barnard' Banner: Doctor, are you sure you have the right needle? It seems too short to reach the hypothalamus? [short pause] Doctor?
Dr. Stan Rhodes: [intensely] Please. Be quiet.
David 'Barnard' Banner: The point of entry is too low. [short pause] Let me out of here!
Dr. Stan Rhodes: No, no, it's too late. Just relax.
David 'Barnard' Banner: The insertion is in the wrong direction!
Dr. Stan Rhodes: I knew that, David. These aren't the cells. This is morphine sulphate. Enough to kill you.
David 'Barnard' Banner: Why?
Dr. Stan Rhodes: Because you and the girl were trying to set us up. Now I don't know if you went to the police or your were trying to blackmail us, but Matrix and I just can't afford it.
David 'Barnard' Banner: No! [struggling to get out of the chair]
Dr. Stan Rhodes: Now there's no sense in struggling, just relax. I'm sorry about this, David. I'm sorry for you and the girl.
David 'Barnard' Banner: NO!
Dr. Stan Rhodes: But I had no choice.
David 'Barnard' Banner: NO! NO! [eyes have started to turn green] NO! [Dr. Rhodes leaves. Banner transforms into the Hulk]

Chief Nurse: [on the phone] No, it just stopped between floors.
Dr. Stan Rhodes: What's going on?
Young Nurse: We've got some kind of a thing trapped between floors.
Chief Nurse: [on the phone] Look, just call the police. This things a giant!
[hearing the Hulk smashing through the side of the elevator]
Chief Nurse: Oh my God. He's trying to get out.

Earthquakes Happen [1.09][edit]

Dr. Patterson: [on the phone] Hello.
David Banner: [on the phone] Uh, Dr. Patterson.
Dr. Patterson: Yes.
David Banner: Hello, this is Ted Hammond of the Nuclear Research Facility in San Tomas California.
Dr. Patterson: Oh, yes, Mr. Hammond, how are you?
David Banner: Fine, fine. Thank you. Listen, about your inspection trip tomorrow.
Dr. Patterson: No problem. Have your letter right here. And I'll bring the stress analysis program. Borrowed one of the universities prototypes.
David Banner: Yes, yes. Fine, but uh, you see, Doctor, the reason for the call. Well, a rather urgent administrative problem has come up.
Dr. Patterson: Nothing serious I hope.
David Banner: No, no. It's just that, well I think it might be better if you were to delay your trip one more day, and that would give me a chance to get free so that I could assist you personally when you arrive.
Dr. Patterson: No problem, Mr. Hammond. Things come up, I understand.
David Banner: Fine. Well, thank you very much, Doctor, and I'll see you in two days. Goodbye.

Mrs. Waverly: Oh, it's you, Dr. Patterson.
David Banner: Hi. My documents ready?
Mrs. Waverly: Have them right here. I just think it's awful the way you were robbed of all your identification. You just can't trust people anymore.
David Banner: Mmm.
Mrs. Waverly: That'll be 100 dollars please.
David Banner: [short pause] This morning it was 75.
Mrs. Waverly: Well, that was this morning. My arthritis is kicking up. Had to see my doctor. You understand about those things. Right? Doctor? [David is about to walk out]
David Banner: Bye.
Mrs. Waverly: Wait a minute, Doctor.
David Banner: I think I can get what I need without being robbed.
Mrs. Waverly: All right. 75.

Turner: [to David] I could really kill you.
Dr. Diane Joseph: That would give us one less pair of hands to help dig, wouldn't it?

Larry Saenz: It's no use, Ron, that motor's gotta be burned up.
Ron Harris: Make a sweep of this level. Get everybody out of here. I'm gonna try this valve one more time.
Larry Saenz: We've gotta get outta here.
Ron Harris: Look there maybe people alive down there!
Larry Saenz: For only three more minutes.
Ron Harris: Three more minutes.

Turner: Turner's my name. Man, I'll tell you. For a while down there it didn't look good. I never gave up hope, though.
Reporter: Never?
Turner: Mm-mm.
Jack McGee: We understand that eh, somebody spotted a large hulking creature down there. Could you describe exactly...
Reporter: Come on, Jack, were trying to cover a real story here. [to Diane and Ted] Could there have been any sabotage in this?
Dr. Diane Joseph: No, not likely.
Jack McGee: Well, we understand that there was somebody down there, an imposter saboteur.
Dr. Diane Joseph: Yes, there was someone there. I don't believe he was a saboteur.
Jack McGee: Well, what was he doing?
Dr. Diane Joseph: He was trying to use the gamma ray inversion equipment.
Jack McGee: Did he succeed?
Dr. Diane Joseph: No.
Jack McGee: Well, where is he now?
Ted Hammond: I don't know. He may have been killed in the explosion of steam that blew down the wall. If it hadn't been for him, none of us would be alive.

The Waterfront Story [1.10][edit]

David 'Barton' Banner: You and Frank used to come here a lot?
Josie: Seems like a million years ago.

Marty Hammond: [points David at gun point] Hold it right there, mister bartender.
David 'Barton' Banner: [to Cliff] Well, if it isn't the man that was going to change things on the docks. Shouldn't you be carrying the gun, Cliff?
Cliff McConnell: Shut up. Just shut up! [hits Banner]
[David gets up to fight back, but Marty points his gun at him]
Marty Hammond: Try.
Joe Perry: Wait a minute. I didn't figure on this.
Marty Hammond: [to Joe] Get em in there. Move em, both of em. [pulling up an unconscious Josie] Come on, let's get her up here.
David 'Barton' Banner: Easy, easy! I'll take her!
[David carries Josie. Marty (at gun point) and Cliff move David and Josie to a box]
Marty Hammond: Hold it. [to Cliff] Open the door. [Cliff opens the box door] Okay, let's get in. Come on. [David carrying the unconscious Josie, goes into the box] Come on!
[Cliff closes the box with a padlock]
Joe Perry: Hold it. This has gone too far.
Marty Hammond: Get outside and move the dock crane up close. Move it!

[Banner transforms into the Hulk, smashing the box]
Cliff McConnell: What is it?
Marty Hammond: It's that thing from the bar again.

[Cliff and Marty are trying to get away in a pickup truck]
Cliff McConnell: Come on, let's go!
Marty Hammond: It won't move.
Cliff McConnell: What do you mean it won't move?!
[The Hulk is holding the tailgate, stopping them from getting away]
Marty Hammond: He's holding it.
Cliff McConnell: What? He's holding it? [turns around, seeing the Hulk holding the tailgate. looks at Marty] He's holding it.

Season 2[edit]

Married (Bride of the Incredible Hulk) [2.01][edit]

My grandmother, always says people never die, as long as somebody remembers them. - Boy
David Banner: Doctor! Dr. Fields!
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Yes.
David Banner: Hi, I'm David Benton. I know that you're not taking anymore patients right now, but I really do need your help. You see, I have a highly unusual neurosynaptic dysfunction, which renders me subject of violent outbursts of anger. Now I've tried... radical radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments, but nothing seems to help. And I uh, I came to you because, well, not only your reputation as a psychiatrist, but also from what I've been reading about your new use of hypnosis in therapy, I really think you could be the answer to my problem.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Well, I'm sure the institute could arrange for you to meet someone on our staff. If you'll just uh, leave your...
David Banner: Oh, really please, Doctor, that would be like going to Michelangelo and then ending up with one of his apprentices.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Some of our apprentices are really quite good.
David Banner: But they're not you, and I really do need the best. Would it help if I informed you that I'm a physician?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Mr. Benton - Dr. Benton, I've turned over my entire case of patients to my associates. I'm leaving the institute for quite a while.
David Banner: Doctor, if I could just...
Dr. Carolyn Fields: If you have a severe personal problem then surely you can appreciate it when someone else has one.
David Banner: Doctor, if you only knew how hard it was for me to get to Hawaii to see you.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: You swim?
David Banner: Almost, yes.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Sorry. [getting into her car] Look, I'll talk to Dr. Maxwell myself. He'll be expecting you.
David Banner: Doctor, please. If you could just take a little time to understand my problem.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Time is the one thing I don't have. I'm really very sorry.

David Banner: In your case, would you say that there's a major failure of the cell tissue to regenerate itself?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Yes.
David Banner: Hm.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Excuse me, how do you...
David Banner: I um... I was involved with advanced genetic research on related deceases at the Culver Institute in California.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: At Culver? Did you work with David Banner?
David Banner: Quite closely.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Why did he suddenly abandon his research on diseases such as mine?
David Banner: His wife died... And after that his work... took on other priorities.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: What a shame. His work in the area of my disease was brilliant, it was pioneering.
David Banner: Thank you.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: David Banner was killed in a lab fire.
David Banner: [shakes head] No.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: [realising] Why haven't you told people you're alive?
David Banner: Have you read much of Robert Louis Stevenson?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Treasure Island?
David Banner: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Carolyn Fields: [looking at a picture of the Hulk] Oh my God.
David Banner: I've come to you because of your pioneering work in using hypnosis to help physical ailments. I think that hypnotherapy could help me control that.
[pause. Carol stands]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: I can't help you, David. Not that my hypnotherapy couldn't help you, it might. The disease I have is terminal. The latest test results give me six to eight weeks to live. That's all. I have to devote my entire energy to try to egress the progression of this disease. I'm using my own hypnosis on myself to try to consciously control my own physiognomy. That's why I left the institute, my patients, why I was under hypnosis tonight. Why I have to spend every moment concentrating on me. [pause] Sounds pretty selfish, doesn't it? But it's... it's my life.
David Banner: [smiles] Would you like some help?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: [smiles] From David Banner? Of course I would. It doesn't seem quite fair.
David Banner: Well, maybe if we can make more time for you. There'll be time for me.

Dr. Carolyn Fields: All right, now we have passed through the preliminary stages, and you're deeply asleep. You're very relaxed and comfortable. And while you rest there, I want you without feeling any emotion at all, I want you to try to recall the events that lead up to the first metamorphosis. But you will be an objective observer, totally uninvolved and unemotional. [David stays calm] That's better. Now tell me what you remember.
David Banner: It was after I used the gamma radiation unit to try and tap the hidden sources of strength. I was unsuccessful. I was frustrated. I was driving in the rain. [talks during a flashback] I hit something. I don't know how I got a flat tire. I jack up the car. The rain made everything worse. I was angry. I was using the lug wrench. I was trying to free one of the lug nuts. I smashed my hand on the pavement. I was angry.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: But you're not angry now. Stay objective. You're an unemotional observer.
David Banner: My hand was throbbing with pain, bleeding. [flashback continues] I picked up the lug wrench again. I strained with all my might against it, slipped again. I shouted with pain and anger. I felt a chill rushing through my body. Something was happening. I had a feeling inside me like a hundred people shouting all at once. Like a locomotive beginning to roar. I felt the surging bit of fusion of strength and my muscles vibrating with a strange life of their own. I could feel a force running up inside me. And then I blacked out.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: All right. You're doing very well. Now what we're going to do now is try to bring you to a conscious awareness of what happened next. This is the first step that we're trying to help you to control the creature. Now I want you to remain calm, to open up your mind to the last few moments of consciousness. I want you to freeze that in your mind. [flashback continues] Now we're going to go forward moment by moment very slowly. And as we do, you'll let your mind open up more than ever before.
David Banner: I remember standing up, there was lightning. I was angry. I smashed... the top of the car I think, something else. I can't see it. The car turned over. Fire. I remember fire. Nothing more.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: That was excellent, David, very very good. Don't strain. Now, I want you to recall the second time the transformation occurred. What were the circumstances?
David Banner: I was asleep.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Asleep?
David Banner: Yes. And dreaming.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Tell me about it.
David Banner: I was in the hyperbaric chamber in the South West lab. [flashback continues] I was dreaming about Laura my wife. How pretty she was. What a good life we had. How we laughed together. But then my dream... became a nightmare.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Stay objective now. Be calm.
David Banner: My recurrent nightmare. My memory of driving with her. And how she made me feel. Then suddenly, the tire blew out. The car was rolling over and over. It was terrible. I thought it would never stop. I was thrown clear somehow. When I looked up, there was fire. Fire.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: You must remain objective and free of emotion.
David Banner: The car was on fire. [flashback continues] Laura was inside. I couldn't believe it was happening. The rest of the car. I could see her unconscious inside.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Easy. Control your emotions.
David Banner: I kicked at the window. [flashback continues] I kicked at it. The flames were spreading.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Easy, David.
David Banner: I knew. [flashback continues] I knew if I didn't get her out she was going to die. But the door was jammed. I couldn't get her out. I tried and tried to lift the car. I couldn't get her out. Laura... [stands] I couldn't get her OUT!!! [eyes have started to turn green. Transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk begins smashing a lamp, throws a chair, and is about to smash some things from behind]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: No!
[The Hulk stops and turns to Carolyn. He kicks a table over, walks over towards a lamp, uses it to smash open a glass door and runs out]

Dr. Carolyn Fields: I couldn't believe it was happening. It was the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed. David, your arm is almost healed. Show me your left arm, it got cut when you crashed through the door. [looks at the cut on his arm] It's half healed.
David Banner: I know. That's one of the characteristics of my metamorphosis. My body metabolism works at an incredible rate.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: With your cells regenerating themselves far more quickly than normal? [David nods] David, my disease is one of cellular degeneration. If we were somehow able to take some of the highly active muscle from the creature, and incubate a culture, I might be able to use it to stimulate my own cellular system and retire the growth of my disease.
David Banner: Well...
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Oh, I think it could work, David. It's worth a try. If I could help you to control the creature, I might be able to get a tissue sample. Maybe we'd both win.
David Banner: Aren't you forgetting how hazardous it could be if you do try?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Dying is pretty hazardous.
David Banner: [short pause] Okay. Let's try.

[During hypnosis, David is walking in a desert]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Can you see yourself yet?
David Banner: Yes, now I can.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Now begin to look for the creature.
[David looks around]
David Banner: I uh... I don't see him anywhere.
[continues looking around. Notices the Hulk coming up at a far distance]
David Banner: I can see him now.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Good. Now, just stay calm, and let him get closer.
[The Hulk walks toward David]
David Banner: He's getting closer.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: That's what we want him to do. Just concentrate on staying calm, and doing what we planned. [The Hulk gets closer] When he gets close enough.
David Banner: Now?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Go ahead.
[David runs away from the Hulk. David gets into a mobile crane with a net. The Hulk walks over. David ejects the net onto the Hulk]
David Banner: I've got the net on him.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Good. Now, the more he struggles, the more entangled he'll become. The ropes are very very strong. These are strongest ropes that can be made.
[The Hulk struggling, rips the ropes]
David Banner: He's breaking the ropes. He's gotten free.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: That's all right. He's going to go away now. The next time you try, you'll be more successful, and keep him contained longer until very soon we finally find a cage that will allow you to control him permanently. Now, I'm going to count backwards from five to one. And you're gonna slowly awaken, refreshed and relaxed. Five, four, three, two, one.
[David awakens]

Jack McGee: Dr. Fields?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Yeah.
Jack McGee: I'm Jack McGee from the National Register. I'm checking some stories that a huge hulking creature was seen in this area.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Jack McGee: My paper is now offering ten thousand dollars for any information leading to its capture.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: I can't help you.
Jack McGee: Well, in case you should catch a glimpse of it. [hands out a business card] That's where you could reach me.

[During David's hypnosis, the Hulk is trapped struggling in a cage]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: These straps of steel are the strongest that can be made. They're ten gauge carbon steel.
David Banner: He's trying to bend it.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: It should be too hard for even him. Use the gas tranquilizer.
[David runs over to the tranquilizer. The Hulk is still struggling in the cage. David turns on the gas]
David Banner: Done it. [He puts on a gas mask] The gas is all around him.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: The gas is zapping some of his strength. The task is much more difficult for him now. Much more difficult than with a rope net.
[As the gas is spreading, the Hulk begins pulling the cage bars]
David Banner: He's doing it... He's... He's doing it. [The Hulk breaks off the bars]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Only with great effort.
[The Hulk is free]
David Banner: He's free!

David Banner: Marry me.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: Trying to make an honest woman out of me?
David Banner: Marry me.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: A touching gesture.
David Banner: It's not a gesture.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: But it doesn't make sense.
David Banner: It'll make me happy.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: For how long?
David Banner: For however long there is.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: [short pause] Why?
David Banner: I once heard a story about a man being chased by a tiger. He came to a cliff. He fell. But he grabbed a branch, and he just hung there just out of reach of the tiger. And he looked down, and you know what he saw?
Dr. Carolyn Fields: No.
David Banner: Another tiger waiting for him to drop. And then he felt that the branch he was clinging to was coming out of the cliff by the roots. Now, while all this was happening, he noticed something. He noticed growing in the cliff beside him, a single wild strawberry. And with his free hand, he reached out and picked it, and he ate it. And he thought to himself: "What a wonderful strawberry."
Dr. Carolyn Fields: [tearfully] Oh God. I love you, David.
David Banner: I love you, Carolyn.
[they embrace]

[During David's hypnosis, the Hulk is trapped pounding in a vault]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: The vault is holding in spite of his best efforts. You can hear him pounding furiously on the inside of the vault, but he can't get out. He can't get out. We're going to contain him within your mind, and then only allow the metamorphosis to occur under controlled circumstances, so that we can get the tissue sample we need. We are going to contain him.
David Banner: I think he's moving the door.
Dr. Carolyn Fields: But it's holding. It's still holding.
[David stands smiling, thinking the Hulk is not able to get out. Suddenly the vault door goes down]
David Banner: No. No, he's gotten out! He's free... again.
[after hypnosis]
Dr. Carolyn Fields: But it took him much longer to get free this time, David, believe me. We're making real progress.

Dr. Carolyn Fields: At least we never gave up... trying. [with her last strength, she embraces the Hulk] Oh, I'll miss you, David... [dies]

Boy: [walks over to David who is grieving over the death of Carolyn] It's really wrecked. Is your wife here?
David Banner: No. She died.
Boy: Was it the storm?
David Banner: She'd been very sick.
Boy: She was a doctor, wasn't she?
David Banner: Yes, she was.
Boy: I want to be a doctor too. When I grow up. [pause] And maybe I can find a cure for whatever made her sick. [pause] I wouldn't be around to try, if she hadn't saved my life. [pause] You weren't married very long, huh?
David Banner: [pause] Oh it never would have been long enough.
Boy: My grandmother, always says people never die, as long as somebody remembers them.

The Antowuk Horror [2.02][edit]

Buck Hendrick: [laughs] You're an amateur, Jack my boy! That creature of yours will never come back again. Animals never return to where they've been shot at, I guarantee it. Why, I shot a big rogue elephant once...
Jack McGee: Hendricks! [pause] I told you before, I can't use you.
Buck Hendricks: Nah, it's been three weeks. Now, that Hulk of yours is gone up into the mountains somewhere to hole up. Now, I know animals and I guarantee it.
Jack McGee: Well, your guarantees don't make it so, Buck. Not anymore. The answer is still no.
Buck Hendrick: Now listen, Jack. Together we could bag this thing.
Jack McGee: Look, Buck, [takes out some money from his jacket pocket] my expense account has stretched pretty far as it is with...
Buck Hendrick: [stops Jack] I don't want a handout. I want a job. I'm a hunter not a charity case. [takes out a piece of paper] Now... [reading from the paper] "Buck Hendrick. Big game hunter. Extraordinaire." Remember? [putting the paper back into his pocket] I gave you plenty of good copy in my time.
[Jack begins walking away]
Buck Hendrick: Listen, Jack. If we shoot this Hulk creature of yours, it'll be just like it used to be. You'll have a great story, and I'll be right back on the lecture circuit.
Jack McGee: Do you hear yourself? Five years ago, you wouldn't've even considered shooting something that's worth more alive than it is dead. Now, Buck, forget it! Just go home!
Buck Hendrick: [points to his hunting car] That's my home!
Jack McGee: Well, I'm sorry about that. I really am sorry. But I can't help you. [gets into his car]
Buck Hendrick: All right, McGee. All right! I'll beat you to the punch! I'll get you your monster first, and I'll kill it!
[McGee drives away]
Buck Hendrick: It'll show itself again. Big ones always do. Buck Hendricks will be there. Guarantee it.

Harlan Bates: I want you to pull everything out of this room starting with the big boxes over there. And I want you to scrub the room. And then I want you to inventory all this gear.
David 'Barton' Banner: [sighs] You're the boss.
Harlan Bates: [squashes a beer can] That's right. [throws the can on the floor] I'm the boss. [David picks up the beer can] What's the matter? Are you worried? I mean, a smart guy like you, huh? You're always uh, spoutin' off about education to Sam. Now's your chance to show her how an educated man can take a tough job like this, see how you can make it uh... simple.
David 'Barton' Banner: Look, I'm not trying to interfere with you and Samantha... [Harlan pushes David]
Harlan Bates: Sam is none of your business. Now, you just uh... you just get crackin'. Go on. [David gets to work] You know, Barton, I think I got you figured. I mean, someone like you doesn't come hiking all the way up here for the health now do they? [pause] Or was it the law? Jealous husband? Something worse? [David breaks the wood off with a crowbar, he gets a cut on his hand] Too tough for you, David. You wanna quit? Guys like you, you make a habit of running away. [David takes a box down, he looks at his hand] I know your kind.
David 'Barton' Banner: Do you?
Harlan Bates: Yeah. Big shots. I can't stand having someone tell 'em what to do. They uh, have little tantrums, Davey? Why don't you let loose on me and uh, just get it out of your system.
[Brad comes in]
Harlan Bates: [to Brad] We're uh- You're here just in time to see college boy here take me on hand to hand, huh?
Brad: [laughs] That I wanna see.
[David says nothing]
Harlan Bates: Come on, you gonna take a punch at me or not? Or lose your job. Not if you win. [David says nothing] Huh? [angrily] You hear me?!
Brad: Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's get something to eat. Come on, Harlan.
Harlan Bates: [to David] I'll be back, yeah. Make sure you do it right now. Don't forget the boxes.
Brad: [laughs] Harlan, you're too much!

[after David transforms into the Hulk and trashes up the boxes]
Brad: Harlan, we've got a problem!
Harlan Bates: Look at the size of that thing!
[The Hulk throws some equipment threw a window and roars]
Harlan Bates: [to Brad] Just hold your ground now. I mean there's two of us. [The Hulk throws down a shelf]
Brad: That ain't gonna be enough!
[The Hulks comes towards them]
Harlan Bates: Look out! Here he comes! Get outta here! [The Hulk punches Harlan and throws him out the doorway]

David Banner: You're not serious, are you, about trying to hunt that creature down?
Harlan Bates: Oh, I'm not gonna try. I'm gonna do it.

David 'Barton' Banner: Harlan! Harlan Bates!
[Harlan, at a far distance, comes out dressed as a creature]
David 'Barton' Banner: Knock it off, Harlan! It's me David! Harlan, I'm coming up there!
[after David is almost killed by Harlan's log trap]
David 'Barton' Banner: Dammit, Harlan!
Harlan Bates: You know, you just wrecked a lotta hard work.
David 'Barton' Banner: I suppose it doesn't matter that I was almost killed in the process?
Harlan Bates: It would've served you right, Barton. Now why don't you just get outta here before you fowl up everything.
David 'Barton' Banner: No, I'm not going anywhere until you go with me! Harlan, that so called posse back there is out for blood! And as a professional one who would just love to kill you...
Harlan Bates: I can take care of myself!
David 'Barton' Banner: Well, what about Samantha? She doesn't want a dead father, Harlan!
Harlan Bates: I think you uh... you've said enough. As a matter of fact, you said too much. Now get outta here! [pushes David]
David 'Barton' Banner: [shouts] Hey! Up here! Everybody! Up here!...
[Harlan throws David into a ditch]
Harlan Bates: You're fired, Barton!
[David's eyes start to turn green. He transforms into the Hulk]
Harlan Bates: Yeah, he asked for that anyway.

Buck Hendrick: [noticing Harlan (dressed as a creature) running away from the Hulk through a pair of binoculars] Son of a gun. Two of 'em.

[The Hulk jumps down, pushes Buck back and bends his rifle]
Buck Hendrick: Well, go on! Get it over with!

Sheriff Colton: [seeing Harlan dressed as a creature] It's a hoax. The whole thing's a hoax.
Jack McGee: What hoax? Oh, well yeah, this guy maybe, but what about that thing we saw down there? You call that a hoax? That was no hoax.
TV Reporter: And that old guy down there. He stood right up to it. I'm getting an interview. [runs]
Jack McGee: Wait a minute! That man's an employee of the National Register!

Sheriff Colton: Harlan... [walks away with his troops]
Harlan Bates: Yeah, almost got away with it.
Brad: What are you talkin' about? This whole town's got itself a transfusion. Harlan, we're back in business.
Samantha Bates: David. What about David?
Harlan Bates: He was just up here trying to make me understand what I was doing. I think we better find him. I've got some apologising to do. To both of you.

Ricky [2.03][edit]

[after Ricky was picked up from the police station]
Buzz Deter: How could you do something like that, Ricky? How could you wreck it?
Ricky: Maybe the big green man...
Buzz Deter: Knock it off, Ricky! I told you, I don't want to hear about the story of the green man again!

Buzz Deter: [to David] Ricky's retarded. People just won't understand.

[after the Hulk saves Ricky from a car crash]
Ricky: I'm sorry about driving your car, Buzz.
Buzz Deter: I know why you did it.
Ricky: I wanted to help you.
Buzz Deter: I know.
Ricky: How'd I do?
Buzz Deter: Well, really not too bad. You did better than I ever thought you could. Hey, you did great.
Ricky: The button you gave me. I lost it, Buzz. I'm really sorry.
Buzz Deter: That's okay. Don't worry about it.
Ricky: You don't need it. Not anymore.

[at the Harris School for Special Education]
David Banner: Hello, Ricky.
Ricky: [working on a sculpture head] Hey, David.
David Banner: How are you feeling?
Ricky: Fine. I'm real fine.
David Banner: I just want to come by and say goodbye, I have to leave now.
Ricky: You won't come to the school and visit me anymore?
David Banner: Well, I'm afraid I won't be able to for a long time. But I'll write to you.
Ricky: Miss James, our teacher, she can read for me. And maybe soon, I can read em myself.
David Banner: I'll bet you can.
Ricky: [on the sculpture head] What do you think, David? Is it... sculpture?
David Banner: Yes, sculpture, Ricky. Real sculpture. Goodbye, my friend.

Rainbow's End [2.04][edit]

Thomas Logan: You possess a powerful force.
David 'Bishop' Banner: No, it possesses me! And I can't control it. It even happens in my sleep!

A Child in Need [2.05][edit]

David 'Baxter' Banner: No, no, Mark, you gotta understand. Your father's not a criminal. He doesn't wanna beat you.
Mark Hollinger: Then why does he do it?
David 'Baxter' Banner: Because he has a problem. And we maybe able to help him with it if we go to the police.
Jack Hollinger: [after over hearing David and his son Mark talking] You're not going anywhere, Baxter. [pause. Walking towards David] I don't know who you think you are, but I'm good and tired of you interfering in my family.
David 'Baxter' Banner: Mr. Hollinger, I'm just trying to help your son.
Jack Hollinger: What I do with my son and my wife is my business. You understand?
David 'Baxter' Banner: But can't you see that you're hurting them? You need help. Let me help you.
Jack Hollinger: By taking me to the police?
David 'Baxter' Banner: Mr. Hollinger-
[Jack begins getting into a fight with David]
Mark Hollinger: Dad, leave him alone! Leave him alone!
Jack Hollinger: [shoves Mark to the floor] Get out of here, Mark!
David 'Baxter' Banner: Mark, run!

Another Path [2.06][edit]

Li Sung: I can feel it as sharply as you're seeing it, David. Fear.

Alice in Disco Land [2.07][edit]

Killer Instinct [2.08][edit]

Stop the Presses [2.09][edit]

Escape from Los Santos [2.10][edit]

Wildfire [2.11][edit]

A Solitary Place [2.12][edit]

Like a Brother [2.13][edit]

Haunted [2.14][edit]

Mystery Man, Part 1 [2.15][edit]

Mystery Man, Part 2 [2.16][edit]

The Disciple [2.17][edit]

No Escape [2.18][edit]

Kindred Spirits [2.19][edit]

The Confession' [2.20][edit]

The Quiet Room [2.21][edit]

Vendetta Road [2.22][edit]

Season 3[edit]

Metamorphosis [3.01][edit]

Blind Rage [3.02][edit]

Brain Child [3.03][edit]

The Slam [3.04][edit]

My Favourite Magician [3.05][edit]

Jake [3.06][edit]

Behind the Wheel [3.07][edit]

Homecoming [3.08][edit]

The Snare [3.09][edit]

Babalao [3.10][edit]

Captive Night [3.11][edit]

Broken Image [3.12][edit]

Proof Positive [3.13][edit]

Sideshow [3.14][edit]

Long Run Home [3.15][edit]

Falling Angels [3.16][edit]

The Lottery [3.17][edit]

The Psychic [3.18][edit]

A Rock and a Hard Place [3.19][edit]

Deathmask [3.20][edit]

Equinox [3.21][edit]

Nine Hours [3.22][edit]

On the Line [3.23][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Prometheus, Part 1 [4.01][edit]

Prometheus, Part 2 [4.02][edit]

Free Fall [4.03][edit]

Dark Side [4.04][edit]

Deep Shock [4.05][edit]

Bring Me the Head of the Hulk [4.06][edit]

Fast Lane [4.07][edit]

Goodbye, Eddie Cain [4.08][edit]

King of the Beach [4.09][edit]

Wax Museum [4.10][edit]

East Winds [4.11][edit]

The First, Part 1 [4.12][edit]

The First, Part 2 [4.13][edit]

The Harder They Fall [4.14][edit]

Interview with the Hulk [4.15][edit]

Half Nelson [4.16][edit]

Danny [4.17][edit]

Patterns [4.18][edit]

Season 5[edit]

The Phenom [5.01][edit]

Two Godmothers [5.02][edit]

Veteran [5.03][edit]

Sanctuary [5.04][edit]

Triangle [5.05][edit]

Slaves [5.06][edit]

A Minor Problem [5.07][edit]

Reunion Movies (1988 - 1990)[edit]

The Incredible Hulk Returns[edit]

David Banner: I must not lose control.
Donald Blake: [on Thor] David, he's harmless.
Thor: Is he prey?
Donald Blake: I'm sending it back. [to Thor] Give me that hammer.
Thor: Wait! I won't hurt him. [to David] All right, look you. Blake says that you are wise in many things. But if you show him how to cut the core that Odin has spun between us...
Donald Blake: Thor-
Thor: Or if your witch craft should harm Blake, then I lose my chance to enter Valhalla! And you have never seen anger... [looking at Banner. To Blake] He is preying.
Donald Blake: David, it's okay.
David Banner: [trying to stay calm. To Thor] Go away. Leave me alone, please. You just don't understand. You don't know what can happen. Please.
Thor: [Thor begins pushing Banner] Go away, eh?
Donald Blake: Don't push him!
Thor: Leave you be, eh?
Donald Blake: Stop it!
Thor: Sounds more like insult than hospitality!
Donald Blake: What're you doing, you jerk?
Thor: [grabs Banner by the collar] An insult is something I can always understand!
Donald Blake: Don't push him!
David Banner: [struggling to stay calm] Don't make me angry.
Thor: He's braver than I thought, Blake!
Donald Blake: Stop it, damn it!
Thor: Leave me...
[David collides into a control unit and is electrocuted. Thor pulls David away and throws him to the floor. Blake rushes over to David and rolls him onto his back. Blake backs away when he sees David's eyes have turned white and begins transforming into the Hulk.]
Thor: Odin's beard.
Donald Blake: Good God.

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk[edit]

The Death of the Incredible Hulk[edit]


Quotes about The Incredible Hulk (1978 TV series)[edit]

  • The Hulk television show I thought was wonderful. It was created and done by Kenneth Johnson, who I think did a brilliant job, and I got quite friendly with him in the course of it. He was so smart. He took a character which in live action television, might have been unbearably foolish looking, with nonsensical stories, and he made it as palatable for grown-ups as for kids, maybe more so. Cause what he did, if you remember that series, it was an hour show, and in the course of the hour, you only actually saw the Hulk, for I don't know, five or six minutes, maybe not that much. The rest of the time, it was Bruce Banner, played by Bill Bixby as a very human, empathetic character that you cared about. So it was really an adult show about an interesting complex hero with a lot of personal problems. As far as the Hulk goes, in the comic books, I had him talking because a panel without any dialogue balloons – and I couldn't give him thought balloons cause he was too dumb – it can get a little uninteresting. When we started the television show, Ken said to me, "You know, Stan, I don't think the Hulk should talk." The minute he said it, I knew he was right, because I had in the beginning I had the Hulk talking like this, "Hulk crush" "Hulk get him" You know, I can get away with it in a comic, but that would've sounded so silly if he spoke that way in a television show. So by having him not talk at all, I think he made it more like a real monster and more frightening than that silly pigeon dialogue. And as I say, it was such a good show, Ken did everything right. When Banner turned into the Hulk, people who saw the show still remember there'd be a shot of his eyes which suddenly start changing colour, then you'd see the shirt starting to rip off his shoulder as the shoulder got bigger. For some reason, women have told me they love that shot, they "Oh, we can't wait to see where the shirt rips and the shoulder gets bigger." And um, yeah, the Hulk was very successful. It lasted - well I'll tell you a funny story about [...] I had a cameo in one of the Hulk shows, and it was the one called The Trial of the Hulk, where he was in a court, and there was a jury in the box. I was the foreman of the jury, sitting in the jury box. And in one scene, the Hulk gets angry, and he reaches down and he lifts up the whole jury box with all twelve jurors. I mean, he only lifts it about two feet, and they jump out of the box in fear. Now obviously, there's a hydraulic lift under that, I mean, Lou Ferrigno wasn't lifting it. However, I was in the jury box and having a great time with my little cameo, and then the Hulk started lifting it, and Bill said, "Cut!" And he said "Okay, Stan, you get out of there." I said, "What did I do wrong?" He said, "Nothing, we have to put a stunt man in there now cause you gotta jump out of the jury box." I said, "It's two feet. I could step out." He said, "No, that's considered a stunt, you've gotta get out, a stunt man's gotta do it." [laughs] I was so angry, my big chance, and I couldn't even jump two feet. But it was great. And I might add, Bill Bixby who played Bruce Banner who turned into the Hulk, one of the nicest guys I have ever known. So was Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk. This big muscular guy is one of the sweetest, gentlest men you could ever meet. Everything about that show was good.

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