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Ibn Saud (26 November 18769 November 1953) was the first Monarch of Saudi Arabia. He is noted for being the head of the Saud's family, and being in power when oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. His support for Palestinians and strong opposition against Israel has been praised by various groups as well.


  • God cursed the Jews, therefore they don't deserve a country.
    • Regarding Israel.[1]
  • Faisal, Saud is your brother. Saud, Faisal is your brother. There is no power and no strength save in God.
    • The last words of Ibn Saud; quoted in Ibn Saud, by Leslie McLoughlin.

Quotes about Ibn Saud[edit]

  • A number of social problems arose. I had been told that neither smoking nor alcoholic beverages were allowed in the [Saudi] Royal Presence. As I was the host at luncheon I raised the matter at once, and said to the interpreter that if it was the religion of His Majesty [Ibn Saud] to deprive himself of smoking and alcohol I must point out that my rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after, and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them. The King graciously accepted the position. His own cup-bearer from Mecca offered me a glass of water from its sacred well, the most delicious I had ever tasted.
    • Winston Churchill, Discussion of an audience with Saudi King Ibn Saud at the Fayoum oasis, Egypt, on February 17, 1945; in The Second World War, Volume VI : Triumph and Tragedy (1953), Chapter 23 (Yalta: Finale), pp. 348-349.
  • We liberate our nation's heart inside of Indonesian independence!! Ibn Saud liberated Arabian's heart inside of Saudi Arabian independence one by one!! Stalin liberated Soviet-Russian's heart inside of Soviet one by one!!

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