Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a 2009 platform game based on the film of the same name.


[first lines]
Sid: [to Peaches] Alright, little Peaches, since your parents have left me in charge as babysitter, I thought I would tell you a bedtime story.
Diego: Wait a minute. I'm here too.
Sid: Yes, Diego, but only one of us has experience as a parent.
Diego: Sid, you were never a parent!
Sid: Was too!
Diego: They weren't even your kids. They were dinosaur eggs.
Sid: So?
Diego: Their mother almost chomped you.
Sid: [to Peaches] Anyways... once upon a time, while your parents were waiting for the special day for you to be born... actually, your mother and I and your Uncle Diego here were waiting... your father was freakin' out!
Diego: Yes, yes he was.
Sid: But he did the idea to surprise Ellie with a great present in honour of your arrival.
Diego: And good thing, too, because he was making Ellie nervous. You should never make a mama mammoth nervous.
Sid: So he got me and your Uncles Crash and Eddie to scout around and find the crystals he needed. But we'd have to do it all in secret...
Diego: Yeah, but first they had to wake you up. That was the hard part.

Buck: Alright, listen up! From now on, my habitat, my rules. Rule number one: always listen to Buck. This Buck. Rule number two: stay on the trail. Buck don't like wanderers. Rule number three: expect the unexpected!
[An ankylosaurus runs past and pushes Buck off a ledge]
Manny: Buck? Are you okay?
Buck: Fall woke me up. You go to the Chasm of Death and I'll catch up.
Diego: Chasm of Death? Sounds like a one way trip.
Buck: Oh, so you got tickets already? Ha, ha. Wonderful.

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