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Infinity Train (2019-2021) is an American animated anthology television series created by Owen Dennis for Cartoon Network. The series is set on a gigantic, mysterious and seemingly endless train traveling through a barren landscape, whose cars contain a variety of bizarre, fantastical and impossible environments; each season (referred to as a "Book") follows a different set of characters, as they try to find a way to leave the train.

Pilot (2016)[edit]

Tulip: Maybe we can escape out the door. [pulls out a pencil and paper] How do I unlock it?
Atticus: First, you put your paw on the handle.
Tulip: Okay.
Atticus: Then you turn it.
Tulip: Got it. [beat] That's how all doors open!
Atticus: My people have been working on this technology for decades!

Steward: Return to your seat!

Book One - The Perennial Child[edit]

The Grid Car[edit]

The Beach Car[edit]

The Corgi Car[edit]

Tulip: Maybe we can escape out the door. [pulls out a pencil and paper] How do I unlock it?
Atticus: First, you put your paw on the handle.
Tulip: Okay.
Atticus: Then you turn it.
Tulip: Got it. [beat] That's how all doors open!
Atticus: My people have been working on this technology for decades!

Steward: Return to your seat!

The Crystal Car[edit]

The Cat's Car[edit]

The Unfinished Car[edit]

The Chrome Car[edit]

The Ball Pit Car[edit]

The Past Car[edit]

The Engine[edit]

[As Tulip grabs the cannon, the Steward breaks the TV and the Conductor's tape that contained her memories]
Amelia/The Conductor: [groans] You insensitive... How dare you force me to relive those memories!
Tulip: Just returning the favor, lady!
Amelia/The Conductor: If you don't take your exit now, I'll send it so far down the train you'll die of old age before you see it again.
Tulip: I'm not leaving until Atticus is back to normal.
Amelia/The Conductor: And I thought you were smart. [Presses a button on her keyboard and the Ball Pit Car and Tulip's exit are sent far down the train]

Book Two - The Cracked Reflection[edit]

The Black Market Car[edit]

Glad-One: Remember, you can't spell "escape" without "companionship". Uh, companion-shape? Companion-scape.

The Family Tree Car[edit]

The Map Car[edit]

The Toad Car[edit]

The Parasite Car[edit]

The Lucky Cat Car[edit]

The Cat: Want an exit? Have to win. It wouldn't be a game without stakes.

'[The disguised girl opens the door to let in four kids from the Apex to ransack the place]
The Cat: No! [jumps up to one of the prize stands] You little Apex brats!
Grace: Sorry for the disguise, but... [removes her disguise to reveal she is a girl] ...I didn't think you'd give me access to the door if you knew who I was.
The Cat: You horrid, little...
Grace: Wah-wah-wah!

The Mall Car[edit]

The Wasteland[edit]

[As MT is swinging to get back up the train, Mace grabs her wrist]
Mirror Tulip (MT): What are you doing?!
Special Agent Mace: I'm as good as dead, and if my last act is to bring you with me, Sliver, I can't imagine a better way to go!
Mirror Tulip (MT): Well, I can!
[She headbutts Mace off of her, swings and kicks Mace to the train's wheels, killing him]

The Tape Car[edit]

The Number Car[edit]

Agent Sieve: There's no escape, Sliver!
Mirror Tulip (MT): Ugh, leave me alone! I won't go back!
Agent Sieve: I'm not taking you anywhere, I'm taking you out. You killed Mace. No more badges, no more protocol.

Mirror Tulip (MT): I only killed Mace because he was trying to kill me!
Agent Sieve: And I'm finishing it for him!

Lake:I'm not any of the hundreds of names that everyone wants to give me. I'm my own person who is getting off this train!

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor[edit]

The Musical Car[edit]

The Jungle Car[edit]

The Debutante Ball Car[edit]

Le Chalet Chat Car[edit]

The Color Clock Car[edit]

Simon: Teamwork begins with two people trusting each other. [stomps on Tuba's dangling hand as she screams in pain] But you? You're no person. [let's go of Tuba's hand, sending her falling off to her death in the train's wheels]

The Campfire Car[edit]

The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car[edit]

Amelia: The ejected cars, have there been objects that didn't match the environment? Phone booths, college campuses, a lot of turtles? Too many turtles? A number of turtles that makes you think, "Why? Why turtles again?"

Simon: I don't believe you! You're lying!
The Cat: I never lie.
Simon: You lie all the time.
The Cat: Well, I never lie when I'm telling the truth.

The Hey Ho Whoa Car[edit]

Amelia: You know why you're here, don't you?
Grace: To... get the highest number?
Amelia: [sighs and shakes her head] The whole point of the Train is to work through your problems. The worse you do, the higher your number goes. Until you get it down to zero... you're trapped.
Simon: Lies! The Train is our right!
Grace: Simon, stop!
Simon: No...! She's brainwashing you, Grace! She said it herself! She's working with the false Conductor!
Grace: Simon, listen to me - she was the false Conductor.
Simon: Wha--? Well, even if she was, she's lost her way!
Amelia: Whatever "way" you think I'm on was never my way! Have you ever considered that you've been wrong? Ha, of course not! You're a child.

The Origami Car[edit]

The New Apex[edit]

Grace: Simon, I know you're hurt. But I had to keep Hazel safe. I've made a lot of mistakes, but that wasn't one of them. We've been doing it wrong, but we can still change!
Simon: Why would I ever want to change if I'm always right?!

Simon: You're an infection! A rot! A poison! I won't let you take what's ours!
Grace: Simon, you're in a lot of pain, I understand that!
Simon: Another hollow apology, Grace?
Grace: [angrily, but tearfully] No. I'm not responsible for your problems. I don't owe you anything.
Simon: You owe me EVERYTHING!

Grace: This is the last thing I ever wanted. But we know the truth, and I can't ignore it. We're all on this train for different reasons. But it's unfair for me to tell you how to understand yourself. I mean, I don't even fully understand me. But together, we can make some changes. [Grace's number starts to go down] First change being...we can't be the Apex anymore.
Sarah: Then what are we gonna be?
Grace: Guess we'll have to figure it out. [Murmurs from the children, and their numbers start to go down too]

Book Four - Duet[edit]

The Twin Tapes[edit]

The Iceberg Car[edit]

The Old West Car[edit]

The Pig Baby Car[edit]

The Astro Queue Car[edit]

Min-Gi: Alright! Let's not check our number yet. We don't want to get discouraged.
Ryan: Oh, yeah. Wouldn't wanna get discouraged. Don't wanna ruin this fun time we've been having.
Kez: You guys don't seem to be having fun. You seem more smug [camera spans to Min-Gi]... and annoyed?[focuses on Ryan]
'Ryan: [comback] Well, you seem... aimless and... hungry [confused].
Kez: I'm a woman of many sensations.

Kez: Min, listen to me. Min, Min, Min, Min, Min. Listen to me, Min, listen to me. We got this. [kisses Min on cheek and floats away]
Min-Gi: She's a bell. Why was that... warm?[confusion]
Ryan: [Laughs]

Min-Gi: ...If you would have just listened to me to begin with we could have just- - Aah! [knocks into one of the waiters] Whoa. [Min and Ryan watch as they collapse to now notice they are covered in vines and are on a treadmill that make them move]
Ryan: They're all... dead?
Min-Gi: So, waiting didn't work. You can mess up even if you stand still. [number goes down]. It's... my number, too.
Ryan: Do I get a turn at being smug now?
Min-Gi: Ryan, I'm...

The Party Car[edit]

The Art Gallery Car[edit]

Min-Gi: [shivers] Whoa. It's freezing.
Ryan: You're the worst Canadian.

Ryan: Was that thing turning us against each other?
Min-Gi: [Groans loudly as monster gets closer]
Ryan: Min! You gotta see it, please! It's okay Min! I am not going anywhere. I won't leave you.

The Mega Maze Car[edit]

The Castle Car[edit]

The Train to Nowhere[edit]


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