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Infinity Train (2019-2021) is an American animated anthology television series created by Owen Dennis for Cartoon Network. The series is set on a gigantic, mysterious and seemingly endless train traveling through a barren landscape, whose cars contain a variety of bizarre, fantastical and impossible environments; each season (referred to as a "Book") follows a different set of characters, as they try to find a way to leave the train.

Pilot (2016)[edit]

Tulip: Maybe we can escape out the door. [pulls out a pencil and paper] How do I unlock it?
Atticus: First, you put your paw on the handle.
Tulip: Okay.
Atticus: Then you turn it.
Tulip: Got it. [beat] That's how all doors open!
Atticus: My people have been working on this technology for decades!

Steward: Return to your seat!

Book One - The Perennial Child[edit]

The Grid Car[edit]

The Beach Car[edit]

The Corgi Car[edit]

Tulip: Maybe we can escape out the door. [pulls out a pencil and paper] How do I unlock it?
Atticus: First, you put your paw on the handle.
Tulip: Okay.
Atticus: Then you turn it.
Tulip: Got it. [beat] That's how all doors open!
Atticus: My people have been working on this technology for decades!

Steward: Return to your seat!

The Crystal Car[edit]

The Cat's Car[edit]

The Unfinished Car[edit]

The Chrome Car[edit]

The Ball Pit Car[edit]

The Past Car[edit]

The Engine[edit]

[As Tulip is grabs the cannon, the Steward breaks the TV and the Conductor's tape that contained her memories]
Amelia/The Conductor: [groans] You insensitive... How dare you force me to relive those memories!
Tulip: Just returning the favor, lady!
Amelia/The Conductor: If you don't take your exit now, I'll send it so far down the train you'll die of old age before you see it again.
Tulip: I'm not leaving until Atticus is back to normal.
Amelia/The Conductor: And I thought you were smart. [Presses a button on her keyboard and the Ball Pit Car and Tulip's exit are sent far down the train]

Book Two - The Cracked Reflection[edit]

The Black Market Car[edit]

Glad-One: Remember, you can't spell "escape" without "companionship". Uh, companion-shape? Companion-scape.

The Family Tree Car[edit]

The Map Car[edit]

The Toad Car[edit]

The Parasite Car[edit]

The Lucky Cat Car[edit]

The Cat: Want an exit? Have to win. It wouldn't be a game without stakes.

'[The disguised girl opens the door to let in four kids from the Apex to ransack the place]
The Cat: No! [jumps up to one of the prize stands] You little Apex brats!
Grace: Sorry for the disguise, but... [removes her disguise to reveal she is a girl] ...I didn't think you'd give me access to the door if you knew who I was.
The Cat: You horrid, little...
Grace: Wah-wah-wah!

The Mall Car[edit]

The Wasteland[edit]

[As MT is swinging to get back up the train, Mace grabs her wrist]
Mirror Tulip (MT): What are you doing?!
Special Agent Mace: I'm as good as dead, and if my last act is to bring you with me, Sliver, I can't imagine a better way to go!
Mirror Tulip (MT): Well, I can!
[She headbutts Mace off of her, swings and kicks Mace to the train's wheels, killing him]

The Tape Car[edit]

The Number Car[edit]

Agent Sieve: There's no escape, Sliver!
Mirror Tulip (MT): Ugh, leave me alone! I won't go back!
Agent Sieve: I'm not taking you anywhere, I'm taking you out. You killed Mace. No more badges, no more protocol.

Mirror Tulip (MT): I only killed Mace because he was trying to kill me!
Agent Sieve: And I'm finishing it for him!

Lake:I'm not any of the hundreds of names that everyone wants to give me. I'm my own person who is getting off this train!

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor[edit]

The Musical Car[edit]

The Jungle Car[edit]

The Debutante Ball Car[edit]

Le Chalet Chat Car[edit]

The Color Clock Car[edit]

Simon: Teamwork begins with two people trusting each other. [stomps on Tuba's dangling hand as she screams in pain] But you? You're no person. [let's go of Tuba's hand, sending her falling off to her death in the train's wheels]

The Campfire Car[edit]

The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car[edit]

Amelia: The ejected cars, have there been objects that didn't match the environment? Phone booths, college campuses, a lot of turtles? Too many turtles? A number of turtles that makes you think, "Why? Why turtles again?"

Simon: I don't believe you! You're lying!
The Cat: I never lie.
Simon: You lie all the time.
The Cat: Well, I never lie when I'm telling the truth.

The Hey Ho Whoa Car[edit]

The Origami Car[edit]

The New Apex[edit]

Grace: Simon, I know you're hurt. But I had to keep Hazel safe. I've made a lot of mistakes, but that wasn't one of them. We've been doing it wrong, but we can still change!
Simon: Why would I ever want to change if I'm always right?

Grace: This is the last thing I ever wanted. But we know the truth, and I can't ignore it. We're all on this train for different reasons. But it's unfair for me to tell you how to understand yourself. I mean, I don't even fully understand me. But together, we can make some changes. [Grace's number starts to go down] First change being...we can't be the Apex anymore.
Sarah: Then what are we gonna be?
Grace: Guess we'll have to figure it out. [Murmurs from the children, and their numbers start to go down too]

Book Four - Duet[edit]

The Twin Tapes[edit]

The Iceberg Car[edit]

The Old West Car[edit]

The Pig Baby Car[edit]

The Astro Queue Car[edit]

Min-Gi: Alright! Let's not check our number yet. We don't want to get discouraged.
Ryan: Oh, yeah. Wouldn't wanna get discouraged. Don't wanna ruin this fun time we've been having.
Kez: You guys don't seem to be having fun. You seem more smug [camera spans to Min-Gi]... and annoyed?[focuses on Ryan]
'Ryan: [comback] Well, you seem... aimless and... hungry [confused].
Kez: I'm a woman of many sensations.

Kez: Min, listen to me. Min, Min, Min, Min, Min. Listen to me, Min, listen to me. We got this. [kisses Min on cheek and floats away]
Min-Gi: She's a bell. Why was that... warm?[confusion]
Ryan: [Laughs]

Min-Gi: ...If you would have just listened to me to begin with we could have just- - Aah! [knocks into one of the waiters] Whoa. [Min and Ryan watch as they collapse to now notice they are covered in vines and are on a treadmill that make them move]
Ryan: They're all... dead?
Min-Gi: So, waiting didn't work. You can mess up even if you stand still. [number goes down]. It's... my number, too.
Ryan: Do I get a turn at being smug now?
Min-Gi: Ryan, I'm...

The Party Car[edit]

The Art Gallery Car[edit]

Min-Gi: [shivers] Whoa. It's freezing.
Ryan: You're the worst Canadian.

Ryan: Was that thing turning us against each other?
Min-Gi: [Groans loudly as monster gets closer]
Ryan: Min! You gotta see it, please! It's okay Min! I am not going anywhere. I won't leave you.

The Mega Maze Car[edit]

The Castle Car[edit]

The Train to Nowhere[edit]


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