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Inside Amy Schumer is an American comedy television series created and hosted by its star, Amy Schumer.

Bad Decisions [1.1][edit]

  • Amy : Yeah, that's it, the end.
  • Stage manager : Just one quick question.
  • Stage manager : Will we be using some sort of a CGI effect or, like, stage chocolate.
  • Amy : No, you'll be eating a full cup of real (bleep).
  • Amy : No fancy special effects here.

Real Sext [1.2][edit]

  • Amy : I thought his name was Graham. What's the deal?
  • Stripper : No, no... that happened with him, too, but, no, no, no, Bobby's the one I, like, really, really, really, really like.
  • Stripper : What should I do?
  • Amy : Just be yourself. All right, gotta go!