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Internet File Sharing refers to the often illegal distribution and trading of movies, music and software via the internet (or digitally). As our world moves into a new era, it is quite possible that recorded media will become obsolete. People involved with the music, film and computer industry have often spoken out about this highly controversial issue.


  • My job security rests on the fact that people respect and love my work, and want to continue to support my work and see my paid movies. (And yes, actually pay for them so I can buy groceries; pirates don't understand this.) Without those loyal fans I wouldn't be doing what I do today and my future rests on them as well. I just keep telling myself to pour my heart into my work, create what I personally would want to see and never stop following my passion!
    • Giantess Katelyn [1]
  • Child pornography is great. Politicians do not understand file sharing, but they understand child pornography, and they want to filter that to score points with the public. Once we get them to filter child pornography, we can get them to extend the block to file sharing.
We must filter the Internet to win over online file sharing. But politicians don’t understand that file sharing is bad, and this is a problem for us. Therefore, we must associate file sharing with child pornography. Because that’s something the politicians understand, and something they want to filter off the Internet.
    • Johan Schlüter [2]
  • If there's anyone out there involved in illegal movie piracy... don't do it. Take a good look at these people. These are the people you're stealing from. Look at them! Face what you've done! There are women here who can barely afford enough gown to cover their breasts.

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