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Into the Blue is a 2005 American thriller film starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. It was directed by John Stockwell. The film was distributed by Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


[from trailer]

Jared: We do this... and it's over.

Bryce: Sam, Amanda. Stop, alright. We are all in this together, now right?
Sam: Not me. Not anymore.
Amanda: Bye.

[waving motion]

Jared: [Sam starts leaving, Jared goes after her] Sam, Sam, Sam...
Sam: See you on the 10:00 News.
Jared: What?
Sam: You heard me.
Jared: Come on, Sam. Come on, what are you doing?
Sam: What is wrong with you? A week ago, you had too much integrity to work for scubabob and now you are working for freaking drug dealers?
Jared: Baby...
Sam: I believe in you more than in the prospect of any treasure.
Jared: If we do this, just this one time... and it's over. That's it.
Sam: It's already over.

[Sam leaves]

Jared: No. Come on, what are you taking about? Sam, come on! Sam, come on!

Sam: [to Jared] Last time you made chili and cornbread, you ex-girlfriend was on the island. And then the time before that, you brought home a pregnant, flea-infested, three-legged dog.

Jared: So how long you know this one for?
Bryce: I don't know, about 14 hours now. Picked her up last night at The Mercer Club.
Amanda: Nuh-uh. I picked you up last night. Don't start lying already.

Bryce: Get out of the water. There are sharks everywhere, look.
Jared: Give me my mask and my fins real quick.
Bryce: You - No, you don't need a mask. There's a shark. I swear to God. He's big, he looks like Jaws. Get out.
Jared: Yeah, I know. But I lost my watch.
Bryce: You lost - ? You need an arm to wear a watch. Would you get out of the water, stupid? Please?
Jared: Sam gave me this watch for my birthday.
Bryce: I don't care! Sam, get...

[Sam tosses to Jared his mask and fins]

Bryce: What are you doing?
Sam: He's fine. They're just curious.
Bryce: Oh, curious as to what? As to what? What his ass tastes like?

Jared: Remember I told you. If anything happened to Sam, I was going to kill you?
Bryce: Oh, don't do that.

[Jared picks up a chair and throws it at the railing]

Bryce: Don't hit me with the fucking chair.

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