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Into the Blue is a 2005 American thriller film about a group of divers who find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane.

Directed by John Stockwell. Written by Matt Johnson.
Temptation is bliss.taglines

Jared Cole

  • We do this... and it's over.

Sam Nicholson

  • [to Jared] Last time you made chili and cornbread, you ex-girlfriend was on the island. And then the time before that, you brought home a pregnant, flea-infested, three-legged dog.

Bryce Dunn

  • Winners make the rules and losers live by them.


Bryce: Sam, Amanda. Stop, alright. We are all in this together, now right?
Sam: Not me. Not anymore.
Amanda: Bye.
[waving motion]
Jared: [Sam starts leaving, Jared goes after her] Sam, Sam, Sam...
Sam: See you on the 10:00 News.
Jared: What?
Sam: You heard me.
Jared: Come on, Sam. Come on, what are you doing?
Sam: What is wrong with you? A week ago, you had too much integrity to work for scubabob and now you are working for freaking drug dealers?
Jared: Baby...
Sam: I believe in you more than in the prospect of any treasure.
Jared: If we do this, just this one time... and it's over. That's it.
Sam: It's already over.
[Sam leaves]
Jared: No. Come on, what are you taking about? Sam, come on! Sam, come on!

Jared: So how long you know this one for?
Bryce: I don't know, about 14 hours now. Picked her up last night at The Mercer Club.
Amanda: Nuh-uh. I picked you up last night. Don't start lying already.

Bryce: Get out of the water. There are sharks everywhere, look.
Jared: Give me my mask and my fins real quick.
Bryce: You - No, you don't need a mask. There's a shark. I swear to God. He's big, he looks like Jaws. Get out.
Jared: Yeah, I know. But I lost my watch.
Bryce: You lost - ? You need an arm to wear a watch. Would you get out of the water, stupid? Please?
Jared: Sam gave me this watch for my birthday.
Bryce: I don't care! Sam, get...
[Sam tosses to Jared his mask and fins]
Bryce: What are you doing?
Sam: He's fine. They're just curious.
Bryce: Oh, curious as to what? As to what? What his ass tastes like?

Sam: We found bodies. Don't you think we should tell someone?
Bryce: They're drug dealers, Sam. They're not missionaries flying care packages to starving kids in Africa, okay? Don't worry, their girlfriends will have new pimps before the milk in the refrigerator goes bad. It's fine.

Jared: Remember I told you. If anything happened to Sam, I was going to kill you?
Bryce: Oh, don't do that.
[Jared picks up a chair and throws it at the railing]
Bryce: Don't hit me with the fucking chair.


  • Temptation is bliss
  • Treasure Has Its Price.
  • Hold your breath


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