Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus (also known within the movie as Dib Membrane vs. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus) is an American animated comedy science fiction film written by Jhonen Vasquez. It is based on and a continuation of the animated television series Invader Zim, which was created by Vasquez and originally aired on Nickelodeon and later Nicktoons from 2001 to 2006. Originally created as a television film for Nickelodeon’s own network, Netflix bought its distribution rights in May 2019. The film was released on Netflix on August 16, 2019.

Directed by Jenny Goldberg (art) and Jake Wyatt. (storyboard) Written by Jhonen Vasquez.


  • Humans are such fragile, goopy things. No Irken would ever become a chair.
  • Hey, keep it down out here. I'm trying to be miserable in my cheesy cocoon of misery.
  • Buy my bracelet, and get ready for the most peaceful Peace Day your grotesque eyeballs have ever seen! [crowd gasps] The bracelet comes in four colors! [cheers and applause]
  • Look at them, GIR. All this time trying to subjugate the humans, and all I had to do was charge them for it.
  • You're ugly when you lie Dib! [I'm not lying!] Then why are you ugly?
  • Zim always wins!


  • I launched that pug into space.
  • Intruder! Prepare to come on in!
  • [singing] Peace is nice, peace is nice.
    Peace is better than chicken and rice!
    Peace, peace, peace.
    Nice, nice, nice.
    Peace, peace, chicken, chicken, rice, rice, rice!
  • [neighbor’s pug crashes through the roof of Zim’s base, flattening Zim] Awww, I missed you so much! [eats pug, launches it back into space again]
  • Oh, I remember phase 2. You're gonna buy 1,000,000 pizzas and I’m gonna roll around in those pizzas, and that’s the story how I became a giant pizza.

Dib Membrane[edit]

  • I used to look up at space with hope and wonder in my eyes. Until space looked back. Invader Zim – evil, alien soldier of the Irken Empire, sent by his diabolical masters, the Almighty Tallest, to infiltrate Earth and prepare it for the coming invasion. Disguised as one of us, he moved into my neighborhood, he went to my school, and with the help of his vile mechanical servants, plotted to destroy everything we have – everything we are. And then... he vanished. My name is Dib Membrane. I'm 12 years old. And I'm all that stands between Zim and the annihilation of our world!
  • Can't fight back... sat too long... chair fused to butt... more chair than man now.

Professor Membrane[edit]

  • Why, as a child, I thought sharks were my friends. [removes one of his gloves, revealing a robotic arm]
    [in ominous voice] I know better now.
  • Well, the last thing I remember was something hitting me on the head, and starting this incredible hallucination.
  • [to Zim's army of robot henchmen] Why are you wearing those shirts? I never hired any of you!
  • Cut me some slack! This is my first moose!


Dib: [rain pouring and lightning flashing in the background] Zim!
Zim: Yes, it is I, and… Hmm? Oh, wait, sorry. You'll have to move along, you hideous little goblin. I'm posing dramatically for when the Dib shows up.
Dib: I am Dib.
Zim: What? [peers at Chair-Dib] Ugh, ugh, ugh! Ugh!
Dib: But-
Zim: Give me a second here.
Dib: But, we know each other-
Dib: [glances behind him] I can tell. You set up sprinklers, and everything. [camera zooms out revealing sprinklers, a radio, and a flashing nightlight providing rain, thunder, and lightning]
Zim: [kicks radio away, unplugs sprinklers, and shoves nightlight into GIR’S mouth] YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING! Anyhow I've-
Zim: No no, GIR loves that place, I think it's dirty.
GIR: I ate a baby there.
Zim: He did.
Zim: [pushes Dib away in the face] Phase 1 of my most ingenious plan, human! Phase 1!

Zim: [starts laughing, and gradually increases in volume]
GIR: [starts laughing too]
Computer: I DON'T WANT TO!
Minimoose: Nya!

GIR: [eats neighbor’s pug, then fires it out of his head] I fired that pug into space!
Zim: I thought you liked that pig.
GIR: Awww, why I’d do that.

GIR: [shouts excitedly] I remember phase two!
Zim: You do? Good work GIR! Tell me.
GIR: You gonna order a million pizzas, and then I gotta roll around on them pizzas, and that's the story about how I turned into a giant pizza.
Zim: This isn't the time for the giant pizza story, GIR. And that will never happen!
GIR: [Confused Vision]

A.T. Purple: Hey! Remember Invader Zim?
A.T. Red: Who?
A.T. Purple: Zim! Tiny? [Chews on his donut for a moment] Screamed a lot?
A.T. Red: The guy who sends us the donuts?
A.T. Purple: No... [Pulls out a remote and shows a holographic photo of Invader Jim holding a box of donuts] That's Invader Jim. [Tosses the remote shortly afterward] He's great!
A.T. Red: Oh, wait! [Pulls out a remote and replaces Invader Jim's photo with Invader Zim] Zim! [Tosses the remote away] We hate him!

Zim: I am Irk's finest Invader. If The Tallest find out I failed to dominate the Earth because I forgot Phase Two, who knows what they'll do?
[Zim's imagination; He's in shackles on planet Judgementia]
A.T. Red: Invader Zim, you were once our best, most amazing Invader, but now, you're dumb.
A.T. Purple: Also stupid. As punishment, you'll be stripped of your Invader rank, re-encoded as NOTHING!
Zim: But you can't! I am Zim!
A.T. Red: Control brains, re-encode.
Control Brains: Re-encoding. [its tendrils hook into Zim's PAK and reprogram him] It is done, my Tallest.
A.T. Purple: Zim, you will live out the rest of your long, sad days as… [Zim screams as he's tossed aside and eaten by a giant worm monster that pops up out of nowhere] Wait, no, never mind.

Dib: Dad, nobody believes me, so I'm used to defending our world on my own, but I wish, just once, you'd have my back.
Professor Membrane: [gets down on one knee and places a hand on Dib's shoulder] Wishing isn't very scientific, son.

Dib: [entering Zim's base] Hey Zim's evil robot, where's Zim?
GIR: Mmm-mmm. [points to the television]
Bloaty: [on television screen] This is my special pizza. [dunks hands into the pizza] I make just for peace day. [pauses, fires a pizza out of his mouth at a window behind him, and kids beside him cheering] I got 10 kinds of pizza inside the pizza. [smashes his face into the pizza, starts slapping the pizza with his hands, raises his face from the pizza] So that's pretty good.
Dib: [frowning at the screen] Where's Zim?
GIR: [Laughs] I don't know! I worry about that boy so much- [smashes a nacho-cheese stained Minimoose into Dib's face, Minimoose squeaks] YOU WANT SOME NACHOS?!

Professor Membrane: As you know, tomorrow is Peace Day, and nobody is as excited for the big celebration as I am.
Excited Audience Member: [shouting in the distance] I am!
Professor Membrane: [rapidly rushes up to the excited audience member, and points his finger in the man's face] Not scientifically possible!

Dib: [watching Zim laughing at a child on TV] Wait a minute. That place looks familiar. [jumps up] Is that... [looks out of the window] ZIM! GET OF MY LAWN!
Zim: [continues to cackle, pauses] Hi Dib. What are you doing here?

Dib: You won't get away with this!
Zim: What?
Dib: You won't get away with-
Zim: What?
Dib: You won't get a-
Zim: What?
Dib: You won't get awa-
Zim: What?
Dib: You won't get away-
Zim: What?
Dib: You-
Zim: What?
Gaz: [points to Dib's head onscreen, looking as large as an over-inflated soccer ball] Dib, check out how huge your head looks on TV!

Dib: No pressure, Dad, but…[screams]
Professor Membrane: Cut me some slack! This is my first moose!
Zim: Relax. [distored] It's just realities colliding like my computer said.
Dib: [distorted] And tearing Earth apart, you moron!

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