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Iris Floyd Kyle (born August 22, 1974) is an American professional female bodybuilder. With ten overall and two heavyweight Ms. Olympia titles, along with seven overall and one heavyweight Ms. International titles she has won, she is the most successful professional, male or female, bodybuilder ever.




  • I remember the first time I saw a photograph of Lenda Murray in a magazine. I was in complete awe, I cut out that picture and placed it on my refrigerator and, from that point on, my goal was to develop a physique like hers.
  • I sincerely believe that I was the rightful 2001 Overall Ms. Olympia. I’m not saying Juliette didn’t display a nice overall package; I’m just saying I believe my physique was better.
  • It seemed like the announcer was taking forever. Then I heard Lenda’s name called out for second place and I felt my heart racing a hundred miles an hour. I knew I’d won. I had beaten a legend. It was such an unbelievable high.
  • God is my mentor. He has given me all that I have … the passion, perseverance and patience to endure the challenges set before me. I know as long as I keep the faith, He will look out for my best interests.
  • Anything can happen. I've been the underdog throughout my whole career, even in the amateurs. I still go in with my eyes open and know that any given day I can be the winner or a loser. I don't take the Olympia for granted. I'm very levelheaded and know that I'm not unbeatable, but there aren't many people who are close to my kind of physique.


  • I think the organization, need to take a step outside the box, allowing the public to get more involved, the more the main media are aware of us women athletes, the easier it becomes for the regular old Joe's and Jane's to accurately get custom too us. Just like everything else that being accepted in society, if you can remember, not so long ago, the gay community had the hardest time being accepted, kudos to them for holding their ground, by not being afraid of the aftermath... BAM!!!!! So what happen to the gay community for holding their ground? Well, after it was all said and done, the public look upon the gay community, as another part of society.


  • No one can describe the disappointment, I had after losing to Lenda Murray in 2003 Ms Olympia when I clearly know and others knew I beat her by a land slide... Ok Lenda has great delts maybe the best in the business... A wonderful shape to her physique nice round bellies to her muscles "BUT" let the story be told she didn't have all the HARMONY the lines not to mention the definition I display that year..
  • The icing on the cake is where I had to take second fiddle to Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia 2005 Ms Olympia that was a big stab in the back at the time we were instructed to reduce 20% in the muscularity round.. I normally compete at 160-162 that year being the embassador of the sport I must lead by example, which I did. I competed at 155lbs still same conditioning, shape etc.... Lord behold second fiddle to Yaxeni.. It looked as if Yaxeni had did the opposite of what the current ruling stated and she was being rewarded.. Come on we have two different body types! I have a small tapered waist line, fine detail flowing through out my body, nice harmony and she's displaying nothing but BIG. When someone refers to Yaxeni body they say she's a big girl.. She has great confidence about herself on stage, which is an EXCELLENT tool and having that can always gain you a few points, but to flat out win is RIDICULOUS and not possible... Anyhow, Yaxeni was more surprised then I when hearing her name announced victoriously. And believe it or not annoucing the winner that year was Lenda Murray, so she was probably soaking up every second of me losing as a mild way of payback. I was always told when going after the champ you have to completely knock the champ "OUT". Anything close should not cause you a win.



  • Boybuilding is a gift, it is an honor, and it is a privilege, although I'm hanging up my belt, I still want to be an ambassador for the sport and health and fitness.
    • In "IRIS KYLE WINS AGAIN" at (Sep 24, 2014).

Quotes about Iris Kyle[edit]




  • The real controversy - and perhaps the greatest injustice in the contest - involved Iris Kyle. Iris was big, hard and cut. She looked as if she would have given Chizevsky at her best a good run for the title. How did she look next to Valentina? As far as I can recall, we never saw her compared to Valenina. Only 7 women in the class, but no comparisons between Chepiga and Kyle? This was OBVIOUSLY the infamous "guidelines" at work. It wouldn't be the first time.
  • Now, it is not certain that Iris should have beaten Valentina for the title. But it is clear that they were the two best competitors on the stage, and the outcome of the class should have been determined by a series of careful comparisonsof these two outstanding bodybuilders. The fact that it didn't - that Iris was overlooked and ignored - just shows this was not a real bodybuilding contest, that the "guidelines" are inappropriate and detrimental to the development of female bodybuilding, and that using these rules they might as well have put a sign on Iris that said, "Don't vote for her, she's too big and hard."
  • As a result of this contest, Iris Kyle says she is quitting. If she follows through on this, than the "guidelines" will have driven two excellent bodybuilders out of the sport - Kim and Iris - along with forcing women to compete looking small and in a kind of contest that is about big, hard and defined.


  • On stage next to Iris, the excellence of Vickie's upper body - especially her arms - was obvious. But she had no legs compared to Iris, and the difference was sufficient that it seems obvious the judges were simply wrong - and perhaps motivated by political considerations.
  • Iris Kyle looked fantastic, and seemed like a likely challenger to Gates' title. However, it seems like the boxing mantra held true as Kyle seemed to be the better of the two, but as they say in boxing, if you can't knock out the champ, then the champ will always take a close fight... Is that fair? It wouldn't seem so, especially since the overall winner also gets an additional $10,000 in prize money, which many would say that Kyle might have deserved.
  • Iris Kyle looked fantastic, and seemed like a likely challenger to Gates' title. However, it seems like the boxing mantra held true as Kyle seemed to be the better of the two, but as they say in boxing, if you can't knock out the champ, then the champ will always take a close fight... Is that fair? It wouldn't seem so, especially since the overall winner also gets an additional $10,000 in prize money, which many would say that Kyle might have deserved.
  • How the judges treat the round system was also apparent in the difference in the scores received by Iris Kyle round by round. None of the judges gave her first place in round one but 9 out of 10 had her first in the second round.
  • Anyway, this back-and-forth seesawing between Iris and Vickie continued through the contest until, when the final scores were announced, it turned out they had tied - with Iris winning by virtue of the IFBB tie-breaking rule (she had more first place votes). Actually, this was a near thing. Vickie Gates at her absolute best is indeed a worthy opponent for Iris Kyle. But Vickie wasn't at her absolute best and hasn't been for a couple of years. So what we nearly had is one more instance (last year's Ms. Olympia, the 2001 Ms. International) where Iris Kyle received unfair treatment from the judges.
  • It is a truism in sports that, all things being equal, the bigger competitor tends to beat the smaller one. Looking at the size difference between Juliette Bergmann and Iris Kyle on stage during the posedown for the overall, it seemed this might well be the case. Juliette looked suprisingly competitive against her larger opponent, but Iris was much more muscular and, as mentioned above, had a waist nearly as small as her Dutch challenger.
  • In the heavyweight class Iris Kyle earned top honors beating out Vickie Gates. The victory was more than deserved though, as Kyle has been looking impressive in many of her recent shows and probably should have won the Arnold title over Gates as well. The only injustice was how the judges awarded the overall and Ms. Olympia title to Bergmann, while it seemed to many that Kyle was clearly the superior bodybuilder.


  • Vicky Gates beat Iris Kyle in the heavweight class, although many felt strongly that Iris was not given her due. However, since Iris had been totally ignored at the Ms. Olympia a few months earlier, never even compared with the top three when she might have been in contention to win the class, it was at least apparent that the judges were paying her some attention.
  • A lot of bodybuilding fans were expecting this to be Iris Kyle's year. After being ignored and overlook for several years - in part due to the infamous "guidelines" she had won the heavyweight Ms. Olympia last fall in Las Vegas and in the opinion of many (but, of course, not the the opinion of all) should have taken the overall. In addition, nobody could remember Iris coming into a contest in the past few years in anything but her best shape. So it seemed unlikely she would "beat herself" in the contest. Many were expecting yet another showdown between Iris and Vicky Gates. Certainly, if Vicky could bring up her legs a bit more and achieve the kind of hardness and definition Iris has become famous for, it might be quite a battle.
  • But Iris Kyle, last year’s heavyweight winner had improved over the past year. Comparing body parts, it was obvious that her legs were fuller than Lenda’s – especially the back of the leg. From certain angles Lenda’s legs seemed thin – and her cavles almost non-existent – while Iris had full glutes and hamstrings as good as anyone in the contest and excellent calves.
  • On a technical basis, body part for body part, Iris is the best in the sport at this point. But her presentation is not on the same level as that of Lenda. She also lacks the super-aesthetic genetic symmetry we see in Lenda. Lenda, in that sense, is like a Flex Wheeler. Iris also suffers from lack of or actually bad publicity. She refuses to shoot for photographers without being paid a large fee. So the photographers don’t shoot her, she doesn’t get in magazines and doesn’t’ have a lot of photos to sell. Between contest she largely disappears and doesn’t seem very social or communicative at contests. These things shouldn’t play a huge role in judging bodybuilding but they have some effect. After all, Iris won the heavyweights last year, so the judges don’t hate her. But I doubt many of them look forward to having an overall Ms. Olympia who is so uncommunicative and practically invisible between contests.
  • But in answer to the question that many bodybuilding fans have Emailed me – yes, Iris had better legs than Lenda and much superior calves and no, you are not an idiot if you think Iris should have won.
  • Yaxeni Oriquen beat Iris Kyle for the heavyweight title. Certainly, she looked like a champion in the finals. But Yaxeni had not looked as good in prejudging. Her color was off, for one thing. Iris, on the other hand, was just about perfect. The question is not whether Yaxeni should have won. Rather, it is how can Iris look so good at the Ms. Olympia and the Show of Strength events and (apparently) not get a single first place vote in any round? How is it all the judges in both shows feel she shouldn’t win even a round, much less the contest?
  • As with the Olympia, even if you think Iris should have placed second the contest should have been closer. It is apparent she is the victim of political judging – at least to some degree. It is true she asks for it in many ways – in the sense of avoiding publicity and being so withdrawn at contests that the judges (not necessarily the other bodybuilders) feel they are being disrespected. But it is clear that, no matter how good Lenda Murray or Yaxeni Oriquen are (and they are very good indeed), the IFBB judges simply don’t WANT Iris to win anything if they can avoid it.
  • Oriquen improved on her Olympia shape, but Kyle was also razor sharp, as she was in Vegas, but the results for her were the same. While Oriquen is a worthy champion, Kyle seems to continually get ripped off by the judges. She has probably not received three titles by no fault of her own, and it has to be frustrating. Many purists would agree that Kyle is one of the best bodybuilder's bodybuilder.


  • Interestingly, a fan asked bodybuilder Iris Kyle to comment on how women should go about getting sponsorship in bodybuilding. But she was asking the totally wrong competitor, since one major key to promoting careers and getting sponsors interested is good publicity and exposure in the magazine – and as will be made clearer in the report below Iris is among the worst when it comes to promotion and publicity of all the top female bodybuilders.
  • Watching Iris Kyle posing beside her, it was evident that Iris has no significant physique weaknesses, and her legs – particularly the calves – were much better than were Lenda’s. Of course, what Iris doesn’t have is Lenda’s overall appeal and charisma, and since she all but refuses to do photos for magazine publicity (asking some photographers, but not getting, for as much as $1500 for a basic editorial shoot). Iris has a reputation for keeping much to herself and has certainly not become a favorite of the judges, the media or the audience. Of course, what is not her fault is that Iris suffered somewhat from the continued lack of understanding on the part of the judges as to what round one is supposed to be about. She got no first place votes in the first round and several judges placed her 3rd. She did get better scores in round two – compulsory poses – with some first place votes and only one 3rd (no doubt scored by a judge in need of Lasik surgery).
  • Iris, on the other hand, used her time on stage to do mostly variations of the compulsory poses, which everyone had already seen. After a short while posing center stage, she walked all the way over to stage left and began posing for the audience on that side of the theater. Then she walked all the way back across the stage to pose for the audience stage right. Unfortunately, there are no judges at the sides of theater and the judges are scoring the contest. Ignoring the judges this way, her performance seemed calculated to demonstrate a lack of respect for them, a deliberate snub - and that is certainly no way to try to earn higher scores in a bodybuilding contest. Iris could have been scored worse in round three, but ended up with seconds and a third. This suggests to me that the judges were more forbearing than they might have been and didn’t take the implications of Iris’ performance personally. Maybe they just don’t expect that much of her so are hard to disappoint.
  • Murray had fielded a question during the press conference about how she felt about winning last year, although Iris Kyle may have had better body parts on an individual basis, and her response focused on the total package, which IFBB Chairman Wayne Demillia seconded. That must have been the case again this year, as Kyle pushed Murray in each individual bodypart, but on the whole, Murray's package was once again crowned the best in women's bodybuilding, and that made it eight for her.


  • There is no doubt that, on a purely technical basis, Iris Kyle is the best female bodybuilder in the sport today. Her physique is virtually flawless, no body parts missing, especially impressive in the area of hamstrings and calves and with only rare exceptions in great shape contest after contest. I remember seeing Iris win the Orange Country Championships years ago and she was a skinny kid compared to the hard and sculpted female bodybuilders we see on stage these days. The fact that Iris has not been able to beat Lenda Murray at the Ms. Olympia is not because her physique is in any way lacking. It has to do with uninspired presentation, a free posing routine composed mostly of compulsory poses the judges have already seen, nothing in the routine that comes across as stylish or dramatic, a tendency to pose to members of the audience off to the side of the stage instead of to the judges (who are scoring the contest at the time) and a consistent lack of publicity that comes in large part of avoiding photo sessions or setting up conditions that make having photos taken impossible. It's a shame you can be that good at bodybuilding and that poor at developing a career. Fortunately, although the IFBB have had a history of overlooking Iris, she is now getting the recognition she has earned and there was no doubt who should win the heavyweight class at the Ms. International. Since Lenda was not in Columbus, Iris' sleek, sculpted and physique was clearly deserving of victory.
  • Iris Kyle clearly and decisively beat Dayana Cadeau in the overall. The primary reason was body size - good big athlete beating a good smaller one and all that. Dayana weighed 123 lbs while Iris weighed in at 156 lbs. Seen on stage by herself or in photos, Dayana seems huge. Next to Iris she looked diminutive. The comparison between the two physiques also demonstrated the degree to which Dayana was some 5 pounds under her ideal contest weight (5 lbs being a lot when yo are dealing with such a relatively small body).
  • And there is one more very important point to consider with regard to Iris Kyle's future. Her age is just 30. As Lenda Murray (an 8-time Ms. Olympia winner) leaves the sport this year - she is 42. Should Kyle decide to compete for another dozen years, the mind boggles at what she may accomplish.
  • Over the past few years the heavyweight division has been a battle between Lenda Murray, super-symmetrical, a great poser and 8-time Ms. Olympia winner and Iris Kyle, lacking in such extreme aesthetics and presentation skills, but possessing a complete physique – and especially outstanding legs and calves. Iris has been grossly overlooked in the past. One year she wasn't even compared with the top three in her class. But in 2003 she looked like she had the edge in the physique department. Unfortunately for Iris, although Lenda was somewhat lacking in leg development, her conditioning was superb and her posing routine was one of the best EVER in women's bodybuilding. Iris made her own chances worse by a posing routine that consisted mainly of a few compulsory poses and was directed too often to audience members at the side of the theater rather than the judges. But 2004 was to be Iris' year. She was in her usual excellent shape (she's only missed once in her pro career as far as I recall) and while her posing routine was not particularly dynamic it at least looked as if she were trying.
  • The scores later revealed that Iris had won three out of the four rounds, and only been behind by a single point in the round in which Lenda came out on top. Iris Kyle has been a superior bodybuilder for a long time and was bound to win this title eventually, as long as the judging was accurate and honest. The question remains as to what she is going to do now. Iris has avoided publicity in the past, demanding photographers pay her for editorial shoots where nobody else (including Lenda) was getting a fee for doing pictures and not been very outgoing to other competitors, bodybuilding officials or the press. Let's hope this victory convinces Iris to come out of her shell to some degree and to work at promoting herself and women's bodybuilding.
  • As usual, the heavyweight beat the lightweight for the overall title. As soon as Iris and Dayana hit the stage the judges began marking and turning in their scoresheets. It wasn't just size: standing next to Iris you could see some of Dayana's proportional problems as well – not major enough to cause her to lose her class but small things made more obvious when standing next to the complete and bigger physique of Iris Kyle - particularly the difference in legs.


  • There is also the fact that many in the IFBB and at AMI/Weider , which promotes the Olympia weekend, are unhappy with Iris Kyle having won the Ms. Olympia title in 2004. Iris Kyle and Lenda Murray during prejudging of the 2004 Ms. Olympia. Many feel that Iris' victory helped trigger the "demotion" of IFBB pro female bodybuilding. Even though there has been no real attempt to market any female bodybuilders to the general public (or even to feature them in Muscle & Fitness or Flex Magazines) the feeling seems to be that Iris is not somebody who can be used to promote the sport to a mass audience.
  • In the beginning, the focus of the competition was on Iris Kyle for obvious reasons. Iris won the Ms. Olympia title the past two years and was the reigning champions. But the fact is you keep hearing from the IFBB and AMI/Weider alike that they don’t believe she is not the kind of champion that promotes the growth and popularity of female bodybuilding. Never mind that the Weider magazines themselves seem to be doing nothing to promote that growth themselves. But it is certainly a fact that Iris, like 4-time Ms. Olympia Kim Chizevsky, does not have the kind of “cover model” looks that made somebody like Cory Everson so popular with the magazines and the industry.
  • My first impression was that all of the Ms. Olympia competitors were in excellent shape, that Iris might have been slightly off from last year, that Yaxeni looked the best I’d ever seen her, and that Dayana Cadeau had the most sensuous and sensual lines in female bodybuilding but perhaps could have come in just a pound or two lighter. Iris was hard and definined, in really excellent shape(I’ve only seen her miss it once over the years) but I thought she looked a little too ripped but depleted or dehydrated compared to how she looked in recent Ms. Olympias. Unfortunately, when competition is close this kind of "drained" look can work against you. This is just a thought, but sometimes bodybuilders continue to diet too long and try to lose too much water before a show and this might have been Iris’ situation.
  • Iris Kyle has always been known as a less than adequate poser. In this year’s contest she was not particularly good but at least adequate. She still hit mostly compulsory poses, her routine lacked creativity and it was too short, but she did stay in front of the judges most of the time instead of disappearing off to the sides of the stage. Iris needs to work on developing a more interesting and creative routine, something that focuses on the aesthetic quality of her physique.
  • Prior to the contest there had been a lot of speculation about how the judging would be conducted, centering on the idea that the IFBB would rather Iris Kyle not win another Ms. Olympia title.


  • Over the past year, Iris Kyle has been quite vocal when she was dissed last year taking 2nd place and would absolutely, positively, wrestle the title from Lenda Murray this year.
    • Bob Cicherillo, in "2004 Olympia Review - No Holds Barred!" at (Feb 15, 2006).
  • Let me first give props to Iris Kyle in her upset of 8 time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray. It's not easy beating a legend, but you did it. Looks like Iris might just start her own streak of Ms. O titles.
    • Bob Cicherillo, in "2004 Olympia Review - No Holds Barred!" at (Feb 15, 2006).
  • Iris Kyle, on the other hand, was better than Las Vegas and not only physically hard, defined and chiseled but obviously making an effort to improve her overall appearance as well. Iris has always presented herself looking more plain and severe than necessary and this has given her problems with the judges and made her less popular with the fans. But the fact that she is close friends with Dayana Cadeau has taught her a few things about hair, make-up and general appearance. In fact, quite a few people mentioned during the weekend that if you caught a quick glimpse of Iris out of the corner of your eye you might think you were looking at Dayana.
  • She's never placed out of the top 5 in any of her pro shows and I don't look for her to here. She always shows up in shape and will give Yaxeni a run for her money again. If Yaxeni is off, Iris will prevail.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2006 Arnold Classic Preview!" at (Mar 02, 2006).
  • Iris Kyle's muscles easily won her the title. When I got all of the news, I went for my pillow.
    • Brenda Kelly, in "2006 Arnold Classic Expo Review!" at (Mar 16, 2006).
  • As the reigning champion, the Venezuelan will be hoping to defend her title this year against some very strong competition, including Iris, who will be wanting some redemption.
    • David Robson, in "2006 Ms. Olympia Preview - Top Six Picks!" at (Sep 08, 2006).
  • She is likely to win this year, but will be pursued closely by the second best female bodybuilder in the world: Iris Kyle. A competitive bodybuilder for over 12 years, Iris Kyle has the experience necessary to take out a title as prestigious as the Olympia, if she can put it all together. Indeed, her record as an Olympia competitor is an impressive one: a heavyweight class win in 2001, second to Lenda Murray in 2002 and 2003, and winner in 2004. Smaller in size compared to Yaxeni, Iris will be relying on her great aesthetics and ripped conditioning if she hopes to win.
    • David Robson, in "2006 Ms. Olympia Preview - Top Six Picks!" at (Sep 08, 2006).
  • I believe Iris Kyle will be very prepared. She is very competitive and would like to capture a 2nd Olympia crown for herself.
    • Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, in "An Interview With Defending Ms. Olympia Champion, Yaxeni Oriquen." at (Sep 13, 2006).
  • As expected, top three favourites Iris Kyle and Dayana Cadeau dominated the field to land first and second respectively. Both Iris and Dayana appeared to be at their career bests, with amazing amounts of definition and round, full muscle to be seen everywhere.
    • David Robson, in "2006 Ms. Olympia Review - The Top Five." at (Oct 03, 2006).
  • 2004 overall Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle is now truly back in the winner's circle after her great showing on the weekend. Bringing to the stage her best package ever, Iris presented the perfect combination of mass, cuts and shape to secure yet another win to position herself as the best women's bodybuilder in the world. Not an inch on her body was underdeveloped, and her legs (especially the hamstring/glute tie ins) were truly spectacular. Her magnificently peaked biceps would also have to be the best in the business. In the end, her physique was clearly ahead of the competition and she deserved her win.
    • David Robson, in "2006 Ms. Olympia Review - The Top Five." at (Oct 03, 2006).
  • However, history will show that eventual winner, Iris Kyle, is now the new benchmark to which all professional-female-bodybuilders can aspire.
    • David Robson, in "An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau." at (Oct 09, 2006).
  • Perhaps an argument could be made for the third count, but the judges were awarding on physical development and gave Iris the nod.
    • David Robson, in "An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau." at (Oct 09, 2006).
  • Perhaps an argument could be made for the third count, but the judges were awarding on physical development and gave Iris the nod.
    • David Robson, in "An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau." at (Oct 09, 2006).
  • Iris beat me only by two points so it could be either way.
    • Dayana Cadeau, in "An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau." at (Oct 09, 2006).
  • The girls seemed cheerful and joked a lot, for example about each other’s hairstyles… the female bodybuilders took part in the conversations as well and the audience got a little piece of what they would see on the stage when Iris Kyle dropped her pants to show off the most amazing glutes in the women’s bodybuilding – ever? Wow!
  • After all the competitors were on stage and had done their mandatories one thing was clear: Iris Kyle would win no matter what. Iris Kyle came back better than last year, better conditioned and with a yet smaller waist. Her conditioning was so sharp it made others like Yaxeni Oriquen look smooth and even some of the men on stage that night would look watery compared to her.


  • Iris Kyle is the obvious one to watch and one to beat in this year's showcase. She managed to walk away with both titles last year of Ms. International and Ms. Olympia so she is definitely queen of the throne. She is a veteran competitor making her defeat, very difficult.
    • Nancy Di Nino, in "2007 Arnold Classic Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Predictions!" at (2007).
  • Bodybuilding took the stage with the obvious one to beat being Iris Kyle. I swear, I think every other competitor on stage wished they were blessed with her genetically gifted X frame.
    • Nancy Di Nino, in "Nancy Di Nino's 2007 Arnold Classic Review." at (2007).
  • Can anyone beat this x-framed champ? Sure. She's been beaten before but I don't see it happening in the Ms. International. She is now going by the name Iris Kyle-Floyd, different name but expect the same package and her to repeat as champ.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2007 Women's Arnold Classic Preview." at (Feb 15, 2007).
  • Of course, Iris Kyle will come well prepared and in incredible shape - as she always does.
    • Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, in "An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, Yaxeni Oriquen." at (Feb 19, 2007).
  • I have been blessed to have a mate that is more than supportive in any endeavor that I choose to encounter, Iris Kyle, 3-time Arnold Classic Champion and 3 time Ms. Olympia. Watching her training and diet regime has inspired me more than I could have ever imagined. Having her by my side has allowed me to dig deeper, and push harder to achieve the physique that I always knew that I could achieve.
    • John Sherman, in "An Interview With National Champion, John 'The Tank' Sherman." at (May 07, 2007).
  • I think Iris Kyle will once again win the Ms. Olympia, just like she did last year. She came in with the perfect combination of mass, conditioning, and symmetry, and I think she will repeat that this year. She has arguably the best biceps and legs, and if she can bring last year's package, she'll be in the winner's circle once again.
    • Topic Of The Week, in "Who Will Win The 2007 Ms. Olympia Competition?" at (Sep 21, 2007).
  • I have no doubts that Iris Kyle will place first, as long as she can duplicate last year's package. She has great symmetry and a very balanced physique. Iris won the Arnold Classic this year and will win once again at the Olympia.
    • Topic Of The Week, in "Who Will Win The 2007 Ms. Olympia Competition?" at (Sep 21, 2007).
  • They both look so amazing and continue to place in the top 5 but couldn't quite overcome the amazing physique of Iris Kyle.
    • Ginger Redeker, in "My Review Of The 2007 Olympia." at (Oct 09, 2007).
  • The women's bodybuilding was dominated once again by Iris Kyle taking her 4th Ms. Olympia title. At the heels of Iris was Dayana Cadeau in 2nd and Yaxeni Oriquen in 3rd.
    • Nancy Di Nino, in "Nancy Di Nino's 2007 Olympia Review." at (Oct 29, 2007).


  • Unbelievable V-taper. Really clean and polished look. Hamstrings keep getting better and bigger. Awesome quad separation. Her back is thick and shapely. She's also very full and dense. She probably owns this contest right now.
    • Jaime Filer, in "2008 Arnold - Women's Pre-Judging Review." at (Feb 29, 2008).
  • Of course they will have to jump over the mountain known as Iris Kyle and Yaxeni Oriquen.
    • David Ryan, in "2008 Arnold: Preview And HOT TIPS Guide!" at (Mar 03, 2008).
  • Iris has proved herself in dozens of competitions. She is at the highest caliber of female bodybuilding, and no other woman quite matches up to her superior muscularity and physique. She is always shredded, thanks to her conditioning. Iris has a tall frame that she just layers the muscle on, which dwarfs the rest of the competitors. Guaranteed victory.
    • Topic Of The Week, in "Who Will Win The 2008 Arnold Classic Ms. International?" at (Mar 03, 2008).
  • Iris has the genetics that dominate every time she steps on stage. She won this show last year and repeated on the Olympia stage. I don't see her falling from the winner's circle this time unless she blows her conditioning. She's improved her presentation and pulls off the look of a female bodybuilder. Look for her to bring the conditioning we've grown to expect from her and repeat.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2008 Arnold Ms. International, Fitness & Figure International Preview!" at (Mar 03, 2008).
  • In bodybuilding there was a bit of controversy as when Iris Kyle was not among the top six. The buzz going in was that it was between her and Dayana Cadeau with Yaxeni Oriquen also looking strong. Those three were locked in a battle for the title, but when the top six came out sans Kyle, everyone knew something was up.
  • The biggest shock came when Iris Kyle was not called out in the top 6. Iris was the defending champ and looking to repeat. Anyone who was at the prejudging could see suspicious marks in her buttocks and shoulders.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Isaac Hinds' 2008 Arnold Classic Review." at (Mar 12, 2008).
  • Overall, to no surprise, Iris Kyle stole the 1st place spot hands down.
    • Definition Dannielle, in "2008 Olympia Experience: Newbie Makes Trip To The Big Show!" at (2008).
  • Because that's what Iris had against me, and this time she won't have that. Because I have the whole package and I'm going to be as hard. I know Iris is coming back for revenge and I know what happened hurt her, and I know she is not going to do the same thing at the Olympia because she is not going to want to lose her title.
    • Dayana Cadeau, in "An Interview With The Jay Cutler Of Women's Bodybuilding, Dayana Cadeau!" at (Sep 16, 2008).
  • Iris Kyle dominated this competition like Ronnie Coleman used to on the men's side. She has incredible structure combined with unbelievable conditioning. Her skin is paper-thin and her muscles seem to explode when she poses. Little feathery lines pop out everywhere. Iris looked the same at the judging and at the finals. Tight at both shows. Iris was ripped from head to toe and back to front. She deserved the Ms. Olympia title and should be able to hold onto the title as long as she would like to.
    • Myron Mielke, in "Myron Mielke Reviews 2008 Ms. Olympia - Iris Wins Again!" at (Sep 30, 2008).


  • All I can say, even if Iris wasn't at the sideline, is that nothing will stop me from winning the Ms. Olympia, but of course Iris is my main competition. You have to remember David it did happen a couple times, where I should have beat Iris; everybody knows and saw that!
    • Dayana Cadeau, in "The Electrifying Dayana Cadeau: Dating IFBB Pro Kai Greene!" at (Jan 15, 2009).
  • Regarding the whole Iris Kyle controversy: first of all, I feel really bad for her and understand how she must feel right now, so no comment about all this.
    • Dayana Cadeau, in "The Electrifying Dayana Cadeau: Dating IFBB Pro Kai Greene!" at (Jan 15, 2009).
  • Iris is in a league of her own and is damn near unbeatable. That's not to say she is though. Last year she was out of the top six due to a few suspicious lumps and bumps on her physique. She took care of the problem before the 2008 Olympia and showed why she'll go down in history as one of the best female bodybuilders ever. It's doubtful anyone will match her conditioning and look for her to leave Columbus with top honors once again.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Isaac Hinds' 2009 Arnold Classic Preview: Female Competitors!" at (Feb 11, 2009).
  • Iris is very big, hard, ripped and complete. She is one of the most muscular women out there. However, I do not think she is going to beat Betty Viana this time or tie her like the last year. The competition on stage is going to be a little too much even for this Miss Olympia. If she brings in the posing routine of her lifetime, she could hope for a top spot finish. But as of now, I would say she is going to bag second spot.
    • Topic Of The Week, in "Who Will Win The 2009 Arnold Classic Ms. International?" at (Mar 05, 2009).
  • The fullness to Iris Kyles muscle bellies and her sheer size carried the Texan to another win without the need of her trademark crazy condition. Dont get me wrong, she was hard, just not her grainy self. A great athlete and true warrior was the victor yet again.
    • Kris Gethin, in "Kris Gethin's 2009 Ms. International Finals Review." at (Mar 07, 2009).
  • Iris "I'm the best bodybuilder in the world" Kyle. What more can be said? She's unbeatable. I knew it before I got to Vegas, I thought it this morning when I saw her at prejudging, and I'll still be thinking it on the plane ride home. Pick a body part, and Iris will go head-to-head with any other competitor on stage, and come out on top. No two ways about it. This woman works HARD, and it pays off. She doesn't rely on past wins or laurels to help carry her through from show to show. No, she REproves herself each time; showing the audience and the judges why she deserved the three Olympia titles she already has, and why she deserves to have more come to her.
    • Jaime Filer, in "2009 Fitness And Bodybuilding Olympia Finals Review!" at (Sep 26, 2009).
  • One name comes to mind when you think Ms. Olympia - Iris Kyle. Ok, so you may also think Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky and Cory Everson?but when you think RECENT Ms. Olympia, you SHOULD be thinking Iris Kyle. This woman is the Ronnie Coleman of female bodybuilding. NOBODY packs more square inches of muscle on their frame than Iris (except maybe Kevin English, but we're talking women here). Iris has won this show the last three years running, and brings and tighter and tighter package every time. The judges know what to expect from her: A fine balance of shape, conditioning, size, conditioning, symmetry and conditioning.
    • Jaime Filer, in "Jamie Filers 2009 Olympia Figure, Fitness, & Women's Bodybuilding Pre-Judging Review!" at (Sep 29, 2009).
  • The favorite to win. Beautiful lines from top to bottom with great conditioning, size and symmetry. W-I-D-E from behind; probably unbeatable. Even her back has vascularity. 1st callout: kept in the middle.
    • Jaime Filer, in "Jamie Filers 2009 Olympia Figure, Fitness, & Women's Bodybuilding Pre-Judging Review!" at (Sep 29, 2009).


  • The women took the stage at the Arnold Expo today for their pre-judging and by the looks of it Iris is here to keep her title. Her conditioning was spot on. She has such an incredible symmetry and full muscle bellies. She is one of those competitors' who has no glaring weaknesses. Her glutes were striated and her hamstrings were very detailed.
    • Isabel Norton-Lago, in "2010 Arnold Classic: Women's Pre-Judging Review." at (2010).
  • But tonight was Iris Kyle's night. She brought what we have come to expect from the champion. She was muscular, lean and had unparalleled symmetry. She took the title and now the record holder with 5 Ms International titles.
    • Isabel Norton-Lago, in "2010 Arnold Classic: Women's Finals Review!" at (2010).
  • On any given day I believe that anyone can be my competition. But, based on my current placings, if I had to pick someone it would be Iris Kyle.
    • Debi Laszewski, in "Debi Laszewski Takes Experience To Ms. International 2010!" at (Mar 01, 2010).
  • Placed 1st last year. Iris Kyle was looking good! Her glutes were insane, and she is on! Incredible conditioning. She came geared up to win another title.
    • Jamie Filer And Isabel Norton, in "2010 Olympia: Women's Pre-Judging Review" at (Sep 25, 2010).
  • By that, we mean a lot of the incumbents treated us to a repeat performance of awesomeness; like Iris Kyle and Adela Garcia continuing their reigns as Ms. Olympia and Ms. Fitness Olympia, respectively.
    • Jamie Filer And Isabel Norton, in "2010 Olympia Women's Finals Review!" at (Sep 25, 2010).
  • The first thing that comes to mind is "Holy Crap! Iris Kyle is unbeatable!" Not to knock the other competitors, but her size, conditioning, muscle bellies and symmetry are untouchable. This is the best we've seen Yaxeni and Debi, and even THEY couldn't beat the reigning champ.
    • Jamie Filer And Isabel Norton, in "2010 Olympia Women's Finals Review!" at (Sep 25, 2010).
  • But at the end of the day, Queen Kyle brought home the hardware, yet again.
    • Jamie Filer And Isabel Norton, in "2010 Olympia Women's Finals Review!" at (Sep 25, 2010).
  • Hard. Dry. Glutes. Conditioned. Symmetrical. Balanced. Thick. Dense. Glutes. Proportionate. Perfection. There's a reason this girl is the reigning champ.
    • Jamie Filer And Isabel Norton, in "2010 Olympia Women's Finals Review!" at (Sep 25, 2010).


  • The Ms. International is always down to Iris Kyle and Yaxeni, thanks to everyone else for showing up, hey it makes the stage look nice.
    • David Ryan, in "The Arnold 2011, From A to Z" at (Feb 09, 2011).
  • One of the best V-tapers in the sport, it's her show to lose, she looks softer than she has in the past, but in terms of size and symmetry she's got the best of both worlds.
    • Jamie Filer & Isabel Norton, in "Arnold Sports Weekend Women's Physique Events: Pre-Judging" at (Mar 04, 2011).
  • Can anyone beat the champ? Sure, but it'll take Iris being off. She's left a legacy on female bodybuilding and is virtually impossible to beat when in condition. If she takes top honors it will be her sixth Ms. International title, a record unmatched by anyone including the men. I'd wager on history being made at this year's Ms. International.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Can Iris Kyle Claim Her Sixth Ms. International Title?" at (Feb 28, 2011).
  • Kyle looked unbeatable from the rear, as usual. And her new hairstyle looks great. (Don’t want to sound like a sissy, but it does count for something with the women.) She did come in what was described as “a little under the weather” by MD’s Shawn Ray and it showed when she was on the side during the second call-outs. Kyle was being attended to by the show personnel and appeared to be dehydrating. Just goes to show you what a great champion she is.
  • There are two women who I could see giving her a run for money at the title, Iris Kyle and Dayana Cadeau. Iris Kyle is a past Ms. Olympia Champion and defeated Lenda Murray in 2004. She came up a bit short to Yaxeni as the runner-up last year. We saw he defeat Yaxeni and Dayana Cadeau at the 2006 Ms. International for that title. Dayana Cadeau and Iris Kyle were the only two women last year to give a preview at the press conference.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2006 Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Olympia Preview & Predictions!" at (Jul 26, 2011).
  • Not to take anything away from Iris, but I believe I should have placed first in last year¹s show.
    • Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, in "2011 Ms. Olympia Title Within Yaxeni's Grasp" at (Sep 07, 2011).
  • As always, Iris Kyle will be in tip-top shape to defend her championship.
    • Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, in "2011 Ms. Olympia Title Within Yaxeni's Grasp" at (Sep 07, 2011).
  • Iris Kyle has been unrivaled since bursting onto the bodybuilding stage in 1999. If she can win the Ms. Olympia again in 2011, she'll have a Sandow for every day of the week. The 2011 Ms. Olympia will be one for the history books and by history I don't mean it being history. There's talk of the Ms. Olympia contest going away with the beginning of Women's Physique, however that has no merit to this point. The history I am speaking of is when Iris Kyle takes the stage to defend her title once again.
    • Isaac Hinds , in "Iris Kyle Leads Field Into 2011 Ms. Olympia" at (Sep 13, 2011).
  • This morning at the prejudging, it was apparent that these ladies took notes from Iris Kyle and came to the competition ready to unseat the champ. There was a noticeable difference in almost every competitor's conditioning. It seems that striated glutes and defined hamstrings have become the must-have accessory this season.
    • Erin Chancer-Smith , in "Clash Of The Iron Maidens: Can Iris Kyle Be Beaten?" at (Sep 16, 2011).
  • They are hungry for that Olympia title and ready to step out from behind Iris Kyle's imposing shadow.
    • Erin Chancer-Smith , in "Clash Of The Iron Maidens: Can Iris Kyle Be Beaten?" at (Sep 16, 2011).
  • Can the formidable Iris Kyle be taken down this year? It might be possible.
    • Erin Chancer-Smith , in "Clash Of The Iron Maidens: Can Iris Kyle Be Beaten?" at (Sep 16, 2011).
  • The burning question: Could Iris Kyle be beaten? The answer: A resounding no. Ms. Kyle swept the competition at tonight's Olympia finals, leaving the others in her dust. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia put up a fight, but when it comes down to width and quad separation, there is no beating Iris. She is the champion, now, and, perhaps, until she decides to hang up her trunks.
    • Erin Chancer-Smith , in "Iris Kyle Keeps Her Title, Winning In Resounding Fashion" at (Sep 17, 2011).
  • As long as Iris is competing it's going to be a tough road for any competitor looking to take that trophy home with them.
    • Erin Chancer-Smith , in "Iris Kyle Keeps Her Title, Winning In Resounding Fashion" at (Sep 17, 2011).
  • Iris Kyle is creeping up on Lenda Murray's record with her seventh Ms. Olympia title. Kyle admitted to coming in a bit less ripped this year but that didn't change the results as she again bested the top female bodybuilders in the world to earn another Sandow and further cement her place in the history books.
  • I also want to recognize Iris Kyle, who is now being acknowledged for all her hard work and longevity in the sport. She worked her way up and is now reaping the benefits! Way to go!
    • Tina Chandler, in "Tina Chandler: Female Bodybuilding Interview Of The Month, September 2011" at (Dec 12, 2011).


  • I always stay focused on Iris Kyle, because she's currently the best. As much as I admire her, she has pushed me beyond my limits to stay focused and be better.
    • Debi Laszewski, in "2012 Ms. International Competitor Debi Laszewski Embraces Her Underdog Role" at (Feb 22, 2012).
  • Most people who follow female bodybuilding think Iris Kyle is on another level and pretty much a lock for first place.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Iris Kyle Is Out! Who Will Win Ms. International At The Arnold?" at (Mar 01, 2012).
  • Of course Iris Kyle is amazing, but I was never truly threatened by Iris. There was nothing she had that I thought was so overwhelming that it blew me away. When Iris finally beat me it was because I had a leg injury that obviously effected my leg development. She did not beat me on conditioning….which she is an expert at. Her calves were better than mine, but calves were the last thing that made up a great bodybuilder. My upper body was always better than hers genetically.
    • Lenda Murray, in "Interview With 8 Time Ms. Olympia - Lenda Murray" at (May 2012).
  • Standing in her way, however, is the seemingly unstoppable seven-time champion Iris Kyle.
    • David Robson, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Don't Bet Against Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia" at (Sep 17, 2012).
  • Yaxeni and Iris Kyle: Sisters In Arms
    • David Robson, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Don't Bet Against Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia" at (Sep 17, 2012).
  • Iris Kyle can match legend Lenda Murray's eight titles if she wins the 2012 Ms. Olympia. She'll face stiff competition from veterans and newcomers looking for a legacy of their own!
    • David Robson, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Ms. Olympia Preview" at (Sep 24, 2012).
  • From Cory Everson's initial dominance to Iris Kyle's recent unbeatable physique, the division has been utterly dominated by a handful of incredible physiques. Kyle looks to tie Lenda Murray as the most decorated women's bodybuilder of all time at the 2012 Ms. Olympia. Women's bodybuilding is entering a new phase in its ongoing transformation, an essential paradigm shift. Super-freaky mass and shredded conditioning doesn't guarantee podium finishes anymore. Today's game of assorted shapes and sizes captures audiences and draws into question the evolving definition of "ripped." Iris Kyle is a prime example. In recent years, she has come in fuller and less drawn and continued to win.
    • David Robson, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Ms. Olympia Preview" at (Sep 24, 2012).
  • So long as you continue to successfully defend your title, being an IFBB pro bodybuilding champ affords you the privilege to compete in events of your choosing. Why risk over-peaking or the stress of competitive burnout when you can gradually ease into competition mode and leave nothing to chance? This certainly appears the case for seven-time Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle, who has not lost a contest since 2005 (though to be fair, she has only competed ten times over the past seven years). Despite being at an age (38) where many female competitors would have retired, she continues to improve. As the reigning champ, the veteran Kyle will need to be better than ever with the best Ms. Olympia field in recent memory set to throw down at the Orleans Arena. Her stunning width, untouchable shape, and full muscular development should give arguably the greatest female bodybuilder of all time a slight advantage to win her eighth consecutive championship.
    • David Robson, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Ms. Olympia Preview" at (Sep 24, 2012).
  • Kyle, who's looking to match Lenda Murray's eight Ms. Olympia titles, looked lean, muscular, and full. Her muscle bellies were full, as always. She's consistently great.
    • Isabel Norton, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Women’s Prejudging Report" at (Sep 28, 2012).
  • The champ made her mark in history, and she seems unstoppable. She lost once before, but will it happen again? Only time will tell. For now, Iris Kyle remains the undisputed champion.
    • Isabel Norton, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Iris Kyle Wins Her Eighth Ms. Olympia Title" at (Sep 29, 2012).
  • If anyone can beat Iris in the future, it's Debi.
    • Isabel Norton, in "2012 Olympia Weekend: Iris Kyle Wins Her Eighth Ms. Olympia Title" at (Sep 29, 2012).


  • Iris Kyle ought to consider a new nickname. After winning her record 7th Ms. International title at the Arnold Classic on March 1 in Columbus, Ohio, she might consider “Game Over” as she once again rode a perfect score to nab the $25,000 first-place prize. The seven titles are just one short of the Texan’s record eight Ms. Olympia crowns.
  • Iris returns to the International stage after sitting out in 2012. Iris is in a league of her own. The only way she'll lose is if she doesn't come prepared. Genetically she has the X-frame bodybuilders covet, is well balanced from top to bottom, and is always in great condition. If she's in the lineup, the real battle is for second place.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2013 Arnold Sports Festival: Women's Prejudging" at (Mar 04, 2013).
  • This year marks the 25th anniversary of Ms. International, and the 6-time champion Iris Kyle is looking to expand her already impressive legacy. She returned to the stage today looking like the Iris Kyle we have all come to expect. Her impressively well-rounded physique, full muscle bellies, and striated glutes all made a comeback to the Arnold Classic stage. She truly has set the bar extremely high for the rest of the competitors.
    •, in "2013 Arnold Sports Festival: Women's Prejudging" at (Mar 04, 2013).
  • The crowns being handed to Iris Kyle are now being made by an assembly line, it seems. For a record-setting seventh time, this iron maiden was anointed Ms. International, designating her as the best female bodybuilder on the planet.
    • Isabel Norton, in "2013 Ms. International Finals: Iris Kyle Wins Her 7th In Style" at (Mar 04, 2013).
  • I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that Iris Kyle couldn't care less about how "sexy" she may or may not look to some dude in the audience.
    • Cassie Smith, in "5 Reasons You Should Support Women's Bodybuilding" at (May 29, 2013).
  • Iris Kyle is looking to break records this year with a ninth Olympia win—placing her in a league of her own.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Looking For Number Nine" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • Iris Kyle has tied the all-time record for eight Olympia titles. She's in good company with Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, and Lenda Murray. But, this year, she hopes to break into a league of her own and take the crown in her ninth win. If she looks anything like she has in the past, we'll witness a historic event in bodybuilding. But, it might not be that easy
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Looking For Number Nine" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • That's no slight on Debi— Iris is just that good.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Looking For Number Nine" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • The only person who can beat Iris in this show is Iris —that's the consensus with female bodybuilding fans, and it's tough to argue. Iris has won seven years in a row and has a total of eight Olympia titles on her competitive resume. Her shape, size, and conditioning are tough to beat. If Iris duplicates the formula she's shown the previous few years, she'll become the all-time Olympia titleholder. The bottom line: Don't bet against her making history on Saturday night.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "Looking For Number Nine" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • After a posing routine by each competitor, the judges asked Juanita Blaino, Brigita Brezovac, Debi Laszewski, Yaxeni Orgiquen, Alina Popa, and Iris Kyle to come forward. Every single one of these women was insanely shredded, had round, full muscle bellies, and was perfectly balanced. The two that made the biggest waves with the crowd were Alina Popa and, of course, Iris Kyle. After the second and third callouts, the judges brought Alina and Iris back out to compare them. Alina definitely brought her absolute best physique. Iris may have been slightly better conditioned, but only slightly. Don't be surprised Alina's near-perfect musculature finally breaks Iris's historic winning streak.
    • Cassie Smith, in "5 Lovely Lineups" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • Iris Kyle makes history and becomes the winningest bodybuilder to walk the Olympia stage. With her win tonight, Iris Kyle becomes the first bodybuilder, man or woman, to earn nine Olympia titles. Iris couldn't be more deserving of this huge honor and accomplishment. She's spent the last 13 years at the top of the women's bodybuilding field. Check out her competition history, and you'll see it covered with first-place wins. It is to Iris Kyle that many of today's up-and-coming female bodybuilders owe their inspiration. Congratulations, Iris!
    • Cassie Smith, in "KYLE BREAKS THE RECORD" at (Sep 30, 2013).
  • Although Iris earned that Olympia gold medal, she didn't do it easily.
    • Cassie Smith, in "KYLE BREAKS THE RECORD" at (Sep 30, 2013).


  • Iris Kyle may be the most successful bodybuilder ever. Will she continue her reign at the 2014 Ms. Olympia?
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2014 Ms. Olympia Preview" at (Sep 18, 2014).
  • Every year, the competition is ruthless, but in recent years none can dethrone the nigh-perfect Iris Kyle. It seems that this 2014 Ms. Olympia may be no different. Currently ranked as the best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilding ranking list, Iris Kyle solidified her place in history as the most successful—female or male—bodybuilding competitor when she clinched her 9th title at last year's Olympia event. At the 2013 Olympia, she won in unanimous fashion despite an improved Alina Popa, her closest rival. There are high expectations of Iris to once again dominate the competition. The only way a 10th title will elude her grasp is if she arrives with less-than-stellar conditioning. Not to disregard the other competitors in the show, Iris's genetics don't exactly give an even playing field. That said, if Iris doesn't bring her A-game, fellow Olympia contender Alina Popa has the best chance at beating Iris.
    • Isaac Hinds, in "2014 Ms. Olympia Preview" at (Sep 18, 2014).
  • Iris Kyle, who has been the Ms. O champ 9 times, makes it all look easy.
    • Cassie Smith, in "Olympia Weekend Women's Prejudging Report" at (Sep 24, 2014).
  • After a posing routine by each competitor, the judges asked Anne Freitas, Debi Laszewski, Alina Popa, Iris Kyle, and Alana Shipp to come forward. Although each lady was well proportioned, and beautifully symmetrical, Iris Kyle and Alina Popa made the most waves.
    • Cassie Smith, in "Olympia Weekend Women's Prejudging Report" at (Sep 24, 2014).
  • After the second and third callouts, the judges brought Popa and Kyle back out for a side-by-side comparison. I think Alina Popa has a better shape, but defeating Iris Kyle is clearly near-impossible to do.
    • Cassie Smith, in "Olympia Weekend Women's Prejudging Report" at (Sep 24, 2014).
  • For the 10th time in her life, Iris Kyle defeats a lineup of impressive competitors to win the Ms. O gold medal! Iris Kyle is the winningest bodybuilder in history. No other person—man or woman—has won 10 Olympia titles. It's a record that may never be broken. As she announced today, her 10th win will also be her last. Tonight, Iris took her final win looking flawlessly conditioned. Her upper body—especially her back—showed a tremendous amount of detail. To put it simply, she looked amazing. In her post-win interview, Iris said that she would be retiring from the competition stage. Although it's a sad day for bodybuilding fans everywhere, Iris's legendary status will still serve as inspiration for many up-and-coming bodybuilders.
    • Cassie Smith, in "IRIS KYLE WINS AGAIN" at (Sep 24, 2014).
  • Although Iris earned the Olympia gold medal, she didn't do it easily.
    • Cassie Smith, in "IRIS KYLE WINS AGAIN" at (Sep 24, 2014).

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