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Iron Man: Armored Adventures (also known in early promotional materials as Iron Man: The Animated Series) is a 3D CGI cartoon series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man.

Season 1[edit]

Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 1[edit]

Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 2[edit]

Secrets and Lies[edit]

Tony: hi. I'm Tony

Gene: Your dad keeps a diary?
Tony: Yeah, I know. It's kind of old school
Gene: Oh Ok. So do your dad go school or what.
Tony: The Tomorrow Academy, on the East Side
Gene: No kidding! That's where I'm enrolling
Tony: That's cool! We'll be classmates. Maybe I'll see you around
Gene: Maybe

Tony: Rhodey, Rhodey! If you're mad at me. We can just talk it out.

Rhodey: so you don’t know who the Mandarin is

Tony: Yes I do know it’s Gene. I’m right

Pepper: Uh, what's with the books? I thought you didn't do the whole "Book thing" *smirks*
Tony: Yeah, I went to this crazy place called, called a...
Rhodey: A library?
Tony: That’s the one that I’m going to say Rhodey.

[In a warehouse]
Soldier: Look! Just shut up okay?
Tony: Sorry! I'm just saying that energy right by your brain can't be good. You get headaches?

Rhodey: I'll pilot the armor back...after you say it. Say it!
Tony: *sighs* Thank you for saving us all Rhodey. Your my hero
’’’Rhodey’’’ That is right, I am a hero.
Gene: Don't worry, he's gonna be okay.
Tony: Yeah, next time I want to be rescued by cottonball man.

Cold War[edit]


[Agent Potts walking among the docks,listening to his daughter chattering indisctinctly over his cell phone]
Agent Potts: Pepper ... Uh hu. ... M-hm. ... Pepper, will you - M-hm. Pepper. Pepper! You can't come. We can't team up. You can't have any weapons - especially a tear gas grenade! I can't tell you where I am, and no, I can't tell you what I'm working on!
[Pepper chattering indisctinctly over the phone]
Agent Potts: What?! No!! There isn't a bomb that needs defusing! Don't you have homework to do!?

Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo[edit]


Tony: It's not fair, there's no way my dad would know that Stane would turn his company evil, that his work would end up on the streets.
Rhodey: Tony, we'll get through this together, but maybe this is a good thing.
Tony: What do you mean, huh?
Rhodey: I mean, you're pushing yourself too hard, starting to neglect things.
Tony: You know what happens when I don't push myself, people die.
Pepper: Tony, that's...that's too much pressure to put on yourself.
Tony: GET OUT!!!!
’’’all’’’: ‘’’ all right Tony we’re leaving...

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