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Story takes place after the fateful plain crash that took Tony's father's life, which almost took his own life as well, but instead left him with severe wounds. After refusing Stane's request to weaponize the Earth Mover Project. To aid Tony on his journey. He enlists the help of James Rhodes (Rhodey) and Pepper Potts. Iron Man: Armored Adventures airs every Friday on the Nicktoons Network

Season 1
Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 1
Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 2
Secrets and Lies
Cold War
Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo

Season 1[edit]

Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 1[edit]

Iron, Forged in Fire Pt. 2[edit]

Secrets and Lies[edit]

  • Tony: Uh, hi. I'm Tony Stark

  • Gene: Your dad keeps a diary?
  • Tony: Yeah, I know. It's kind of old school

  • Tony: The Tomorrow Academy, on the East Side
  • Gene: No kidding! That's where I'm enrolling
  • Tony: That's cool! We'll be classmates. Maybe I'll see you around
  • Gene: Maybe

  • Tony: Rhodey, Rhodey! If you're mad at me. We can just talk it out.

  • Rhodey: So, you don't know what the rings are or who the Mandarin is? Good start

  • Tony: I hate research

  • Pepper: Uh, what's with the books? I thought you didn't do the whole "Book thing" *smirks*
  • Tony: Yeah, I went to this crazy place called, called a...
  • Rhodey: A library?
  • Tony: That's the one, I'm doing research. FUN! *does a two thumbs up*

[In a warehouse]

  • Soldier: Look! Just shut up okay?
  • Tony: Sorry! I'm just saying that energy right by your brain can't be good. You get headaches?

  • Rhodey: I'll pilot the armor back...after you say it. Say it!
  • Tony: *sighs* Thank you for saving us all Rhodey.

  • Gene: Don't worry, he's gonna be okay.
  • Tony: Yeah, next time I want to be rescued by cottonball man.

Cold War[edit]


  • [Agent Potts walking among the docks,listening to his daughter chattering indisctinctly over his cell phone]
    Agent Potts: Pepper ... Uh hu. ... M-hm. ... Pepper, will you - M-hm. Pepper. Pepper! You can't come. We can't team up. You can't have any weapons - especially a tear gas grenade! I can't tell you where I am, and no, I can't tell you what I'm working on!
    [Pepper chattering indisctinctly over the phone]
    Agent Potts: What?! No!! There isn't a bomb that needs defusing! Don't you have homework to do!?

Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo[edit]


Tony: It's not fair, there's no way my dad would know that Stane would turn his company evil, that his work would end up on the streets.

Rhodey: Tony, we'll get through this together, but maybe this is a good thing.

Tony: What do you mean, huh?

Rhodey: I mean, you're pushing yourself too hard, starting to neglect things.

Tony: You know what happens when I don't push myself, people die.

Pepper: Tony, that's...that's too much pressure to put on yourself.

Tony: GET OUT!!!!

Field Trip[edit]

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