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Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam

Islam is the second largest religion in the Netherlands, practiced by 4% of the population according to 2010–11 estimates.


  • In 1990, a Pakistani living in Holland published a book, De Ondergang van Nederland ("The Downfall of the Netherlands"), about the mistaken Muslim policy of his host country... Unfortunately, he too treats "the Muslims" as a static entity, and he idealizes the Europeans instead of seeing that our level of tolerance is the result of a historical process which the Muslims can and should also go through (discarding their Muslim-ness on the way, like Europe largely discarded Christianity)... The reaction of the press was most interesting. The leftist press had nothing but scorn for his message, and concentrated on the more sensational effort of finding out the writer's identity. At first they were very sure that it had to be some fascist racist Dutchman trying to sound more convincing by adopting an exotic pseudonym.
    • Koenraad Elst, Negationism in India: concealing the record of Islam (1992). Chapter 4.
  • Then there is the case of the book published in 1990 by a Muslim who called himself "Mohamed Rasoel"... Recalling the many cries of "Death to Salman Rushdie," the author chose a pseudonym that means "Muhammad the Prophet," calculating that Muslims would find it difficult to shout "Death to Muhammad the Prophet."... Warning that the Dutch are mistaken to tolerate the establishment of Islamic institutions and the mushrooming growth of their Muslim population, The Impending Ruin of the Netherlands predicted this would lead to a civil war and the country's partition... Many progressive intellectuals reacted to the book in a vicious way... A number of bookstores refused to sell the book... He felt vindicated by it: It proves that the general thrust of my book is correct, that Dutch society is changing and becoming less tolerant. Freedom of opinion is already being sacrificed. Muslims are allowed to shout: kill Rushdie... When Muslims say on TV that all Dutch women are whores, it is allowed.
    • Mohamed Rasoel, Elst, K. quoted in Koenraad Elst, in : Afterword: The Rushdie Affair's Legacy, The Rushdie Affair, edited by Daniel Pipes [1]
  • They [Dutch politicians] are not interested in the interests of the Dutch citizen and are working along on the transformation of The Netherlands into Netherabia as a province of the Islamic superstate Eurabia.
  • The Dutch example shows that when people overcome their fear, David can defeat Goliath.
    • Geert Wilders, Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me (May 2012), Ch. 13: "How to Turn the Tide", p. 208

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