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It's Complicated is a 2009 American romantic comedy film about a couple, attending their son's college graduation, who reignite the spark in their relationship. But the complicated fact is they're divorced and he's remarried.

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers
First comes marriage. Then comes divorce. And then...(taglines)

Jane Adler[edit]

  • Do you poke smot?
  • I like a lot of semen, always have.

Adam Schaffer[edit]

  • Here comes your ex-husband. Uh-oh, not the best time to be feeling groovy!

Jake Adler[edit]

  • And what's with the "big guy"? Is it because I'm fat?
  • And I like that you stopped getting bikini waxes. You've gone native. I dig it!
  • Is it really necessary for you to always say no before you say yes?


Jake: I'm sorry.
Jane: How far back does that "sorry" go?
Jake: How far back do you need it to go?
Jane: Wa-ay back.

Adam: Jane?
Jane: Hi.
Adam: Did you get this high from one hit?
Jane: Yeeeaaaaaahhh!

Harley: Are you smoking WEED in the guest bathroom?
Jake: Yes we are, and we'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone.
Harley: Oh no, of course not. Just add it to the list.

Jane: Fancy a tote?
Harley: Oh, no thanks. I don't smoke weed.
Jane: Me neither. [takes a drag]

Jane: AW! It's official! We are having an affair!
Jake: Why do you need to label everything?
Jane: Because! THAT'S WHAT THIS IS!

Jane: Don't you ever eat at your house?
Jake: Pedro dictates most meals and he has a very... limited palate.

Jake: I don't regret giving it another shot.
Jane: It probably would of worked, if you hadn't been married.
Jake: I wouldn't have considered it, if I wasn't!
Jane: I don't regret it either.


  • First comes marriage. Then comes divorce. And then...
  • Divorced... with benefits.


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