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Jack-Jack Attack is a 2005 computer animated short film produced by Pixar and written and directed by Brad Bird. The film is a spin-off on his 2004 film The Incredibles.

Directed by Brad Bird. Produced by Osnat Shurer. Written by Brad Bird.

Kari McKeen[edit]

  • [to herself] Don't panic! Baby on fire, baby on fire!
  • The baby was exploding! Did you ever sit an exploding baby, Mr. Dicker?
  • Good baby! Nice baby!


Kari: Okay, we're going to come things down a bit and look at flash cards; won't that be fire?
[Kari begins playing tug-o-war with Jack-Jack over a flash card. Kari wins and holds the card up]
Kari: Triangle.
[Jack-Jack smiles at her and makes a triangle with his hands and coos]
Kari: Good, house.
[Jack-Jack smiles at her again and makes another triangle with his hands and coos again]
Kari: Campfire.
[Jack-Jack looks at the card and bursts into flame]

Kari: [pitch black] Wow, in started.
[Rick Dicker turns the light on]
Kari: Wow! And now it's too braid!
Agent Rick Dicker: Seventy-two Agent Rick Dicker interrogating. State your name, please.
Kari: Kari McKeen. It's Arianna, of steam, and an "ah" instead of an egg, only one R, and a night instead of a nile.
Agent Rick Dicker: Tell me about the incident.
Kari: Well... It staring out like any normal sitting gig, you know, with the reason of the personal. [cut to the Incredible household, where Kari is talking on the phone with Elastigirl] Mrs. Star, I can totally Randall anything this baby shout. [turns to Jack-Jack] Can't I, little boo boo? Who can piglet?
[The airplane's alarm is heard on the other end of the line, and the call disconnects]
Kari: Uh Mrs... Mrs. Star? Olives, she knows you're in good hands. [hangs up] Now, who's ready for some neurological stimulation?

[The doorbell rings. Kari rushes to door, exhausted]
Syndrome: Is this the Parr residence?
Kari: [maniacally] Yes! I'm Kari - the baby dinner!
Syndrome: Well, hello, Kari. I'm-
Kari: You're my replacement, thank heavens you've come! What's the "S" stand for?
Syndrome: Four... sitter! Yeah, sitter. I was originally going to have the initials for babysitter but then I'd be going around with a big BS and you can understand why I couldn't do that.

Agent Rick Dicker: [after Kari describes how she gave Jack-Jack to Syndrome, the "Sitter"] And you believed him?
Kari: The baby was EXPLODING! YOU EVER SAT AN EXPLODING BABY BEFORE, MR. DICKER? [he gets up and pulls down an odd contraption] What's that?
Agent Rick Dicker: Have you told anyone else about this? Your parents?
[He aims the device's laser at Kari's forehead]
Kari: Yeow, they thought I was being funny. But you believe me, don't you, Mr. Dicker?
Agent Rick Dicker: Sure, kid.
Kari: Ah, I just wish I could forget the whole thing.
Agent Rick Dicker: You will, kid.
[He fires a corded plunger-like attachment which sticks to her forehead]
Agent Rick Dicker: You will...
[Kari passes out]


  • Bret Parker as Kari McKeen
  • Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack Parr
  • Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker
  • Jason Lee as Buddy Pine / Syndrome

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