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Jacques Perrier's coat of arms

Jacques Jean Joseph Jules Perrier (C.E.1936 – living), French bishop.

Lourdes today and tomorrow?:[edit]

  • In Lourdes Mary never puts herself in the foreground.
  • In Lourdes, in the climate of faith - full of peace and joy - that is typical of her and without pseudo-mystical exaltation, the disease ceases to scare both those who are well and those who are sick.
  • The pilgrimage frees the spiritual dimension in each one and allows him to recognize his vocation as a child of God.
  • Suffering and death are not absolute evil. Hope is possible. Hope illuminates the present.
  • repetition is lazy, faithfulness is inventive.
  • The revelation of the Gospel is complete, but not its diffusion.
  • Christian spirituality has nothing morbid or languid; the gospels never show us a sick Jesus.
  • The spirit of Lourdes is the reverse of indoctrination.
  • Lourdes is much more a city of volunteers than of merchants.
  • Mary indicates the source but is not the source. San Bernardo said it is the canal. All this applies perfectly to the Church in its evangelizing mission.


  • Jacques Perrier, Lourdes today and tomorrow?, translated by Pia Airoldi, Città Nuova, C.E.2008.

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