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Jak and Daxter is a video game series created and developed by Naughty Dog.

The Precursor Legacy[edit]


  • (when attacks) Yah!
  • (when gets hit) Ouch!


  • (to Samos) Uh, we won't find any more of that Dark-gooey-Eco stuff in there, will we? Cuz I'd hate to fall in again and turn into you!
  • The sage yaps on about the Precursors who built this place all the time. (imitating Samos) "Where did they go, why did they build this crap?"
  • I like Precursor Orbs and power cells as much as the next guy, but if you ask me, [the Precursors] musta been real losers.
  • Hmmm. Stay fuzzy, save the world... Choices. Oh alright fine! We'll save the world! But do it quickly before I change my mind!
  • "Oh Boy! Here we go again!

Death Monologues[edit]

  • I was right behind you, Jak! Really... I was.
  • Don't worry, I'll avenge you! Not...!
  • While you're down there, will you rub my feet?
  • Don't step into the light, Jak! DON'T STEP INTO THE LIGHT!!
  • Say "goodnight", Jak.
  • Hey, Jak! Can I, uh... have your insect collection?
  • I'll say something really teary at the funeral, like... "HOW AM I GONNA GET CHANGED BACK NOW?!!"
  • Heimlich! Stretcher! Yuck! Breath mint?
  • Well, uh... better you than me.
  • That looks like it hurt. Should I call for backup?

Samos the Green Sage[edit]

  • I have spent my life searching for the answers that my father and my father's fathers failed to find. Who were the Precursors? Why did they create the vast monoliths that litter our planet? How did they harness Eco, the life energy of the world? What was their purpose? And why did they vanish? I have asked the plants, but they do not remember. The plants have asked the rocks, but the rocks do not recall. Even the rocks do not recall. Every bone in my body tells me that the answers rest on the shoulders... of a young boy... oblivious to his destiny, uninterested in the search for truth, and rejecting of my guidance! And why would he want to listen to old Samos the sage, anyway? I'm only the master of Green Eco, one of the wisest men on the planet! So it seems the answers begin not with careful research or sensible thinking. Nay! As with many of fate's mysteries, it begins with but a small act... of disobedience.

Yellow Sage[edit]

  • Who woulda thought I'd live to see the day I had to be rescued by a boy and his muskrat? I'm gonna give Gol and Maia a little payback for these embarrassments! Then we'll see about cookin' up some muskrat stew. (Daxter gulps)


Sculptor: Hey! Little furry dude! Oh, I thought you were my muse!
Daxter: Your what?
Sculptor: You haven't seen a muse before? It's a little glowin' squirrel about your size, full of spunk, and crazy as a lark!
Daxter: Oh, I get it! Like a sidekick. (points to Jak)

Red Sage: Heh heh heh heh...! You've finally come to rescue me! Do you know how long I've been in here? Heh heh heh...! What are your names?
Daxter: I'm Daxter. He's Jak. He's with me.

Blue Sage: Great balls of Precursor metal! That insidious contraption must not be allowed to wreak its terrible havoc! I shall try to actuate the shield door by eliciting a conduit of energy between myself, and the vast portal bellow!
Daxter: Yeah... you do that. We'll go get help. (aside) Weirdo.

Samos: (after arriving at the Blue Sage's Hut) "I don't think I'll ever get used to that teleporter tingling sensation. (He looks around the hut, which looks like it has had a struggle take place inside it) Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party."
Keira: Oh my, (She points out of the window past the telescope in the window) Rock Village is on fire!
Samos: (Gesturing and almost hitting Jak, who ducks, with his staff) One heck of a party!
Keira: (Gesturing wildly with her hands): No, no, I mean Rock Village is being bombarded with flaming boulders. (She looks through the telescope as Daxter repeatedly jumps up to try and see through the window) Oh, and it looks like the Blue Sage is working on a levitation machine to move them. Assuming it's operational, we're going to need Power Cells to fuel it. (She looks back to Jak) I guess you two are going to have to find some more.
Samos: We'd better take a look at his notes. Jak, go check on the villagers, then come back and give us an update... and take the furball with you.

Maia: We have been given a beauty beyond anything you could understand.
Daxter: Beauty? Have you two looked in a mirror lately?
Maia: Just wait until we open the silos, little one. You think short and fuzzy is bad...
Gol: And to think, you two traveled all the way here for my help! Fools! Enjoy your front-row seats to the re-creation of the world!

Samos: "It's about time you two decided to show up!
Daxter: "Nice to see you, too! Do they have you mopping the floors now?

Daxter: Look, old man! Are you gonna keep yappin' or are you gonna help me outta this mess?
Samos:"I'm gonna keep yappin', because in my personal opinion, the change is an improvement. (Daxter silently growls) And besides... I couldn't do it even if I wanted to.
Daxter: WHAT?!

Mayor: Oh, don't tell me you two have problems as well! First, I hear of monstrous sightings near the village, now this. See those gears, boys? See them, see how they're not moving? That means our village has no power! The Eco beam coming from the jungle temple has been interrupted.
Daxter: Did you pay the bill?

Birdwatcher: Oh my, what a horribly sick little bird!
Daxter: Huh! You don't look so good yourself, lady!
Birdwatcher: Oh, sorry! I thought you were a Spotted Orange-Bellied Rain Fray.

Samos: Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party!
Keira: Oh my! Rock Village is on fire!
Samos: One heck of a party!"

Willard: Ooh! Ooh! I got it this time! Here's a... Here's a...!
Gordy: A Power Cell!
Willard: Yeah... yeah... What he said.

Daxter: (on the Precursor Ring) Wooooow! What is it?
Keira: It's beautiful...!
Samos: By the Precursors...!

Boggy Billy: I own these here parts. Everything that doesn't sink into the mud that is!
Daxter: Judging by the smell, I'd wager your bathtub sank into the mud long ago!
Boggy Billy: What's a bathtub?

Keira: (on Power Cells) And they are all just waiting for some brave adventurer to find.
Daxter: Well we've got the brave adventurer at least.
Samos: Brave adventurer?! You 2 wouldn't be able to get out of the village without training!"

Daxter (2006 game)[edit]


  • Wait! Come back! After I fell down to... confuse the Lurkers I uh... argh!
  • What insect crawled up his butt?
  • Oh yeah! Let's see what's on the Tube tonight. (presses buttons to cycle through TV channels) Boring... boring... seen it... hated it... I was up for that part... (girls screaming) Whoa! Sorry ladies! I didn't know Krimzon Girls took showers!
  • I know Kung Fu?
  • Wow, that was pretty deep.
  • The Twitch comes with the Job


  • Daxter: (Examining bug shop) Looks like the bugs won.
    Osmo: What was that?
    Daxter: Nothing!

  • Daxter: (Spots Tik on floor) What's this? Hey little fella. Are you lost? (picks up Tik) I'll get us off this rusty boat, don't worry your little... thorax or whatever it is. (stands) You know... I always wanted my very own sidekick! From now on I'll call you..!
    Tik: Tik! Tik!
    Daxter: Tik... I wonder if you're a boy or a girl. Let's see... so small it's hard to tell.
    Tik: Tik Tiiiik!!
    Daxter: Hey! Did you just raise your leg? Eww! Bad Tik! Bad! From now on only on the grass ok? Yuck...

  • Daxter: Someone call about a bug infestation?
    Erol: What? I've heard of no infestation. (points his gun at Daxter) Who called you?
    Daxter: Uh, your boy, you know! (makes it up as he goes along) Captain Xi-Ximon Rupert-tik-Jak-mos.
    Erol: Nice try. That call didn't happen. Captain Ruperttikjakmos is on leave this month. He couldn't have been the one!

The Lost Frontier[edit]

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