Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

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Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (or Jakers in Europe) is a computer-animated children's television series. The series was broadcast in the United States on PBS Kids. It was also broadcast in Australia on ABC Kids.

Season 1[edit]

Pie Filling [1.1][edit]

Piggley: Plan B. Molly, you go keep Mammy busy outside. We're going to clean up! Like Captain Clean of the Clean Burgade on a really clean, cleany day!
Molly: Okay, Piggley! [goes outside to distract Mammy] Mammy! You came back!
Mammy: Well, yes. I live here, don't you know?
Molly: [hanging on Mammy's arm] Oh! I am so glad you came home! Now you can...uh...you can hear me alphabet!
Mammy: Oh, not right now, pet. I have things to-
Molly: A, B, C, Q, R, 1, I am not so nearly done.

Mom: You need to get some fresh air! You have been playing that game all morning!
Shemus: Then we could watch TV!
Meg: Or a DVD...
Mom: No!

Shemus: She's gone! We can go play our video game!
Meg: Or watch TV! I get the remote!
[All three of them run into the door]
Shawn: Aww! It's locked!

Salmon of Knowledge [1.2][edit]

Ferny is a Bug [1.3][edit]

The Case of Big Sty [1.4][edit]

All Night Long [1.5][edit]

Dannan: Oh well. We can always play 'pirates' tomorrow, instead.
Ferny: Pirates will be fun.

Molly: Would you make one for me too please?
Piggley: Okay, okay. If you just be quiet!

Grandpa Piggley: Are my ears decieving me, or did I hear me own flesh and blood say 'quit'?
Shemus: Grandpa. When something is this impossible, you have to give up!

Mr. Winks: I'll be leaving at the crack of dawn..
Piggley: We lo-o-ove getting up early! We will all spend the night here, so we can leave first thing in the morning.
Mr. Winks: Now hold on! I never said I'd take you!
Piggley, Ferney and Dannan: Please! Please!
Mr. Winks: We'll see how things go...in the morning.

Shemus: Crummy old wind!
Shawn: Stupid leaves!
Grandpa Piggley: Hey. What's this now?
Shawn: Mom wants us to sweep off the driveway.
Shemus: But it's too windy!
Shawn: Everytime we get the leaves into a pile, the wind comes along and wushy-swooshy-swoof [throws the leaves in the air]

The Great Cabbages of Galway [1.6][edit]

Ferny: Piggley, stop dreaming about cabbages!
Piggley: I can't help it, Ferny. Let's make a promise. Right here and right now. That we'll stay together always and none of us will ever become a cabbage.
[Ferny turns into a cabbage]

Piggley: Oh, Ferny. I'm really sorry.

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