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James Aldrich (July 14, 1810September 9, 1856) was an editor and minor poet.


  • Her suffering ended with the day,
    Yet lived she at its close,
    And breathed the long, long night away
    In statue-like repose.

    But when the sun in all his state
    Illumed the eastern skies,
    She passed through Glory's morning-gate,
    And walked in Paradise.

    • A Death-Bed, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). Compare: Thomas Hood, The Death Bed, p. 591; Phoebe Cary, The Wife, p. 171.
  • God gives us ministers of love,
    Which we regard not, being near;
    Death takes them from us, then we feel
    That angels have been with us here!
    • My Mother's Grave.
  • Adieu, the city's ceaseless hum,
    The haunts of sensual life, adieu!
    Green fields, and silent glens we come,
    To spend this bright spring-day with you.

    Whether the hills and vales shall gleam
    With beauty, is for us to choose;
    For leaf and blossom, rock and stream,
    Are coloured with the spirit's hues.

    Here, to the seeking soul, is brought
    A nobler view of human fate,
    And higher feeling, higher thought,
    And glimpses of a higher state.

    Through change of time, on sea and shore,
    Serenely nature smiles away;
    Yon infinite blue sky bends o'er
    Our world, as at the primal day.

    The self-renewing earth is moved
    With youthful life each circling year;
    And flowers that Ceres' daughter loved
    At Enna, now are blooming here.

    Glad nature will this truth reveal,
    That God is ours and we are His.
    O friends, my friends! what joy to feel
    That He our loving Father is!

    • A Spring-Day Walk.
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