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James Alex Fields Jr. is a man on trial for events in relation to the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.


  • I'm so sorry
    I didn’t want to hurt people, but I thought they were attacking me


  • James Alex Fields Sr. died in an Erlanger crash Dec. 5, 1996, after a vehicle in which he was riding struck a utility pole, according to an Associated Press article from two days later. He was 33 at the time of death. Fields Jr. would be born a little more than five months later.
  • This is a prosecution of Fields for Bad Thought, utterly oblivious to not only the Constitution’s double jeopardy clause, but the free speech clause and also simple common sense.
  • A digital forensics expert just testified that minutes before the tragedy, James Fields used the google maps app on his phone to search for directions back home to Maumee, Ohio.
  • In Friday’s memo, Fields’ attorneys highlighted his difficult upbringing and history of mental illness, but many of the details were redacted from public viewing. He was raised by a paraplegic single mother and suffered “trauma” by growing up knowing that his Jewish grandfather had murdered his grandmother before committing suicide, his lawyers said.

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