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James Bond 007: From Russia with Love is a third-person shooter video game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond, whose likeness and voice is that of Sean Connery, who returns to the role 23 years after Never Say Never Again. The game is based on the 1957 novel and the film of the same name. It follows the storyline of the book and film, with adding in new scenes to make the game more action-oriented, as well as changing the affiliation of the main villains.

Directed by Stephen Barry and Michael Condrey. Written by Bruce Feirstein.


Waiter: May I help you?
James Bond: [face unseen] A dry martini. [turns] Shaken not stirred.
Waiter: Certainly, Commander Bond.
James Bond: Where is the girl?
Waiter: Elizabeth Stark, the Prime Minister's youngest daughter, received word half an hour ago there might be another kidnapping attempt.
James Bond: She doesn't appear concerned.
Waiter: Why should she be? With 007 here to protect her.

”Red wine to fish I would have understand that something was wrong” -James Bond

OCTOPUS Member: Too bad. The game is over, Mr. Bond. [fires]
James Bond: I think it's just begun.

after Bond saves the Prime Minister's daughter.
Elizabeth Stark: Who are you?
James Bond: The name is Bond. James Bond.

after Red Grant kills the fake Bond.
Rosa Klebb: Record time, Mr. Grant. You are indeed the killer I'm looking for.
Red Grant: When do I get to kill the real James Bond?
Rosa Klebb: After he steals from the Russian's their new Lektor decoding machine.
Klebb hands Grant a file.
Red Grant: And Bond is going to do it for us?
Rosa Klebb: We assume that's who MI6 will send. There is a girl in the Russian consulate in Istanbul, Tatiana Romanova, who I've ordered to help. She believes I am still with KGB.
Red Grant: Won't MI6 suspect it's a trap?
Rosa Klebb: My reading of the British mentality is that they always see a trap as a challenge, and then you can avenge the death of our Dr. No. Let Bond's death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.
Red Grant: I look forward to it.

James Bond: And for my next miracle.
Miss Moneypenny: You're going to need a miracle, James, to explain where you've been all week.
James Bond: Oh, Moneypenny, let me tell you the secret of the world.
M: You'll have time for that later, 007. Step into my office immediately.

Q: Good morning, 007.
James Bond: Good morning, Q. How have you been? Busy inventing things?
Q: Not as busy as you've been destroying them. Follow me, 007, and try not to break anything.

Q: Congratulations, 007. Your training is complete. Now use this device to get yourself to Istanbul.
James Bond: An airline ticket. How genius.
Q: I expect you to return my equipment along with the Elector device in pristine condition.
James Bond: I'll bring it back. From Russia with love.

Kerim Bey: [exiting the classic Aston Martin DB5] James my friend, how nice to see you.
James Bond: Kerim Bey. It's been too long. [they shake hands. Looks at the car] Interesting car. Limited edition?
Kerim Bey: Your man Q sent it ahead. Warned me not to touch any of the buttons.
James Bond: You were wise to take his advice otherwise you might not live to regret it.
Kerim Bey: Come. They're waiting for us at station T.
James Bond: I'll drive.

James Bond: It appears that your truce with the Russians has just ended.
Kerim Bey: But I didn't order an attack.
James Bond: Then who did?
Kerim Bey: I don't know, but the Russians are going to blame us. You best get us out of here.

Kerim Bey: The Emperor Constantine built it as a reservoir sixteen hundred years ago.
James Bond: He drowned his enemies and ex-wives down here too.

Grant and Eva Adara enter.
Rosa Klebb: Do you have news of the Krilencu situation?
Red Grant: It's soon to end. Bond is on his trail. Krilencu will not be able to protect the Lektor after tonight.
Rosa Klebb: Perfect.

Tatiana Romanova: You look just like your photograph.
James Bond: You look even better than yours.
Tatiana Romanova: Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big.
James Bond: No. It's the right size, for me that is.
they kiss.

Red Grant: [personating himself as Captain Nash] Can I borrow a match?
James Bond: I use a lighter. [holds out a lighter]
Red Grant: Better still.
James Bond: [turns off the lighter] Until they go wrong.

Red Grant: [threatening Bond with a rifle] The first bullet won't kill you, nor the second, not even the third. Not until you get over here and kiss my foot!
James Bond: Tell me, which lunatic asylum did they get you out of?

Red Grant: The great James Bond. I killed your friend Kerim Bey. Your next.


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