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James Daly (born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1838; died 21 January 1911 at his residence on Spencer St., Castlebar, County Mayo[1]) was an Irish nationalist activist best known for his work in support of tenant farmers' rights and the formation of the Irish National Land League.


  • "if anyone was evicted it was the duty of his fellows to assemble in their thousands and reinstate him the next day." : Daly at Gurteen, 2 November 1879.[2]
  • "'Truly is the dawn of freedom appearing - truly the emancipation of the tenant farmers of Ireland. The south is awakening, slowly but surely". Daly in the Connaught Telegraph on 6 December 1879, after being released from Sligo jail following his comments at Gurteen. [3]
  • "I am a Land Leaguer myself, and I would not be a Land Leaguer if it had anything behind it like revolution. I would fight against it." : Daly to the Bessborough Commission 1880.[4]


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