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Janez Detd. (short for Janez Determined) is a Belgian punk/pop band that formed in 1995.

Bleenies And Blockheads[edit]

So Thin[edit]

  • Suzanna, zero gravity is ‘in’...


  • I’m not a victim of the GI Joe or Scoobiedoo-generation, I don’t fight with no delirious grin. I don’t go out with no manic look in my eyesbro, I’m just a victim, nothing more than a crank victim

Janez Detd[edit]

Old Enough[edit]

  • I'm old enough to dress myself. Dazed and abused, by these passed teenage years.
  • I'm the one who...won't pee in your shower or beat you up when I come home, unfeasibly drunk.

Summer's Gone[edit]

Summer's Gone[edit]

  • Summer's gone, praid the sun that the days never end.


Raise Your Fist[edit]

  • My biggest fear, to lose the strength, to rise again while the marks still burn I know they’ll heal cause I believe in you
  • You’ve lost your fight to persist so you tagged along pretended you care be sure to complement the badger they wear
  • Don’t think you’re powerless, don’t have to dress or act just like them cause. First you’re a part of them, then they’ll become a part of yourself. So, don’t have to be like them,

you’re so stupid just be sure to raise your...


  • You're out of your head, swearing you won't bend, You're out of control, they say

Sonic youth at extreme high volume. Now will you ever grow up? I've found my sense of direction, hope this answers all your fuckin'...

  • Today I'm stronger than I was yesterday and confident enough too, Tomorrow, I'll be even stronger cause I'll be who I want to."
  • Now I won't accept your control on my life express your individuality

Don't sudge my plans cause time's on my side express you individuality

  • Now I won't accept your control on my life, don't want it, oh I don't want it.

I don't want it.


  • We used to have this thing called love, unconditional. Meant all I said, meant all I did

I'd say and do it all over again cause all of it was...true


  • I'm searching for the truth in your scary lies

Fm Invasion[edit]

  • Your truth isn't the truth, but sure ain't ours We cannot believe what you want us to

Reality's not what you want us to see So please quit your fm invasion!

  • The radio's playing the bands we like, not Seems like they've banned 'em all except for those who keep telling us about our meaningless lives RIGHT!
  • Your words, prefabricated lies Fuck you,They won't affect my mind My life, my friends! They won't affect my life


  • Dignity and Teeth (Maxi-CD, Green leaf records, 1996)
  • Walk Away (CDS, I scream records, 1998)
  • Bleenies and Blockheads (CD, I scream records, 1998)
  • Beaver Feaver (I scream records, 1998)
  • Saturday (CDS, I scream records, 1998)
  • Rock On (CDS, Cabalero records, 1999)
  • Janez Detd. (CD, Cabalero/Virgin, 2000)
  • Lisa (She's a Herpie) (CDS, Cabalero / Virgin, 2000)
  • Anti-Anthems (CD, Cabalero / Virgin, 2000)
  • Take On Me (CDS, Cabalero / Virgin, 2000)
  • Summer's Gone (CDS, Cabalero/Virgin, 2000)
  • Killing Me (CDS, Cabalero/Virgin, 2005)

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