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Jason Tanamor (born April 25, 1975) is a Filipino-American author, writer, and entertainment interviewer.



CNN Philippines Interview (2021)[1][edit]

  • "If we can get more stories and people who can make differences, such as authors writing OwnVoices stories, I think we’ll begin to see a shift in industries that can depict people of color in a more positive light."

Esquire Philippines Interview (2020)[2][edit]

  • "The most Filipino thing about me is the way I look. Having grown up essentially in American culture, for the longest time I’d identified first as an American and second as a Filipino."

Esquire Philippines Interview (2020)[3][edit]

  • "So the biggest lesson for me was to write what you want. People are going to have their opinions—good and bad. The reality is you’re not going to please everyone, and if you attempt to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. If anything, you can have fun doing it."

Yahoo! News Philippines Interview (2020)[4][edit]

  • "I’ve always looked at life through the lens of a non-Filipino."

United States Army Interview (2016)[5][edit]

  • "I always wanted to be an author. I thought it was the coolest job. As a child of immigrant parents, it wasn't ever something that they promoted. They always wanted me to do something practical."

Filipino Daily Inquirer Interview (2020)[6][edit]

  • "I considered myself white, having grown up essentially American but with Filipino parents. I don’t speak with an accent and I barely speak Tagalog. So, for most of my life, I looked at the world as a ‘white’ person."

Filipino Daily Inquirer Interview (2020)[7][edit]

  • "Like many American born Asian-Americans, I wanted to assimilate as a child. I wanted to fit in. As I grew older, I realized that instead of fitting in, why not stand out?"

Ricepaper Magazine Interview (2020)[8][edit]

  • "...There is a lack of diversity in publishing—authors and books—so if you want to write that book about growing up as a Filipino in the States, or a culture that you find interesting, do it now. Publishing is hard enough, and we need to take advantage of opportunities when we can."

Good News Pilipinas Interview (2020)[9][edit]

  • "I try not to look up to people who are Filipino for the sake of their nationality. There seems to be a shortage of diversity in the arts in general, including publishing, so whenever I see a person of color doing something to further their culture or cause I tend to root for them."

Write Now Interview (2020)[10][edit]

  • "Make believe is much more entertaining and enjoyable than real life. More fantastical things can happen in make believe."

Write Now Interview (2020)[11][edit]

  • "I don’t need to be motivated to write; it’s always there waiting to get out. Published or not."

Esquire Philippines Interview (2020)[12][edit]


Anonymous (2013)[edit]

  • "Swingers are gross, they’re always ugly people. But the idea of sleeping with a married man, she says, that’s so trendy. You are so hip."
    • Chapter 7
  • "The stories, they get misconstrued as the facts aren’t really facts and the fictions aren’t really fictions. Sometimes, the people telling the stories aren’t who they appear to be. Sometimes, the voices sound the same and you never really know where they’re coming from. And sometimes, the same person just keeps telling the same story, over and over until he’s sick in the head."
    • Chapter 19
  • "People aren’t stupid. They just want to believe in others. They just want to believe that the world isn’t coming to an end. And more importantly, they just want to believe in themselves. They want to believe that they can still trust their fellow human being to do the right thing."
    • Chapter 1
  • "When you’re hiding out in bushes to meet your favorite celebrity, well, that’s just pathetic. When you’re designing an elaborate plan to get laid, that’s just creepy."
    • Chapter 2

Vampires of Portlandia (2020)[edit]

  • "Salem was beautiful and historical, but something about being continually reminded of the witch trials didn’t sit well with her. She’d fight a man wielding a machete way before fighting witch hunters."
    • Chapter 15
  • "There was an ounce of mystery in his voice, something secretive, dark, almost as if the proverbial can of worms was about to be smashed open."
    • Chapter 5
  • "Families don’t follow tradition as much as they used to. Family is still important, but many of the customs have fallen to the wayside. Some families, though, still hold onto tradition. Good, bad, or ugly."
    • Chapter 5

Drama Dolls (2015)[edit]

  • "Regular people joined by a common link. Death, it affected all people, all occupations. Accountants, cooks, realtors, secretaries. A support group for all to grieve. Doctors, the unemployed, teenagers. Dying could happen to anyone."
    • Page 56
  • "The voice of scared shitless reason said, "Oh my God, oh my God! She's got a gun. She's got a gun!""
    • Page 148

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