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Jem and the Holograms is a 2015 American musical fantasy drama film loosely based on the toy line and 1980s animated television series JemSinger Jerrica Benton becomes an Internet sensation after her sister, Kimber, puts a video on YouTube of her singing.  Together with their friends Aja Leith and Shana Elmsford, they embark on a quest to become music superstars.

Written by Ryan Landels and directed by Jon M. Chu.
Every Generation Needs a Voice  (tagline)

Jerrica Benton[edit]

  • [from the trailer]  I, Jerrica Benton, am living the most unexceptional life.  My sister Kimber and I live with our Aunt Bailey and her two foster kids.  At some point, we all wish we could just become someone else.
  • [from the trailer]  Everyone has a secret identity.  Which one's the real you?

Kimber Benton[edit]

  • [from the trailer]  Oh my God, you're Internet famous.  That's, like, the second best thing to being actually famous.

Aunt Bailey[edit]

  • [from the trailer]  There are some voices that are too special to keep hidden.  Those are your father's words.


[from the trailer]
Jerrica Benton:  This is us?
Erica Raymond:  No, it's Photoshop.


Quotes about the film[edit]

While Jem and the Holograms may strike a chord with its target preteen audience, it certainly doesn't accomplish that with memorable music.

Similarities between the live-action and animated "Jem" pretty much begin and end with character names


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